Zombie At School! / 12 DIY Zombie School Supplies


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    Wat wat

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    Lady: What would you bring to school in a zombie apocalypse? Me: *a gun.*

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    It's very wonderful and funny also

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    Don make like dis for kids u ppl r mad

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    your a good zombie human you can prank your friends

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    The zombie girl is Really cute I love zombie

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    1:10 yeah I donI think the teachers I’ll allow that.. 8:44 that either..

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    How is this the 43# thing trending..?

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    Oh, thats so cute,, ,,

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    That is Lucille cousin.(The Walking Dead)

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    ah. takut ih

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    i like it

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    7:07 now let’s hug :D 😂😂😂😂

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    zombie l love you

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    zombie girl’s face is just makeup

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    Mel libad that’s weird

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    Ahah che carini

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    *No teddy bear was harmed in this video*

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    This is so funny 😅😅😅😅😁😁😄😘

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    I like that you do do it your self also know as diy

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    Dang give them some respect but why don't the zombies die in the sun

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    Necesito me envíen. Historias eroticas y de Doctor fantasia

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    “To get rid of annoying students” Umm Troom Troom You Can’t Educate Young Kids About Murder

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    That girl was looking a ghost

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    Mengarut 😂

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    Clementine wow they must of played The walking dead

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    Right XD

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    More zombies survival hacks

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    Barbie set

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    You know that if you bring this to school you will get in troubel Not sopest to be in school ....... PS cant spell bc only 9 years old

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    Dynamite _Fo

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    The video so much so much so can you do funny videos that people really really love

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    *cut a wooden stick with acrylic paint* _nani?_

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    10:40 Jak możecie robić to temu biednemu misiowi? 11:04 OH nie... Brokatu przecież nigdy za wiele

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    Aku tebak pasti zombi nya bohongan kalo zombi beneran udah makan semua orang yang dia lihat dan, pana,pengaris. itu buat dari bahan tidak berbahaya ko aku juga bisa bikin gampang atau dengan hekter aja dari kertas dan lem aku juga bisa bikin gampang ko ................. aku dari indonesia🇮🇩 dan kota yang aku tinggal adalah sorong yang akusuka dari 3 kota adalah manado dan makasar palopo dan raja ampat kalo kalian hitu nya jadi berapa komen ya

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    Moaaf yang aku bilang hitung itu salah maaf ya

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    I love this channel so much I did it at my school and my friends are shocked😂😂😂😂😂

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