WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! | Alone Sci-Fi Survival Horror


  1. HD Gaming

    HD Gaming21 giờ trước

    I have so many accounts that are subscribed 2 u and I don't even use the accounts

  2. Danielle Ferrari

    Danielle Ferrari5 ngày trước

    U should play the the park it’s rly good and it’s a horror game.(plz call me Moonstone)

  3. Lucas Bupre

    Lucas Bupre5 ngày trước


  4. John Kennth

    John Kennth8 ngày trước

    Oh I didn’t know I was watching Markiplier

  5. Elliot Claro

    Elliot Claro12 ngày trước

    you ran out of oxygen

  6. Mr. Human man thing

    Mr. Human man thing12 ngày trước

    Don't starve together you can play it with friends which makes it better

  7. Tardis Blue

    Tardis Blue13 ngày trước

    Alien Isolation is pretty cool... I haven't played it myself... cuz.... everytime I try something gets in the way.... but from what I've scene it's p cool syfy game

  8. Angelita Saez

    Angelita Saez15 ngày trước

    "Eat my... *demonization appears around the corner* ...turds."

  9. poppy and blossom

    poppy and blossom15 ngày trước

    Play the park it has a cool story line and it is interesting and scary also it will not bore u keep up the good work man (do u like my dogy :)

  10. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith15 ngày trước


  11. Euclid Rose

    Euclid Rose18 ngày trước

    hOW Is thIS aLiEN IsolATioN

  12. Iris Esparza-Clark

    Iris Esparza-Clark20 ngày trước

    What about five nights at Freddy's good and scary game 👌😓

  13. Malfunctioned Tree

    Malfunctioned Tree21 ngày trước

    He dude I was playing your song I'm something else it's amazing

  14. Bobby Ross

    Bobby Ross21 ngày trước

    I believe it reset because u didn't have any oxygen

  15. ღ Lifeless Studios ღ

    ღ Lifeless Studios ღ21 ngày trước

    It didn't reset. You didn't have any oxygen left UwU.

  16. Anh Dang

    Anh Dang21 ngày trước

    There's a game called Hello Neighbor and its good unless you have the patience with mind puzzle games. I recommend it

  17. Jaemyn Baer

    Jaemyn Baer21 ngày trước

    OMG we found him markipiers twin

  18. Jenna Webb

    Jenna Webb23 ngày trước

    Mark? Are you marks brother?

  19. Benjimations

    Benjimations24 ngày trước

    Ah yes, the famous clown attacks of 2016. Good times.

  20. Benjimations

    Benjimations24 ngày trước

    Adam. My dude. You gotta play Until Dawn.

  21. Sun_Child 101

    Sun_Child 10126 ngày trước

    I'm watching this in 2019. Adam, will you ever upload more let's plays? If so, I have a lot of suggestions for you.

  22. Maddie Green

    Maddie Green19 ngày trước

    Sun_Child 101 is it just me or has he changed ALOT?

  23. Spec-Ops-Josh

    Spec-Ops-Josh27 ngày trước

    That roar sounded like SCP 682 also could you play SCP containment breach?

  24. Luffy Monkey.D.luffy

    Luffy Monkey.D.luffy29 ngày trước

    Okay i Think that you are going to like mark of the ninja, Metro maybe borderlands and resident evil 7 okay I like these games so I think you’ll like them to.

  25. Francisco Naranjo

    Francisco Naranjo29 ngày trước

    Did anyone tell you you sound like Markaplier???-_-

  26. Esmeralda Gutierrez

    Esmeralda GutierrezTháng trước

    ALIENS FROM Area-51!

  27. That Otaku

    That OtakuTháng trước

    Here in 2019!

  28. Dalia Sotelo

    Dalia SoteloTháng trước

    Play some fnaf vr!pls😃

  29. Flippy Military

    Flippy MilitaryTháng trước

    Try to play Bendy And The Ink Machine

  30. Linkthehero 12

    Linkthehero 12Tháng trước

    Play zelda

  31. Slater Heim

    Slater HeimTháng trước


  32. Ein_Seragaki

    Ein_SeragakiTháng trước

    Are you jr Markiplier

  33. Parker Brooks

    Parker BrooksTháng trước

    Subnautica the horror game

  34. Epically epic gamer 123

    Epically epic gamer 123Tháng trước

    Life oof fooun

  35. Nightmarione

    NightmarioneTháng trước


  36. WhiteWolf Gaming

    WhiteWolf GamingTháng trước

    He looks like Markiplier

  37. SavageBman

    SavageBmanTháng trước


  38. Akayontitan 200501

    Akayontitan 200501Tháng trước


  39. jadyn carrasquillp

    jadyn carrasquillpTháng trước

    Markliplier dont steal his channel

  40. Angel Garcia

    Angel GarciaTháng trước

    Do dying light

  41. XxDJWolfsta xX

    XxDJWolfsta xXTháng trước


  42. Kally Han

    Kally HanTháng trước

    Play deep sleep Granny Deeper sleep Deepest sleep Friday the 13th Paranormal activity pllllllllzzzzzzzz

  43. Kally Han

    Kally HanTháng trước

    2:17 claustrophobic much?

  44. Latasha Hall

    Latasha HallTháng trước

    how do Adam sound like Markiplier? ooooooh, it's the voice

  45. • madhatter •

    • madhatter •Tháng trước

    Your vids are so good and funny fam. You should play more horror games you make them so funny I swear!

  46. Will Holland

    Will HollandTháng trước

    U should play undertale

  47. laughing Fox

    laughing Fox2 tháng trước

    I think you ran out of oxygen because I was looking at the meter and it looked pretty low

  48. TheWeirdWay

    TheWeirdWay2 tháng trước

    Am i the only one watching in 2019

  49. Abdurahman Hussin

    Abdurahman Hussin2 tháng trước

    You cut

  50. Jema Zendejas

    Jema Zendejas2 tháng trước

    Adam, you should play Granny Horror Game, Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, or Slendrina. -Just a thought