Yelawolf - Unnatural Born Killer (Official Video)

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Production Company : Wanted Man Pictures
Producer : Marco De Molina
Director : Spidey Smith
Director Of Photography : Spidey Smith
Camera Operator: Doltyn Snedden
Editor : Doltyn Snedden
Color : Dawson Waters
Cop: Rigo Obezo
Slumerican Records
Producer by: Brian Jones
Guitar: Mike Hartnett
Mixing: Matthew Hayes
Mastering: Columbia Sounds Mastering
#UBK #Yelawolf #GhettoCowboy #Slumerican


  1. Tail End Customs

    Tail End Customs6 tháng trước

    Always fire bro!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Stan Shady

    Stan ShadyTháng trước

    I'm Jealous :-) I want mine pinned too

  3. A M

    A M2 tháng trước

    @Erik Beyer Your mother sucked my ball sack after I rammed her stinky butthole doggy style. She’s one sick bitch. She loves to get fisted too.

  4. Erik Beyer

    Erik Beyer2 tháng trước

    @A M I'm super sorry But you suck even more

  5. Erik Beyer

    Erik Beyer2 tháng trước

    @Alan Clark why u gotta be a ho3 get outa here then these slums going to be looking for your you go listen to some g easy u might like that or any rappers who wear skirts and purses would probably be more your taste Merica ⚡

  6. Carlton Hammonds

    Carlton Hammonds3 tháng trước

    Yep I agree.

  7. jimijaudio jasmin

    jimijaudio jasmin9 ngày trước


  8. Raymond Stephen

    Raymond Stephen10 ngày trước


  9. Joshua Duncan

    Joshua Duncan12 ngày trước

    You can definitely see the Native American in his face

  10. Benny Morrow

    Benny Morrow12 ngày trước

    this song is who I represent when I start getting sad about anything to do with my father..

  11. Trey M

    Trey M13 ngày trước

    Can anybody tell me what kind of hat yelawolf is wearing at minute 1:50

  12. Phuck Onyou

    Phuck Onyou14 ngày trước

    Peg leg burnout 😝

  13. ezze lz

    ezze lz15 ngày trước

    Masterpiece... I m not getting enough of this dude .... glad to have this talent still 2020 ... it shows how much love he has for the music and he doesnt doing it for the money .... but for the love and then the rest ... idol

  14. Liz Dragon-Street

    Liz Dragon-Street16 ngày trước

    Yela .. hellaluhja !! See you in March the 14 AMSTERDAM is waiting for ya! Hope we drink and smoke one or 2 .... Much love xx

  15. BullyInTheBuilding Sam

    BullyInTheBuilding Sam18 ngày trước

    After hearing about the Royce da 59 beaf and listening to you gone learn on the music to be murdered by album . This track here has a lot more depth ... that last verse he said in the track .. ( take the great white shark and make soup of his fins 🤔🤔🤔.. this beef is getting really interesting

  16. goofball brothers songs

    goofball brothers songs18 ngày trước

    🔥Your shit is FIRE 🔥

  17. Your Smurf

    Your Smurf18 ngày trước

    Fuck all that racism shit. Royce da 59 grasping for straws. Ya wanna start a beef I think Ryan Upchurch is takin orders. How you want your diss track?

  18. Ethan Lyon

    Ethan Lyon19 ngày trước

    Fuck all that racism bitch!

  19. Kenny K

    Kenny K19 ngày trước

    The 1.5 Lil Xan fans can put their head up in their momma's new boyfriend's ceiling fan

  20. Big Texas

    Big Texas20 ngày trước


  21. Rooney

    Rooney23 ngày trước

    My new jam 🙌, the first 10secs reminded me of Khalbali by A.R.Rahman.

  22. Robert

    Robert24 ngày trước

    This fucking beat...

  23. kickchef

    kickchef26 ngày trước

    I hate that he feels the need to throw cringe sht in like fuck racism. It is nothing but weaponized language targeted at whites.

  24. kickchef

    kickchef6 ngày trước

    @Topher Palmer I do not think you know what that term means......

  25. Topher Palmer

    Topher Palmer6 ngày trước

    I think you're projecting

  26. Justin Lindley

    Justin Lindley26 ngày trước

    Love this jam! Yelawolf is so damn talented.

  27. Courtney Mason

    Courtney Mason27 ngày trước

    no one dislike this or your gona die in one hourer

  28. Роман Шипко

    Роман Шипко27 ngày trước


  29. Bazzakuda

    Bazzakuda27 ngày trước

    Diddnt realise yela was friends with Rake Yohn haha 😂 woo de woo do

  30. Tin Tizzy

    Tin Tizzy18 ngày trước

    Your age is showing lol

  31. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Zachary Bernard Carlton28 ngày trước

    Buy it my kind. HighLoose

  32. Diana Pettersson

    Diana Pettersson28 ngày trước

    I mean come on🔥


    WASTLEAND WARRIORZ18729 ngày trước

    Red bear will tell ya yelawolf killed shawty fatt

  34. bigboyd101 _

    bigboyd101 _Tháng trước

    Was he not allowed this type of fire shit with shady? He came back with fire after he left.

  35. Tin Tizzy

    Tin Tizzy18 ngày trước

    Gotta save the good shit for yourself

  36. Troy Hamilton

    Troy HamiltonTháng trước

    Horrible. Start drinking again and smoking Meth or the "Oils" brother or something. SMH

  37. Troy Hamilton

    Troy HamiltonTháng trước

    Next thing you will be an activists. Stay true to your principles.

  38. jay jay

    jay jayTháng trước


  39. Don Dobermann

    Don DobermannTháng trước

    Great Yela!!!! :)

  40. E-Ratic Prophet

    E-Ratic ProphetTháng trước

    I had same bandana

  41. funkmaster3000 yo

    funkmaster3000 yoTháng trước


  42. funkmaster3000 yo

    funkmaster3000 yoTháng trước


  43. funkmaster3000 yo

    funkmaster3000 yoTháng trước


  44. DeyCallMeG0D

    DeyCallMeG0DTháng trước

  45. DeyCallMeG0D

    DeyCallMeG0DTháng trước

    I felt this song fit in the video, no intention to profit from it just showing support for #Slumerican and love the song

  46. dadictator 102

    dadictator 102Tháng trước

    Caught a tear rolling down my eye when the creek water spilled.

  47. Lu Di

    Lu DiTháng trước

    Who is the long haired guy? He was in opie Taylor

  48. Valentine Stagno

    Valentine StagnoTháng trước

    DJ Clever is 🤘💥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Lu Di

    Lu DiTháng trước

    @Darth Revan thanks for the info.

  50. Darth Revan

    Darth RevanTháng trước

    dj clever, makes his beats

  51. K Gamble

    K GambleTháng trước


  52. TabarnaQc

    TabarnaQcTháng trước

    Why the fuck im always thinking to ninja when i see this video.By the way i NEVER watch ninja,not once. lloll

  53. ChronicalClinic42

    ChronicalClinic42Tháng trước

    "Okay okay, I'm pullin' that chopper out that driveway" oath all the way Yela'🔥🔥🔥

  54. ChronicalClinic42

    ChronicalClinic42Tháng trước

    This is so fxckin' sick.🔥🔥🔥

  55. ChronicalClinic42

    ChronicalClinic42Tháng trước

    "Fxck all that racism shit" Agreed, ain't anybody gon' change but HIP-HOP IS A CULTURE, NOT A COLOUR.

  56. kickchef

    kickchef26 ngày trước

    That part was just cringe "racist" is a weaponized word used against whites so that we do not look out for our interests or oppose replacement.

  57. ChronicalClinic42

    ChronicalClinic42Tháng trước

    "I'm a Phsycopath, I'm a killer"

  58. MikeBeeBurns

    MikeBeeBurnsTháng trước


  59. Your Long Lost Uncle

    Your Long Lost UncleTháng trước

    I love the song and the video 🔥🔥 I just discovered Yelawolf not too long ago and he’s awesome

  60. Highking Stoner

    Highking StonerTháng trước

    Haha welcome my new friend ✌️ hope you like his catalogue

  61. Jen A Thompson

    Jen A ThompsonTháng trước

    I LOVE U

  62. Beto- Ven

    Beto- VenTháng trước

    I'm late 2 da party, however this homeboy has swag 4days! Ima be jamming to this in my ride 4 a bit #bangers

  63. 713 5

    713 5Tháng trước

    2020 and this song makes me want to go gta on amerikkka

  64. Jesse's Watier

    Jesse's WatierTháng trước

    Why is Yelawolf! so underrated..

  65. Feret Lous

    Feret LousTháng trước

    This fits for Doom eternal

  66. Cynthia Serrato

    Cynthia SerratoTháng trước

    L.O.V.E. I am your team Yelawolf catfish Billy 🏁

  67. Cynthia Serrato

    Cynthia SerratoTháng trước


  68. ToTheeMyria Renee'

    ToTheeMyria Renee'Tháng trước

    Walking into the new year 2020 and all the years to come like.....🔥 To the fake MFers around me I need no new friends, that’s unnatural Love ya 💛👑Yelawolf

  69. Michael Surran

    Michael SurranTháng trước

    First play, bigotry will stop with me everyday

  70. No Name

    No NameTháng trước

    [Intro] Okay, okay [Verse 1] I'm  pullin' that chopper out that driveway, the tires leavin' prints My  denim is bloodstained still, last night was a close range hit Bar room is emptyin' smoke, billowing from the chimney tip Back wall of the concrete drips, Creek Water in the flask, it get sipped Okay,  these bitches acting rude, bandana is tied on my head Got  a knot in that knapsack, hangin' out the side, you see red Opiate Taylor is trashy, Slumerican born to be trashy They  took my ass to the city, I just don't know how to act classy Black feather hangin' out that hat, just so them punks see me comin' From a tribe called broke, so I'm not breakin' or runnin' Fuck all that racism, bitch, and who the fuck you roll with I'm  a white boy from the South, but I'm on some new South shit [Chorus] It's unnatural I'm unnatural Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born, (Okay, okay) [Verse 2] Okay, that cigarette is burnin', inhaling secondhand smoke The paper walls of the trailer dilapidated and broke There's Dickie suits in my closet, back to the same old shit And I'm either flippin' that weight or your boy is hittin' a lick My chain done fell off the sprocket, rims all crooked and wobbly But I can't quit while they watching, so I gotta keep rollin' and rockin' Drive it like I stole it then drop it off, let 'em hold it and chop it Gotta get my cut like a pocket knife for the bucket off top, and yeah Bitch, to the rim, no more fishin' for brim I'm 'bout to take the great white, go make soup with its fins I ain't got time, bitch, I'm tied up like no loose ends To the fake motherfuckers around me I need no new friends, that's unnatural [Chorus] Yeah, I'm unnatural Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born killer Unnatural born

  71. Dawn Smith

    Dawn SmithTháng trước


  72. Ain’tEasy LivinWheezy

    Ain’tEasy LivinWheezyTháng trước

    Yo wolf , u grabbed my phone off me at a gig in Australia and took it on the stage in selfie mode and bumped a tune with my phone in hand . Fuck yea homie that’s unnatural

  73. Stan Shady

    Stan ShadyTháng trước

    Eminem & Yelawolf Forever!!!

  74. Lance Wilson

    Lance WilsonTháng trước

    I know I'm late to this Yelawolf party but damn this dude is hot fire!!! A little Shady + a little Busta + B Real, wrap it an some trashy Kid Rock and BOOM!!! YELAWOLF!!!!!!! Do ya thang man!!!!

  75. Felix Kluck

    Felix KluckTháng trước


  76. Jacob Brough

    Jacob BroughTháng trước

    Yelawolf is the true Beast

  77. Sage_Jack _YT ツ

    Sage_Jack _YT ツTháng trước

    He got shot