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Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
  1. adf adf

    adf adf58 giây trước

    1:07 Narrator: "Thankfully for Luke, this species of snow-monster drags its prey back to the cave before fully killing it." How do you know it didn't think Luke was already dead?

  2. random gaming and others

    random gaming and others3 phút trước

    Take away 1000000 for Jake

  3. Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento3 phút trước


  4. Sanaii Vfx

    Sanaii Vfx6 phút trước

    Sin 68 kills me 😂😂

  5. Jab Lo Sounds

    Jab Lo Sounds7 phút trước

    when you say all of us, how many people are on your team? (commenting with no hope of response.)

  6. Apastorfield

    Apastorfield8 phút trước

    Dude shut the fuck up with the MAGA shit


    ERIKA VILLALVA11 phút trước

    11:27 you just had to do it didn't you.. jajajajaja

  8. Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento12 phút trước

    I watched this movie...pure garbage 🗑

  9. Bill Jones Jr

    Bill Jones Jr16 phút trước

    Fucoff twerp

  10. PyramidHead138

    PyramidHead13816 phút trước

    how did whistler give him sunlight?

  11. Zach Schmitt

    Zach Schmitt16 phút trước

    This movie actually has multiple things in common with Star Wars

  12. Karl Urban

    Karl Urban17 phút trước

    This is hilarious despite Titanic being one of my all time favorite movies. Gotta go watch it again now. Thx.

  13. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey17 phút trước

    Half of these sins can be answer by "BECAUSE HES BATMAN"

  14. Martial Arts Film Freak

    Martial Arts Film Freak17 phút trước

    I’m so happy Ray Park got some praise! But Byung Hun Lee is also awesome

  15. BeD SMart

    BeD SMart20 phút trước

    The music was good but too loud at critical parts of the show, could hardly hear what was being said at times... the robots also sucked. They needed a wall-e, short circuit, or a irobot, terminator style robots... those clunky blocks did the film no justice. Tho those blocks were pretty witty," what's your trust setting at". "Lower than yours". XD

  16. Jason Nation

    Jason Nation21 phút trước

    what kind of asshole makes a bunch of films pointing out their flaws? Yeah, cause this dude is above davinci in the innovation department....

  17. NoBudjetFilms

    NoBudjetFilms22 phút trước

    I had forgotten how terrible this movie was....

  18. Zach Schmitt

    Zach Schmitt23 phút trước

    Moana’s grandma reminds me a lot of Yoda

  19. le medic

    le medic24 phút trước


  20. Zach Schmitt

    Zach Schmitt25 phút trước

    The water looks amazing in this movie!!!

  21. Charles Exzaver

    Charles Exzaver26 phút trước

    You should start sinning childrens show trust me I do it anytime I have to babysit my brothers lol

  22. Mr.waffles

    Mr.waffles30 phút trước

    I brush my teeth before breakfast

  23. Ryan Lim

    Ryan Lim31 phút trước

    Where’s endgame

  24. Bonjamin_Button

    Bonjamin_Button34 phút trước

    I’ll have one order of Phoenix, extra crispy please

  25. EsShadowWitch

    EsShadowWitch35 phút trước


  26. Andrew the maroon

    Andrew the maroon35 phút trước

    "The forbidden pool? Are you making this up?" Yes, yes he was it was a bluff that he used on Frodo to finally get him to admit to something he was hiding. So yes, yes he is making it up

  27. sam the cat

    sam the cat37 phút trước

    Again, my amigo...too far *gets flip-flop*

  28. Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento37 phút trước

    The chalk line lol

  29. Monique East

    Monique East38 phút trước

    Chewy’s medal is in his left hand

  30. Mr.waffles

    Mr.waffles39 phút trước

    Why does Mators disguise remind me Steve Harvey

  31. Marcelo Matiello

    Marcelo Matiello40 phút trước

    This is somehow worse than the Room.

  32. Mr. Magic

    Mr. Magic42 phút trước

    I actually like this movie 😑it was pretty cheap budget but Liked it

  33. Ajoni Lewis

    Ajoni Lewis42 phút trước

    *MFer(s),* this was my favorite movie when I was in 1st - 4th grade.....

  34. Meme Killer

    Meme Killer42 phút trước

    My least favorite part of the movie is when the elephant sings hallelujah off key by so much

  35. Mike D.

    Mike D.42 phút trước

    This should be called" everything that is wrong with saying 15 minutes or less or more"

  36. prashant saini

    prashant saini43 phút trước

    you r a sad sad dude

  37. Prometheus

    Prometheus43 phút trước

    Betcha can’t sin end of evangelion without getting confused as shit. Love your vids, I just wanna win a bet

  38. FarSeeker8

    FarSeeker844 phút trước

    "didn't they just steal the Devil's Anus thing from the trash planet in Thor: Ragnarok?" <sigh> When was Alita first released? In Manga Form?.... Go check, I'll wait....

  39. Maceo Mobley

    Maceo Mobley46 phút trước

    Missed 9999999999999999 sins the fact that this movie exists

  40. Dank Meme King

    Dank Meme King46 phút trước

    0:50 if indiana jones was a singer and not an adventurer

  41. Maceo Mobley

    Maceo Mobley46 phút trước

    *10:46* did he just say he wanted to start vaping

  42. Master Pack

    Master Pack48 phút trước

    an insult to Ghostbusters, an insult to women, an insult to the senses. possibly the worst movie to ever be made.

  43. AC-130

    AC-13049 phút trước

    is it just me or does the nun demon look like marilyn manson

  44. Leah Moses

    Leah Moses49 phút trước

    Omg crazy rich Asian! Discount Evian?? Calling a sin

  45. Global Atheist

    Global Atheist55 phút trước

    Gee usually when it snows it's cold outside. I hate Christmas movies that are filmed in California and they try and make it look cold because it never works. Cold is obvious when you see it.

  46. Kaylee Chan

    Kaylee Chan58 phút trước

    I remember being obsessed with this movie for a good month when I was 13 I was in love with the story and everything 😂

  47. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie58 phút trước

    Ciggeretts calm stress,alcohol helps u forget and feel bullet proof,weed makes u smile and very hungry

  48. Stella Brown

    Stella Brown58 phút trước

    Actually we see at the end of the movie that the baby Furies are black and white, which means that the older Furies are two closely related but separate species of dragons or they are the same species but gender doesn’t decide your color.

  49. Smartio smarty

    Smartio smarty58 phút trước

    is this a discount demoman

  50. Scorpian 123457

    Scorpian 12345759 phút trước

    The payday 2 dlc was pretty nice though

  51. Energía Oscura

    Energía OscuraGiờ trước

    I'm sinning CS for not noticing the HUGE fuck up in the timeline when Cap and Tony went back to the 70's to get the gem.

  52. Aaron Ragoo

    Aaron RagooGiờ trước

    Did this guy just make a 16 minute video forcing logic into an animated movie for 6 year olds...

  53. Erik Rivera

    Erik RiveraGiờ trước

    Wait wow such gaming does this

  54. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieGiờ trước

    Smallville erica is sexy as fuck,especially when the invisible guy perves on her working out

  55. Smartio smarty

    Smartio smartyGiờ trước

    Agh crap PINOCCIO

  56. Marcelo Matiello

    Marcelo MatielloGiờ trước

    You forgot to include the scene where Clark as a child locks himself inside the locker then his mother comes and says in A BRITISH ACCENT FOR SOME REASON "pretend my voice is an island" My friend amber who is from England agrees with me. His mom sounds for some crazy ass reason british in that one scene

  57. CosaNostra 42

    CosaNostra 42Giờ trước

    It's a boarding school kids would be left alone a lot.

  58. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieGiờ trước

    A rave on a remote island means no law no rules,kinda like where i live,Australia

  59. Villijah

    VillijahGiờ trước

    Please sin the new MIB, I need that vid in my life

  60. Gigi's Angels

    Gigi's AngelsGiờ trước

    *Skeksi throws fizzgig in the firey pit* Kira:Fizzgig! Cinemasins: oh thank God! 🤣

  61. VorteX AGAR

    VorteX AGARGiờ trước

    You tried my favourite movie you failed

  62. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieGiờ trước

    Everything wrong with everything wrong

  63. Glenn Welsh

    Glenn WelshGiờ trước

    Also, goddamn do I miss Gloria Foster in this movie. She was so good as The Oracle, and it's beyond disappointing that she passed before filming was done. Mary Alice is a fine actress, but her Oracle didn't quite have that little witty spark that Foster had in the role.

  64. ZakAshChan

    ZakAshChanGiờ trước


  65. Mike Henny

    Mike HennyGiờ trước

    One, you missed the perfect opportunity to make a Marsellus Wallace reference, and two, the bit where the Joker killed all of Black Mask's men and the joke afterwards was totally worth one sin off the counter

  66. Meg

    MegGiờ trước

    Nope nope nope. I have way too much love for this musical to agree with ANYTHING you’re saying 😂

  67. John Abelardo

    John AbelardoGiờ trước

    At least it didn't have have that cantaur thung...

  68. Teatro Grottesco

    Teatro GrottescoGiờ trước

    Gah, the 2nd movie so bad I can't even watch five minutes making fun of it.

  69. Theodore Losen

    Theodore LosenGiờ trước

    you should make a video sinning yourself for the amount of times you've said ex-machina. You should actually look up what it means.

  70. Wolfie Edits uwu

    Wolfie Edits uwuGiờ trước

    CinemaSins: The kids will actually get the joke, which is.. Concerning.. Me, still wondering what it meant:

  71. Firehawk 793

    Firehawk 793Giờ trước

    Ethan just killed two people with a stick of gum...

  72. 0PrinceDusk0

    0PrinceDusk0Giờ trước

    I'm sure someone has said this, this being out for over a year now, but Neptune has five vertical rings: Galle, Le Verrier, Lassell, Arago, and Adams, I'd bet that planet was supposed to be Neptune

  73. Just Endorsed

    Just EndorsedGiờ trước

    Toy story forever

  74. Wolfie Edits uwu

    Wolfie Edits uwuGiờ trước

    I love coco Today we actually learned about Frida who made alot of self portraits and stuff The one in the movie really resembles the real one

  75. TheBros2theend

    TheBros2theendGiờ trước

    Jesus Christ loves you God bless save and heal you

  76. AdraicStarks

    AdraicStarksGiờ trước

    Why is a maledictus treated like a circus freak, but an animagus isn't even worth blinking an eye at? The only difference is that at some point, a maledictus can't change back.

  77. The Gopro Guy

    The Gopro GuyGiờ trước

    This guy just hating on every tiny lil detail in the movie, I loved this movie and seen nothing wrong with it

  78. Jared Murray

    Jared MurrayGiờ trước

    Scottishland! Rofl!

  79. Blake Harris

    Blake HarrisGiờ trước

    7:45 Brendan WHO???

  80. Sunny D

    Sunny DGiờ trước

    Short answer, *NOTHING*

  81. Charles Exzaver

    Charles ExzaverGiờ trước

    How do you not copyright striked...

  82. Sunny D

    Sunny DGiờ trước

    "No leader should go on a mission" Not to compare this to Halo, but Field Marshalls are always on the field

  83. Snap Chat Kween

    Snap Chat KweenGiờ trước

    8:35 I thought he was going to say Edith survives this.

  84. Gamerstorm 95

    Gamerstorm 95Giờ trước

    Any one waching in 2019

  85. Ahmed Agbabiaka

    Ahmed AgbabiakaGiờ trước

    Abbie Cornish aka discount Nicole Kidman can get the business

  86. Carter Paulson

    Carter PaulsonGiờ trước

    I fricken love this movie and I was born the year it was set!

  87. Leah Moses

    Leah MosesGiờ trước

    miss peregrine's hogwarts for gifted youngsters.

  88. Linkforlife199

    Linkforlife199Giờ trước

    I think I am nitpicking here, but I am pretty sure Logan did not have claws before having the adamantium inserted into his body. Can someone confirm this from the comics? I ask because I am pretty sure Logan's mutant ability was an insanely powerful healing ability which kept him alive for over 100 years.

  89. Gamerstorm 95

    Gamerstorm 95Giờ trước

    9.1k should get a life

  90. Hooks fiftytwo

    Hooks fiftytwoGiờ trước

    Haven't done turbo yet? Plenty of sins in that movie if you get to it.

  91. raydunakin

    raydunakinGiờ trước

    I saw this movie in the theater when it first came out, and it's so forgettable that the only thing I can remember is how lame the FX were.

  92. Thehider 1234567

    Thehider 1234567Giờ trước

    Everything wrong with Zootopia: Everything.


    AMIA HARRISGiờ trước


  94. Emily Baker

    Emily BakerGiờ trước

    It's 16 minutes.

  95. Apple Daily

    Apple DailyGiờ trước

    This is off topic but in my 6th grade science class my teacher did a quiz and it was name of a rock A. Divergent B. Aligent C. Igneous D. Insurgent Half the people chose a b or d

  96. Jnxy

    JnxyGiờ trước

    some bad CGI for a top film.

  97. John Mitchell

    John MitchellGiờ trước

    It's all about ball sports people suck

  98. Xx Nicki Minaj Fan xX

    Xx Nicki Minaj Fan xXGiờ trước

    The only thing wrong is the title

  99. John Mitchell

    John MitchellGiờ trước

    This guy sucks big time

  100. Mia DeJaeger

    Mia DeJaeger2 giờ trước