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MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer

MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer

10 ngày trước



12 ngày trước

LITTLE WOMEN - Tiny Kitchen
THE GRUDGE Vignette - Legacy
  1. C a e s a r

    C a e s a rNgày trước

    *What's up Doc !!*

  2. PRIMO ChannelTv

    PRIMO ChannelTvNgày trước

    yeahhh seriously the only part that scared me is the jump scares and the freak'n sound effects i bought a ticket on this movie and i was disappointed The last part of the movie wasn't intense she just burned the house with no problem i think it doesn't even have a climax and the original the japanese girl who was crawlin on the freak'n staircase was more scarier than this one

  3. Kammy Mak

    Kammy MakNgày trước


  4. Bintang Fadjrul Fallah

    Bintang Fadjrul FallahNgày trước

    He vented all his anger from the previous joker role.

  5. Cmoney Dreamz

    Cmoney DreamzNgày trước


  6. Jayshree Satale

    Jayshree SataleNgày trước

    Michael Keaton and Spiderman PS4 Tobey Maguire poster

  7. Mequling

    MequlingNgày trước

    Thought that was Greta in the thumbnail

  8. Raymond Witter

    Raymond WitterNgày trước

    This trailer did nothing for me. More excited by the first trailer that just showed the car collecting dust.

  9. Ayan Shaikh

    Ayan ShaikhNgày trước

    Movies coming in Hindi or not

  10. Samer eldon

    Samer eldonNgày trước

    Crap movie - will smith last few movies had to be in a relationship with white women .. so disgusting agenda he’s trying to push, stick to ur race old man .. I miss the old black actors

  11. Bittu Singh

    Bittu SinghNgày trước

    Fack trailer




  13. RaznoBoy

    RaznoBoyNgày trước

    it's 2020. and i am still watching it.

  14. Gracie Gutierrez

    Gracie GutierrezNgày trước

    I can’t emphasize how much I love her Fhfjdjdjs

  15. wikedwun

    wikedwunNgày trước

    Maggie Q😍🥰

  16. YouBeenPlagued

    YouBeenPlaguedNgày trước

    Mavel Man Bat?

  17. Marie Streeting

    Marie StreetingNgày trước

    Abigail was a tad tubby. Did she put on weight for some other part? It was just a surprise that's all. Loved the movie though.

  18. Gracie Gutierrez

    Gracie GutierrezNgày trước


  19. DarkFire Sama

    DarkFire SamaNgày trước

    Who else was hoping they were going to keep the hand suckers like he had in the 90s spiderman cartoon? Those things were pretty scary xD

  20. joakin toconas

    joakin toconasNgày trước

    00:07 soundtrack?

  21. May Green

    May GreenNgày trước

    I’m mad they dragged Domhnall Gleeson into this hot mess.

  22. Douglas Ducote_

    Douglas Ducote_Ngày trước


  23. Happy Cat

    Happy CatNgày trước

    It's the Zohan :D

  24. kris faye

    kris fayeNgày trước

    Like how many grudge movie are there

  25. solid snake

    solid snakeNgày trước

    Why black people movies has so many so many swearing?

  26. MrWelp

    MrWelpNgày trước

    Spider-Man in the back at 2:10 check it out !!!!!!

  27. Christian joy Villar

    Christian joy VillarNgày trước

    Oh no I heard them bad boys coming Can't stop now Got to continue my running

  28. Celestecat

    CelestecatNgày trước

    According to Google, Danny DeVito is in this movie

  29. Christopher Perry

    Christopher PerryNgày trước

    "Welcome to Fantasy Island"

  30. Tana Aniaku

    Tana AniakuNgày trước

    I have watched this movie in different language without any subtitles...&I wasn't able to stop watching it as it was so captivating❤ Gonna watch again in English version or with subtitles on it😇🥰😋😘

  31. Titus Moody

    Titus MoodyNgày trước

    Morbius, Dr. Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider and future Moon Knight and Son of Satan TV series due? The Midnight Sons movies should be in the works

  32. Daniel Johnson

    Daniel JohnsonNgày trước

    Damn, I have a feeling that this going to be an ok movie, just like Venom. Since this is Sony, we might not get a crossover with Spiderman and Blade.

  33. Muhammad Fathony Alfikri

    Muhammad Fathony AlfikriNgày trước

    What I hear from the trailer: Ba da di di di di di di dum, Ba da dum, Bi di dum

  34. Matthew Steenbergen

    Matthew SteenbergenNgày trước

    It was Emotional! Wow smh But a Great Job! God Speed!

  35. Matthew Steenbergen

    Matthew SteenbergenNgày trước

    Was A Great Time Movie!👍🇺🇸❤😂😔

  36. Gaameboy64

    Gaameboy64Ngày trước

    Why there's a try hard horror movies out there xmen new mutant jason goes to space and this piece of crap XD

  37. Someone Why?

    Someone Why?Ngày trước

    You know its bad when even the old lady cant get rid of the grudge and toshio...

  38. Garrett Erickson

    Garrett EricksonNgày trước

    Wow just walked out of the theater just wow, dang this was a great movie 16 yrs in waiting and finally got what the fans asked for and I'm finally satisfied, freaking epic. Will be seeing it twice more in the theater. Loved the twist in the middle of the movie to wow speechless. I hope this makes alot of money more this is deff must see and well worth it esp in I Max. 🙌🙌👌👌

  39. Garrett Erickson

    Garrett EricksonNgày trước

    Wow just walked out of the theater just wow, dang this was a great movie 16 yrs in waiting and finally got what the fans asked for and I'm finally satisfied, freaking epic. Will be seeing it twice more in the theater. Loved the twist in the middle of the movie to wow speechless. I hope this makes alot of money more this is deff must see and well worth it esp in I Max. 🙌🙌👌👌

  40. Harry Schroder

    Harry SchroderNgày trước

    In another universe, he could have been Kirk Langstrom, the Man-Bat.

  41. ZXRUYO

    ZXRUYONgày trước

    0:15 sound like CJ

  42. Kleu

    KleuNgày trước

    U guys all saying the thing about them not having a ghostbusters movie in 30 years but u guys probably don’t even remember the girl one


    THE PREDATORNgày trước

    When realese Zombieland 3?

  44. TeenJoker

    TeenJokerNgày trước

    International RaOne 😂😂......!! U copy india

  45. Blade Runner

    Blade RunnerNgày trước

    I prefer the kid oriented version, Little Giants.

  46. Baltimore JackBoy

    Baltimore JackBoyNgày trước

    Spoiled alert... kumar kidnapped her

  47. Random Kid

    Random KidNgày trước

    Roses are red Violets are blue I came for David Dobrik And so did you...

  48. David Anderson

    David AndersonNgày trước

    1:48 Yes We Do

  49. Rinson Raju

    Rinson RajuNgày trước

    Does batman knows this

  50. Joel Elliot

    Joel ElliotNgày trước


  51. Jolie Jurenka

    Jolie JurenkaNgày trước

    This looks so different from the book

  52. MrE 1979

    MrE 1979Ngày trước

    I can’t wait! This is the movie they should have done the first time they decided to relaunch the Ghostbusters.

  53. Daucus carota L

    Daucus carota LNgày trước

    Super hero or antihero or witch

  54. Jeremiah Pheasant

    Jeremiah PheasantNgày trước

    Emma stone has sexy feet

  55. TheLionGamingPlayz-Minecraft, Roblox, and More!

    TheLionGamingPlayz-Minecraft, Roblox, and More!Ngày trước

    This is an avengers level threat

  56. Southern Hemisphere

    Southern HemisphereNgày trước

    The sequel is awful with every new feauture they add in. So bland and wanted to be its own universe.

  57. Kate T-G

    Kate T-GNgày trước

    This is so great. As a child, I thought Amy was cold and materialistic for wanting to marry for wealth, but that perspective came from a 21st century girl who has the opportunity to pursue professions that would ensure financial security and independence. Marrying for love is a privilege, and this scene made it obvious to me that Amy, and many other women, have had to operate within society's rigid, sexist confines (in a way that diverges from our current notions of freedom and romance) to protect themselves and their families. Very powerful.

  58. Sammuel Avila

    Sammuel AvilaNgày trước

    For anyone wondering Reggie has a baby and gets married with martins daughter

  59. Popsii

    PopsiiNgày trước

    A remake of a remake.

  60. Dena Pattison

    Dena PattisonNgày trước

    I'm such a softie. After seeing the film this afternoon for the second time in a week, I find myself choking up just watching this vignette. I will gladly pay exorbitant cinema fees a few more times and then at the earliest opportunity will buy the DVD. This film will be dear to me as have Out of Africa and Pride and Prejudice.

  61. Wan Samir

    Wan SamirNgày trước


  62. waad alsubi

    waad alsubiNgày trước


  63. Nicholas Restaino

    Nicholas RestainoNgày trước

    2:09 "I heard Spider-Man was there.."

  64. Yogesh Arondekar

    Yogesh ArondekarNgày trước


  65. MrViewer

    MrViewerNgày trước

    Ah yes recommendations back at it again

  66. hirai momo bb크림

    hirai momo bb크림Ngày trước

    *_the blind guy was like "I'm inevitable"_*

  67. Matti Ace

    Matti AceNgày trước

    Much love to all those disliking this abomination in 2020.

  68. jossie grossie

    jossie grossieNgày trước

    1:59 is that Jeffree Star?

  69. Jungkook’s Euphoria

    Jungkook’s EuphoriaNgày trước

    2:12 😂😂

  70. ωSaltypreztelω Animations

    ωSaltypreztelω AnimationsNgày trước

    Birding feathers this is good who the hec made this and it’s funny lol

  71. Doom Slayer

    Doom SlayerNgày trước

    The movie was good though!

  72. fel -

    fel -Ngày trước

    Surprisingly no one mentioned my pfp

  73. HotS Li Li

    HotS Li LiNgày trước

    I just saw this, and all I'm gonna say is that if you're a big fan of the first 3, then don't watch this, or at least get neuralized after. The only enjoyable thing here is Pawny. If you haven't seen the first 3, then enjoy this one.

  74. Henry Black

    Henry BlackNgày trước

    BBC England created a version of this type of kids show presenter format called Jim'll Fix It with Englishman Jimmy Savile who worked for the TV network as a Disc Jockey & presenter, allowing this very odd man to get close to children during his years with this Network, & yet under the ''spotlight'' of this TV Company this man committed atrocious crimes against vulnerable kids.

  75. Noha Fathima

    Noha FathimaNgày trước

    The trailer itself made me "don't breathe"

  76. Sefton Cookie

    Sefton CookieNgày trước

    This looks so dumb. Come up with something new.

  77. feebeci

    feebeciNgày trước

    Zombie land is seriously one of my favourite movies of all time

  78. Spencer Frank Clayton

    Spencer Frank ClaytonNgày trước

    Sony actually made an ASMR trailer?? Why??

  79. Kristian Yeager

    Kristian YeagerNgày trước

    2:03 That would so be me

  80. nintendobound Games

    nintendobound GamesNgày trước

    i hate you fir this Sony

  81. Titangamer 68

    Titangamer 68Ngày trước

    2:13 When the doctor walks in* Morbius: Why do I hear boss music?

  82. Justin Credible

    Justin CredibleNgày trước

    Just saw it, great movie! There’s been tons of sequels from years ago that came out recently that I rejected because they didn’t execute on getting nostalgia right. This movie does! Which I love. It’s hilarious, action heavy, and more importantly if you’re a fan of the other bad boys films like I am. You’ll love this one.

  83. Robert Lascelle

    Robert LascelleNgày trước

    dope movie man better then 2pac move

  84. Shadow hydra MK 2

    Shadow hydra MK 2Ngày trước

    So fake you can see the white outline of a poor green screen attempt

  85. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachNgày trước

    2 :11 is that tom holland????

  86. evenisher

    evenisherNgày trước

    a better title would be bad boys for good

  87. marhawk

    marhawkNgày trước

    Just saw the movie...deff worth it! It was sooooo gooood

  88. John Johns

    John JohnsNgày trước

    Best comeback for BAD BOYS ... I watched it last night & its mind blowing good. One of the best comeback MOVIE in my opinion 👍👍👍

  89. nosgulcivic

    nosgulcivicNgày trước

    So I've basically seen the movie at this point lol

  90. Jordon Willy

    Jordon WillyNgày trước


  91. Mike D

    Mike DNgày trước

    What was the point of reintroducing the last 2... they arent used in the movie.

  92. big chungus

    big chungusNgày trước

    La bruja

  93. Xyan Xtevarivs

    Xyan XtevarivsNgày trước

    its fake, that is from the water horse movie, and i just wacth it yesterday

  94. Lyon

    LyonNgày trước


  95. Abnu C Paul

    Abnu C PaulNgày trước

    Double tap.. Make it blue

  96. vinod verma

    vinod vermaNgày trước

    Jai bhim

  97. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel RodriguezNgày trước

    Scullly are you?

  98. Michael Fleming

    Michael FlemingNgày trước

    Why does David Straitharn's FBI agent have a soul patch? It might fly on a younger agent, but for someone of his age it's a no go. And I loved Gillian Anderson in The X-Files but she seems near comatose in this trailer.

  99. ThEPrOmO KiNg

    ThEPrOmO KiNgNgày trước

    because they don't increase the third season of spectacular spiderman with Disney😃

  100. Christopher Girardi

    Christopher GirardiNgày trước

    I think the 'Venomverse' is like a pocket universe within the MCU, it does indeed connect, but only Spiderman's (and other Spiderman characters) actions can influence it. Hence the 'murderer ' graffiti.