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Big E eats popcorn at ringside
  1. VvSClout YT

    VvSClout YT7 giờ trước

    I wouldve thrown her off the ladder


    SCR CITY7 giờ trước

    The Game 😍🔥😭

  3. T4 xXPembaXx

    T4 xXPembaXx7 giờ trước

    Thriple-H was a beast

  4. i_SultanGamer

    i_SultanGamer7 giờ trước

    If it was 4 wrestlers match i would put Andrade Rey mysteryo jeff hardy and john morrison

  5. Shankar Mamba

    Shankar Mamba7 giờ trước

    Only for aj style

  6. Anas A4

    Anas A47 giờ trước

    Aj styles debut 😍😍😍💪💪💪💪

  7. Goon Aranda

    Goon Aranda7 giờ trước

    The best Royal Rumble with 2010 and 2009. The best debut..

  8. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola7 giờ trước

    Sheamus with his old look, Morrison's return, a little reunion between Team Hell No, man they really want to kill us with nostalgia😂🤣

  9. Brock Lesnar

    Brock Lesnar7 giờ trước

    23:55 where the hell was rusev taking the monitor to😂😂

  10. AnnaBella K

    AnnaBella K7 giờ trước

    If Rusev and Liv will not get something good out of it End this storyline -it takes away time from good /charismatic wrestlers Its dreadful, so crappy written and useless Otis and Mandy>Lana and Bobby These are facts

  11. A.G.1 123

    A.G.1 1237 giờ trước

    17:33 lol kanes fake late reaction from a punch by y2j

  12. Amjed Archimedes

    Amjed Archimedes7 giờ trước

    The best Royal Rumble Match ever.

  13. Nuradin Jalla

    Nuradin Jalla7 giờ trước

    Don't do that to my LIV WWE

  14. tradrum

    tradrum7 giờ trước

    Why does Otis remind me of Chris Farley lmao ?! 🤣😂🤣😂

  15. D J

    D J7 giờ trước

    Please Upload 2015Royal Rumble match

  16. HawK Eye

    HawK Eye7 giờ trước

    1:00:51 Whacky line! WTF MICHEAL COLE

  17. DangVU

    DangVU7 giờ trước

    You know this is one of the last time I really enjoy watching WWE

  18. Murat Koçyiğit

    Murat Koçyiğit7 giờ trước

    59:44 🔥🔥

  19. Vasim vazi

    Vasim vazi7 giờ trước

    38:58 Brock Lesnar 💥HVY💥

  20. Mr. Spade

    Mr. Spade7 giờ trước

    This "The Man" schtick has gone stale tbh..

  21. Mohammed Jaafer

    Mohammed Jaafer7 giờ trước

    2020 anyone

  22. Jim's Horror Night's Gameplay & Video Reaction

    Jim's Horror Night's Gameplay & Video Reaction7 giờ trước

    I’m 700th comment

  23. Bobby

    Bobby7 giờ trước

    Latino heat! 👑

  24. Ali Sukru

    Ali Sukru7 giờ trước

    That pop for AJ was unreal!

  25. pseudochef07

    pseudochef077 giờ trước

    Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton have the most effective and devastating finishers in the business. The damage they all cause from coming out of nowhere is too great, it’s something to behold!


    DHRUV MALIK7 giờ trước

    Super excited for this year's rumble

  27. Irfan Shah

    Irfan Shah7 giờ trước

    The only interesting here is triple H

  28. Office Chair

    Office Chair7 giờ trước

    I forgot The League Of Nations was a thing

  29. Manav Waghmare

    Manav Waghmare7 giờ trước

    Where is aj styles?

  30. Randy Wills

    Randy Wills7 giờ trước


  31. The Real Miklo

    The Real Miklo7 giờ trước

    It's like they keep putting them together until they someone actually gets an injury.

  32. Anarkie Gamez

    Anarkie Gamez7 giờ trước

    Don't ever disrespect Alister like this again!!

  33. Apar Woo

    Apar Woo7 giờ trước

    Head stomp is the best

  34. Karl Christian Santos

    Karl Christian Santos7 giờ trước

    This is the last Royal Rumble with the best Set of Arena I always love this set because this the set that I grew up watching

  35. DoomsDan101 Ortiz

    DoomsDan101 Ortiz7 giờ trước

    I never get to see the tag duo of the godfather and ryback, team name: Feed me whores?

  36. Soul Fist

    Soul Fist7 giờ trước

    They killing it. Please let them run the tag division for a while.

  37. Marie Wyatt

    Marie Wyatt7 giờ trước

    Old sheamus is back

  38. Merdain Skumit

    Merdain Skumit7 giờ trước

    Man, hit like if you love Roman Reigns' unbelievable performance.

  39. Tobin Tonight

    Tobin Tonight7 giờ trước

    id still babg nikki but i think she has an ego trip

  40. HJ lyon

    HJ lyon7 giờ trước

    plis Royal rumble match 2014

  41. Ramez Rafik

    Ramez Rafik7 giờ trước

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn

  42. jarons

    jarons7 giờ trước

    Lol These fake punches Xd

  43. Terron Nash

    Terron Nash7 giờ trước

    These two as a tag team is what’s best for business

  44. Prasanth Victor

    Prasanth Victor7 giờ trước

    John mortison is best wrestler

  45. Максим Ненашев

    Максим Ненашев7 giờ trước

    Кто русский лайк

  46. Lipin Lim

    Lipin Lim7 giờ trước

    Couldn't believe he used to fight with John Morrison

  47. iamshu

    iamshu7 giờ trước

    52:34 that enter the shovel sign 😂

  48. UpDown 91

    UpDown 917 giờ trước

    THANK YOU WWE 🙏🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  49. Radwan Lone

    Radwan Lone7 giờ trước

    22:42 rusev be like i need this lol

  50. I Post Game Clips

    I Post Game Clips7 giờ trước

    Where did AJ styles even come from lol? Why was he so known

  51. Ron Hunter

    Ron Hunter7 giờ trước

    Changing outfits, hair color, makeup and growing or shaving a beard doesn’t cut it anymore. Go back to the basics and come up with some good story lines.

  52. Snygil Braganza

    Snygil Braganza7 giờ trước

    Happy to see him back but don't make this match happen so early let it happen at WrestleMania!

  53. Sean-Micheal Butler

    Sean-Micheal Butler7 giờ trước

    That Stardust guy looks just like Cody Rhodes

  54. mina calonga

    mina calonga7 giờ trước

    Te WWE is false

  55. junior gamarra

    junior gamarra7 giờ trước

    I don't wanna see the whole thing. Is this the rumble "one vs all"?

  56. wyldfyre727

    wyldfyre7277 giờ trước

    I’m so f’n sick of this storyline

  57. SmithyTV

    SmithyTV7 giờ trước

    never heard of him and yes i was a 90s kid

  58. Tobin Tonight

    Tobin Tonight7 giờ trước

    nikki getting jealous...

  59. Sniper killerYT

    Sniper killerYT7 giờ trước

    Rey Mysterious won really thank Andrade got slapped at the end.

  60. Jarred Farris-Neal

    Jarred Farris-Neal7 giờ trước

    Why you keep saying 2 won by number 1 if you don’t like Chris beneoit

  61. LifeComedyAction

    LifeComedyAction7 giờ trước

    WWE is building great Latino stars in Andrade and Carrillo. It may be the strongest representation since Eddie and Rey shares the roster

  62. Eco Alvaro

    Eco Alvaro7 giờ trước

    Ahh, one of the best Rumble I ever seen. AJ Styles debut, Sami vs Kevin battle, and of course Triple H victory

  63. SmithyTV

    SmithyTV7 giờ trước

    can we please for once see lashley and lana lose please


    GHAZI KENNY7 giờ trước

    What is this? Inner Circle 2.0?

  65. TTV Samuel

    TTV Samuel7 giờ trước

    Late 17:32 Late

  66. Tobin Tonight

    Tobin Tonight7 giờ trước

    ego trip nikki

  67. The_SSJ3Master

    The_SSJ3Master7 giờ trước

    Such a good Rumble match

  68. Sam Bracken

    Sam Bracken7 giờ trước

    I want wwe to bring back the men's 2019 royal rumble match

  69. The Fiend

    The Fiend7 giờ trước

    1:48 the best moment

  70. KHOALA

    KHOALA7 giờ trước

    9:55 Kane calls for the sidewalk slam on roman 😂😂😂

  71. Aj Phenam

    Aj Phenam7 giờ trước

    Best debut all time & best cheers of people

  72. Anubhav Jha

    Anubhav Jha7 giờ trước

    My first royal rumble

  73. Cameron Mcinnes

    Cameron Mcinnes7 giờ trước

    If Brock wins who will he face for the world title

  74. Raj Bhargaw

    Raj Bhargaw7 giờ trước

    Aj's debut was phenomenal...and reigns' reaction made it even better... lol

  75. Erin Deeds

    Erin Deeds7 giờ trước

    Love his new look team hell no

  76. mike downs

    mike downs7 giờ trước

    Making Matt Hardy a job guy is an insult.

  77. dxrebel

    dxrebel7 giờ trước

    Please give us the 2018 Women´s Royal Rumble!

  78. Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose7 giờ trước

    Vince Mcmahon just shows all that without JOHN CENA they have NO CLUE! what to do... It sucks.

  79. XXxLOLY XXx

    XXxLOLY XXx7 giờ trước

    Hi wwe

  80. Pankaj Jangir

    Pankaj Jangir7 giờ trước

    Super rock bhai

  81. 9MW Tone

    9MW Tone7 giờ trước

    Wasn’t this the last time they faced off one on one 6 yrs ago

  82. Buy Tur

    Buy Tur7 giờ trước

    I'm from the future Ambrose is in AEW.

  83. Zack Alderman

    Zack Alderman7 giờ trước

    Is it just me or the royal rumble match is the best match

  84. dxrebel

    dxrebel7 giờ trước

    Please give us the 2018 Women´s Royal Rumble!

  85. Prathamesh Nagarkar

    Prathamesh Nagarkar7 giờ trước

    Only watching this video for AJ Styles

  86. Ajmal S

    Ajmal S7 giờ trước

    1:46 visible confusion until ' I AM PHENOMENAL '. A STAR WAS BORN💯

  87. Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

    Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan7 giờ trước

    Pay $10 to watch Royal Rumbles😬 Watch for free on YT😁

  88. Sathyapatel Malishetti

    Sathyapatel Malishetti7 giờ trước

    Watching for Beast😎

  89. Sharayu Garode

    Sharayu Garode7 giờ trước

    I think I am watching this video on 25th January 2016 It's 2020 still shoked

  90. Into The wild

    Into The wild7 giờ trước

    Brock lesnar ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

  91. Innovativername

    Innovativername7 giờ trước

    The only good thing in this match is the debut of Styles