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Halsey - 3am (Visualizer)

4 tháng trước

Halsey - You should be sad
Halsey - Graveyard

Halsey - Graveyard

8 tháng trước

Halsey - clementine

Halsey - clementine

8 tháng trước

Halsey - Graveyard (Time-lapse)
Halsey - Nightmare

Halsey - Nightmare

Năm trước

Halsey - Without Me

Halsey - Without Me

Năm trước

Halsey - Sorry

Halsey - Sorry

2 năm trước

Halsey - Bad At Love

Halsey - Bad At Love

2 năm trước

Halsey - Lie (Vevo Presents)
Halsey - Alone (Audio)

Halsey - Alone (Audio)

3 năm trước

Halsey - Devil In Me (Audio)
Halsey - 100 Letters (Audio)
Halsey - Bad At Love (Audio)
  1. Fragkeska a

    Fragkeska a21 giờ trước

    Scott 🧸is you

  2. neon demon

    neon demon21 giờ trước

    this deserved all. this deserved the first position in billboard.



    Personas que hablan español y no entienden ni pio de ingles pero le gustan este tipo de canciones?

  4. Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen21 giờ trước

    I think Im being coming Jeremiah

  5. Kimberly Le

    Kimberly Le21 giờ trước

    easily a favorite song <3

  6. Azzaric :P

    Azzaric :P21 giờ trước

    It’s funny. The only reason this song popular is because of juice. Fly high king 😭👑✊🏽

  7. Mesh Granger

    Mesh Granger21 giờ trước

    Fun fact: Its not on your recommendation you search for it Am I right?

  8. Asmin Yildiz

    Asmin Yildiz22 giờ trước

    no way they smell good

  9. 라이트온

    라이트온22 giờ trước


  10. shirley goodwin

    shirley goodwin22 giờ trước

    The wink in the end...... Omg.

  11. Arsen Jan

    Arsen Jan22 giờ trước

    All Lives Matter! I feel like when people say BLM more frequently it’s almost like they’re insinuating that other lives don’t matter. Bruce Lee said it best “Under the sky, under the heavens there is but one family, it just so happens that people are different”. #AllLivesMatter

  12. Daiane Cristina

    Daiane Cristina22 giờ trước

    Halsey você arrasa mulher, você é demaisssss 😍🥰🤩😘🤗

  13. Mary Ayreml

    Mary Ayreml22 giờ trước

    She’s absolutely a GOD

  14. sarah Holder

    sarah Holder22 giờ trước

    Halsey: I'm bad at love Me: im bad at life

  15. the lesbian orange

    the lesbian orange23 giờ trước


  16. Samantha Coco love

    Samantha Coco love23 giờ trước

    💖 hi sis I love your videos💖👇

  17. Kundan Arya

    Kundan Arya23 giờ trước

    This songs really gives me positive energy to move on with someone ...... This song is only 389 m views only why I don't know ...... Seriously this song teach me everything

  18. random me

    random me23 giờ trước

    Blast this song during the protest. #BlackLivesMatter


    MALAYALII MACHANS23 giờ trước

    Any malayali Zz

  20. zavka Quirola

    zavka Quirola23 giờ trước

    More & More by Twice girlgroup

  21. Maria Romero

    Maria RomeroNgày trước

    That song is totally me with my own love stories, love is not for me.

  22. Brandi Bozeman

    Brandi BozemanNgày trước

    Halsey is bod goals 😲

  23. Sarrinah Safaa

    Sarrinah SafaaNgày trước

    Hello, older me. Ya better come back to this song and see this comment!!

  24. Chris Vanderhoof

    Chris VanderhoofNgày trước

    First time seeing/hearing this "singer": It sounds like every word she sings is doubled. This video got nothing to do with the lyrics I heard.

  25. Dr Chunky Biscuit

    Dr Chunky BiscuitNgày trước

    If you think this is actually real music that's worth listening too & you also look up to this bint as a role model, then you have an ear problem & a mental disorder!!! This bird should be locked up for rioting!!

  26. Fay.

    Fay.Ngày trước

    This live is amazing ommmmggggg her voice is fire on fire , i hope in the future i go to her concerts 🥺💙.

  27. H I N A T A C H A N

    H I N A T A C H A NNgày trước

    I love Halsey Suga bts 💜😀🇧🇷

  28. Sis Chis

    Sis ChisNgày trước

    I have to say something...love the people you have right now because some day they will die or the world will end and everybody needs some love 💗 so love the people you have while you can. ❤️ ♥️ 💜

  29. Tyson Shinn

    Tyson ShinnNgày trước

    Greatest song ever

  30. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo RamirezNgày trước

    Ade . Mcle


    TOPDAHORANgày trước

    Very good 🤩🤩🤩

  32. Alesha Thomas

    Alesha ThomasNgày trước

    This song Hit sooo hard w me on many levels.... you can definitely tell she's singing from the heart, yet the video is sooo offsetting to the emotional being of the song.... dont get me wrong itz definitely a sexy ass video.

  33. Duygu Nur Öztürk

    Duygu Nur ÖztürkNgày trước


  34. DannyMac

    DannyMacNgày trước

    She's so pretty with short hair wtf

  35. Alona Jean Baran

    Alona Jean BaranNgày trước

    This is the revolution's national anthem. #thedawningoftheageofAQUARIUS 🤘💪

  36. suliman ibrahem

    suliman ibrahemNgày trước

    So hoootttttttt

  37. Livia Wilson

    Livia WilsonNgày trước

    I really love Halsey and I want her to know that I’m her biggest fan!!

  38. Lily Ha

    Lily HaNgày trước

    this was my 6th grade anthem. cant believe that was 3 years ago

  39. people cho

    people choNgày trước

    To compt .. How did it feel ...like I say I TOLD U SO!!

  40. Kimia

    KimiaNgày trước

    this first music that made me a fan of Helsey and still love it ...

  41. Douglas Souza

    Douglas SouzaNgày trước

    Cantora mais bonita que as modelos 😍😍🌚

  42. Rhein Sama

    Rhein SamaNgày trước

    Dang these songs getting me goosebumps, didn't know until she hits the streets and giving medical care for protesters. Halsey one hella of an artist.

  43. Lord Kiwicha xD

    Lord Kiwicha xDNgày trước

    Los chinos de BTS son de Japóoooooon

  44. Kylie Nicholle

    Kylie NicholleNgày trước

    This is like 4 different songs put together.

  45. Eloá Pinhata

    Eloá PinhataNgày trước

    Toquinho macabro Lakakakkaka

  46. Robert Manzaneres

    Robert ManzaneresNgày trước

    Love this song

  47. Scarlet Del Vecchio

    Scarlet Del VecchioNgày trước

    if anyone needs to talk just respond and i’ll give you my email in the responses

  48. Roberto zanabria norabuena

    Roberto zanabria norabuenaNgày trước


  49. Kyan Witt

    Kyan WittNgày trước

    You’re the best singer

  50. Ali Gm

    Ali GmNgày trước

    Still watching this in qarantine



    on the weekend na plateia,aplaudindo a bella

  52. Josie Lopez

    Josie LopezNgày trước

    I love songs

  53. Brodonkers ,

    Brodonkers ,Ngày trước

    Imagine if Juice was there

  54. Sarah AlS

    Sarah AlSNgày trước

    this song is so beautiful because it touches both sides. it touched me right in the heart, for being the one. it just aches my heart to see the love of my life being like that towards me, only because of what he went through in the past.. and it is just not fair for either of us.. its like she stole it all from him and he really should try again.. and I know its hard, but how can I help you if you're closing your eyes on me? It's just hard to feel so helpless about this.

  55. Blake Turner

    Blake TurnerNgày trước

    I’ll catch you if you fall

  56. Quynh Doan

    Quynh DoanNgày trước

    Có người Việt Nam nào ở đây không

  57. CHEERS!

    CHEERS!Ngày trước


  58. mahi nahar

    mahi naharNgày trước

    Love you girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Estrella Chavez

    Estrella ChavezNgày trước


  60. ℓυα•нisτσry☬

    ℓυα•нisτσry☬Ngày trước

    Blue But "everything" is white

  61. Oh, it’s not me

    Oh, it’s not meNgày trước

    The way she says ‘R’ bugs me

  62. Mokhira

    MokhiraNgày trước

    Halsey is awesome, she is truly good person.. believe me

  63. Patricia Mendoza

    Patricia MendozaNgày trước

    Wait... so it's a sad song where the dancers are having an orgy and dressed like cowboys? I like that

  64. M T

    M TNgày trước

    Who wants a MV ?

  65. Stohy386

    Stohy386Ngày trước

    Sorry but i came here just for the 🍒

  66. larryxshawn ;

    larryxshawn ;Ngày trước

    I love Halsey and Rosé but we have to accept that the version of halsey the original version has so much feeling on her part and the talent she has, wonderful

  67. Savannah Sturgeon

    Savannah SturgeonNgày trước

    Get it girl😍😍

  68. Maria Luiza De Oliveira

    Maria Luiza De OliveiraNgày trước

    O scott de Teen wolf😍

  69. Lee Wellman

    Lee WellmanNgày trước

    Best thing to do in qourente is listing to music

  70. James Livingston

    James LivingstonNgày trước

    she attended a protest and helped people out. that's pretty damn cool.

  71. Ellya Mossa

    Ellya MossaNgày trước

    Halsey: *weird relationship* Her walls: 1:11

  72. Elsa mamada

    Elsa mamadaNgày trước

    Ahora todo tiene más sentido

  73. vakojp

    vakojpNgày trước

    Solenoidy can tell me what means alligator tears?

  74. Meriem CHOUIA

    Meriem CHOUIANgày trước

    I’m pretty sure she sampled an other song but i can’t say which one... do anyone else think that this song has something so familiar ? Especially the “oh oh oh” part

  75. Davi Gonzales

    Davi GonzalesNgày trước

    Omg tyer posey teen wolf

  76. Lady Roxany Vasquez cueva

    Lady Roxany Vasquez cuevaNgày trước

    I love siga and halsey ahhhh😊😊😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  77. Ken Nechee

    Ken NecheeNgày trước

    💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*


    FAKEXLMNgày trước


  79. Catalina Fuentes

    Catalina FuentesNgày trước

    I am obsessed with this video, her voice is just wow🤩

  80. Debra Stay

    Debra StayNgày trước

    Your right

  81. Princess Lana

    Princess LanaNgày trước

    Happy birthday walls could talk❤

  82. Princess Lana

    Princess LanaNgày trước

    Happy birthday hold me down 5 years❤

  83. Ke gui Chen

    Ke gui ChenNgày trước

    halsey's voice is beautiful and so is her daughter

  84. Lucy Goosey

    Lucy GooseyNgày trước

    Debbie Harry FTW

  85. Myrna Richardson

    Myrna RichardsonNgày trước

    Sorry but, Hasley, ur kinda ugly

  86. cezara carta

    cezara cartaNgày trước

    I cannot get enough of her voice!!:D every day lol

  87. Luis Alfredo

    Luis AlfredoNgày trước

    remix whit stefflon don please !!! awhoooaa

  88. k's

    k'sNgày trước

    y o u c a n ' t g o into this castle go to jail

  89. A H

    A HNgày trước

    The last two or three seconds always gave me an eerie feeling, idk why. It's probably just me though 😂

  90. Wade Mitchell

    Wade MitchellNgày trước

    i'll proberly be more a man you can handle but any way women are always right i'll stand in line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Am_ _y Girl Savior

    Am_ _y Girl SaviorNgày trước

    Listening to this song. Felt the pain. Now crying.


    SAURABH KUMARNgày trước

    Who else thinks this one is better than official one?

  93. Blair Daigle

    Blair DaigleNgày trước

    I love your songs ❤️ your my 2 favorite singer

  94. Yanina Bulacio

    Yanina BulacioNgày trước

    Ame con todaaa mi alma esa musica 😍😍😍

  95. Irídia Obersteiner

    Irídia ObersteinerNgày trước

    It's kinda sad for me as an artist to identify myself so much with this song. If I must have it all or give up

  96. Cheyo FR

    Cheyo FRNgày trước

    1:45 is that a trans girl? I'm in love. 😍

  97. ttgy yg

    ttgy ygNgày trước

    0:34 wth?!

  98. Dark Diamond 123

    Dark Diamond 123Ngày trước


  99. yourgonnadieupthere 666

    yourgonnadieupthere 666Ngày trước

    The only thing I think about when I listen to this is extreme BDSM 😐

  100. Shajiyah JIA

    Shajiyah JIANgày trước

    THIS SONG IS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍