For people who love to eat.

  1. the mighty ice cream

    the mighty ice creamNgày trước

    Good survival tips actually

  2. Joran Everaarts

    Joran EveraartsNgày trước

    9:00 Hell yeah, me too!

  3. Niccolò Massara

    Niccolò MassaraNgày trước

    1:48 it’s Italian. Not French. Go back making baguettes please.

  4. faenda12

    faenda12Ngày trước

    WTF does she do with the poor Bratwurst, I’m sitting here in Germany, being disgusted -_-

  5. Zaw T

    Zaw TNgày trước

    The level 3 cook doesn't count, she's basically making apple fries

  6. Grace

    GraceNgày trước

    cherimoya is also known as ''sugar apple''

  7. Just Go Travel

    Just Go TravelNgày trước

    Strange, a professional chef would use a dough scraper as pot whisp?

  8. lydia johnson

    lydia johnsonNgày trước

    Lorenzo is always so enthusiastic about cooking we LOVE to see it

  9. petey johanson

    petey johansonNgày trước

    So the food scientist is a liar. She said Emily used a Pork Hot dog... Those were Hebrew Nationals... Then those Bacon bits were not actually bacon.. They were legit bacon bits, not bacos. She needs to quit her job and go work at Costco or Arby's in SHAME. SHAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE

  10. Brayden Register

    Brayden RegisterNgày trước

    Didn’t know Gordon Ramsay was dead but okay

  11. Kalu Fonseca

    Kalu FonsecaNgày trước

    one simply DO NOT MARINATE a Rib Eye, WTF

  12. Sum Ceci

    Sum CeciNgày trước

    Feel bad for Frank, just to teach people to cut watermelon. HE IS A PROFESSIONAL CHEF !

  13. Mariusz Arszylo

    Mariusz ArszyloNgày trước

    I might be the minority but a brat isn't a hot dog.

  14. Teacherson

    TeachersonNgày trước

    0:41 *Sobs* KOBE!

  15. Endohell

    EndohellNgày trước

    she is so perfect o_o wtf this is not reality. i hope make up will die one day

  16. Jackson Adams

    Jackson AdamsNgày trước

    Let’s all be honest, we skip the food scientist because we don’t care what she/he has to say.

  17. No Nickname The Third

    No Nickname The ThirdNgày trước

    “I like it with the weird pork”haha Emily needs her own show.

  18. Keato

    KeatoNgày trước

    Hotel? Trivago.

  19. Barend Van Dyk

    Barend Van DykNgày trước

    Level 3 chef guy, made a black pepper cheesecake. He put a teaspoon or 2 black pepper in the oatmeal cookie and on top of the strawberries. Smh savory guy

  20. Bo Bo Chan

    Bo Bo ChanNgày trước

    Untuk mengupas rambutan tidak perlu pakai pisau chef, cobalah pakai tangan itu lebih mudah. Indonesia

  21. Wet Mustard

    Wet MustardNgày trước

    Lady, what kind of water are you drinking?

  22. Endohell

    EndohellNgày trước

    what about the time spent to cook this? it is the most important!

  23. Alan Machuca

    Alan MachucaNgày trước

    Did any one notice frank was pointing out the mitle finger

  24. Eary Warren

    Eary WarrenNgày trước

    She looks like a grandma u would bake u cookies and be the sweetest

  25. Aeron Hernandez

    Aeron HernandezNgày trước

    the food expert speaks in cursive and I stan

  26. Vijay Patel

    Vijay PatelNgày trước

    World: These is how we open a coconut. Asians: ....... 😂😂😂

  27. Margarita Iov

    Margarita IovNgày trước

    WHERE do they find these people?

  28. Ceren Ünver

    Ceren ÜnverNgày trước

    When I saw the watermelon I thought like “Can I borrow it?”

  29. Liam February

    Liam FebruaryNgày trước

    Steven is the friend we all want, he doesn’t leave anyone behind, as shown through his cooking. 😌

  30. Geetanjali Roy

    Geetanjali RoyNgày trước

    I have a huge crush on chef Robert. I don't know why but i find him really cute😍

  31. Isabella Abelardo

    Isabella AbelardoNgày trước

    I have never had a Twinkie

  32. 9okline Bitfh

    9okline BitfhNgày trước

    8:26 we got a k9 in da house

  33. James G

    James GNgày trước

    Emily!!!!! NEED I SAY MORE!!!!!!

  34. тунец в маленьком море

    тунец в маленьком мореNgày trước

    Когда умеешь нарезать мандарины, которые и нарезать не надо😎😎😎

  35. Lee Jimmy

    Lee JimmyNgày trước

    Level 3 for sure 😍

  36. vag

    vagNgày trước

    i am waiting for lorenzo cuz he is making my mood in theese videos and frank too

  37. James G

    James GNgày trước

    What??? No cheese cake. 🎂!!!!!!

  38. Msalazar2011

    Msalazar2011Ngày trước

    I like watching theses videos because they make me feel better about my minimal cooking skills. I think to myself, if I ever got into a video at least I wouldn’t be put in the first group.

  39. James G

    James GNgày trước

    I'm Frank. ENOUGH SAID!!! ( DROP MIC )!!!!! Walk AWAY!!!!

  40. Liam February

    Liam FebruaryNgày trước

    7:17 ‘wait I thought we were making mashed potatoes not the thanks giving table’

  41. delani taylor

    delani taylorNgày trước

    Croissant dough doesn't sound very good for this. It's too delicate and there's too much fat. Take her filling and put it in number twos. Aint no reason for nutella in this conversation.

  42. Liam February

    Liam FebruaryNgày trước

    ‘Oh my gosh we should make doughnuts!’ sure, just ask your mum if you can stay over two more days.

  43. Erul Packer

    Erul PackerNgày trước

    the chef looks like a big show though

  44. I dont know anymore

    I dont know anymoreNgày trước

    Wheres the costco level hotdog

  45. Franka Gustafsson

    Franka GustafssonNgày trước

    He started with all the weird fruit....

  46. GOH YEE HIN -

    GOH YEE HIN -Ngày trước

    "It's slap chop!!!!"

  47. MrDwillia

    MrDwilliaNgày trước

    I'll have two of whatever Lorenzo is on

  48. Bana Samuel

    Bana SamuelNgày trước

    I microwave my hotdogs, is that strange

  49. bronc haris

    bronc harisNgày trước

    Those who use hammers are barbarians

  50. Dead Pool

    Dead PoolNgày trước

    can we challenge the lvl3 chef next time to cook without the let's put this here for a day, let's make this thing for a week, you get what I mean. can he/she make something like with the level2 preparation (easy and not time consuming) but with the skills of a level3 instead. Like show the skills of level3 in the cooking itself rather than the post preparations of self made ingredients. You get what I mean right? Instead of flexing ingredients like, ok let's make some hotdogs, brb in a day while a pickle this onions. No hate tho, just wanna see lvl3s like that episode when the lvl3 swaps materials with lvl2 and you know... Like make something with a level3 skills, with lvl2 materials, and level1 time. Or is this impossible? Again, no hate, yeeeeeet

  51. Hmoov

    HmoovNgày trước

    This asian guy annoying af. That clown laugh...

  52. Adam Eccles

    Adam EcclesNgày trước

    This man was attacked by a rack of dirty dishes as a child.

  53. Halamore Pendragon

    Halamore PendragonNgày trước

    No damn dinner worth 500 bucks lol. idc who you are.

  54. Barend Van Dyk

    Barend Van DykNgày trước

    Level 1: Sloppy Level 2: Awesome minus the sprinkles Level 3: Too much of passion fruit, herb on top? what. I would have just had the passion fruit caramel sauce. Just too much fancy smanshy

  55. Idek

    IdekNgày trước

    hi I am vittoria and I am a level -100 chef

  56. Milfhunter69

    Milfhunter69Ngày trước

    4:33 is Mayonnaise an Instrument ?

  57. Варвара Ильина

    Варвара ИльинаNgày trước

    I think thоse children -should- shouldn't eat the bread that was made during the siege of Leningrad.


    IQWA ARTSNgày trước

    vigos.info/video/pclmfbydhrh-xac.html easy chicken rEcipe for kids||Indian

  59. Ashwin

    AshwinNgày trước

    When will Emily move to next level? Any hope left?

  60. Sammi C.

    Sammi C.Ngày trước

    Something I wore to prom HAHAHAH IM CACKLING AHHAHAHA

  61. FC Tracey

    FC TraceyNgày trước


  62. WhYellow

    WhYellowNgày trước

    0:41 r.i.p Kobe 😫😫

  63. SmittyNo1

    SmittyNo1Ngày trước

    Does everyone else’s day got better seeing Frank’s smile while he’s showing off the dough 3:37 👋🏼

  64. FC Tracey

    FC TraceyNgày trước

    First I read the comments, then I watched the video. She definitely said she likes spankings and semen. I love her!!!

  65. the science guy

    the science guyNgày trước

    Don’t forget the * B A Y L E A F*

  66. Scott Wood

    Scott WoodNgày trước

    Petition to try Emily as a war criminal for her crimes against food.

  67. Datmeangirl

    DatmeangirlNgày trước

    I just want to shake Frank by the shoulders and say “if I want a meal I will not prep for 2 days. “

  68. Emil Matthiesen

    Emil MatthiesenNgày trước

    Grind that meat😏

  69. GOH YEE HIN -

    GOH YEE HIN -Ngày trước

    I was actually learning something until at the halfway point got distracted by the light bouncing off his forehead. 😂

  70. Adhrit Shrivastava

    Adhrit ShrivastavaNgày trước


  71. Adhrit Shrivastava

    Adhrit ShrivastavaNgày trước

    My family’s lived on a farm for 3 generations and we have never used hay in cooking

  72. Sweet Baby Bladefoot

    Sweet Baby BladefootNgày trước

    Julie laughing at her own joke is pretty great lol

  73. avelmira

    avelmiraNgày trước

    I love watching Emily's evolution in these videos. She started out being so insecure cuz she's a level 1 chef but now she owns it cuz, seriously, "What are you? Made out of time and money?" Most people just aren't going to have those resources to throw around that doesn't mean they need to be ashamed of it. Most people don't even know how to boil water so her gently getting people to take the first step is just that important. You go, girl! Do yo thing!

  74. Daniel.C. YT

    Daniel.C. YTNgày trước

    If this comment is taken sry Audiences:Yellow plantain Screen:Yellow Plantain Chef: This is a hello plantain Me: I thought this is a banana

  75. Matthew Short

    Matthew ShortNgày trước

    Saul is my favorite level 3 chef. No pretense, no arrogance, just excellence.

  76. Woke Wako

    Woke WakoNgày trước

    This black dude is like a damn Demi god

  77. Joel

    JoelNgày trước

    Level1 Level2 Lorenzo

  78. Renjun's geurae naege neopunyAaA

    Renjun's geurae naege neopunyAaANgày trước

    Everyone who likes pineapple on pizza and who hates pineapple on pizza, should put their differences aside and defeat the monstrosity that is level 2 chef Daniel.

  79. Logan Capizzi

    Logan CapizziNgày trước

    Braughts are not hot dogs

  80. matiace

    matiaceNgày trước

    Better trash plastic than doing dishes.. Idiot

  81. Renjun's geurae naege neopunyAaA

    Renjun's geurae naege neopunyAaANgày trước

    Guys....we definitely took the best level 2 chef Lorenzo.

  82. khalid nufus

    khalid nufusNgày trước

    I think they confused level 1 with level 2

  83. Adhrit Shrivastava

    Adhrit ShrivastavaNgày trước

    Bro the level 3 chef looks scary and badass with the knife

  84. David Deeley

    David DeeleyNgày trước

    my life is simple. I'm all for amateur hotdog

  85. Mark Peter

    Mark PeterNgày trước

    My Brain:Learn this Me:Why? My Brain:if you got stuck in ocean with knife's and boat you know how to fillet

  86. Frej O.B.

    Frej O.B.Ngày trước

    why does the title say 4 levels of spaghetti meatballs when there is only 3 ?

  87. Monty Mills

    Monty MillsNgày trước

    If you cook your bacon in a frying pan you are a level zero chef and can not be trusted...

  88. Techmaster

    TechmasterNgày trước


  89. Star_wolf

    Star_wolfNgày trước

    The grater is paid actor

  90. David Kelleher

    David KelleherNgày trước

    Steven: “a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil” **DROWNS PIZZA IN OIL**

  91. Bianca Groenendijk

    Bianca GroenendijkNgày trước

    “When is a good time to make burrito’s? Everytime, all the time hehe”

  92. lilly smith

    lilly smithNgày trước

    1:25 that face on the left i cant XDDD

  93. Stirling

    StirlingNgày trước

    4:50 Girl: it smells like pasta. Wow that's crazy who thought pasta would smell like pasta.

  94. Meme School

    Meme SchoolNgày trước

    This is why childhood obesity is a problem

  95. HoneyedHylian

    HoneyedHylianNgày trước

    I laughed when she said to keep taking my top off lol

  96. Majikaru

    MajikaruNgày trước

    The bun should never be longer than the dog.

  97. Matt Hoowantstono

    Matt HoowantstonoNgày trước

    "When is a good time to make burritos? All the time." I have found my soulmate.

  98. Alfayed Malik

    Alfayed MalikNgày trước

    3:10 What doth this woman not know???

  99. Matt Hoowantstono

    Matt HoowantstonoNgày trước

    Emily: "I like to leave the skin on because I'm lazy." Lorenzo: "I like Yukon Gold because they're delicious and you can get them everywhere." Barry: "I use a special variety of hay to smoke my potatoes."

  100. Noob Master69

    Noob Master69Ngày trước

    classic hot dog