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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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I'm losing control.

I'm losing control.

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  1. Ian_Choi 20261121

    Ian_Choi 2026112125 giây trước

    Nobody is talking about Charmx in the intro.

  2. Mr. Waffle

    Mr. Waffle44 giây trước

    Minecraft’s beginning is like story mode, but in the end of the story mode series, you die and the so called “Wither Storm” destroys the world and several years later it perishes, leaving the Massive bone blocks scattered all across the world. The villagers thrive as a tribal species. And you enter the game, thousands of years later. My personal theory on the game.

  3. Lila Hartwig

    Lila Hartwig3 phút trước

    Thanks for finally saying it

  4. Shina Cloud

    Shina Cloud4 phút trước

    id drop mad cash into gift cards for games and food cause you are buying the card with the money loop hole

  5. Special Fives

    Special Fives5 phút trước

    I guess I was just exposed to less testosterone but I’m straight and a male

  6. ShaneGadingalTime

    ShaneGadingalTime6 phút trước

    and now soul sand burns blue

  7. Number39Utopia Minecrafter

    Number39Utopia Minecrafter6 phút trước

    here is proof earth is not flat, it has hills and mountains and volcanos and an ocean, boom your mind has been blown

  8. Flash fan

    Flash fan7 phút trước

    can Austin make a video on villagers biology and bone structure stuff like that if you do shoutout me plz

  9. FlakeyFilms

    FlakeyFilms8 phút trước

    I have a game theory w/clear evidence, and that is that Steve is able to harness the powers of his ancestors! We all know that to make potions, you need nether warts. The only way to get nether warts is harvesting them from soulsand, in which soulsand acts like soil for nether warts. The nether warts absorb the things inside the soulsand, the souls in particular... Then when fully grown, you take the nether warts to make potions. Steve is incredibly strong, proven by game theory, and his ancestors were as well. So that explains why nether warts are powerful enough to make such potions that are abnormal. For example, using the strong capabilities like strength from steve's ancestors (nether warts) enhanced (combined) with blaze rods, makes strength potions. Basically the potion's are made of essences from steve's ancestors, and with a few other materials to enhance the essence, makes the potions. Steve has a sharp eyesight, runs faster than most mobs in the game, and other stuff which also explains why these essences could make such potions like night vision, speed, etc. But remember, this is just a theory, a game theory!

  10. Malibu Heart

    Malibu Heart9 phút trước


  11. Lucas CAMATTA

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  12. Bobby Timmin

    Bobby Timmin9 phút trước

    A f3tus has to date someone at least 7 years old.

  13. Rishi Rajesh

    Rishi Rajesh12 phút trước


  14. Adrian Epp

    Adrian Epp13 phút trước

    I'm so happy that you used the soul animation from Soul Eater when you were talking about souls

  15. Ninja Tank

    Ninja Tank13 phút trước

    In chapter one one of the items you must collect is a book named “the illusion of living”. I see a connection

  16. orion ssig

    orion ssig13 phút trước

    Make a shy guy theory

  17. Keithtube studios

    Keithtube studios14 phút trước

    He never showed up again because he ded son

  18. orion ssig

    orion ssig14 phút trước


  19. brother saturn

    brother saturn14 phút trước

    but I dont want to stop fnaf 7 because of my fan game :(

  20. orion ssig

    orion ssig14 phút trước

    Shy guy shy guy shy guy

  21. orion ssig

    orion ssig14 phút trước

    Maakee a shyyy guuyy theory.

  22. orion ssig

    orion ssig14 phút trước

    Shy guy theory

  23. orion ssig

    orion ssig14 phút trước

    Make a shy guy theory


    LAZY COOKIE16 phút trước


  25. ManMoore1 Studio

    ManMoore1 Studio16 phút trước

    He got bisy

  26. Kim Alansigan

    Kim Alansigan17 phút trước

    im ten months late but when you fight the ender dragon the ender men help you defeat the dragon if the dragon hits them

  27. orion ssig

    orion ssig17 phút trước

    You need to make a shy guy theory

  28. The Dancing Dragon

    The Dancing Dragon18 phút trước

    Game Theory is my religion

  29. DishoneredDB

    DishoneredDB18 phút trước

    "I'll come back, I'll always do." Did he like tell the future or..?

  30. TheQuietGuy

    TheQuietGuy18 phút trước

    He pushed back 150,000 american tons or so. About 3 time the titanic

  31. Nathan Louis

    Nathan Louis20 phút trước

    Wow this is mat pat in 2013

  32. Bree Berry

    Bree Berry20 phút trước

    I think Scott cawthon keeps making more games because matpat keep solving

  33. slovan01

    slovan0121 phút trước

    Oh cool he can communicate with gorillas!!

  34. Azert Hypez

    Azert Hypez21 phút trước

    Hot Wings

  35. shadowunikat849

    shadowunikat84922 phút trước

    That intro was amazing! It gave me memories! So many memories! The box and the Mario videos!

  36. GioUploads

    GioUploads24 phút trước

    Anyone else notice that furry game

  37. Ash_the_inky_boi UwU

    Ash_the_inky_boi UwU25 phút trước


  38. Bennight The Depressed Cat

    Bennight The Depressed Cat26 phút trước

    Okay, so for some reason I've been questioning how the main weapons and the ink tanks work in Splatoon and Splatoon 2... does the ink magically get transferred to the weapons? Are there invisible hoses connecting the two? How do they even work? Is the ink actually stored in the weapons? Is the tank even necessary? If you take the weapon from someone, does it use the ink from the original owner or the one who took it?

  39. E2B2

    E2B226 phút trước

    They had to use “Miketrap” as a name? Mike Trapp is a real person who works at CollegeHumor, which is just confusing.

  40. Takamator

    Takamator26 phút trước

    I noticed that the toy vindicators have blue eyes. Maybe they changed it back because a significant change would throw off any published books or toys

  41. Flip Flop

    Flip Flop27 phút trước

    How does Pokemon Go save someone from a house fire, I'm truly confuzzled.

  42. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman27 phút trước


  43. William Schlegel

    William Schlegel28 phút trước

    Ff. I want to be a math nerd like you some day.

  44. ALex D

    ALex D28 phút trước


  45. Om plays

    Om plays28 phút trước


  46. Gifted Fuzzy Bee

    Gifted Fuzzy Bee29 phút trước

    One reply: ten less matpat haters

  47. Potato Love

    Potato Love30 phút trước

    8:24 No it’s a skull 💀

  48. Brayden Barnett

    Brayden Barnett30 phút trước

    but mat pat what about the spawners in caves did the ancient builders build those and if they did why?

  49. 당신

    당신31 phút trước

    why u gotta make the gaster theories so terrifying

  50. Nausica Aislinn

    Nausica Aislinn32 phút trước

    I'm at the beginning of the video, Yoshi's my favorite character of all time. Let's see how I feel at the end of the video

  51. Oreo Viking

    Oreo Viking33 phút trước


  52. All Hail The Wii U

    All Hail The Wii U33 phút trước

    I’m Dutch xD

  53. Gifted Fuzzy Bee

    Gifted Fuzzy Bee35 phút trước

    Phone rings Game theorists: are you ness Sans: No, this is Patrick!

  54. Dennygirl Denise

    Dennygirl Denise36 phút trước

    Maybe the vindicators are vindictive as well as vindicating

  55. Chill burrito Dude

    Chill burrito Dude36 phút trước

    I’m curious if Brachydios or Bazelgeuse from Monster Hunter World could be a real thing. Not the structure of the monster, but the explosive components of the monsters.

  56. Ainsley • Ribble

    Ainsley • Ribble36 phút trước

    I never realized that Minecraft came out exactly on day after my birthday. I am one day older than Minecraft, this is truly a blessing XD

  57. lorraine clarke

    lorraine clarke37 phút trước

    I love that waluigi is the same height as Ripley in smash according to a past theory

  58. BigeaRadar

    BigeaRadar37 phút trước

    underrated game

  59. Malik Despanie

    Malik Despanie38 phút trước

    One tail for flight And another for stability Problem solved Theory busted

  60. nicky colorado

    nicky colorado38 phút trước

    Creepy aww man

  61. Mason Crabtree

    Mason Crabtree38 phút trước

    Rip Ronnie may your legacy carry on in game theories to come



    #no I in pezza

  63. Emily Carr

    Emily Carr39 phút trước

    A week or two??? Its june 2020 we could use something to entertain us all

  64. brother saturn

    brother saturn39 phút trước

    yeah I think why the poeple don't like it is because there not realy rewinding


    MARK BAXTER40 phút trước

    I'm really sad hero brine was never in this theory. it would've been so cool but, u win some u lose some

  66. All Hail The Wii U

    All Hail The Wii U40 phút trước

    I’m more like a R.O.B. and Ridley player. I like making R.O.B. the Famicon Colors or the indigo color because it’s based on the GameCube and i love my GameCube controller.

  67. The weird idiot

    The weird idiot42 phút trước

    What does spider man swing he’s webs on sometimes buildings but what else??

  68. Landon Griffith

    Landon Griffith43 phút trước

    Can you do a video of how the moon have phases even though it's always behind the Overworld

  69. Regina Estrada

    Regina Estrada43 phút trước

    how it should have ended

  70. Brain dead Junko kinnie

    Brain dead Junko kinnie45 phút trước

    Man Joey is a scumbag

  71. tddorn_Plays

    tddorn_Plays45 phút trước

    What if the reason Steve is the last of his kind is because he ALSO has the power over life and death? The power to respawn! What if that's why all the zombies are wearing Steve's clothes? Because they are his past bodies!

  72. Jessica Higgins

    Jessica Higgins46 phút trước

    Hi the game Theorist,I was wondering you you could MAYBE make a fnaf theory vid,Becuase most of us know that baby (the clown) is Elizabeth Afton and ballora is Cara Afton (William Afton’s wife), Are human’s (Kinda I guess) And f.freddy and f.foxy are not a humans soul in a suit,So can you PLEASE do a video about this (I’m not doing the research becuase I’m to dumb and I’m like nine ;-; )

  73. Xx_Paige Gaming_xX

    Xx_Paige Gaming_xX46 phút trước

    Uhhh doesn’t scout look like Elizabeth Afton- and taking your place to blend in-?

  74. Lyrone Jammuel Plastina

    Lyrone Jammuel Plastina47 phút trước

    I cried

  75. Ash Dean

    Ash Dean47 phút trước

    I feel bad for him... I hope he feels better

  76. Asa Cunningham

    Asa Cunningham48 phút trước

    Dose anyone also hum during the intro

  77. Dawn

    Dawn48 phút trước

    Have you ever wondered why soul sand burns blue?

  78. Taylor McMullen

    Taylor McMullen48 phút trước

    Not gonna lie, I’d probably buy shares in coke (due to my Diet Coke addiction as well) and lots of pretty jewelry. Either way it could definitely help though.

  79. Snowflake Rose

    Snowflake Rose48 phút trước

    I'm sad he didn't mention that there would be no night time if this is how it would work.

  80. Felino Sandoval Olivares

    Felino Sandoval Olivares50 phút trước

    It's a roblox game

  81. I am an Innocent child

    I am an Innocent child50 phút trước

    Austin: THE EARTH IS NOT FLAAAAAAAAT Flat earthers: Yes it is.

  82. alderfeather warriors

    alderfeather warriors50 phút trước

    what happened to structural integrity?!?!

  83. Gamingwith Abdisatar

    Gamingwith Abdisatar50 phút trước

    That makes sense

  84. Felino Sandoval Olivares

    Felino Sandoval Olivares50 phút trước

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  85. Kitty Zyaid

    Kitty Zyaid51 phút trước

    Anyone else think that Minecraft should totally make a move short using this?

  86. Esaias Arana

    Esaias Arana51 phút trước

    In disc 11 I recognize those sound effects he’s in a cave and he’s mining upwards to get out of the cave and then as he’s building up he reaches the dirt from the surface

  87. gypsy danger

    gypsy danger51 phút trước

    Old sport member me old sport it’s me Dave from daysshifts at freddys

  88. gypsy danger

    gypsy danger53 phút trước

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  89. Trader Jo

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  90. Orange

    Orange53 phút trước

    im really happy that mat pat used both him and her for kris. yay mat pat! <3

  91. softy snowy

    softy snowy53 phút trước

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    Emmaprocks 12354 phút trước

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  94. DishoneredDB

    DishoneredDB54 phút trước

    William Afton: now let me introduce myself.

  95. UselessShrub

    UselessShrub55 phút trước

    I feel like fnaf fans could be English teachers if you think about it

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    Thangi Kullai56 phút trước

    Evokers are Quan chi from Mortal Kombat

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    Teen Gohan57 phút trước

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    Sunburntweevil 758 phút trước

    It sounds alot like conservatives

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    Joseph GregorGiờ trước

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