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  1. ILikeCHEEZ9

    ILikeCHEEZ952 giây trước

    2.5 should be a late middle aged cowboy who's using a tried and true recipe passed down through generations of cowboys from 18th century ancestors who made it on the trail

  2. Ronnie J Dio

    Ronnie J DioPhút trước

    Love lorenzo

  3. Bobby Cratchet

    Bobby CratchetPhút trước

    If you use onion powder you will lose is the sweetness from the cooked onions. That's important because when you have an acidic dish like spaghetti and meatballs you want something to cut that acid from the tomatoes and sugar does a good job with that but when you use the powder it won't add any sweetness.

  4. Gamer Nick

    Gamer Nick2 phút trước

    Today I'm going to be doing a seafood chili.... ewwww wtf??

  5. 05Paladin

    05Paladin2 phút trước

    Where my Texans at? BEANS DO NOT BELONG IN CHILI!!!

  6. Salomé Kerly

    Salomé Kerly2 phút trước

    she is literally the best food scientist please be around here even more often <3

  7. Luke Burton

    Luke Burton2 phút trước

    Dan: Now I'm going to strip Me: 🤩 Dan: some corn Me:😡

  8. Yanick Landry

    Yanick Landry2 phút trước

    It’s like watching the three tallest building in Shanghai. Yeah you can see that one is taller than the others but they are all so much taller than me.

  9. shunn889

    shunn8892 phút trước

    hehe funny ketchup lady

  10. lxndr

    lxndr2 phút trước

    Level 3 chef: and now we'll add *the blood of a Virgin*

  11. Rocco Cioffi

    Rocco Cioffi3 phút trước

    Every Level 1: ....But it is edible Every Level 2: Hi, I’m Lorenzo! Every Level 3: I COOKED THE DAY JESUS WAS BORN!

  12. Jonna Devereaux

    Jonna Devereaux3 phút trước

    Noooo not chickpeas!!!!!

  13. Mehrunes'Razor

    Mehrunes'Razor3 phút trước

    2:12 my brother will never grow up....

  14. Savant OW

    Savant OW3 phút trước

    Daniel: And next we’re gonna add some blackberries to the chilli Epicurious: . . . HEY LORENZO GUESS WHAT

  15. Carolyn Yestrumsky

    Carolyn Yestrumsky3 phút trước

    No one pays attention to lime allergies.

  16. levoldunom

    levoldunom4 phút trước

    I want level 2 chili with level 3 cornbread

  17. J J

    J J4 phút trước

    Hey! Our lord and savior Emily the ketchup queen is finally back everybody

  18. Sagarika Joshi

    Sagarika Joshi4 phút trước

    So this is firang misal ?

  19. 14Karat

    14Karat5 phút trước

    My level -1: canned chili lol

  20. GamingWithOlfix

    GamingWithOlfix5 phút trước

    2:43 "Extra virgin"

  21. oli torres

    oli torres5 phút trước

    using canned tomatoes instead of ketchup?? our dear Emily is leveling up!!

  22. Gabriel Carneiro

    Gabriel Carneiro5 phút trước

    Mano que porra que to assistindo?

  23. Felipe Eugênio Vinhal

    Felipe Eugênio Vinhal6 phút trước

    I'm waiting for my Lorenzo husband lol

  24. Xcru Ciator

    Xcru Ciator6 phút trước

    2:51 What Emily says: Onion peppers flavors etc etc What Emily thinks: Meh ketchup

  25. Clint Udy

    Clint Udy6 phút trước

    Adding oil to the water does 2 additional things beyond making it slippery after draining... First is, it reduces the starch foam and helps prevent boil overs when a larger pot is not available (like for college age). Second is that it helps keep the pasta from clumping when not immediately added to sauces (meal prep or large meal situations like buffet/potluck).

  26. lola p

    lola p6 phút trước

    Why does the pro chef looks so distracted while talking?

  27. Joakim Lindvåg

    Joakim Lindvåg6 phút trước

    the level 2 chef's jawline reminded me why im bi :O

  28. Esteban Jaramillo

    Esteban Jaramillo6 phút trước

    Seafood chili??? That's illegal

  29. L YOU

    L YOU6 phút trước

    " i'm a level 3 chef " .. dude u k ?

  30. TheKillBot 17

    TheKillBot 176 phút trước

    At least the level 3 said that he was a level the chef for the intro...

  31. Allison Baxter

    Allison Baxter6 phút trước

    Honestly Level 1 knows what's up.

  32. Fridayyss

    Fridayyss7 phút trước

    Chris burned alive my homie :( REST IN PIECE MR KRABS

  33. LucaTheSchnitzel Yeet

    LucaTheSchnitzel Yeet7 phút trước


  34. iEatyourbrain84

    iEatyourbrain847 phút trước

    *Level 9000: Kevin Malone* The trick is to undercook the onions.

  35. Jesus Adrian Gonzalez Barragan

    Jesus Adrian Gonzalez Barragan7 phút trước

    Chilli is a artificial version of Chile colorado?

  36. Augie Mesa

    Augie Mesa7 phút trước

    Cojita? Worst third level chef ever.

  37. Classified :/

    Classified :/7 phút trước

    im so glad my favourite food scientist is back thank the lord

  38. Marlene B

    Marlene B8 phút trước

    I screamed a little when Emily appeared

  39. Heather Doute

    Heather Doute8 phút trước

    Should have used the hammer on a coconut.

  40. applmac2009

    applmac20098 phút trước

    The Ketchup queen is on the rise, and Lorenzo's food looks fantastic as always.

  41. TX f8te

    TX f8te9 phút trước


  42. Pearl8520

    Pearl85209 phút trước

    Y r u cutting spongebob's house?! 18:00

  43. SomeRandom Guy

    SomeRandom Guy9 phút trước

    Seafood chili eh? I want to know more

  44. Xcru Ciator

    Xcru Ciator9 phút trước

    I think Emily uses ketchup for brushing her teeth

  45. molibdênio

    molibdênio9 phút trước

    English is not my first language, so the video was very useful to me. They show the fruit, the name of it on screen, then the audience pronounces the word and the chef repeats it.

  46. metro thoomin

    metro thoomin10 phút trước

    This mf said a seafood chili.... GET HIM OUTTA HERE, also Emily the ketchup monster is slowly progressing.

  47. Robert King

    Robert King10 phút trước

    I feel Emily saw the comments on her earlier appearances and decided to get good.

  48. john lee

    john lee10 phút trước

    Can we just keep Lorenzo as the permanent level 2 chef?

  49. Gijs Schreefel

    Gijs Schreefel10 phút trước

    Finally the level 3 chef doesn't introduces himself as I hAve BeEn a ChEF FoR 25 YeARs

  50. Viva i Manghi

    Viva i Manghi10 phút trước

    I just clicked the video hoping Lorenzo participated, and when I saw him I was like a kid in a candy shop.

  51. Samantha Visser

    Samantha Visser10 phút trước

    Lorenzo needs to get his own Food Network show. ASAP.

  52. Musa Adeel

    Musa Adeel10 phút trước

    next: 4 levels of chefs level 1: I buy everything from a store lelev 3: I like to make my own kitchen first....

  53. Emily Gaming

    Emily Gaming11 phút trước

    "-and I'm a level three chef" plot twist

  54. Ibra him

    Ibra him11 phút trước

    Level 1: Ketchup memes Level2: Actually likes by community Level3: *blue crab*

  55. Kapril Arismendy

    Kapril Arismendy11 phút trước

    Lorenzo stays winning. Always has the best food

  56. Sebastian Nilsen

    Sebastian Nilsen11 phút trước

    Emily is evolving

  57. hoppy Blox

    hoppy Blox11 phút trước

    Emily: Thinks about adding ketchup to the chili

  58. Scott Guminy

    Scott Guminy11 phút trước

    I'm surprised no one added chocolate or cinnamon to their chili.

  59. Bryan Thiel

    Bryan Thiel11 phút trước

    When Lorenzo can't make it out of the intro without laughing...it's gonna be a good day.

  60. Lance Pirini

    Lance Pirini11 phút trước

    Binging With Babish: GOD OF COOKING

  61. Bolton Michael

    Bolton Michael12 phút trước

    WTF is a level 2 chef?

  62. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn12 phút trước


  63. Arthur L

    Arthur L12 phút trước

    >2 seconds in >"Hi, I'm Emily" I already know there's gonna be ketchup in this Edit: genuinely surprised

  64. Cool sour

    Cool sour13 phút trước

    I just clicked on the video and the moment i saw emily and lorenzo i knew it was gonna be a good one

  65. Stephanie t

    Stephanie t13 phút trước

    Lorenzo is my fav for sure!! I love how he cracks himself up lol

  66. Dianne Vita

    Dianne Vita13 phút trước

    Emily seems much more confident in her cooking then when this series started. She might be ready for Level 2 soon! Oh & Lorenzo = JOY!

  67. Gabriel Kronfeld

    Gabriel Kronfeld13 phút trước

    ...so no rice?

  68. xxevery9seconds87xx

    xxevery9seconds87xx14 phút trước

    Daniel is just the worst...

  69. quaint

    quaint14 phút trước

    Why is the food scientist so sassy and how is she a food scientist at twelve years of age.

  70. J Carter

    J Carter14 phút trước

    Your level 3 should've been a chili cook off competitor

  71. SouthPillarBaron

    SouthPillarBaron14 phút trước

    There aren't 4 levels of 'insert food name' in this or any other video in this series

  72. Phil Stehle

    Phil Stehle14 phút trước

    Emily upping her game ,her chilli looked delicious, I love her attitude and smile,Lorenzos chilli looked amazing and the pro chef made a delicious looking seafood chilli, Its lunchtime and I'm starving after watching this episode ,the food scientist is spot on ,there are many many ways to make chilli ,rome new york

  73. that1yoshi •_•

    that1yoshi •_•14 phút trước

    Level 1: Buys store bought ground Turkey Level 2: picks up his beef from a local butcher. Level 3: *Scuba dives for his shrimp, scallops and blue crab*

  74. Vnbixx

    Vnbixx15 phút trước

    *C H I L I*

  75. Christopher Vaca

    Christopher Vaca15 phút trước

    Great editing job on this video.

  76. Francisco Sheba

    Francisco Sheba15 phút trước

    Emily boutta use 3 gallons of Ketchup and I'm here for it 😤

  77. Awesome Much

    Awesome Much15 phút trước

    Emily is my spirit animal

  78. Al Jordan

    Al Jordan15 phút trước

    take those chic peas out of there boss

  79. Dash A

    Dash A16 phút trước

    Rose, Emily, Lorenzo. NICEEEEEEEEEEEE Chris...... guys chilly down

  80. ✰ gabi ✰

    ✰ gabi ✰16 phút trước

    I actually like Chris, the things he adds makes sense, aren't too complex and are usually easy to find. He voice is nice to listen to too

  81. MissChief ツ

    MissChief ツ16 phút trước

    i swear Emily has advanced too much... we need dem real amateurs

  82. Aarathi Anilkumar

    Aarathi Anilkumar16 phút trước

    level 3’s rough chop looks better than my scaled, mathematically accurate chop ngl

  83. Jay Torr

    Jay Torr16 phút trước

    So the chef made a fish stew...

  84. Chemical Coyote

    Chemical Coyote16 phút trước

    if john did chilli he would probably forget to put onions in at the start

  85. Aram Mapping

    Aram Mapping16 phút trước

    Let’s sign a petition to get Emily, Lorenzo and Frank in a video again

  86. Lucy Bartzabel

    Lucy Bartzabel17 phút trước

    The fool, the wise and the veteran

  87. Victory Dan-Dukor

    Victory Dan-Dukor17 phút trước

    the level 3 chili looks so good. but deciding who's gonna get that one little crab is gonna cause FIGHTS in my household

  88. Alyssa Anderson

    Alyssa Anderson17 phút trước

    I just like basic chili period

  89. Vulture

    Vulture17 phút trước

    I really really like level 2 chef guy so funny .

  90. Ro Ro

    Ro Ro17 phút trước


  91. COKE

    COKE17 phút trước

    4 levels of crack

  92. salawat Nabi

    salawat Nabi17 phút trước

    Lorenzo is here..

  93. that1yoshi •_•

    that1yoshi •_•17 phút trước

    Sees rose is back Me: okay now can we just keep her and not replace her for a 4th time!

  94. Happy Me

    Happy Me17 phút trước

    yayyyyyyy emily n lorenzo are back

  95. G1

    G118 phút trước

    That look good emily (7:37) I’m proud of you

  96. J Carter

    J Carter18 phút trước

    Lorenzo: You can use smoked paprika if you have it. Level 3 chef: I gotchu fam

  97. chicken2jail

    chicken2jail18 phút trước

    Emily + Lorenzo = Yasss!

  98. The Lunatic

    The Lunatic18 phút trước

    Lorenzo deserves to be level 5 chef His fool always looks better than lvl 3 chef Lorenzo is just new Anisley Harriot

  99. 17238492

    1723849218 phút trước

    How many times do we have to say it... SEARING DOES NOT SEAL IN JUICES!!!

  100. A B

    A B18 phút trước

    I'm a little surprised that Chris didn't put a BIRRRDDD in his chili