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  1. Julia W

    Julia W34 phút trước

    His accent sounded like a south african was trying to put on a german accent.

  2. sugakookies

    sugakookies2 giờ trước

    The jojo siwa one was funny af

  3. Kiki Kosay

    Kiki Kosay3 giờ trước

    شفث غحه طارقي صاحب شقخشزث اقشزيث؟

  4. Maryam Nadeem

    Maryam Nadeem6 giờ trước

    Tall girl is the new tatbilb😬😬it's amazing 😍😍

  5. Macy Doty

    Macy Doty6 giờ trước


  6. carol nuwahereza

    carol nuwahereza6 giờ trước

    Well your definitely so very handsome

  7. Chill Time

    Chill Time9 giờ trước

    Was he on Nickelodeon like Ariana?

  8. Arianator Videos

    Arianator Videos9 giờ trước


  9. mikrokosmos

    mikrokosmos10 giờ trước

    I love this look on Namjoon <3

  10. milloot

    milloot13 giờ trước

    yoooo soobin is THICC 7:17

  11. Alazae Biddle

    Alazae Biddle14 giờ trước

    Aue toku atua💜💜

  12. Ayanna Cain

    Ayanna Cain18 giờ trước

    My favorite movie is 3 but I've seen 2 the most lol

  13. Pau InTheSky

    Pau InTheSky19 giờ trước

    I can't believe someone through the screen made my heart beat sooo fast. How can I get someone as charming as Luke?

  14. Amaira Medley

    Amaira Medley21 giờ trước

    Navia girl u can sing

  15. Tri Trinity

    Tri Trinity22 giờ trước

    Wow sky



    I feel like he is gonna be big when he does his next project



    He look like straight up mannequin

  18. Tamara Sh

    Tamara ShNgày trước

    I didn’t know Frankini was Ariana Grande’s husband

  19. Antua Iz

    Antua IzNgày trước

    He mentioned Robert Pattinson and I started to cry 😭❤️😭❤️

  20. Alicia Ramos

    Alicia RamosNgày trước

    this is embarrassing

  21. cherie

    cherieNgày trước


  22. Ingalill Blueberry

    Ingalill BlueberryNgày trước

    I call them Luva... Ava and Luke Luva👍

  23. Srushti Fulkar

    Srushti FulkarNgày trước

    *Yoongi gets what he wants* And its a fact. Nobody *nobody* can change it.

  24. adi _033333

    adi _033333Ngày trước

    That Taylor swift impression sounded more like Katy Perry lol

  25. Regine Hocson

    Regine HocsonNgày trước

    he's so fine aaaaa

  26. danielle kramer

    danielle kramerNgày trước

    ‘korean pop” should i be proud or

  27. Kaylee Lynn

    Kaylee LynnNgày trước

    i love his voice ah

  28. Kaitlyn St. Pierre

    Kaitlyn St. PierreNgày trước

    Why does Gabi always look like she hates doing videos with Niki lol

  29. Alia Dhawan

    Alia DhawanNgày trước

    He must be the new Noah Centineo 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Deuce Marcus

    Deuce MarcusNgày trước

    I have a huge crush on you sky katz

  31. Trevor Michaud

    Trevor Michaud2 ngày trước

    only here for david

  32. mauricio couto

    mauricio couto2 ngày trước

    I love you sky

  33. Karla Martinez

    Karla Martinez2 ngày trước

    2:11 what were those noises boys? 😂 I'm wheezing

  34. NuckingFoobz

    NuckingFoobz2 ngày trước

    Vlog squad looks different

  35. Yhes Kinnaird

    Yhes Kinnaird2 ngày trước


  36. Leleca Amaral

    Leleca Amaral2 ngày trước

    Quisiera una traducción .. jajaja

  37. kirk vj

    kirk vj2 ngày trước

    Kinda looks like the Sprouse brothers lol

  38. Esmeralda Peterson Lunki

    Esmeralda Peterson Lunki2 ngày trước

    I am so sick of americans ALWAYS giving swedish characters names that literally NO ONE under 60 yrs is called in Sweden

  39. Park Jimin Grande

    Park Jimin Grande2 ngày trước

    I just want him to kiss me, that’s all. I would be complete for life

  40. Crazy Daisy

    Crazy Daisy2 ngày trước


  41. Liza Editss

    Liza Editss2 ngày trước

    okay but I’m lovinggg that his shirt matches his eyes

  42. lily pad

    lily pad2 ngày trước

    i already know he’s gonna be the new white boy of the month

  43. JennyJim

    JennyJim2 ngày trước

    I thought the crying one was Laura lee 😂😂



    "When he said I go for whats inside on the outside". At least he didn't lie.

  45. Morgan Thorpe

    Morgan Thorpe2 ngày trước

    Wait stop why did Gabi do Selena Gomez so well? 😂😂😂

  46. Done With Your Crap

    Done With Your Crap3 ngày trước

    She's gorgeous!

  47. Mundo Hamster

    Mundo Hamster3 ngày trước


  48. Amanda Arian

    Amanda Arian3 ngày trước

    Funny thing is Swedish is my first language and he didn’t do the accent so well 😂 but he was still great on the show, also I think people might have focused more on his appearance that his accent

  49. Kim T.

    Kim T.3 ngày trước

    Of corse hes called luke

  50. Asli farah

    Asli farah3 ngày trước

    jojo siwa ahahahahahaahahahhahahhahahahaahah

  51. Areeha Kashaf

    Areeha Kashaf3 ngày trước

    Lol she doesn’t know any only her show

  52. Ceqmunk worldz

    Ceqmunk worldz3 ngày trước

    Our giant bunny so cute. Soobin. Love all of them .

  53. Beyonce Carter

    Beyonce Carter3 ngày trước

    Nikki s makeup is so so soo much better

  54. Ella Marelle

    Ella Marelle3 ngày trước

    ok hello

  55. Cool Beans

    Cool Beans3 ngày trước

    Niki’s posture is so bad ! Im concerned.

  56. Seba :D

    Seba :D3 ngày trước

    3:02 what the heck

  57. Joonies Tiddies

    Joonies Tiddies3 ngày trước

    Sometimes I forget nikki and gabi are twins

  58. Orobola Akinyosade

    Orobola Akinyosade3 ngày trước

    She doesn't remember seriously ?

  59. Kalhi Puvitharan

    Kalhi Puvitharan3 ngày trước

    His eyes😍😍

  60. Presley and Leah

    Presley and Leah3 ngày trước

    Why did Nikki low key sound like jojo

  61. 127 Subliminals

    127 Subliminals3 ngày trước

    Who is he though? I just wanna cuddle him lol.

  62. Bepis

    Bepis3 ngày trước

    His swedish accent was so bad tho

  63. sueanna2

    sueanna23 ngày trước

    He is so beautiful from head to toe - i can't even. Does he know he is literally perfect physically? Like how do you deal w so much hotness on your face and hair and body. Does he ever get tired of his prettiness. Does he ever wonder whats it like to be ugly? Idk. He makes me question everything in this life.

  64. Miss Douglas

    Miss Douglas3 ngày trước

    Cole Labrandt? Is that you?

  65. Emily G

    Emily G3 ngày trước

    Hi J-14! Where can I find the music that you had in the background of this video?

  66. ayra delosantos

    ayra delosantos3 ngày trước

    ok stop dreaming. bye fantasy haha

  67. Empty

    Empty3 ngày trước


  68. Raelynn Huffaker

    Raelynn Huffaker3 ngày trước

    Nikki has such unique observations of people. Like Taylor swifts breath thing, and Selena talking in her chest. Both are true, but things I’ve never thought about hard enough to put words to

  69. Carrie Anna Mason

    Carrie Anna Mason3 ngày trước

    Meg Donnelly is so beautiful and amazing I cant wait to see her in zombies 2

  70. dfbvfgb

    dfbvfgb4 ngày trước

    he's cute but this is so unbearably foolish and silly

  71. E E

    E E4 ngày trước

    When he said school of rock instead of big time rush that broke my heart 💔😭

  72. TributesAndUnique

    TributesAndUnique4 ngày trước

    Disappointed he's not a real life Swede

  73. divergentgurl 14

    divergentgurl 144 ngày trước

    he seems so cocky but oh well doesn't hurt to keep looking at him

  74. Keke Grant

    Keke Grant4 ngày trước

    I'm convinced that we need to Luke Eisner to read thirst comments 🤔☺😍🤰🏾

  75. Joleah Hull

    Joleah Hull4 ngày trước


  76. Meke Kandanga

    Meke Kandanga4 ngày trước

    People comment

  77. Miti orlando bloom

    Miti orlando bloom4 ngày trước

    He is so handsome and I love his hair.

  78. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg4 ngày trước

    Niki pulls up her shirt so many times in the video

  79. Syabil Nawfal

    Syabil Nawfal4 ngày trước

    "you are so hot You must be the reason of global warming" Edwin BAHHHHHAHAHAHAHA

  80. Michelle Lavallee

    Michelle Lavallee4 ngày trước

    Was she abused?

  81. Leah Wilton

    Leah Wilton4 ngày trước

    yall are shady....

  82. Shanice Tan

    Shanice Tan4 ngày trước

    Wait he doesn't have an accent

  83. Princess Jazmin Guzman

    Princess Jazmin Guzman4 ngày trước

    How can you watch D2 but NOT D1

  84. Georgi

    Georgi4 ngày trước

    I had a dog named Milky cuz she was white as milk 😔😔 she’s gone it’s been two years now 😔

  85. Georgi

    Georgi4 ngày trước

    Can I get a date lol 🥰❤️

  86. Gacha Ray Ray

    Gacha Ray Ray4 ngày trước

    Is Niki autistic because she shakes her hands and acts weird

  87. Maria X

    Maria X4 ngày trước

    Well yk when he mentioned twilight I started to love him more

  88. Débora Nobre

    Débora Nobre4 ngày trước

    He’s sooooo hooot I can’t 🔥🥵✨😻

  89. Milk&Kookies

    Milk&Kookies4 ngày trước

    The rose petals I’m done. 🤣

  90. i_am_a_person

    i_am_a_person4 ngày trước

    i love niki and gabi but these were really bad😂♥️

  91. Minyan Payton

    Minyan Payton4 ngày trước

    where do you live put it in the coments please and my name is milan

  92. Ashley Lewis

    Ashley Lewis4 ngày trước

    Jump in was my movie

  93. Hannah Hindel

    Hannah Hindel4 ngày trước


  94. Banyo

    Banyo4 ngày trước

    As a tall girl, I remember specifically being in college Chem WITH 50% of the basketball team. It was a friggin' dream come true---I mean literally it was a buffet of a bunch of tall AF guys. By mid semester ALL of them had girlfriends who were like 5'4. For being tall you're ironically not seen, at least not in the dating world even by guys taller than you.

  95. Mladen Ilievski

    Mladen Ilievski4 ngày trước

    Nikki's chin is a distraction.

  96. carmen

    carmen5 ngày trước

    The dancing during the credits of *Tall Girl* was the best part of the movie.

  97. Mimineko101

    Mimineko1015 ngày trước


  98. Dani F

    Dani F5 ngày trước

    I'm soo surprised they knew who cnco and why don't we are.

  99. Isabelle Beauchamp

    Isabelle Beauchamp5 ngày trước

    I thoight the crying one was Kim Kardashian w/ her ugly crying face lol

  100. Isabel Ortega

    Isabel Ortega5 ngày trước

    1:49 it seems to say "amigas chidas" in spanish