Wrestle and Flow - Ep. 5 - Bray Wyatt

Josiah Williams, @JDeanWilliams, is a Hip-Hop musician and a huge fan of professional wrestling. As the creator of #WrestleAndFlow, he remixes wrestler's themes / entrance music.
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Episode 5 - Bray Wyatt
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Original Music by: Mark Crozer

Mixed and Mastered by: Moflo Music


  1. Josiah Williams

    Josiah WilliamsNăm trước

    LYRICS: genius.com/Josiah-williams-live-in-fear-bray-wyatt-remix-lyrics

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    The Fiend

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    I wanna see the Fiend remix.

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    U should do the fiend now Watcha think?????

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    Follow...J. Will.

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    Bray wyatt is one big scary dude

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    I bet that it’s possible for you to do The Fiends theme too.

  9. UCS 75

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    Would you do one for the fiend?

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    Yowie wowie... Run

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    Man, do a remix to his new theme

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    Do one for the Fiend!!!

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    Who else wants a fiend remix?

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    You should make another one with The Fiend's Theme - "Let Me In"

  16. Surprised Pikachu

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    [Josiah Williams - Verse:] I see a whole lot of sheep in the field People are reeking and seeking a thrill Funny how the world turns away from the man Who's got it all sitting in the palm of His hands Searching for something that they'll never find Walking in places where the sun never shines Walking in circles, and what does it cost? Constant reminder - a paradise lost I ain't like y'all, I'm different I'm the answer to everything missin' All of my plans have an affinity And it sings like an intricate symphony I know this world is infected Looking for a cure, I know the one There's a whole lot of carnage and wreckage If you ain't ready for it, then you better run [Mark Crozer - Hook:] He won't see the sun again for years to come He's broken out in love [Josiah Williams - Outro:] Yeah (x6) Wrestle flow, flow, flow, yeah

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    Please do the new fiend Bray theme

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    Who’s here after summerslam

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    The fiend versión i'll Hope Will do it

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    LET ME IN. #TheFiend

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    The eater of worlds, the puppet master, the fiend is back on RAW. Would be pretty amazing to see this as his official entrance music.

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    you needa make one for brock lesnar

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    This is probably my favorite one

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    I like that you utilized the guitar solo in this track. Sounds hard man!

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    Can you do this with, like, The Firefly Funhouse theme song?

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    Lol. That would be pretty interesting.

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    Fuckin Heat.

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    Brays new gimmicks theme?

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    Do stone cold

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    yowie wowie!

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    This is awesome

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    Damn, I love this guy's work.

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    "Walking in circle and what does it cost, a constant reminder paradise lost" Dude your bars are crazy asf Just keep making more of these pls P.S: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Wrestle flow flow flow yeah

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    you gonna get a wwe deal of some sort my brotha,kudos

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    These are sick


    BILLY REILNăm trước


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    Man this one of my favorite characters and this rap really brings him to life

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    Do you do songs about people from other companies? Like maybe Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega

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    Yo bro you gotta do Jeff Hardy

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    Matt Hardy woken theme song please!!!