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  1. FellowRser

    FellowRser6 phút trước

    I'm convinced Jessie Pinkman IS Aaron Paul

  2. Finnis Fanning

    Finnis Fanning9 phút trước

    Why does he not age?

  3. note4note

    note4note9 phút trước

    Someone: I'll bet you can't show me someone who looks better and worse than their old self. Kevin Smith appears.

  4. Vivek

    Vivek11 phút trước

    This guy was in mib... Right ?

  5. Nerd Cubers

    Nerd Cubers12 phút trước

    Mr. Wonderful knows his numbers with his 2 watches

  6. Shivam Shekhar

    Shivam Shekhar15 phút trước

    wheres MC BC ?

  7. Gay Bitch

    Gay Bitch16 phút trước

    "That's my fillih-sofy"

  8. Polly Pocket

    Polly Pocket17 phút trước

    So mad I never had a chance to see Oh Hello on Broadway... thank God for Netflix!!!

  9. Derrick Davis

    Derrick Davis17 phút trước

    Guess I’m the only one that missed the flower part lol

  10. Francesco Valerio Zini

    Francesco Valerio Zini18 phút trước

    Le parole sono sbagliate lol

  11. heleninaaa

    heleninaaa19 phút trước

    i‘m watching this bc i really want to be an actress but i don‘t know if i even have a chance, idk. maybe one day

  12. No ItzSlime!

    No ItzSlime!20 phút trước

    I know.. It's very strange because Finn is here. HMMMM... Go back to Stranger Things$

  13. That girl

    That girl21 phút trước

    "Kathrina met you, Kathrina loves Finn" Finn : Uuuh ok

  14. Taylor Thompson

    Taylor Thompson25 phút trước

    Just a couple of a billion dollars chillin there no big deal bra 🥳

  15. edward daniel

    edward daniel25 phút trước

    2010’s most definitely arent for jb

  16. Renee

    Renee26 phút trước

    I love theeemmmm

  17. Nadine Cristorum

    Nadine Cristorum28 phút trước

    I love Angelina jolie Please click and watch 👉 Thank you

  18. Kathleen Vivienne Salt

    Kathleen Vivienne Salt29 phút trước

    This Actress is one of the best when she played in Tammy was brilliant heat with Sandra bullock Both Brilliant !So please let's see more of her she is a special person and brilliant to watch

  19. Nicole Henriksen

    Nicole Henriksen31 phút trước

    The cinnamon tography of it all...

  20. Red Hood

    Red Hood32 phút trước

    honestly, I ship

  21. The Plant-Based Crank

    The Plant-Based Crank32 phút trước

    Best villain movie ever

  22. Christiana Calinescu

    Christiana Calinescu33 phút trước

    It's so sad that they seem like two different people

  23. Diti Diti

    Diti Diti36 phút trước

    Well people never imagined to find my platonic crush here ......on youtube ....she's my perfect female appearance I'd like to date ....but...that's her..

  24. Love You More

    Love You More39 phút trước

    What a beautiful smile in the thumbnail!

  25. Azrio_playz 00

    Azrio_playz 0040 phút trước

    Billie always seems so down :(

  26. Maude Dillin

    Maude Dillin40 phút trước

    I love how Eugene doesn't know what any of these mean so he just makes up random definitions as he goes along

  27. Random VD

    Random VD42 phút trước

    Men: her reaction cute Literally every woman that comments: *HoW sHe hAVe thaT bEaUtyFul haNd..ErGhhh*

  28. Adz Alvarez

    Adz Alvarez43 phút trước

    Jesse ended up the border in Canada. When he paid up 125K the man who sells vacuum cleaner.

  29. Emma Simone

    Emma Simone43 phút trước

    Imagine having JLO as your mum. 😍

  30. Potato Wisdom

    Potato Wisdom43 phút trước

    44 years in Canada and don’t know most of these... I think a more accurate title would be “young Toronto slang”

  31. ronda allen

    ronda allen45 phút trước

    the movie was a huge disappointment. Jesse should have gotten the money and gone to get Brock. or at least see about him

  32. Cesar Pena

    Cesar Pena48 phút trước

    I have yet to find a detailed interview with costuming. Michelle Pfeifers costumes were ridiculously gorgeous and sumptuous. The chiffon gown jolie wore at the emd with the pleated dégradé was a trip also it was simply gorgeous.

  33. FoxxTrot

    FoxxTrot50 phút trước

    Why's he so good at this?

  34. UnShapingTheEarth

    UnShapingTheEarth51 phút trước

    Jesse was asleep in class😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Laslie Holmberg

    Laslie Holmberg51 phút trước

    2 days ago where is my baby

  36. Coco Productions

    Coco Productions53 phút trước

    I wonder if she knows bengali I'm bangladeshi

  37. rhiannon eastick

    rhiannon eastick53 phút trước

    waiting for 2019

  38. TimX12

    TimX1254 phút trước

    I don't think the breaking bad series ends here.. Remember that letter to Brock? BACKSTORY TIME!!

  39. Dougie Forde

    Dougie Forde58 phút trước

    This video set me Siri off when Aaron says are you serious my phone replied saying yes I am

  40. Rena Medzhidova

    Rena Medzhidova58 phút trước


  41. Asako Koyama

    Asako Koyama59 phút trước

    Oh my gosh. Wtf is she teaching? This is so wrong

  42. Anonymous 123

    Anonymous 123Giờ trước

    16:09 she moved off that subject quick

  43. Mo 243354

    Mo 243354Giờ trước

    When does Leo show up?

  44. tim

    timGiờ trước


  45. J-Dog West-Combo

    J-Dog West-ComboGiờ trước

    Big Mouth is just genius

  46. claire billingsley

    claire billingsleyGiờ trước

    I hope this gets done again this year!!

  47. Umaru Chan

    Umaru ChanGiờ trước

    I felt sorry for joker when he was walking up the stairs. I can feel that his tired and depressed 😢

  48. Minefreak ._.

    Minefreak ._.Giờ trước

    This is didn’t respect Kurt very well.

  49. Kristal Cooke

    Kristal CookeGiờ trước

    Toronto slang! Not Canadian slang! I hear a lot of this slang in Toronto and not the areas around it.

  50. grilledspaghetti

    grilledspaghettiGiờ trước

    Jessie should have hooked up with that Denny's waitress. Hubba.

  51. Milo Bengtsson

    Milo BengtssonGiờ trước

    If Keegan-Michael Keen says he's a 75-year-old English woman, I believe him.

  52. Suspected

    SuspectedGiờ trước

    si dice ''in bocca al lupo'' per augurare fortuna a qualcuno, questo deriva dal fatto che il lupo per salvaguardare il suo cucciolo lo porta in bocca, secondo me è il modo più bello per augurare fortuna a qualcuno

  53. Pink Flower Girls

    Pink Flower GirlsGiờ trước

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait

  54. Milo Bengtsson

    Milo BengtssonGiờ trước


  55. Matty M

    Matty MGiờ trước

    So envious of that talent. 👏👏

  56. Suspected

    SuspectedGiờ trước

    vorrei sapere chi ha scritto le frasi in italiano ahahaha

  57. kjdnyhmghfvb

    kjdnyhmghfvbGiờ trước


  58. Mighty_Crusier

    Mighty_CrusierGiờ trước

    "Jesse wants nothing to do with what he considers Blood money" Yet he steals Todd's money, which was probably blood money anyway.

  59. Rice made Jackson hot

    Rice made Jackson hotGiờ trước

    I'll never in my life do this challenge even if you give me a million dollars

  60. Cunt

    CuntGiờ trước

    TammysonC137 - pretty sure that's a rick and Morty reference. The dimension of earth they are in is C137. #Aaron Paul is a legend.

  61. Shelly Chandler

    Shelly ChandlerGiờ trước

    Interviewer: do you floss everyday Gaten: my teeth..... no Me: EXPOSED

  62. Kellie Vlogs

    Kellie VlogsGiờ trước

    dope af

  63. Junie A

    Junie AGiờ trước

    I saw the movie last night and it’s really good! Angelina Jolie is sooo beautiful! Maleficent 3 pls! 🤗

  64. LDG 508

    LDG 508Giờ trước

    He says Jessie dosnt want anything to do with blood money but half the movie is about Jessie getting todds BLOOD MONEY so he can start a life in alaska

  65. Milo Bengtsson

    Milo BengtssonGiờ trước


  66. ZENDEX

    ZENDEXGiờ trước

    Ричи урод

  67. Fein Ray

    Fein RayGiờ trước

    Real Dark Phoenix

  68. Chris Kau

    Chris KauGiờ trước

    4:38 When he says round guys with high voices, the look of genuine affection on his face is beautiful.

  69. Clay FKN Brown

    Clay FKN BrownGiờ trước

    Kevin, you and Beto Orourke would get along, with your overly flappy hands....

  70. I use Adblocker

    I use AdblockerGiờ trước

    He got black people lips

  71. Yze AV

    Yze AVGiờ trước

    This needs at least 300 million more views...

  72. Mae Auditore

    Mae AuditoreGiờ trước

    I wish i have that kinda busy live. So busy i am out by the time i hit my pillow

  73. Jenny Sheekey

    Jenny SheekeyGiờ trước

    He looks like Donald Sutherland

  74. Shade Bleu

    Shade BleuGiờ trước

    BS. Jesse took Todd's money.

  75. Cuddlebug

    CuddlebugGiờ trước


  76. Jimena Tangassi

    Jimena TangassiGiờ trước

    part 3!!!!

  77. Kevin Seward

    Kevin SewardGiờ trước

    Nobody says these

  78. TokuNator X

    TokuNator XGiờ trước

    Whp wacted the movie befor tyis? Vuz i did in the cinama

  79. Deady DeadSh0t

    Deady DeadSh0tGiờ trước

    Im just here for the walking dead theory.

  80. MadMax382

    MadMax382Giờ trước

    In her Discovery of Freedom, Rose Wilder Lane said that the Israelites pressured Moses so much to give them rules to live by the he eventually, worn down, gave them the Commandments. Moses was a nation - builder. These people had been slaves in Egypt a long time. They wanted to be told, Do this, do that. So he structured it largely in negatives. Ayn Rand said that moral commandments are intrinsically contradictory: you can't command morals and obeying any is inherently immoral. Morals are chosen; your own free will is key.

  81. 최민지

    최민지Giờ trước

    His forehead is going to cover eyes...

  82. TubedFisch

    TubedFischGiờ trước

    While Aaron was talking about Michael Douglas I was just searching in the next tap for falling down memes literally. This broke my 4th wall.

  83. User4356742

    User4356742Giờ trước

    they saw hope in her

  84. Billies Avacado

    Billies AvacadoGiờ trước

    The third one has been filmed. I'm gonna cry

  85. Hannah Peebles

    Hannah Peebles2 giờ trước


  86. EskiFN

    EskiFN2 giờ trước

    She said my name

  87. Johanna Homlong

    Johanna Homlong2 giờ trước

    Lin:Showmance is a romance that happens between cast members *Anthony and Jasmine behind camera smirking at each other*

  88. Heather Stevens

    Heather Stevens2 giờ trước

    The Royals has to change with the times

  89. ßerrısırıs

    ßerrısırıs2 giờ trước

    The Arrowverse exist within aswikiverse too. Jay was in an episode of The Flash.

  90. aya hamze

    aya hamze2 giờ trước

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA “philesophy”

  91. Sleya Raze

    Sleya Raze2 giờ trước

    i want part 2 part 3 .. of todd breaking down the Joker

  92. Nastradamus Thango

    Nastradamus Thango2 giờ trước

    I loved the kitty kat paws in the movie too

  93. Smoke The Joke

    Smoke The Joke2 giờ trước

    I'm pedo asf (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  94. Thanos The destroyer

    Thanos The destroyer2 giờ trước

    The dude who said El Camino was a zombie movie must’ve taken an overdose of meth

  95. Julija Nešković

    Julija Nešković2 giờ trước

    part 3??

  96. Ani101x

    Ani101x2 giờ trước

    Omggffffffff she’s so cute!

  97. Arylee95

    Arylee952 giờ trước

    I need maleficent part 3 ! I want to see between Fey and human fight with dark side creature ursula ! Hahhahaa .

  98. Isaiah Walking_yt

    Isaiah Walking_yt2 giờ trước

    Bruh... like literally this guy's voice is so noticeable! 😂😂😂

  99. aya hamze

    aya hamze2 giờ trước

    billie is so cute

  100. Toby Cameron

    Toby Cameron2 giờ trước

    I love you Margot but "Fair Dinkum" doesn't mean "FAR OUT", it means that something is true, 42 year old aussie bloke here so I know all the slang meanings ;)