Yogurt Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Yogurt | Price Points | Epicurious

In this episode of 'Price Points,' Epicurious challenges yogurt expert Jenny Ammirati of Culture: An American Yogurt Company to guess which one of two yogurts is more expensive. Jenny breaks down unstrained, frozen, Greek, Icelandic and drinkable yogurt before making her guesses!
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Yogurt Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Yogurt | Price Points | Epicurious


  1. Alec Abel

    Alec Abel8 giờ trước

    where do these people find yogurt experts

  2. Abeer Alhamad

    Abeer Alhamad18 giờ trước

    Thank you now I'm a yogurt expert, mustard expert and a butter expert. My CV is shining ♡

  3. Robin

    Robin8 ngày trước

    i normally hate yogurt but occasionally ill get a craving for a parfait. generally i avoid it since the sour taste is just kind of weird/gross to me

  4. BalthazarTheGreat

    BalthazarTheGreat11 ngày trước

    Are these people actually "experts"? Or are they just proclaiming that title?

  5. Umetnica Mina

    Umetnica Mina11 ngày trước

    When I think of yogurt, always think of the drinkable one.

  6. Pachyderm3

    Pachyderm314 ngày trước

    I wanted to watch the whole video but she sounds sleepy which makes me sleepy

  7. Just Smyrna

    Just Smyrna16 ngày trước

    I wish they listed the brands of the yogurt

  8. lucky

    lucky18 ngày trước

    Poooop expppeerrrtttt

  9. lucky

    lucky18 ngày trước


  10. lucky

    lucky18 ngày trước


  11. lucky

    lucky18 ngày trước


  12. Ellie Petrova

    Ellie Petrova21 ngày trước

    no Bulgarian yogurt?!?!

  13. Natalie Portmanteau

    Natalie Portmanteau24 ngày trước

    "typically when people think of drinkable yogurt they're thinking keffir" oh girl i was thinking danimals

  14. nicolettekristie

    nicolettekristieTháng trước

    I like her! She seems sweet and her slower way of speaking is very soothing.

  15. El Pel

    El PelTháng trước

    If you cant use it to pluck screw holes on the wall, its not a traditional greek strained yogurt

  16. Dylan Chadderton

    Dylan ChaddertonTháng trước

    Looks like the chalk artist finally gave up. Guess they weren't paying her enough.

  17. Dylan Chadderton

    Dylan ChaddertonTháng trước

    What does a chalk artist even cost? I would expect anywhere from 500-2,000$USD for each one. For time, materials, travel, creativity etc

  18. Dylan Chadderton

    Dylan ChaddertonTháng trước

    Yogurt...boring. No offense...

  19. Marisela Garcia

    Marisela GarciaTháng trước

    @13:45 the word system changes font and size whyyyy

  20. my bløød

    my bløødTháng trước

    someone call terry jeffords

  21. claudia hernandez

    claudia hernandezTháng trước

    Can u bring a macaroon expert pls that will be so unique and cool

  22. ender

    enderTháng trước

    Just popping in to say that vanilla dosnt give of a yellow color when used in ice (or frozen jougurt).

  23. thought patrol

    thought patrolTháng trước

    No one beats the cheese lady. NO ONE!

  24. Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    Dracula WannaboogiedownTháng trước

    I’d like to snack on her 😍🤪🤤

  25. Clarisse Orwell

    Clarisse OrwellTháng trước

    Weird, when I think drinkable yogurt I think Ayran or Lassi first... soooo tasty! The commercial milk/ fruit drinks are just way too sweet.

  26. Sam Lutfi

    Sam LutfiTháng trước

    looks like it says Vomit in the background

  27. 西施小狗Ling Ling

    西施小狗Ling LingTháng trước

    💫🍦 🌟


    ALIAHBLTTháng trước

    This woman was as plain as her yogurt company's name...

  29. saturnine homunculus

    saturnine homunculus2 tháng trước

    This confirms my theory that eating lots of yogurt turns you into a milf.

  30. Gaudium Felidae

    Gaudium Felidae2 tháng trước

    In Bulgaria we use yogurt as a cream when you get a sun burn

  31. Gaudium Felidae

    Gaudium Felidae2 tháng trước

    I like my yogurt the same way I like women....... thicc but not to the point that it's lumpy

  32. Sashka D

    Sashka D2 tháng trước

    I expected this to include also other types of yogurt, like ox, sheep, mixed, etc.

  33. Mabel Jiang

    Mabel Jiang2 tháng trước

    where is her website?? i need to know the recipe for making her froyo, like please

  34. Albert Ross

    Albert Ross2 tháng trước

    sooo, oz by weight or oz by volume? Id have to guess weight *lifts paper to reveal answers*

  35. Samus Alleyway

    Samus Alleyway2 tháng trước

    During 13:45 in the video the last word system gets smaller and moves in the sentence about "good" bacteria. You might have to watch carefully from at least 13:44 to see it.

  36. Shawn

    Shawn2 tháng trước

    I don't mean this to sound rude in any way shape or form. But, I've heard a lot of these lines in pornos over the years. Great video.

  37. Abu Ibrahim Al Karamani

    Abu Ibrahim Al Karamani2 tháng trước

    she so qt (:

  38. Sam Blankenhorn

    Sam Blankenhorn2 tháng trước

    I wonder how well someone with no food expertise would fare in this series.

  39. everything will be ok

    everything will be ok2 tháng trước

    Icelandic yogurt, or Skyr, is actually technically a fresh cheese.

  40. CanadienBac0n

    CanadienBac0n2 tháng trước

    These videos were totally ruined for me when I realized that the experts must write these videos themselves- there's not some savant learning about all these different subjects and trying to trip the expert up on the taste test, they always get it right

  41. Outmind01

    Outmind012 tháng trước

    She's left-handed.

  42. Andina Rizkia

    Andina Rizkia2 tháng trước

    Shoutout for the chalkboard artist

  43. MrFuggleGuggle

    MrFuggleGuggle2 tháng trước

    She can taste my yogurt anytime.

  44. Onix Junes

    Onix Junes2 tháng trước

    Would a price point “expert on women/men” video be controversial?

  45. The song is called darude super bonelord sandstorm

    The song is called darude super bonelord sandstorm2 tháng trước

    I came a little whenever she said mouthfeel


    Manuel PEREZ ABAD de VILCHES RICO2 tháng trước

    Jenny you are pretty

  47. Paulsicles

    Paulsicles2 tháng trước

    Soda expert!!

  48. terry

    terry2 tháng trước

    Can you guys stop talking about her voice and how slow it is? Not every English speaking person talks fast, not every English speaking person is from the same place, and not every English speaking person has English as their mother tongue. Speed it up or don't watch it if you have a problem.

  49. Hunting Panda

    Hunting Panda2 tháng trước

    ah to could you please, turn up the volume of your videos by a little bit, i need to turn my other applications to earrape level to hear what that they are saying

  50. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox2 tháng trước

    She was pleasant to watch. And yogurt is a difficult to judge subject!

  51. Jesper Johansson

    Jesper Johansson2 tháng trước

    why is there even such a thing as a yogurt expert?

  52. Shrek T

    Shrek T3 tháng trước

    so odd seeing yoghurt spelled without the h

  53. J

    J3 tháng trước

    Anyone else hate how they always bring out big portion sizes... Which will undoubtedly go to waste?

  54. Gabriel Florentino

    Gabriel Florentino3 tháng trước

    Todos los hombres tenemos un ganzo que cuando lo aprietas suelta todo el yogurt blanco. Y a las mujeres le gustab

  55. Ali Serdar

    Ali Serdar3 tháng trước

    You said Greek yogurt and lost me. Yogurt is invented by Turks and even yogurt word is Turkish. The Greek yogurt you mentioned is actually Turkish yogurt.

  56. öztürk

    öztürk3 tháng trước

    I'm a simple Turk I see yogurt I press like

  57. ChihiroOh

    ChihiroOh3 tháng trước

    Great episode again!

  58. Don Thomas

    Don Thomas3 tháng trước

    She has beautiful blue eyes ☺️

  59. Fantasy Bee

    Fantasy Bee3 tháng trước

    Seriously is it concerning I'm watching yogurt videos rn and I've bin watching them for an hour

  60. Cat Eats

    Cat Eats3 tháng trước

    terry is the real yogurt expert