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  1. k w

    k w5 giây trước

    Is it just me or charlamagne getting his dark pigment back

  2. Cadier Preshns

    Cadier Preshns10 giây trước

    worker vs boss mindset

  3. Jordan Jakeway

    Jordan Jakeway13 giây trước

    How much do you pay the women's field hockey team?

  4. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone17 giây trước

    1 thruu thruu thwee 😆

  5. ShayAMoor

    ShayAMoor26 giây trước

    Luv Tasia!!!

  6. christian t.a.

    christian t.a.42 giây trước

    algun heroe que lo tradusca :v

  7. joshjaydah

    joshjaydahPhút trước

    Still democrats can’t find no evidence of collusion and this idiot charlagmane love pushing the same bullshit

  8. Stephen Driver

    Stephen DriverPhút trước

    NAACP is the boule

  9. Dierry Sow

    Dierry SowPhút trước

    Boom. Blood. Numsayin. 🙄🤮

  10. Reese

    ReesePhút trước

    This country is fucked. Plain and simple.🐂💩

  11. James Smith

    James Smith2 phút trước

    Snitch ass 69 don't do no songs with 69

  12. mariah carson

    mariah carson2 phút trước

    So is he out of jail or what?

  13. Lionel Kennedy

    Lionel Kennedy2 phút trước

    This was a very good, interview. Dennis Rodman is a very interesting person and has led a very interesting life. I've always admired his play as basketball player and he has a really good heart.

  14. Dr. Satan318

    Dr. Satan3183 phút trước

    Slink Capone is a dope name actually

  15. tristanaoc

    tristanaoc4 phút trước

    “Imagine when im in the game for ten years”- 😂😂😩

  16. Bee Wild

    Bee Wild4 phút trước

    This crap is an agenda straight out from hell.

  17. Kwan Smith

    Kwan Smith4 phút trước

    A Golden Interview

  18. mariah carson

    mariah carson4 phút trước

    Taurus so stubborn

  19. spanish rampage

    spanish rampage4 phút trước

    Eliminate California and New York and Trump wins by landslide.


    STAyTHIRSTyMyFRNDS5 phút trước

    Who else was named by hibachi in court as being a member of 9 Gay Gang

  21. Ms. Garcia

    Ms. Garcia5 phút trước


  22. ThisIsRiseTV

    ThisIsRiseTV5 phút trước

    I thought his mic malfunctioned lol

  23. Tha Taurus

    Tha Taurus5 phút trước

    He had a point nobody wondered how he got it even when he was asked bout it he stated "I had that it couldn't happened to me mindset and then it really happened"

  24. Swan Mega

    Swan Mega5 phút trước

    God created man in "our image and in our likeness," not "in his image and his likeness." Just wanted to point that out.

  25. depité senatè

    depité senatè6 phút trước

    Confused asf. Wtf has this world come to... smh

  26. spanish rampage

    spanish rampage6 phút trước

    Why do black people always say "US"....DNA is all over the place.


    ATINY BIGBODY6 phút trước

    This summarizes the vid

  28. jay blaze

    jay blaze6 phút trước

    I fckn love Black Jesus and Slink.

  29. Zack Mckenzie

    Zack Mckenzie6 phút trước

    Aaron McGruder should sue.

  30. donmagic2002gd

    donmagic2002gd7 phút trước

    Charlemagne got me hungry than a mf lol . Looking for some turkey tails right now!!!!

  31. Dr-Pepper

    Dr-Pepper7 phút trước

    Bird man about to 😢 😭 😂

  32. S Wes

    S Wes8 phút trước

    He dat gay boy, tho.

  33. tasoj

    tasoj8 phút trước

    Everyone has an opinion, and since we have a 1st Amendment, he can say what he wants. With that said, you morons have the right to criticize.

  34. Stargames

    Stargames8 phút trước

    Jennie buss is a thot that use to do playboy and dating people around the nba as a pass around but many don't know that

  35. Joshua Green

    Joshua Green9 phút trước

    Vote trump baby. ..maga all day

  36. Lokieleven

    Lokieleven9 phút trước

    God it’s a shame all these people are idiots speaking. We just need some Intelligent people speaking not ones slurring their words

  37. N H

    N H9 phút trước

    WTH?!!! Submit to men, not submitting to no one. It’s 2019, we are equal, Love.

  38. Isaac Newborn

    Isaac Newborn9 phút trước

    😒😒😒😒😵😈😈😈😈😈 Fake Niggas

  39. Ebony Egw1103

    Ebony Egw11039 phút trước

    Shotti “We Don’t Bend We Don’t Fold! “15 Years” 😢😭😭 “I’m Sorry...I Apologize” DJ records & then Posts taped convo w/ Shotti 👌🏽 buuut, a 22yr old DUMBASS Kid name Daniel n way over his dumbass🌈 head Snitches(Keeps it 💯 But w/12)lol to avoid almost 50 Years, After His Own Ppl 🤔 F*ck his GF/BM, Kidnap, Rob, & Try to KILL him, threaten to KILL his MoM & ppl liiike👎😱🤬😶🤐 Shotti should be Thankful 🌈boy Not a real gangsta cuz his @ss would’ve got a Bullet not 15years 💯🤣 Hell, I’m Friendly asf & RIH(rotnhell) to Anybody wldve threatened my mama Life let alone mine, ima Try to help u get there too👿 IF he lives he will still be Rich, tho carefully done y’all know their will Be interviews, book deals, prob make $$ as an Activist/Speaker against “CAPN LIKE U BOUT THAT LIFE”🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️ Smh he could do All that shit electronically from a f*ckin Island eating fillet mignon w/ Guards surrounded by exotic bitches & live out his 20’s Free... Or do almost 50yrs for the 🐍 niggaz didn’t give 2fuuucks if he lived or died 🤔🤔🤔 Tough 1😑🙄😜🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  40. M3records

    M3records10 phút trước

    I agree with you Charlamagne, these family should be reaping the benefits and not only the NCAA..

  41. Tony P

    Tony P10 phút trước

    Yeah Right... the Muller report said, " that there was no coordinated collusion between Russia Trump or any of his campaign members but ... despite the fact that whole collusion allegations were started by the opposition group fusion GPS a paid for by the clinton campaign ... that the dems were well aware of ... but they are so corrupt they could care less ... think about it, these are the same people that say men in the women's restrooms girls locker rooms normal, illegals have every right to invade America vote and get free housing welfare education ...why they because they want the political capital (votes} Obama and Hillary gave Russia 20% (Uranium One) of our uranium rights but they weren't colluding with the Russians naww nothing to see here folks , but trump was.... you don't have to see sh#! to smell it... this was political power move to deceive the American sheeple... and ever major media outlet is complicit pushing this deceptive lie... The Breakfast club included.

  42. rick louis

    rick louis10 phút trước

    I cringe every time he spoke how can someone this stupid work in politics

  43. Juan Quinones

    Juan Quinones10 phút trước

    Dre from power in the same predicament

  44. blue diamond gem

    blue diamond gem10 phút trước

    Charlemagne the Midget is crying again 😂

  45. Alexander Mathews

    Alexander Mathews11 phút trước

    fck that shit these niggas was talking about going to visit his mother, they robbed, carjacked, and stole his money fake booking shows fcking his girl all type shit them niggas wasnt his homies and then put money on that nigga head and then im facing 47yrs behind bars. you niggas come straight out of a boondocks comic strip. You niggas would rather be dead than put a nigga in jail dumb asf

  46. OVO

    OVO11 phút trước

    Romeo too major for these mofos !

  47. The John

    The John11 phút trước

    As a non-American, basically from the outside looking in, it always baffled me that a lot people in the US don't cook their food at home and choose to go for a cheap toxic choice that is fast food. There's nothing better than making your own meal, when you're done cooking it and you serve yourself or your family it truly is a rewarding feeling, specially knowing that what you cooked is healthy and well worth the effort even if it doesn't taste perfect

  48. romeo Williams

    romeo Williams11 phút trước

    That's cause he got money under the table.

  49. Sour Lito

    Sour Lito11 phút trước

    Denis Rodman seems to be the type of person that agrees with others just to agree. How homie wearing the watch during a game or practice was wearing a "fake" watch. Once Angela Yee said "They are saying" it isn't real he immediately said yeap. First off Homie just got that watch even more free publicity, because everyone is talking about it.

  50. airtec87

    airtec8711 phút trước

    Tekashi: TEST MY GANGSTA! F.B.I.: Okay.

  51. A Google User

    A Google User11 phút trước

    The Breakfast Club owned and operated by liberal Democrats who brainwashed black Americans

  52. Fillip Nelson

    Fillip Nelson12 phút trước

    No I was your size then😂😂😂😂. Clowned my man. He was pissed low key by his facial expressions.

  53. 90210 Pig

    90210 Pig12 phút trước

    Loni stop with Trump racial bullshit. Research is your friend.

  54. Brewcity Arrma Lover

    Brewcity Arrma Lover12 phút trước

    God bless you Dennis

  55. snickers 762

    snickers 76213 phút trước


  56. the truth

    the truth14 phút trước

    I think he was hired by the feds to take down the industry’s top names. I just don’t think he snitched like that he was hired.

  57. dyrty harry

    dyrty harry15 phút trước

    Chard the goof such a liar- the cheques he gets to run this bullshit has a donkey stamped right on it. Fuckin right Trump 2020

  58. Fillip Nelson

    Fillip Nelson15 phút trước

    Jennie Buss, that's one of em too. Had my stomach hurting😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Nate Beyene

    Nate Beyene15 phút trước

    Why'd he go at Jordan and his kids at the end haha

  60. cyrusd johnson

    cyrusd johnson15 phút trước

    I won't lie Charlamagne gets donkey of the day for even doing this

  61. eric Mays

    eric Mays15 phút trước

    It’s not KFC that’s responsible for obesity it’s the consumer.

  62. Green Orchid

    Green Orchid15 phút trước

    Bread and circuses🎪🎪😈👹😨

  63. Jessica Welch

    Jessica Welch15 phút trước

    Well everything 69 said didn’t age well 😂😂

  64. Malcolm Tyrone

    Malcolm Tyrone15 phút trước


  65. Ahmed Widaa

    Ahmed Widaa16 phút trước

    This is so true. As if "regular " fast food wasn't terrible enough..

  66. Ben Bowmen

    Ben Bowmen16 phút trước

    What a f****** moron listen to this idiot Bumble on about b*******, **8:00** listen to him saying I do what I want oh, yeah now your ass is doing what the feds want haha you f****** snitch man enough to do what you want and shoot guns and ride people but not man enough to do that time after you've asked all them real motherfukers to test your gangster oh, the feds tested that gangster and you fell through real quick

  67. Mordahigh

    Mordahigh16 phút trước

    Testimony day 3

  68. incog mango

    incog mango17 phút trước

    Takashi 6ix9ine was spotted in this video getting confronted by bloods

  69. Cutie Pye

    Cutie Pye17 phút trước

    Juicy Smoylay 😂😂

  70. Dee Robbins

    Dee Robbins18 phút trước

    I'm not sure why the distance between the microphone and his mouth is making me so uncomfortable 🤷🏿‍♀️

  71. Ohso Henson

    Ohso Henson18 phút trước


  72. Venom

    Venom18 phút trước

    You gon need 99 MORE NIGGAZ lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  73. mattbandz47

    mattbandz4718 phút trước

    3.6 million for 15 days? Geez bro, you really fucked up your bag by fucking with people you had no business fucking with

  74. Nefer Maat

    Nefer Maat19 phút trước

    That is SAVANNAH GA for you!

  75. David Chavez

    David Chavez19 phút trước

    Trump supporters know Trump colluded they just don't care. Trump worked with Russia. Am all white country. Now if he did this with Israel....

  76. Schnyder

    Schnyder20 phút trước

    Boondocks was there first

  77. Simple Man Reviews

    Simple Man Reviews21 phút trước

    Trump 2020 Bitches!!!!!

  78. laker 4 life

    laker 4 life21 phút trước

    69 should play the rat in the next Ratatouille

  79. Kendrick Bell

    Kendrick Bell21 phút trước

    GREAT interview.👏

  80. D H

    D H22 phút trước

    Sleep is vital you old fool. You 106. You supposed to be in bed at 7pm

  81. Squelch

    Squelch22 phút trước

    She’s a real one !

  82. ominous thoughts

    ominous thoughts22 phút trước

    Whats the surprise. All rappers are fake gangsters anyways.

  83. focused

    focused22 phút trước

    3:15 shoulda shouted out Yee and Envy too

  84. A David

    A David22 phút trước

    They want people to be slow and lethargic. We have enough psychological trauma served to us to keep everybody ill, but foods like these, (THAT mf there probably g2g tho haha no lol), paired with the brilliant ways they advertise them...are designed to make ppl take naps and go to the doctor because they feel anxiety from the effects of eating these obviously delicious fast food meals and scrolling through photo feeds with attractive Men and Women that make people regret enjoying them. But remember....they didn't put a jam to their head and make them go get was a smartphone. The moral of the story is....donuts over chicken isn't soul food anymore. God bless us ALL.

  85. Kashwayne Stone

    Kashwayne Stone23 phút trước

    U right nobody cares.....

  86. raul robles

    raul robles23 phút trước

    Celebrating the anniversary of STOP PLAYING WITH MY NAME.

  87. blackplaque617

    blackplaque61723 phút trước

    This is lesson for young Black men out here deep in these streets. The game is not worth it. Snitchin is at a all time high. There is no honor is this shit. Save your bread and learn a trade. Focus and invest in yourself then build with positive brothas. Never let someone else decide your fate.

  88. JayjayHasCars

    JayjayHasCars23 phút trước

    Dam homie, in 2017 u was the mannnn homie.. wtf happend to u? 😂 Test my gangsta test my gangsta

  89. James Wolfe

    James Wolfe23 phút trước

    I could whip this dick out and make that pussy beg for mercy. What a clown.

  90. Strawberry Bubblegum Strawberry

    Strawberry Bubblegum Strawberry23 phút trước

    RZA A Fucking Genius For This T.V. Show it's so fucking good, I hope he gets a Emmy or something! 😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I'm going to watch it tonight

  91. Jay Thomas

    Jay Thomas24 phút trước

    😂😂 my boy lamar

  92. Diane Le Ane

    Diane Le Ane24 phút trước

    The donut sandwich doesn’t even look good tbr

  93. Ahnna Beruk

    Ahnna Beruk24 phút trước

    Love her!

  94. Wayne’s World

    Wayne’s World24 phút trước


  95. Jaquira Church

    Jaquira Church24 phút trước

    Dang he was really hurt about that story... he needs to further his therapy and seeking Jesus... Gentle giant

  96. Jamison Michael

    Jamison Michael24 phút trước

    He snitched 😓

  97. fattylover76

    fattylover7625 phút trước

    Poor little Blanket Jackson

  98. Jonathan Baker

    Jonathan Baker25 phút trước

    Dennis was the best all around defender and rebounder period!!!! I also love the way carries himself!

  99. Ryan Voltaire

    Ryan Voltaire25 phút trước

    Everyone needs to know Cubans and Puerto Rican’s are black. Latinos are Hispanics with African and European ancestry.

  100. Danielle Conner

    Danielle Conner25 phút trước

    Thus was pathetic and disgusting. I'm very ashamed at this interview...the intimidation was laughable!