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Get Schooled

Get Schooled

5 ngày trước

Dogs Gone Wild

Dogs Gone Wild

6 ngày trước

Average Andy at the U.S. Open
A Sneak Peek at Season 17

A Sneak Peek at Season 17

11 ngày trước

BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'
Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

18 ngày trước



20 ngày trước

Ellen Is on Steroids

Ellen Is on Steroids

Tháng trước

Happy Women’s Equality Day!
Slip Up

Slip Up

26 ngày trước

Copy Cat Kids

Copy Cat Kids

27 ngày trước

For Your Amusement

For Your Amusement

Tháng trước

Mini-Me, Myself, and I

Mini-Me, Myself, and I

Tháng trước

Ellen Is Sick of Being Sick
Two Cute to Handle

Two Cute to Handle

Tháng trước

Namastay Outside

Namastay Outside

Tháng trước

'Heads Up!': The Challenge
  1. Sajjad Mehal

    Sajjad MehalPhút trước

    That is really generous of Norwegian Cruise Line

  2. BbMicroshoter2000

    BbMicroshoter2000Phút trước

    Hey guys Kermit the frog here.

  3. rocctamayo

    rocctamayo2 phút trước

    All those women just cheated on their husbands.. mentally lol

  4. Cheria Cauley

    Cheria Cauley2 phút trước

    Her voice live is sooooo great!!!

  5. ramu nelapu

    ramu nelapu3 phút trước

    ).( \¡/ ( • ) ( • )

  6. dragon blood

    dragon blood3 phút trước

    Only 1 reason i can see to attend this show. The hot women

  7. Jim Boyy

    Jim Boyy4 phút trước

    These people are sick

  8. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz5 phút trước

    Lucky little rascals!

  9. Keith Da Costa

    Keith Da Costa6 phút trước

    She should definitely have her own show. I'd watch thattt. Shes hilarious!!

  10. bts vmin

    bts vmin7 phút trước

    V was so adorable in the video he looked confused at times😍 absolutely love him ❤️

  11. Ian Bonnar

    Ian Bonnar7 phút trước

    These people are white af, definitely not native. That's like calling themselves Local Blacks, which if they did everyone would probably be mad. No one cares about Natives huh?

  12. Adriana Lupescu

    Adriana Lupescu9 phút trước

    Sick people "When we got married"!It makes me sick.what is wrong with these people?

  13. Activity Boys

    Activity Boys9 phút trước

    Ellen was bored AF.

  14. Theme Park Wizard

    Theme Park Wizard9 phút trước

    J Lo's laugh gives it away instantly ahahhaha

  15. Lily Gatschenberger

    Lily Gatschenberger10 phút trước

    I LOVE JLO❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Dortmunder seit 1909

    Dortmunder seit 190910 phút trước


  17. uwu CLASSICK YT

    uwu CLASSICK YT10 phút trước

    Bearface really holding his balls on stage to sing higher

  18. Continuation

    Continuation10 phút trước


  19. Mariah Benson

    Mariah Benson10 phút trước

    I would love to sell things to bill gates

  20. Tibet Wangmo

    Tibet Wangmo10 phút trước

    Bratt Pitt name is enough 😍😍

  21. Jennifer Gary

    Jennifer Gary12 phút trước

    Pure child joy. Nothing sweeter.

  22. Mo Hammad

    Mo Hammad12 phút trước

    Chris Evans/captain might have learned something from this that u can't hide your identity by just wearing a cap

  23. Big Bird

    Big Bird15 phút trước

    Portia, not Porsche? lol

  24. Prestige Worldwide

    Prestige Worldwide15 phút trước

    Well, there goes another two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Thanks again VIgos. 🙄

  25. Carrie Wright

    Carrie Wright15 phút trước

    Where is Ellen ring???

  26. NunChuck Taylor

    NunChuck Taylor16 phút trước

    Man they really grab you with the video titles. It wasn’t even a conversation about their entwined romantic lives, just a quick mention then on to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood talk.

  27. It’sMommy&Me

    It’sMommy&Me17 phút trước

    Saint is so sweet and handsome.

  28. John Zeng

    John Zeng19 phút trước

    ellen was so shook... she was probably like "i thought this was my show..."

  29. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos Ninja19 phút trước

    Spoiler alert. What's the point of watching if the headline says what happens

  30. tdog 1996

    tdog 199619 phút trước

    He kinda looks like Jack Frost from the animated gaurdians movie

  31. Cursed Familiar

    Cursed Familiar21 phút trước

    Ellen looked annoyed lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Elizabeth Watts

    Elizabeth Watts21 phút trước

    My nephews and nieces call me Izzy.

  33. Colin Lachman

    Colin Lachman22 phút trước

    Totally set up as Brad already had a Mic fitted.

  34. Yinibeth Rodríguez

    Yinibeth Rodríguez23 phút trước

    Ace Familyyyyyyyy💞

  35. Jayla Bonton

    Jayla Bonton24 phút trước

    Everyone knows your laugh Jen ❣️

  36. Just a SWELL guy!

    Just a SWELL guy!24 phút trước

    I like how mama gets scared, and then is instantly laughing

  37. anwar batcha

    anwar batcha24 phút trước

    Very good performance

  38. Sully Ali

    Sully Ali25 phút trước

    The ending tho 😂😂

  39. Mahkya Decoteau

    Mahkya Decoteau25 phút trước

    When she ate the hairspray she sounded like a dog choking 😂😂 I love you so much Ellen words can't even describe 😂♥️

  40. Dei Yuwell

    Dei Yuwell26 phút trước

    What, Kelly-oke was already a thing, before her show!?

  41. Existentialnausea

    Existentialnausea27 phút trước

    Is it just me, or is Kylie's face looking surgically altered?

  42. Zak the PENGUIN

    Zak the PENGUIN27 phút trước

    I think that kris Jenner could pull off being Carella Deville from 101 Dalmatians, if they ever made a live action

  43. Buk Lau

    Buk Lau29 phút trước

    Mutafuka i can do beta dan dat

  44. Lola N

    Lola N30 phút trước

    Jennifer Lopez MUST perform the half time at the Superbowl! 💃💋🇵🇷

  45. The Phillips Triplets

    The Phillips Triplets30 phút trước

    I love you - you rock - keep being you!

  46. Abby Leung

    Abby Leung30 phút trước

    3:56 the lady wants a hug but is ignored:’(

  47. JN Fruit Carving Art

    JN Fruit Carving Art31 phút trước

    So fun....

  48. Don Oakes

    Don Oakes31 phút trước

    Scaring Andy at the end was the best

  49. Cherie Tripp

    Cherie Tripp31 phút trước

    Bill Hader watches Snapped that's great! I LOVE that show lol

  50. jonathan wright

    jonathan wright32 phút trước

    Ok, so the Tally is.. Women: 385 Men:

  51. El pathetic

    El pathetic32 phút trước


  52. Sila Brandon

    Sila Brandon32 phút trước


  53. GMart_115

    GMart_11533 phút trước


  54. slylockdefox246

    slylockdefox24633 phút trước

    This was planed... Dude was 🎤 up

  55. Parnyan Mehrpore

    Parnyan Mehrpore33 phút trước

    That laugh at 2:50 I love it

  56. John Calep

    John Calep34 phút trước

    I wish the money come to me

  57. Jaime Katz

    Jaime Katz34 phút trước

    The blindfolds make it so much better

  58. Luis Felix

    Luis Felix35 phút trước

    I love andy

  59. Beyonce's Adam's Apple

    Beyonce's Adam's Apple35 phút trước

    Hes scared of clowns? So he's scared of himself? Oooooooo

  60. Natalia delbom

    Natalia delbom35 phút trước

    Please remove lele pons

  61. Candy Wu

    Candy Wu36 phút trước

    I really can’t believe it. It looks like Will Smith in his 30’s. His smile is so motivating.

  62. grape tylenol

    grape tylenol37 phút trước

    this girl was always in all of our lives apparently

  63. Alice Hoade

    Alice Hoade37 phút trước

    Hannah and ella😍😍

  64. Grace Bolton

    Grace Bolton37 phút trước

    Tom Hanks is on of my favorite actor and he has a big personality too🙂

  65. Zachary Miranda

    Zachary Miranda37 phút trước

    1:36 my boy mysterio showing up on Ellen?

  66. Carlie Ann

    Carlie Ann38 phút trước

    I love that he said Jesus imma cry

  67. S11 Cubing

    S11 Cubing38 phút trước

    “Couse Im a black man” had me dying 😂

  68. JN Fruit Carving Art

    JN Fruit Carving Art39 phút trước

    I love the dog!

  69. Wingman 225

    Wingman 22539 phút trước

    The trick to the sound is when your focusing on the tape you hear laurel, but when you zone out of focus you hear yannie

  70. C M

    C M40 phút trước me a joke...

  71. Donny Donny

    Donny Donny40 phút trước

    I love this woman shes my superwoman❤

  72. Omid Habibi

    Omid Habibi41 phút trước

    Is he real Brad Pitt or just similar to him like a twin? Anyone knows!

  73. monika laosi

    monika laosi41 phút trước

    Kylie: Stormi messes up the couch Stormi: "awww shiiii"

  74. Sandwich King

    Sandwich King42 phút trước

    The decline of America is well and truly happening...Jesus wept.

  75. John L

    John L44 phút trước

    Brad, Brad, Brad- how far we've drifted from Fight Club.

  76. Flor Hoorebeke

    Flor Hoorebeke44 phút trước

    well she almost spelled it right :-) for those who don't believe her, it's a Nederlanse Kooikerhond. Only I can't find whether or not it is in fact a Royal breed of dogs. What I can find is that they were popular in the 17th and 18th century and were used to lure ducks. They also appear in paintings of Rembrandt and Jan Steen.

  77. Yasmin Ram.

    Yasmin Ram.44 phút trước

    She’s glowing ❤️

  78. Brenda Echols

    Brenda Echols46 phút trước

    the audience looks confused.

  79. Hollins23

    Hollins2347 phút trước

    He didn't even do impressions of these people! He just gave hints about who they were in strange voices!

  80. Metal Meats

    Metal Meats47 phút trước

    How to prove women are all mostly deranged. Put Brad Pitt in the audience.

  81. Bhabin Chamling

    Bhabin Chamling48 phút trước

    Frm 2019

  82. greimalkin

    greimalkin49 phút trước

    I don't fully get this bit, a celebrity with delusions of grandeur

  83. JJAPLUM Pops

    JJAPLUM Pops49 phút trước

    Bill gates is in my frecking text book

  84. Christine Aguilar

    Christine Aguilar53 phút trước

    Kaelyn made this video 😂😂

  85. Kendall Malandrini

    Kendall Malandrini54 phút trước


  86. animefankid666

    animefankid66654 phút trước

    i can imagine an awkward conversation between adam and ryan Reynolds

  87. Chase Pattison

    Chase Pattison54 phút trước

    Can’t follow up a question about basketball Continues to follow up with questions about catching food in ur mouth

  88. Jeffrey Twoey

    Jeffrey Twoey55 phút trước

    Ellen looks like a Flight Attendant. ♥️

  89. Tina Elias

    Tina Elias56 phút trước

    That was just fortnite and they edited in pennywise

  90. aly be

    aly be57 phút trước

    Don’t donate money, buy the materials school needs

  91. richfictionfighter

    richfictionfighter57 phút trước

    I saw Walk The Line for the first time two nights ago. Loved it, and Joaquin's performance.

  92. Rain K

    Rain K57 phút trước

    BRING PARKS BACK Love Aubrey Plaza <3

  93. j Rod

    j Rod58 phút trước

    What a joke loser

  94. febby sapulete

    febby sapulete59 phút trước

    Armys who can watch them in such a close stage are the luckiest ones on earth😭

  95. Syed Asad

    Syed AsadGiờ trước


  96. Rajesh Harry

    Rajesh HarryGiờ trước

    Pink is soooo awesome.. I love her

  97. Aliceee

    AliceeeGiờ trước

    Ellen should have blackpink!!!!

  98. Andrew James

    Andrew JamesGiờ trước

    Yeah Scott looked upset but he didn’t know even one of her songs??? Come on man he shoulda at least done some research for a perspective job with a celebrity lol

  99. Aaron Merkel

    Aaron MerkelGiờ trước

    Screams of a thousand women

  100. Serena Cruden

    Serena CrudenGiờ trước

    The world richest lesbian😂