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Never Doing This Again.

Never Doing This Again.

4 tháng trước

My Pink VAULT Closet Tour

My Pink VAULT Closet Tour

4 tháng trước



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  1. Ashley Carroll

    Ashley Carroll2 giây trước

    “I feel taller” I👏🏼AM👏🏼DEAD👏🏼

  2. Tiffany Curtis

    Tiffany Curtis8 giây trước

    Jeffree looks good all wayys wtfff

  3. JanGravity

    JanGravity9 giây trước

    Jeffree kinda looks like Ben Stiller from Zoolander 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Kay Pen

    Kay Pen11 giây trước

    Ok but Jeffree looks like Ruby Rose and I’m loving it.

  5. TheThinkingMinority 13

    TheThinkingMinority 1314 giây trước

    Jeffree looks beautiful... I swear he can pull off anything

  6. Ren Eras

    Ren Eras16 giây trước

    33 years, hmm.... more like 23 years.

  7. Emzie Lou Secrets

    Emzie Lou Secrets25 giây trước

    He looks like janes Charles

  8. Kristabel Tello

    Kristabel Tello26 giây trước

    Jeffree girl that look your hott 😁😄

  9. Lyss Thatcher

    Lyss Thatcher29 giây trước

    I can't tell if I'm attracted to Male Jeffree or if it's weird af-

  10. Anna Talks

    Anna Talks31 giây trước

    im 20 minutes in, so far ive had a jefree orgasm like holly how good he looks, a dollan twins spiritual orgasm like its been years i should start watching them agaiin and a few cringes but im fine so far, how have you been?

  11. Xiān Jìng Wonderland

    Xiān Jìng Wonderland31 giây trước

    Wowow what a giveaway lmao

  12. Tiffany Curtis

    Tiffany Curtis33 giây trước

    I'm deadddd😂 why was I not expecting him to be able to do a pull up tho. Proud🥰😂❤

  13. May Benjamin

    May Benjamin33 giây trước

    Kris Jenner who

  14. Viviana De La Torre

    Viviana De La Torre35 giây trước

    Omg ! I love Jeffree ❤❤😂

  15. Carly Riley

    Carly Riley36 giây trước

    As a 29 year old woman, I'm a little freaked out by how attracted I was to the Dolan twins in this video! 😂

  16. DEYSY A

    DEYSY A36 giây trước

    Okayy but why does he kinda look like ruby rose ? 👀😂

  17. DK Guevarra

    DK Guevarra37 giây trước

    I LOVE YOU JEFFREE! If I would have a boyfriend, it would be you. Hahahaha

  18. Amealia Bob

    Amealia Bob38 giây trước

    Does ethan have a hydro flask

  19. saraiorsara23

    saraiorsara2338 giây trước

    Been done following jefreestar on ig and morphe and subscribed!!! Love all your videos!!

  20. N B

    N B41 giây trước

    Jeff is soo handsome 😍

  21. Lo DiCpio

    Lo DiCpio47 giây trước

    Jeffree looks like Drew Gooden a bit

  22. wendy pineda

    wendy pineda48 giây trước


  23. Jessica Lane

    Jessica Lane49 giây trước

    The hubby and I are listening to Jeffree on our 4 month wedding anniversary after 7 years dating and 4 year engagement 💕💜

  24. Angel Fam

    Angel Fam49 giây trước

    I’m shook!! Jeffree is gorgeous!! But Jeff is a stud!! Hi, How are ya?!?!

  25. alicia austin

    alicia austin59 giây trước

    C4 makes me feel like I can lift a mountain

  26. parul dubey

    parul dubey59 giây trước

    So he needed make up to be a Dolan twin 😅

  27. Abbey Purcell

    Abbey PurcellPhút trước

    Entered for the comp, following both pages on Instagram and also following on here🤞👜

  28. Alexis Dudley

    Alexis DudleyPhút trước

    Now just how the hell did I know you were going to say you’d never been to a dollar general 🤣 I just love you

  29. Beatriz Campos

    Beatriz CamposPhút trước

    im living for this transformation!!!

  30. Jade Ockford

    Jade OckfordPhút trước

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that they showed the dolan twins car number plate

  31. Kisha Rivera

    Kisha RiveraPhút trước

    Fuck yeah Jeff! Lol

  32. **Francine DY**

    **Francine DY**Phút trước

    Jeff is fine af! 🔥‼️

  33. Landyn Vision

    Landyn VisionPhút trước

    Omg Wynona Ryder beetlejuice vibes 😍😍

  34. Dezy Martinez

    Dezy MartinezPhút trước

    I use to always shop there lol it’s been some years tho. You made me wanna go check it out. I love you Jeffree

  35. Imxdrift inspxce

    Imxdrift inspxcePhút trước

    Jeffree: how do I look? Ethan: you look cool! Jeffree: thank you! 😂

  36. Linda Barron

    Linda BarronPhút trước

    Good Sport Jefree🤩You had fun and the Dolan twins did too!!! You look really good looking , pretty boy😎❤️🙌🏼👏Sexy💪🏼🙌🏼👊🏼

  37. Sara Olivanti

    Sara OlivantiPhút trước

    This is literally the best thing I have seen in my life!! Everything about this just made me so happy. More reasons I love Jeffree star ⭐️😍

  38. Ozni Villalobos

    Ozni VillalobosPhút trước

    Los Angeles azules playing in the background In the end had me dead😂

  39. Gavin Timmy

    Gavin TimmyPhút trước

    She looks like Amanda Bynes in Shes the man lmao

  40. SHADYDERICK Blocker

    SHADYDERICK BlockerPhút trước

    Jeffrey!!!!; I wanna win 😭😭😭

  41. Alina Amore

    Alina AmorePhút trước

    That was everything. I think everyone should experience something that makes them slightly uncomfortable. Proud of Jeffree 💗💗

  42. Marissa Tinerino

    Marissa TinerinoPhút trước


  43. Claire Cardinaux

    Claire CardinauxPhút trước

    Theyre dairy free but eat eggs?

  44. Jorge Magallan

    Jorge MagallanPhút trước

    The Mexican music in the background was everything😭😭🤪🤪

  45. Brittney Green

    Brittney GreenPhút trước

    I was getting real strong Edwards Scissorhands moment when Jeffree was getting the wig put on.

  46. Brianna Robinson

    Brianna RobinsonPhút trước

    This is one of the funniest video I’ve seen on VIgos in a while😂 I’m so proud of Jeffree (or Jeff for this video) for stepping out of his comfort zone and doing something out of the box! It really paid off and I hope he does more stuff like this 🖤

  47. Andrea Best

    Andrea BestPhút trước

    At first I saw just the thumbnail and I was like "what the hell? Is that...???" And then read the title and I was like "um ok let's see"

  48. Melanie Leon

    Melanie LeonPhút trước

    Lowkey Jeff Dolan looks hot 🤭

  49. Valerie Stone

    Valerie StonePhút trước

    ❤️ ⭐️

  50. Mackayla Ayala

    Mackayla AyalaPhút trước

    Yes queen. I love you jeffree!!😭😭😭❤

  51. Hannah Barrow

    Hannah BarrowPhút trước

    and you know I gotta comment every day 😉

  52. Dayana Diaz

    Dayana Diaz2 phút trước

    I like him this way

  53. kAiLaNi MeNdOzA

    kAiLaNi MeNdOzA2 phút trước

    I’m dead 😂😂 throughout the whole video.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 I can’t 🤣🤣

  54. Kasey Lee

    Kasey Lee2 phút trước

    Omg have you already picked the people. Oh jeffree please I love you so much you rock

  55. Lillypod

    Lillypod2 phút trước

    I love how you really were open to it! You did great in a total opposite lifestyle. I also feel like it brought out a different side of you that I can’t describe. Like a more grounded or super chill...idk? But I loved it!

  56. Mj Aro

    Mj Aro2 phút trước

    This is awesome! Jeff Dolan is so hot!

  57. Pamela Gierjina

    Pamela Gierjina2 phút trước

    The click!!!! Why "JEFF" is so much attractive than those real MEN?!!

  58. Lauralee BTG

    Lauralee BTG2 phút trước


  59. Hannah Barrow

    Hannah Barrow2 phút trước

    i’m coming for that Birkin bitch 🤤 i’ve never had a real luxury purse and I would LOVE to have one 😍

  60. Just JoJo

    Just JoJo2 phút trước

    It would have been so cool if they both posted on Friday the 13th and titled it “Freaky Friday”

  61. gay bacon bacon bacon

    gay bacon bacon bacon2 phút trước

    Woah he’s hot wtf 😂

  62. AYokMizumi kiaiKazeyuki

    AYokMizumi kiaiKazeyuki2 phút trước

    My eyes are always dead and lackluster 😂 Normally the bottom of your pupil is supposed to “touch” your waterline but for my eyes there’s some space between them which doesn’t help the situation any.

  63. Odalys Paulinnna

    Odalys Paulinnna2 phút trước

    I would love to do a workout with the Dolan Twins I need a trainer asap😂

  64. Lindsay Raucci

    Lindsay Raucci2 phút trước

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm LIVING for this look on jeffree hahaha <3 <3 <3

  65. India Coers

    India Coers2 phút trước

    I FUCKING LOVED THIS!!! It was great I laughed so hard I just have to say I love you jeffreestar for getting out of your comfort zone and doing this! The look on Nathan's face when he was watching you skateboard was so funny like "seriously concerned" for you!!! Great video now going to watch the other side of the transformation ❤️

  66. Olivia Stanton

    Olivia Stanton2 phút trước


  67. Evelia Mendoza

    Evelia Mendoza2 phút trước

    OMG!!! I laughed so hard I literally cried! It was so awesome looking Jeffrey like this!!

  68. Ghaida1416

    Ghaida14162 phút trước

    Kinda looks like ruby rose

  69. Johanna Monzon

    Johanna Monzon2 phút trước

    He reminds me of roger from american dad 😂😂😂 jefff u still look fireee

  70. Ember D&T

    Ember D&T2 phút trước

    The twins are cringey and annoying, jeffree looks super attractive like this.

  71. Lucid Leech

    Lucid Leech2 phút trước

    Jeff reminds me of Andy Biersack. Like the hot emo bf every teen girl wants. He honestly slayed the look, jeff or Jeffree always killing it. 💕

  72. Brie Flores

    Brie Flores2 phút trước

    “We don’t press powder we pressing BENCHES” 😫😂

  73. Various Adrian

    Various Adrian2 phút trước

    Your the Dolan Triplet 🥳🥳🥳 Awsome!!

  74. Viviana Carreno

    Viviana Carreno2 phút trước


  75. Winter Wskwskwsk

    Winter Wskwskwsk2 phút trước

    Miss you and Shane ❤️

  76. Hailey Gatlin

    Hailey Gatlin2 phút trước

    When he said ʰᶦ at the end I lost it!

  77. Jessica Hoang

    Jessica Hoang2 phút trước

    Wow 😍 so beautiful! ❤❤❤

  78. OperaRinase

    OperaRinase2 phút trước


  79. M. Sheridan

    M. Sheridan2 phút trước

    No, no, my beautiful Jeffree. You kind of remind me of K.T. Lang. Not judging just sayin

  80. Sarahi Soberanis

    Sarahi Soberanis2 phút trước

    I’m sorry but Ruby Rose who? Jeff Dolan is a mood. This is my new favorite video 😂

  81. Random Pets

    Random Pets2 phút trước

    Im getting Ruby Rose vibes

  82. Ana Rodz

    Ana Rodz2 phút trước

    One of your best vids loved it 🤣

  83. killerchick1234 montoya

    killerchick1234 montoya2 phút trước

    I kinda wanna build a house with you guys* 😭😭❤️❤️

  84. Galaxy Girl

    Galaxy Girl3 phút trước

    I'm not afraid of needles or anything like that, but I have REALLY BAD trypophobia, and I almost vomited during this

  85. flxwercxrpse

    flxwercxrpse3 phút trước

    I don’t watch the Dolan twins but they seem so sweet

  86. salad_2222

    salad_22223 phút trước

    8:48 HehE

  87. Adriana Machado

    Adriana Machado3 phút trước

    U look so fucking hot 🥵

  88. Anais Martinez

    Anais Martinez3 phút trước

    Jeffree is handsome if he was a dude

  89. Trashysandra

    Trashysandra3 phút trước

    I live for this omfg!!! It’s so different especially seeing jeffree like this or should I say Jeff haha

  90. alexandria Ramos

    alexandria Ramos3 phút trước

    “My hands are to soft their to weak I need calluses!

  91. Cali FIT

    Cali FIT3 phút trước

    This was the video I never knew I needed😂😂. I respect Jefree for putting himself out there 🤟

  92. Kayla Hoffman

    Kayla Hoffman3 phút trước

    Okay, PRE makeup....gotcha lookin like Amber Rose!!!!

  93. Simona Merkininkaitė

    Simona Merkininkaitė3 phút trước

    It's crazy how different hair and some brows can completely change the way person not only looks but acts aswell ,I loved this video😂

  94. Zee

    Zee3 phút trước

    I think Nate just re-fell in love with you lmfao The way he looked at you <3

  95. Luna Haunt

    Luna Haunt3 phút trước

    Jeffree looks fineeeeee without makeup

  96. sambi_uwu

    sambi_uwu3 phút trước

    Ruby Rose: .... Jeff: Hi, how are ya?

  97. Cristina Navarro

    Cristina Navarro3 phút trước

    This is wild I love it jefree you look hot masculine like this is wild You could totally have fun living a double life

  98. Rob D Robot

    Rob D Robot3 phút trước


  99. Emma Watkins

    Emma Watkins3 phút trước

    Jeffree can literally pull off anything. This is iconic

  100. Pascale Engelbrecht

    Pascale Engelbrecht3 phút trước

    😍 Omgosh! Im a little shook how hot af Jeffree Lynn looks like as a brunette nvm the hot dude part! Girl get yourself a brunette wig 💁🏻‍♀️