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I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

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6 ngày trước

Meme Templates Are EASY

Meme Templates Are EASY

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This Has To Stop

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I'm Sorry To Do This

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  1. Alastor HazbinHotel

    Alastor HazbinHotel10 giây trước

    Ok I saw u anti u ant hiding from me though, this made me feel like I was watching a movie trailer for mystery/horror film possibly?

  2. Elkin Torres

    Elkin Torres19 giây trước

    the only man that can make fun a fortnite video

  3. HB W

    HB W45 giây trước

    Great video Sean(✿^‿^)

  4. Royce Skyler Alcid

    Royce Skyler AlcidPhút trước

    I'm still here watching your videos

  5. Heath Slayer

    Heath SlayerPhút trước

    Holy shit jack, you must make more of this.

  6. WøłfGāmėr_95 Ÿt

    WøłfGāmėr_95 ŸtPhút trước


  7. Cancer? Aw man

    Cancer? Aw manPhút trước

    It makes me so fuckin happy to see Sean happy when he gets kills lmaoo

  8. Baloon

    BaloonPhút trước

    I bet jack won't ever see this comment. But if he does, I'll never know that. Is jack even real?

  9. the finders keepers

    the finders keepersPhút trước

    Leo sneezes half of universe killed by snot

  10. Herbert Porner

    Herbert PornerPhút trước

    Hey jack, my name is Herbert and your helping me out a whole lot through some hard times, thank you

  11. Lan Gradišek

    Lan Gradišek2 phút trước

    I would actually love to see you play Save The World. It's like a 3d tower defense game and imo just plain better than BR.

  12. Lawrence Murphy

    Lawrence Murphy2 phút trước

    totally going to die

  13. gamer fox

    gamer fox2 phút trước

    Some one tell me what's happening I'm looking for answers

  14. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes2 phút trước

    Peta did only one good thing This game

  15. Aidensan

    Aidensan2 phút trước

    You shoulda kept the skeleton that killed Porig and named him "little bastard"

  16. kmk 9400

    kmk 94002 phút trước


  17. 77SusBus

    77SusBus2 phút trước

    Ilove you jack uhhlandon on insta I love sniping bro it's not that hard

  18. Jack Hafner

    Jack Hafner2 phút trước

    Nice bun dood not making fun👌🤘

  19. Oh Yeah Yeah!

    Oh Yeah Yeah!2 phút trước

    Fortnite isnt as bad. It feels pretty good.

  20. Gryson Haiola-galletes

    Gryson Haiola-galletes2 phút trước

    Play apex

  21. PokeMark

    PokeMark3 phút trước


  22. Sage Sealey

    Sage Sealey3 phút trước

    Go back to Minecraft bro XD

  23. DAE Jr

    DAE Jr3 phút trước

    You should play fortnite a lot more.

  24. Jacob Smead

    Jacob Smead3 phút trước

    I have terrible hearing already because I was in a concert when I was really young

  25. Raquel sopas

    Raquel sopas3 phút trước

    Pleaaaaaaase play Little Misfortune

  26. Quibzy

    Quibzy3 phút trước

    his name is literally somanyissues

  27. čłövĕř špãđêş

    čłövĕř špãđêş4 phút trước

    "The fuck..get out of my house"

  28. Isiah Kwan

    Isiah Kwan4 phút trước

    Ah shit here we go again And I love it

  29. Dubstep Gaming

    Dubstep Gaming4 phút trước

    *chapter 2*

  30. tastyburger 1425

    tastyburger 14254 phút trước

    "No game has ever had swimming before" Minecraft

  31. Luca Cima

    Luca Cima4 phút trước

    In the demo most players are bots

  32. i like sad cat memes

    i like sad cat memes4 phút trước

    jack: very quiet goose, rarely hjonks felix: HJONKHJONKHJONKHJONKHJONKHJONK-

  33. Ailani Aguirre

    Ailani Aguirre4 phút trước

    I think you should do fortnite more often it is really cool content and you make it more enjoyable

  34. D3rk0o

    D3rk0o4 phút trước

    I Don't get it you guys just hate fortnite like its the worst thing ever. But Most of you Minecraft Gamer! Will disrespect it and its gamers and then act like there the Toxic ones you putting them in a position where it's hard to enjoy their game. If fortnite is so bad simply ignore it. I've been called "Not a real gamer because I play fortnite and enjoy it bye older and younger audiences. Most of these kids I've been playing games since before they were born including Minecraft that game was my childhood and still is. But just because I play Fortnite the Thousands of hours I've put into games and Thousands of Dollars I've put into video games is insulted because of that is just disappointing not just because it's hurtful but because it shows the community has taken a step back. In particular, the Minecraft Community because not too long ago they were the ones looked down on and made fun of like I would get kicked out of Xbox partys for playing Minecraft now all of a sudden they spend more time Insulting Fortnite then they do playing Minecraft it's Hypocritical coming from a person from both the Minecraft and fortnite community they of all people should execpt fortnite and show these little kids the joys of gaming you got from Minecraft but also let them grow up with there own game. In all I'm just upset that Minecraft because what I dispised not saying fornite is clear either but Minecraft used to be my safe haven now I don't even want to play it because if they will just make fun of you for playing fortnite. I Didn't spend 10 years on Minecraft for this I mean come on I was 4 when I started playing I just ask all of you Minecraft and fortnite gamers to be more excepting of each other. I love both games and hate to see the Community act toxic

  35. The Lifeless Gamer

    The Lifeless Gamer4 phút trước

    I think jack should play rainbow 6! Like for him to see!!!

  36. Deku Anime Gods

    Deku Anime Gods4 phút trước

    lol my dog started barking

  37. David Peabody

    David Peabody5 phút trước

    Damn it i thought the black hole did its job right. It sucks at its job

  38. JDVGameing 13

    JDVGameing 135 phút trước

    What happened to anti-boi it's close to Halloween so his he gona show up

  39. Another Cart To Go

    Another Cart To Go5 phút trước

    What fascinates me, is that Kamski never said if he was supportive or against the Android revolution. He shows as though he cares enough to let Androids be free, yet seems like the type of guy who would shut it down himself if he wanted to.

  40. Ioana Lesa

    Ioana Lesa6 phút trước

    Someone get this mans some decent fucking markers.

  41. Samuel Hardy

    Samuel Hardy6 phút trước

    Um Jack...... actually you can swim in most FPS shooter games like this

  42. Doggo Doggo

    Doggo Doggo6 phút trước

    Go back to Sam and everyone else

  43. Tyler._.32

    Tyler._.326 phút trước

    Wheres minecraft?

  44. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes6 phút trước

    I know. It was an awful day when it arrived

  45. Love Many Fandoms

    Love Many Fandoms6 phút trước

    Jack: were you watching? It would've been cooler if you were watching Me: ** had just looked up**

  46. Doggo Doggo

    Doggo Doggo6 phút trước

    Sean: I want to be a gamer Everyone in the gaming community who don’t play fortnite; are we jokes to you

  47. Trey Weed

    Trey Weed6 phút trước

    Dont appologise. Here's my favorite snack from my family you can make with 2 scoops of peanut butter and jelly in a bowl with, (Ritz recommended,) gram crackers. Enjoy de el snacke Jacke boi !!!

  48. Gladys Larumbe

    Gladys Larumbe6 phút trước

    There is a new apex out and its season 3

  49. michelle nolen

    michelle nolen6 phút trước


  50. Cristina Zepeda

    Cristina Zepeda6 phút trước

    OMFG So Good!!!!

  51. ToxicTrapZoiid

    ToxicTrapZoiid7 phút trước

    Please make another fortnite video

  52. Shen Gaoren

    Shen Gaoren7 phút trước

    “SpEeEeEd iS kEy!!!” Idk why but i just wanna say that.

  53. Soz

    Soz8 phút trước

    VIgosrs and Streamers: *Gets Bots* Normal Gamers: *Gets Tryhards* Yep, this is why fortnut is one of my favorite games. (I'ma uninstall)

  54. Sophie Rose

    Sophie Rose8 phút trước

    And then the monsters lived lives filled with racism. The end

  55. Beara 3333

    Beara 33338 phút trước

    Daaad, we’ve been at home aaaall Fall Break! We never get to go ANYWHERE!

  56. krispykid plays

    krispykid plays8 phút trước

    Ply ark survival evolved plz it’s a game about surviving in the prehistoric ages and evolution!!

  57. fishingbuds ,

    fishingbuds ,8 phút trước

    It's from goko

  58. Mr. Moringstar

    Mr. Moringstar8 phút trước

    I used to hate Fortnite, but watching you play it acctuly makes me want to give it a shot

  59. Ichigo Kurizaki

    Ichigo Kurizaki8 phút trước

    You should use larry

  60. Cmw3batpool Walsh

    Cmw3batpool Walsh8 phút trước

    Keep playing fortnite I love your videos and I love fortnite put them together it equals happy time

  61. Peggy The Bean

    Peggy The Bean9 phút trước


  62. Shadow Exhauxst

    Shadow Exhauxst9 phút trước

    Started laughing so hard tears went down my face when FLOWEY was scared instead of the other way around

  63. Jacob Newman

    Jacob Newman9 phút trước

    This has to do with his diss, doesn’t it.

  64. Ioana Lesa

    Ioana Lesa9 phút trước

    Lizard people confirmed. -jacksepticeye 2018

  65. Jacob Newman

    Jacob Newman9 phút trước

    It’s Chase Brody! I really hope he’s alright, and I KNEW there was someone in the backseat.

  66. FNAF Craft

    FNAF Craft9 phút trước


  67. pie

    pie9 phút trước

    Make more. Plz

  68. Jay_draws

    Jay_draws10 phút trước

    1:05 Does he have 90 minutes

  69. iLinnex

    iLinnex10 phút trước

    This is 99% of Fortnite (chapter one?) It still sucks and the whole Chapter 2 bull crap was just to try and get people who have left the game to come back.

  70. Montanapanda

    Montanapanda10 phút trước

    why did that actually make me kind of emotional

  71. superduperquack man

    superduperquack man10 phút trước

    Play apex plz

  72. Jenna Perkovich

    Jenna Perkovich10 phút trước

    Is no one gonna acknowledge the questionable camshot at 2:55😂😂

  73. Gamer bro's

    Gamer bro's10 phút trước

    Jack! I love you man can you make more fortnite videos plz that was awesome

  74. SpidaTron

    SpidaTron11 phút trước

    2:04:29 i think the reason that the shift was soo quick was to show that Atreus (unconsciously) is going through similar if not the EXACT SAME character development as Kratos comparing how he was when he was a kid training with deimos all the way to the beginning of god of war 2 where he doesn't heed anyones advice or warnings

  75. Noah McCarthy

    Noah McCarthy11 phút trước

    can i ad you

  76. xander custodio

    xander custodio11 phút trước

    yeah fortnite 2 looks cool but i like minecraft better

  77. Jonah Peter Klein

    Jonah Peter Klein11 phút trước

    Jack: “What great year of the lord is it?!?!?!” Me: ummm still 2019 maybe

  78. Blueberry Sans

    Blueberry Sans11 phút trước

    I’m going to run around naked In THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDSSSSSS

  79. DLS

    DLS11 phút trước

    So the characters are Dr. Shneeplestein, Chase Brody, Anti-septiceye, Marvin the Magnificent, Jackieboy man, and Jameson Jackson. Did I miss anyone?

  80. eddie white

    eddie white12 phút trước

    I'm not asking for likes but does any one rember we happy few well Jack never completed the whole game and I still wanna see that whole game so please like this so Jack can see this and if you do see this Jack please complete the game I wanna see what ending you get please please please

  81. Aubrey King

    Aubrey King12 phút trước

    0:37 juuuuust curios who the dude in the back seat is

  82. Ricky Wagner

    Ricky Wagner12 phút trước

    Omfg u Savage MF 😂 luv u jacksepticeye

  83. ImagineR90 Trex

    ImagineR90 Trex12 phút trước

    But not minecraft 2

  84. Mankeerat Singh

    Mankeerat Singh12 phút trước

    Bruh Fortnite?

  85. StormHeartArt

    StormHeartArt12 phút trước

    Man. I really miss prop hunt. Who else?

  86. MR.Muffin S

    MR.Muffin S12 phút trước

    this is why i stopped watching him:(

  87. FireOfPower

    FireOfPower12 phút trước

    Jack : Don’t know what the do... FUCCKKKKK!!!!! Me : *Psychopath laugh intensifies*

  88. Jessica Segura

    Jessica Segura12 phút trước

    9:58 how you gonna get fired? You killed your boss

  89. big slimer

    big slimer12 phút trước

    On your next day off just grind fortnite learn how to edit and build better

  90. 54x41 Channel

    54x41 Channel12 phút trước

    *um bruh BEHIND YOU*

  91. Michael Lodwick

    Michael Lodwick12 phút trước

    my insides hurts so bad from laughing

  92. BlacknWhiteOblivionx

    BlacknWhiteOblivionx13 phút trước

    I eat Potato You eat Fishtato -Jackaboy 2109

  93. 54x41 Channel

    54x41 Channel13 phút trước

    Séan 2015: PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS! Séan 2019: Just hit that like button. *So depressing*

  94. jyt tt

    jyt tt13 phút trước


  95. Matthew Dee

    Matthew Dee13 phút trước


  96. Totally Legit Mccree Main

    Totally Legit Mccree Main14 phút trước

    Sorry jack but this is fortnite I gotta dislike

  97. Nikhia Byers

    Nikhia Byers14 phút trước

    Anything for you jack a boy man

  98. Mikestion

    Mikestion14 phút trước

    *28 SLAP WOUNDS*

  99. Chase 24

    Chase 2414 phút trước

    Wha are you using my name sir....

  100. Dynasty plays

    Dynasty plays15 phút trước

    *Jack*as long as you yell at me I'm yours *Me*screams at top of loungs POTATOES *IRISH NOISES*