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ELI (2019) Explained

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US (2019) Ending Explained

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  1. Mohammed Nabil Fadl

    Mohammed Nabil FadlNgày trước

    Keep up the good work, man ^_^

  2. Aura The Lilligant Princess

    Aura The Lilligant PrincessNgày trước

    The boy didnt end with the house burning down it just ended with brahms putting the little shit doll back together

  3. R3plicated Operator

    R3plicated OperatorNgày trước

    This is a scp

  4. ava may

    ava mayNgày trước

    i love samara

  5. Makingnewnamesisdumb

    MakingnewnamesisdumbNgày trước

    Bro, why are you yelling? It's a microphone, you don't have to yell.

  6. Syberian

    SyberianNgày trước

    Wow. These victims had people dropping around them faster than my Serotonin levels.

  7. Allison Crain

    Allison CrainNgày trước

    10:58 omg chidi anagonye 😳✌🏼

  8. Phoenix Ryn Midnight

    Phoenix Ryn MidnightNgày trước

    Bitch it was fucking Sisyphus, not Aeolous.

  9. rook

    rookNgày trước

    Bro the scariest fucking part was when they were under the house and the old non-grandparent women went after the girl fucking scared the hell out of me and so did the part when the mom said they ain't your grandparents I shit myself both parts

  10. Janosh Ingold

    Janosh IngoldNgày trước

    Not really explaining just the ending.

  11. Sumeda De Silva

    Sumeda De SilvaNgày trước

    2D's eyes don't just refetence his mood but he can change it as and when he likes. On gorillaz facebook page they had a quiz and it says that on there

  12. Broll Playz

    Broll PlayzNgày trước


  13. Sharkzyyy

    SharkzyyyNgày trước

    when the roblox dead silence is better than the movie

  14. Aluce

    AluceNgày trước

    This really gave me Brightburn vibes

  15. hypebeast _x2

    hypebeast _x2Ngày trước

    Micheal myers , jason and chucky couldve killed them with in under a min

  16. Michelle Howrad

    Michelle HowradNgày trước

    Common ideas of ways to outsmart the grass that will ultimately fail: Lawnmower: Its a acre's of grass and it grows back dummy-fast ❌ Matches, torch, flamethrower, etc: it rains too often, the grass wouldn't be set ablaze- and you'd run out of fuel. Not to mention if you did manage to burn any, it would grow back instantaneously ❌ Hold a corpse and drag it around: Nope, the grass cant move landmarks. You'd only be moving it and changing the landmarks, and not outsmarting the sentient grass. ❌ MY SOLUTION: Buy an exorbitant amount of like golfish, or a small animal of sorts that's relatively cheap. Buy hundreds or thousands of very tall golf-flag markers. Kill a goldfish and place it at the very edge of the grass/road enterance, stab a flag marker through the goldfish and into the earth. Continue doing this fish murder, landmark technique every 1/2 meter or so. Continue doing this till you run out of markers and goldfish, find a trapped person- Tell them to follow your trail till they reach the exit. Turn around and follow your path out of the grass. Dead thing that cant be moved + visible marker that extends past the height of the grass = Foolproof plan.

  17. PicMus

    PicMusNgày trước

    The time mechanics in this movie are genius.

  18. Rayne Forsyth

    Rayne ForsythNgày trước

    Would you be driving at interstate speeds in those circumstances? I certainly wouldn't be. Probably why it took so long.

  19. MrLuigui14

    MrLuigui14Ngày trước

    When people ask me if I watch horror movies I said I watch foundflix and dead meat 🙂

  20. Luis Martinez

    Luis MartinezNgày trước

    Can you make an ending explained on the movie The girl on the third floor please

  21. Parker Sabel

    Parker SabelNgày trước

    As a person who lives in Wisconsin about the house thing the answer is yes and no

  22. monsterluv101

    monsterluv101Ngày trước

    7:42 "Oh baby girl, no party is complete without specialty triple nut chocolate cake, 𝘄 𝗶 𝘁 𝗵 𝗻 𝘂 𝘁 𝘀"

  23. Phoenix Ryn Midnight

    Phoenix Ryn MidnightNgày trước

    Guys. In real life, a pentagram facing up is a sign of protection while a pentagram with the point of the star facing down is a sign of evil.

  24. Magz

    MagzNgày trước

    Pelle + Dani = <3

  25. mparantha

    mparanthaNgày trước

    I guess I was lucky to have not seen much of the trailer before finally watching the film. I also saw the similarities to You're Next. However, my takeaway from the film was that I enjoyed it, which is probably due to the dark comedy which the film definitely was. This is probably the first time I've ever disagreed with FoundFlix, lol.

  26. jess rin

    jess rinNgày trước

    can you do " Like Minds (murderous intent) " Ending Explained

  27. Dappa

    DappaNgày trước

    Shit man, I cried when I saw this I cried at the end. I and my ma watched this together and damn we couldn't stop crying.

  28. Chrris Smith

    Chrris SmithNgày trước

    I don't know, the concept of the movie is kinda original. And it has some great actors but the director did a lousy job and it was poorly edited. Imo. But if someone likes it,more power to them.

  29. xxLumian

    xxLumian2 ngày trước

    I watched the first insidious with my gf and her mom years back, I was expecting to be scared but the first time I saw the demon I started laughing my ass off trying to figure out why Darth Maul was in the shadow realm. I'm sorry but there's fucking nothing scary about Darth Maul dancing to Tiny Tim. Paranormal investigators, Astral projection, by the time it got to fist fighting demons I thought the movie was a spoof

  30. William Vallespir

    William Vallespir2 ngày trước

    This was one of the worst movies ive ever seen in theaters black Christmas came out though

  31. Jeffrey Bonney

    Jeffrey Bonney2 ngày trước

    little info the guy who plays jamie played in HBO's true blood

  32. oscarmosca1234

    oscarmosca12342 ngày trước

    you tricked people with your explained ending aka narration of the movie.

  33. Average YT User

    Average YT User2 ngày trước

    The Jotunn was inspired by the HP Lovecraft god Shub-niggurath.

  34. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright2 ngày trước

    The thing looks like if scp 106 and 096 had a child Also apony reminds me of the tree monster from an awesome book i can't remember the name of

  35. Jean Matthew Capisanan

    Jean Matthew Capisanan2 ngày trước

    InSIDIOUS Lipstick face demon: AKA Darth Maul but dead

  36. derptAstic Mathews

    derptAstic Mathews2 ngày trước

    Mom was hit and run, no?

  37. Tanya37red

    Tanya37red2 ngày trước

    I love this movie . One of my all time favorites . I feel like they did a damn fine interpretation of the game , catching the overall atmosphere of Silent Hill . And changing the protagonist from male to female really worked for me , and I loved Harry Mason !

  38. guy tremblay

    guy tremblay2 ngày trước

    another kind of version of the Cube

  39. Jesus Garcia-Rocha

    Jesus Garcia-Rocha2 ngày trước

    While everyone in the comment section thinks they're smarter than everyone else I'm sitting here with the same questions I had before the video. **questions plotholes** ** looks up explanation** **video says there is no explanation so we focus on the bigger picture** I kinda got a sense of the bigger picture and wanted the little details to be explained but I guess they don't matter Lol

  40. Nusseification

    Nusseification2 ngày trước

    Please do a ending explained for Cats, that movie was terrifying.

  41. Cezar Prado

    Cezar Prado2 ngày trước

    You could be much more synthetic, lad. Explain the movie instead of describing what happened.. everybody watched it already, and that's why we came here.

  42. Mimi

    Mimi2 ngày trước

    Antebellum is based off Octavia Butler’s “Kindred”. It’s mostly time travel between now and slavery, Octavia was one of the first Black Science Fiction writers as well as the first SF Writer to revive the MacArthur Fellowship. My mom was a huge fan of hers and said Kindred is one of her best books. Just a little fun fact

  43. Haywood2

    Haywood22 ngày trước

    What is with the satan kid concept? It still would have worked without this entire concept. Because they could change it over to sacrificing him to a demon or something.

  44. Angellicus

    Angellicus2 ngày trước

    It's an ancient homonculus I imagine

  45. Dee Boone

    Dee Boone2 ngày trước

    Yo can I get that LAST SHIFT ENDING EXPLAINED Please

  46. Sabnicgra

    Sabnicgra2 ngày trước

    Hey youtube, this isn't music you fucking idiots.

  47. Hookah Otaku

    Hookah Otaku2 ngày trước

    This entire story is so stupid, starting with the wife and then husband for not putting her down. IDIOT. youre daughters is next fool.

  48. Tanya37red

    Tanya37red2 ngày trước

    I watch this movie about twice a year , such a great horror movie !

  49. sup poppin

    sup poppin2 ngày trước

    7:14 - 7:16 lmfao

  50. Lexi Danielle

    Lexi Danielle2 ngày trước

    Can you do an ending explained for the movie Barricade

  51. Brenda Del Cid

    Brenda Del Cid2 ngày trước

    But if the monsters make you see your worst fear then why would some of the people look confused? even the people who were scared shouldnt they have had a worse reaction if it was their worst fear? One person saw her deaceased mother how could that be scary? I think that the monster makes you see some secret of the universe witch would make any human go crazy or just make the human to be one with the monster.

  52. TheNoobiethegrey

    TheNoobiethegrey2 ngày trước

    Do season 3!

  53. rook

    rook2 ngày trước

    This movie dont even show king paimon for what he is paimon Grant's you powers like making people your slave and can give you wings and powers and gold but this movie dont even show him for true it is a bad movie and the kid who went to the party his voice the way he cries is horrid like its squidward dying but laughing cuz he dont gotta deal with spongebob

  54. LilComeinClutch

    LilComeinClutch2 ngày trước

    Writers: ok so there’s this curse Characters: ok Writers: and if you die while really sad scared or angry you become a spirit forever stuck in one place Characters: like almost everybody who’s ever died ever? Writers: if you ever get into an area with one you can’t kill it or escape it you’ll die immediately Characters: so I’m fucked no matter what? Writers: lol yeah

  55. Erin Nicole

    Erin Nicole2 ngày trước

    fun fact: the moonlight man is based off a real homosexual murderer/cannibal Ed Gein he is seen as the real life "silence of the lambs"


    IMA-GOOD-GUY2 ngày trước

    Once you know your enemy, you will know how to defeat him... IMAG00DGUY 2020...

  57. Alphasnowbordergirl

    Alphasnowbordergirl2 ngày trước

    Don't think the end was shocking. I solved everything within the first third of a movie. I don't complain about it either because they gave you the information to solve the case for yourself. I liked the format of the movie.

  58. Negan The Savior

    Negan The Savior2 ngày trước

    4:08 I just realized that the girl's legs is perfect

  59. Ryan Urie

    Ryan Urie2 ngày trước

    The director of these movies was even more of a creeper

  60. youareonthetube1

    youareonthetube12 ngày trước

    That is an impressive collection of movies back there.

  61. Bandos

    Bandos2 ngày trước

    Last shift please,if anyone hasn't seen 13 ghost by now its their own fault

  62. Johnny Nguyen

    Johnny Nguyen2 ngày trước

    Why can’t u and dead meat just work together?

  63. jbot91

    jbot912 ngày trước

    If you shoot him in the morning Mouth, then he can't eat. Then he can't rebuild so he will die. Problem solved.

  64. Toasty

    Toasty2 ngày trước

    Last shift sound like a good movie

  65. ben smith

    ben smith2 ngày trước

    Can you do the messiah the new Netflix show

  66. NullZMusi

    NullZMusi2 ngày trước

    I'm honestly glad they let Ronnie, the guard, live.

  67. sophia yahner

    sophia yahner2 ngày trước

    Can someone show me the deleted scene of the skinning scene???

  68. The Life of Ashtin

    The Life of Ashtin2 ngày trước

    Oh ....... My ......... God. This is my first time here and........ He’s better than dead meat..... h - how did you do that

  69. James Hurst

    James Hurst2 ngày trước

    This would be more watchable if you could narrate it without seeming like you're shouting over a rave crowd, trying to hard to sound like an MC. Perhaps try just talking normally, and use the amp on your mic to achieve the volume you want.

  70. Sevhen Vay

    Sevhen Vay2 ngày trước

    Logan Browning is so pretty

  71. Fucking Funny man

    Fucking Funny man2 ngày trước

    Am I the only one he thinks he looks like scp 096

  72. Brian olivera

    Brian olivera2 ngày trước

    He name was Samantha not Stephanie

  73. wangson

    wangson2 ngày trước

    Really well done! Thank you.

  74. Ep0nz

    Ep0nz2 ngày trước

    Literally one of the best twist and turn series I’ve ever watched. That ending was beautifully sad.

  75. ツItzzCeszyy

    ツItzzCeszyy2 ngày trước

    Now i gett itt

  76. Just Another Army

    Just Another Army2 ngày trước

    So Jane was just being a bitch for no reason

  77. blunt0matic

    blunt0matic2 ngày trước

    Can you do "the signal" 2014 explained

  78. Jj Gomez

    Jj Gomez2 ngày trước

    Do underwater

  79. Techno Girl

    Techno Girl2 ngày trước

    Dis you just say back at the hump barn? 😂😂😂

  80. valius sabas

    valius sabas2 ngày trước

    Everything that is being so called explained is obvious in the movies anyway.

  81. Modern-Day Dwobbit Lady

    Modern-Day Dwobbit Lady2 ngày trước

    The ending skit was hilarious! Good job guys!

  82. Oat sean

    Oat sean2 ngày trước

    If she's 17 then I'm 17

  83. Buddhabelly

    Buddhabelly2 ngày trước

    When he ate the pubeberry pie did y’all notice his drink was a weird redder tint. Did she period in Christians drink?

  84. Antonio Pillon

    Antonio Pillon2 ngày trước

    Bagul is really into jumpscaring people

  85. Shelle Wright

    Shelle Wright2 ngày trước

    This had me mad as hell as a kid. Like he was so close smfh

  86. TheDragonairs Gamer

    TheDragonairs Gamer2 ngày trước

    Waiting for a jojo reference

  87. Moses Yang

    Moses Yang2 ngày trước

    The ending was stupid

  88. Antonio Gibson

    Antonio Gibson2 ngày trước

    Need that 13 ghosts

  89. Dan B

    Dan B2 ngày trước

    First half of this film was great, second half sucked!

  90. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari2 ngày trước

    Why they keep transferring him. Each time that do, he escapes. KEEP HIM IN ONE PLACE!!!!

  91. Jay Trix

    Jay Trix2 ngày trước

    Doesnt the monster in the thumbnail look like SCP-096 or is it just me

  92. l bb

    l bb2 ngày trước

    Can you do an ending explained on Jacob's Ladder or Hard Candy

  93. Shamr0ck

    Shamr0ck2 ngày trước

    Why does luke look like Ryan Reynolds

  94. Lonely Gamer in Space

    Lonely Gamer in Space2 ngày trước

    See? America is evil.

  95. Satyam Dey

    Satyam Dey2 ngày trước

    Who is Melissa ? Where did she pop up all of a sudden ? Was she there throughout the film ?

  96. Leyna Sonnefeld

    Leyna Sonnefeld2 ngày trước

    Wait wait lol did no one else notice the guy talking is wearing a flower crown! Like if you noticed.

  97. Satyam Dey

    Satyam Dey2 ngày trước

    If I sensed some supernatural shit and my "good friend" told me to stay there because he doesn't believe in those, then he's my ex good friend. Yeah friendship is chill and all but being alive sounds way cooler ?

  98. ChickenScratchComedy

    ChickenScratchComedy2 ngày trước

    Saved me time on watching a stupid movie

  99. Pancakedino9356

    Pancakedino93562 ngày trước

    If the chemicals they were using to dupe the kids were pheromones, none of them would have worked as human don't have the ability to sense pheromones. Still one of my favorite movies.

  100. robert shepherd

    robert shepherd2 ngày trước

    i prefer the old over that fucking shit out of rugrats its a rugrat rap cause of them slut girls of wrestling that there shoving the ones down our throats aroung auska and beckylynch anywho's my little pony tails in order to keep your heads as well about real girls inflating suits in a way like the guys with them instead as well god damn though