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  1. Marques Smith

    Marques Smith3 giờ trước

    Idk that was his daughter. I was wondering why he was hanging out with herbo a lot.

  2. Im A Lover And A Biker

    Im A Lover And A Biker3 giờ trước

    Her ass lying 🤥

  3. Big Mad

    Big Mad3 giờ trước

    @2:02 Yee: So what does I got tails mean? Charlamagne: Somebody has to be the bottom.... NIGGA YOU GAY!!!!!

  4. Chanta Charee

    Chanta Charee3 giờ trước

    Why he sounding like he's missing some teeth..

  5. David Jones Jr

    David Jones Jr3 giờ trước


  6. JustActing

    JustActing3 giờ trước

    How are these morons even still on air?

  7. ProBlueCheese

    ProBlueCheese3 giờ trước

    Mac Miller didn't drop nothing. Just like Michael didn't drop nothing and so on and so forth. If one is not alive than one simply cannot and will not drop. How many albums Pac drop since passing? I think Diddy dropped a Pac album and so did Eminem but I know Pac didn't, oh what a world we live in, now imagine 200 years from now woooweee

  8. TrichsRUs

    TrichsRUs3 giờ trước

    People that know how to invest in real estate aren't getting paid as teachers. They're out making money.

  9. Grindhouse Syndicate

    Grindhouse Syndicate3 giờ trước

    when somebody gone have the balls to ask diddy bout keffe D?

  10. los Pinett

    los Pinett3 giờ trước

    whats wrong with this envy guy smh

  11. vpe network

    vpe network3 giờ trước

    All I can think about is hugging that devil

  12. stanley williams

    stanley williams3 giờ trước

    Dame don't like y'all niggas

  13. HalfMexican Mike

    HalfMexican Mike3 giờ trước

    4:39 wtf lol. She farted period.

  14. The Scooter

    The Scooter3 giờ trước

    It’s not the schools job to teach you a lot of the things you’re saying, Dame. That’s the parents job. Let’s stop blaming the schools and let’s start taking responsibility. Black community needs the family more than anything else!

  15. InviteTheLight Readings

    InviteTheLight Readings3 giờ trước

    We have never spelled "Wack" with an h in it.

  16. Marques Smith

    Marques Smith3 giờ trước

    I know fab has to be dumb hot other that spongebob sweater made out of eyelashes lol

  17. tommy cane115

    tommy cane1153 giờ trước

    didnt learn anything

  18. L L

    L L3 giờ trước

    This interview has an all lives matter stench to it. Be great so when racist cops murder you people will, media won't demonize you. What message is this? Sorry for family but this message is problematic to say the least.

  19. Bernie & Bugz

    Bernie & Bugz3 giờ trước

    By the 7th time she did this I bet she was way too comfortable....

  20. Greydoves

    Greydoves3 giờ trước

    5:26 Like two kids laughing in the back of the class😂😂😂

  21. Al 314

    Al 3143 giờ trước


  22. Tony Caston

    Tony Caston3 giờ trước

    Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.

  23. Cliff Bell

    Cliff Bell3 giờ trước

    He’s a Trump supporter. Would you expect less ? Duh 🤨

  24. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker3 giờ trước

    Dumb ass nigga you got a mama that love you that much and you out here wildin the fuk out. God help you I hope you learn how to be a man while you in there

  25. Nisu [TGG]

    Nisu [TGG]3 giờ trước

    I'm fab lmao

  26. Tyhi 407

    Tyhi 4073 giờ trước

    Summertime Shoutout Classic Album 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤 five mics source-style

  27. J Hud Hudson

    J Hud Hudson3 giờ trước

    Defamation of character about the guy he suing not smart

  28. Fonzarelly Play

    Fonzarelly Play3 giờ trước

    That was a fart 💨 man!!! Lolol

  29. wise41

    wise413 giờ trước

    Very smart guy

  30. Denzel Blessed

    Denzel Blessed3 giờ trước

    I think he should have given more time. Dame is so motivational. I'm inspired anytime I listen to him talk.

  31. Brittney Wade

    Brittney Wade3 giờ trước

    His mother is biracial??? really you holding on to that huh? miss me

  32. Vill Vinno

    Vill Vinno3 giờ trước

    Coffee is #1 laxative and daily bowel movement is healthy..CTG goin too far tho

  33. Litmus Test

    Litmus Test3 giờ trước

    The standard of justice depends on the equality of power to compel. In other words if black people do not build a strong economic basis little black kids will continue to die in the hands of the American justice system. Being excellent and respectable is not going to save you if you do not control the media or have politicians on payroll or have collective wealth.

  34. J Hud Hudson

    J Hud Hudson3 giờ trước

    He disrespected one of his female workers on live so he lying

  35. Thesnake9

    Thesnake93 giờ trước

    How can you keep on beating the poor guy after he was already down and done with ? Just stomp on his head like that it sickened me watching that .

  36. Mike Lawry

    Mike Lawry3 giờ trước

    Envy relax!!!! We know your dad was a cop and you hate hearing people talk about em

  37. D- Sean

    D- Sean3 giờ trước

    The fact that her farting is considered news / journalism, let's you know that the media is promoting degeneracy dumbing down the ppl

  38. TheKrackCity

    TheKrackCity3 giờ trước

  39. Jayce Verse

    Jayce Verse3 giờ trước

    How is a fart news?

  40. Chinwude Tv

    Chinwude Tv3 giờ trước

    I want to tell Dame Dash, they don't teach the things he's wants to be discussed in school because if everyone was independent wealthy, the dollar would mean nothing. No one would be rich if that makes sense. This is the first thing you learn in economics.

  41. Daniel Baye

    Daniel Baye3 giờ trước

    Charlemagne just admitted that he let's dj envy hit from the back. How gay is that?


    HEROINe TRACKS MUSIC3 giờ trước

    Yeah this cat needed that n people like him should heed the warning!

  43. Ri

    Ri3 giờ trước

    men talking bout other men?

  44. RealJCoop

    RealJCoop3 giờ trước

    Dame Dash is the blue print to be your own man. Jay is the blueprint to be their puppet

  45. krisj827

    krisj8273 giờ trước

    Ppl were over the story but Wendy had keep it going by responding to the Fartgate allegations.

  46. J Hud Hudson

    J Hud Hudson3 giờ trước

    Be honest dame you messed up the Roc situation and he never admitted it. You hired people without Jay approval and that started the end.

  47. Ninaonfulltiltmode Nobsallowed

    Ninaonfulltiltmode Nobsallowed3 giờ trước

    Why we not cancelling Oprah

  48. Sean Hinton

    Sean Hinton3 giờ trước

    Great interview

  49. Manny Gonzalez

    Manny Gonzalez3 giờ trước

    But white chicks and whiteface was okay 🤣🤣🤣😅

  50. L@

    [email protected]3 giờ trước

    Lmao. "do do" this on the regular

  51. M A

    M A3 giờ trước

    I don’t like his situation with His wife Emily

  52. Living With Lika

    Living With Lika3 giờ trước

    I’m glad Envy cleared up that Dame was talking about Chris Brown the lawyer and not the artist Chris Brown (googles Chris Brown “the lawyer”)

  53. Abigail Rochell

    Abigail Rochell3 giờ trước

    Foolish fool, but so are the greedy rich WS, Salamaders and others who steal from the poor paying taxes.

  54. monie

    monie3 giờ trước

    kanye play too much. 😂😂😂

  55. Bleak Side

    Bleak Side3 giờ trước

    A family of sell outs with regrets 🤣🤣🤣🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  56. Truth Comedy

    Truth Comedy3 giờ trước

    Wait what 😮 No one is going to address that comment Envy said charlotte man wow Where is Donnell i need Donnell to explain this

  57. Winter Bleu

    Winter Bleu3 giờ trước

    Angela Lee needs to be replaced. She’s obviously annoyed with her co host. I understand but this is radio! People tune in to hear good energy, get a good laugh, make our bad days be better. Nobody wants to hear her acting stank and passive aggressive all the time.

  58. sam cook

    sam cook3 giờ trước


  59. kiki d

    kiki d3 giờ trước


  60. J Hud Hudson

    J Hud Hudson3 giờ trước

    Why do some people think only what they say matters. People can be smart and still work hard everyday.

  61. MissCrissyape

    MissCrissyape3 giờ trước

    funny how the noise stopped when she started talking again almost like she's the one making the noise or sth

  62. Brittney Wade

    Brittney Wade3 giờ trước

    that's right Uncle C!!! THEY DONT CARE!!!

  63. razzy mono

    razzy mono3 giờ trước

    A lot of game here 🙌🏿

  64. messiah e

    messiah e3 giờ trước

    i honestly wonder if the white sides of their families only cared because they’re family because in 2020 i know most of them people is demonic, the average white person thinks 99.9% of cop shootings are justified they do not care.

  65. Chaz G

    Chaz G3 giờ trước

    Gotta stop promoting this divisive shit

  66. Tony Caston

    Tony Caston3 giờ trước

    Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.

  67. ghandidecv

    ghandidecv3 giờ trước

    This guy is a lot talk...finding excuses for all his bad behaviors

  68. Tony Caston

    Tony Caston3 giờ trước

    Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.

  69. x

    x3 giờ trước

    Dame Dash is a professional manipulator, let me break down this fraud for you: 1. He talks about his business' but won't go into numbers or facts, on the android app his Dame Dash Studios app has had under 2k downloads. On the Apple App Store it has 4 ratings. 2. He masks his failures by bringing up stuff he did in the past, how he's helped people. Often people who did better without his involvement or people who he simply knew but were doing well without him. 3. He bullies people into feeling stupid if they doubt him rather than backs it all up with facts. He's aggressive and this puts people off asking him important questions like "how many subscribers do you have on your app?" Because he will spin it around as if that shit don't matter, but then will chat about how great he's doing with it all if not asked. 4. He brings up art, history or random knowledge to give the impression that he's smart when anyone can read a book and quote paragraphs. 5. He's copied other peoples business models over and over from Jay with art investments to 50 with Power and never been as successful as those he tries to imitate. 6. He's desperate to stay relevant so he jumps on other peoples platforms for views but then makes out his own platform is doing so well that he don't need them. 7. He keeps people around him incase they do well so he can take credit for it, he then tells stories of the few that progress but avoids stories of the majority that don't. 8. He calls people chatty patty for gossiping but then will spend an hour talking about other people that have problems with him and how he knows so many people. 9. If he says something stupid, he tries to flip if that people are too stupid to understand him. But a real boss explains with clarity without confusion. He talks as if he's got Bill Gates money and no one else is near him but most people interviewing him have more money than him now. STOP GIVING THIS FRAUD AIRTIME, HE NEEDS YOU MORE THAN YOU DO HIM

  70. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson Jr3 giờ trước

    Wendy:Is John around? Cuz John knows things. Lmao

  71. Love Love

    Love Love3 giờ trước

    10,000 likes and it’s just 6 hrs

  72. Alan Humphrey

    Alan Humphrey3 giờ trước

    She "cleared the air" alright...literally

  73. Teflon Don Franco

    Teflon Don Franco3 giờ trước

    He’s the truth !!!

  74. Tony Caston

    Tony Caston3 giờ trước

    Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.

  75. Herk ules

    Herk ules3 giờ trước

    Just wanted to hear him call someone chatty pattie

  76. jjayphilly

    jjayphilly3 giờ trước

    #NOHUGSOVERHERE R.I.P. Marquis Jefferson

  77. Love Love

    Love Love3 giờ trước

    Already at 300,00 views in its just 6hrs. Luv Damn❤️

  78. YoungLG2K

    YoungLG2K3 giờ trước

    Got that Lil Jon in the background Hahahaha

  79. Stevon Logan

    Stevon Logan3 giờ trước

    Neither one of them fuckin with Tiffany Logan 💪💪💪

  80. BX Girl

    BX Girl3 giờ trước

    We literally watched Wendy's husband on the beach with his MISTRESS literally taking pics ECT literally literally what did Wendy do come on TV and attempt to play on our intelligence and tell us everything was FINE IN HUNTERSVILLE! and y'all think she gonna cop to Doing something as natural as having gas 😂 nope she will deny everything ALL THE TIME

  81. BrownsugaKO77

    BrownsugaKO773 giờ trước

    I watched the entire trial at work, at home, etc of Botham Jean and I was so invested that's why it really hurt when Josh Brown, the neighbor got killed 2 days after testifying that right there was the work of them devils. Also, that savage animal murderer that killed Atatiana Jefferson also killed her mother and father, I feel they both died of a broken heart literally weeks and months after she was killed. Prayers to all of these families.

  82. kiki d

    kiki d3 giờ trước


  83. Harry Stokes

    Harry Stokes3 giờ trước

    This show is so dead. Ain’t it Meant to be a hip hop radio station.. I’m from London but every time I come and check tbc vids it’s mad annoying You lot are talking about farts , such pointless content

  84. Joe Jas

    Joe Jas3 giờ trước

    I Remember That Movie Robert Downey Jr. Played That Part In That Movie.

  85. Virginia Remedi

    Virginia Remedi3 giờ trước

    LeBron has a lot to do with this man's downfall. It's not mental illness. They did something to him.

  86. Jayden Reed

    Jayden Reed3 giờ trước

    Why that guy sitting there saying notting with the hat 🎩

  87. Lonewolf Quis

    Lonewolf Quis3 giờ trước

    Charlemagne knew not to play with Dame Dash with that fake ass. Dame would have punch him in the face. 💯

  88. Kelly T

    Kelly T3 giờ trước

    All of you are going to have this lady commit suicide for a situation that we dont fully understand.Your all motherless swinem


    DRIZZY DRE3 giờ trước

    18:30 that’s a phony question envy really wanted to ask “what you think about me now” (after all he’s done in REI etc)

  90. Mike Lawry

    Mike Lawry3 giờ trước

    I respect their views they kept it straight up and Botham sister wasn't with the shit her brother did in the courtroom

  91. PrinceImA09

    PrinceImA093 giờ trước

    I loved that movie

  92. Ayame Kyoto

    Ayame Kyoto3 giờ trước

    Behind those shades, is a glare that can kill, yo.

  93. Brittney Wade

    Brittney Wade3 giờ trước

    It looked too easy for your brother to hug her... he couldn't wait to put his hands on a white woman.

  94. Ayejax

    Ayejax3 giờ trước

    It was funny

  95. Jalyn Turner

    Jalyn Turner3 giờ trước


  96. Franko Oz

    Franko Oz3 giờ trước

    2020 lets learn from dame dash

  97. jamel chislom

    jamel chislom3 giờ trước

    I said this once before and I'ma say it again Dame Dash is starting to really put his two steps forward in this world and I fully understand him

  98. Itsofficial

    Itsofficial3 giờ trước

    Imagine how wealthy he would be if didn’t kept getting fucked over

  99. Tony Caston

    Tony Caston3 giờ trước

    Use the lenses out of swimming goggles and put two or more of them over each eye to pray meditate and sleep. They help with healthy eye Care and air pollution. Antoneo caston on Facebook or helathyeyes2020 on Instagram.

  100. Alicia Cole

    Alicia Cole3 giờ trước

    At this point she needs to get life insurance and just add 50 as the beneficiary, cuz she AINT GOT IT! AT least while she living