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  1. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez9 giây trước

    Host:How many do you eat? Uzi:two boxes. Host:per week? Uzi:no,per day Me😂😂😂😂

  2. Uzi Vert

    Uzi Vert58 giây trước

    Try it

  3. Amberlyn Garcia a clown

    Amberlyn Garcia a clownPhút trước

    The first time i saw him was when he smiled in a picture and i thought he looked/seemed so nice so i started listening to his music and watching videos of him and i am in love with him💗

  4. A'zen • X

    A'zen • XPhút trước

    Cricket > any other lighter

  5. Nicolas Aguilar

    Nicolas Aguilar2 phút trước

    Essentials within essentials, that's the way to go

  6. Jeff Pennwick

    Jeff Pennwick2 phút trước

    Chinese and Russian military intelligence see videos like this and start planning invasions.

  7. The code Killer

    The code Killer2 phút trước

    Did he say he went into a strip club when he was 11

  8. Zyphyr _

    Zyphyr _3 phút trước

    "Nothing beats a plain white tee" I couldn't agree more uzi

  9. Jordan Saylor

    Jordan Saylor4 phút trước

    What kind of truck is that?

  10. delores walmack

    delores walmack6 phút trước

    He did well. I laughed about the makeup question. He is a guy so most straight men don't pay attention to makeup and I cannot blame him. He did a good job.

  11. Are you Serious

    Are you Serious6 phút trước

    Best rapper

  12. Andrew Do

    Andrew Do7 phút trước

    Hw is one of the few rapper that dosent have a chains as a essential

  13. Playoff Panda

    Playoff Panda9 phút trước

    1:34 that guy in the back

  14. jXterry

    jXterry10 phút trước

    3:30 Please make a Meme

  15. Isaac Alao

    Isaac Alao10 phút trước

    I think every uzi fan should just commit suicide if he doesn’t drop eternal

  16. Toeki

    Toeki11 phút trước

    Like an Android 💀

  17. Rosa Griselda Quintanilla

    Rosa Griselda Quintanilla12 phút trước

    Cole spruse now how take pictures??


    STEVOOO12 phút trước

    Seeing trees

  19. Blue November

    Blue November12 phút trước

    He got the most lowkey face tats

  20. Rachel Green

    Rachel Green13 phút trước

    Is Uzi part Ghanaian🤔? Saw the 🇺🇸/🇬🇭 flag over his neck


    SICKOBAMBA13 phút trước

    When you start to respect ninja then he pulls out a android

  22. patrice r.

    patrice r.13 phút trước

    I freaking love them/this💕💕

  23. Kaab Mallick

    Kaab Mallick14 phút trước

    should have sampled ea

  24. Mckay Fam

    Mckay Fam14 phút trước

    Anaconda 🤣🐍 was too funny. ENOUGH & Selena were my fav.

  25. litlit martin

    litlit martin15 phút trước

    So nobody gonna talk bout the insurgent in the back ground ?

  26. Soulayman M24k

    Soulayman M24k15 phút trước

    Why did Marcos Alonso forgot about his free-kick technique?

  27. DarkGamer777

    DarkGamer77716 phút trước

    The shades and the cars in the thumbnail make you think that he will talk about everything but dove deodorant and muffins

  28. Blue November

    Blue November16 phút trước

    I think he's right about the iphone thing


    ATINY BIGBODY16 phút trước

    I always got those muffins in my pantry

  30. Pika

    Pika17 phút trước


  31. Akhenaten305 Ferguson

    Akhenaten305 Ferguson18 phút trước

    I see a lot of artists wearing buju shirts since his release

  32. CowboyNationOfficial

    CowboyNationOfficial18 phút trước

    Why does he have a cross next to his eye? I thought he was a satanist (don’t roast me or be mean I’m just wondering)

  33. Lil d3m0n14

    Lil d3m0n1419 phút trước

    What do they taste like Uzi 10 seconds later: TrY iT

  34. 4nt_honey

    4nt_honey19 phút trước

    Did he ever actually pay the guys college tuition?

  35. Jesus Castillo

    Jesus Castillo20 phút trước

    He forgot to mention his tampons and bras

  36. Map Makers

    Map Makers20 phút trước

    I loved uzi in 16 and 17, everyone called me weird for it, no everyone love him lmao

  37. NoteQ Waddell

    NoteQ Waddell20 phút trước

  38. Quine Fine

    Quine Fine21 phút trước

    0:41 underrated

  39. J & A

    J & A21 phút trước

    I honestly love yungblud sm yo 😭💗

  40. Gustavo Macedo

    Gustavo Macedo22 phút trước

    Its just me that thinks Eliante looks like J Cole

  41. illness shaw

    illness shaw22 phút trước

    I bought my first dragon fruit and felt like it’s something you’d see when you land on another planet

  42. ScribbleVicious

    ScribbleVicious22 phút trước

    My favorite 3 verses off all time would be Inspectah Deck’s verse on Triumph, Inspectah Deck’s verse on Guillotine, and Eminem verse on the Mircophone freestyle on Westwood TV

  43. Sir Thomas

    Sir Thomas22 phút trước

    Confirmed coolest guy ever !

  44. Cal Commercial Insurance

    Cal Commercial Insurance22 phút trước

    I wonder how much money the pastor makes? I bet he does pretty well in this business. Seems like a pretty lucrative gig. Smart man!

  45. Miguel Villanueva

    Miguel Villanueva27 phút trước

    Where is the new songs

  46. Isaiah Jimenez

    Isaiah Jimenez28 phút trước

    Android owners punching the air rn

  47. AtothEJ

    AtothEJ28 phút trước

    could listen to uzi talk for days

  48. trayon oakes

    trayon oakes29 phút trước

    Has anyone waited for this as long as I have been

  49. Joey Wolf

    Joey Wolf30 phút trước

    I bought some of that Chanel cologne then realized it’s for women Fingers crossed it smells good...

  50. Julz

    Julz30 phút trước

    It’s funny how some of these items ain’t even his, they just pay him to promote it lol

  51. QuestGuy17

    QuestGuy1730 phút trước

    Protect this man at all costs

  52. chevybabe15

    chevybabe1532 phút trước

    Definitely worth it

  53. daniella x

    daniella x33 phút trước

    bruh I just went to buy party little bites and they CLAPPP!

  54. Satellite 1995

    Satellite 199534 phút trước

    He must smell really good

  55. Satellite 1995

    Satellite 199535 phút trước

    He’s so cute

  56. Matthew God

    Matthew God35 phút trước


  57. I'm outta here

    I'm outta here36 phút trước

    2 boxes of lil bites wtf, i eat two bags and can barley breathe.//)

  58. Thomas Heaton

    Thomas Heaton37 phút trước


  59. WL. Swervo

    WL. Swervo38 phút trước


  60. Deizalll TV

    Deizalll TV38 phút trước

    2k dislikes cuz of android fans 😂

  61. TheKnightOfScrubs

    TheKnightOfScrubs40 phút trước

    I feel bad for him, he’s allergic to chocolate.

  62. Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey42 phút trước

    The monkey is that's a spider monkey broke 2 Chainz please water 2 Chainz whatever

  63. Miguel Ulgasan

    Miguel Ulgasan42 phút trước

    “CoMmess DesS Garçon”

  64. Frank B

    Frank B44 phút trước

    Goyard bag, lip balm, dove deodorant, chanel, soft blanket, and cocoa butter. This guy is exactly likely girlfriend

  65. Hype The Kid

    Hype The Kid45 phút trước

    I like uzi as a person but I cant fw his music anymore

  66. Isabella Yohara

    Isabella Yohara46 phút trước

    3:28-3:33 the way he pushed the bag 💀😭😭🥺

  67. New City Art

    New City Art46 phút trước


  68. Cameron Cole

    Cameron Cole47 phút trước

    *Goyard bag w Fabulous love that song*

  69. Katlyn Poole

    Katlyn Poole47 phút trước

    I'll hit you up any day baby


    KENO BEATS47 phút trước

    100% Justin wird auf das Video reagieren (der reaktions Boss)

  71. WinterHawk Lebeau LeBeau

    WinterHawk Lebeau LeBeau48 phút trước

    3:04 facts facts 😂😂

  72. Robert Alvare

    Robert Alvare48 phút trước


  73. Blue Person.77

    Blue Person.7749 phút trước

    The GOATTTTTT 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  74. Yt pancreas

    Yt pancreas49 phút trước

    He’s like a bear doesn’t leave his den for months

  75. Saif Adil

    Saif Adil49 phút trước

    Lol Ben Baller ripped Uzi off, he charged him 220K for the same marilyn manson piece.

  76. Part Of All

    Part Of All50 phút trước

    Materialism is a cancer upon the world

  77. Mariah Carey

    Mariah Carey51 phút trước

    Ono Sinatra oh no 15,000 for cabinets 13000

  78. Spark Ram

    Spark Ram51 phút trước

    This is the first time I heard this guy talk

  79. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx51 phút trước

    As someone who only buys Android phones, he's accurate in the comparison with bic lighters. Any lighter that's not a bic just doesn't do the job

  80. GSM esedro

    GSM esedro52 phút trước

    Worst Detroit rapper

  81. Jayce Odell

    Jayce Odell52 phút trước

    Seems like a really good kid who hasn't let his fame go to his head yet.

  82. Jordan Matthews

    Jordan Matthews53 phút trước

    uzi is so cute😍😍

  83. Tahmid Rahman

    Tahmid Rahman53 phút trước

    Dead trim

  84. Anthony Duenez

    Anthony Duenez53 phút trước

    (Interviewer)- is EA fire (Lil uzi ) try it tell me what it sound me like

  85. Bobby Ghost

    Bobby Ghost54 phút trước

    Niggas just scribble on they face

  86. Tyler Moriarty

    Tyler Moriarty55 phút trước

    Mr Clean


    BEAST ELITE GAMES55 phút trước


  88. Jainelle Hargrove

    Jainelle Hargrove55 phút trước


  89. Luthando Gotyana

    Luthando Gotyana55 phút trước

    Why does Uzi look like a alien

  90. Aspect graftz

    Aspect graftz56 phút trước

    3:29 😂🤣

  91. Pbskah Woshsz

    Pbskah Woshsz57 phút trước

    Lil uzi looking like a reptile

  92. Steven Lopez

    Steven Lopez57 phút trước


  93. Logan Christopher

    Logan Christopher58 phút trước

    looks like a 7 year olds tooth brush"ninja"

  94. Lisbethx.214

    Lisbethx.21459 phút trước

    K: What’s my middle name T: Jose K: I lOvE yOu babY T: Faxx

  95. pekkalaa

    pekkalaa59 phút trước

    I hear opioid addicts voice when i hear it. Im not judging but im sure Uzi was on either percs or something else on this

  96. Joey Grove

    Joey GroveGiờ trước

    cant live without leaving his fans waiting for the album

  97. Korey Paul

    Korey PaulGiờ trước

    Nardwaur taught me everything I need to know about Uzi. Bye.

  98. MR Savage

    MR SavageGiờ trước

    Blessing to uzi vert

  99. Danny DeVito l

    Danny DeVito lGiờ trước

    I thought uzi was gonna say he can't live without them cars in the back 💀

  100. WhiteChocolateMocha

    WhiteChocolateMochaGiờ trước

    I like how he analyses people