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How to Make Your Mac Faster
AirPods Pro - Why I’m Excited
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The Pixel 4 is Confusing.

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my Beef with Dave2D

my Beef with Dave2D

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    Bro you really did a great word I really appreciate it so much that I give a like and a subscribe you're a really nicee Mann!😁 And can you me help me with a new phone maybe I use a android even though I hate it🥺

  5. D fo

    D fo12 giờ trước

    Midnight green is the only colour to get

  6. Gouri Shankar Gogoi

    Gouri Shankar Gogoi13 giờ trước

    We need an iPhone like 5s body with edge to edge display and a punch hole camera in the front, and with all the new features of iPhone 11 pro. Because we still love the 5s design ❤️

  7. Luke Starkiller

    Luke Starkiller14 giờ trước

    Touch pad: **exists** Me, who uses Bluetooth mouse: useless peace of $*## Edit: Jk I have this model and it's not bad

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    I wish i could have iphone 11 to i have already Android😞😞

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    Some serious arm strength dude!

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    And im here watching this on my old md101

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    Uniquitivity20 giờ trước

    I’m getting the iPhone pro max in gold on Saturday guys

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    I love the black oneeeee

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    Shashank HegdeNgày trước

    Better to buy iPhone X's than iPhone 11

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    Alex EusebioNgày trước

    New subscriber! Thank you for this review! Im convinced to use ipad pro as my main editing tool 🙏

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    Rodney DangerfieldNgày trước

    Great video!...Also, not a fan of the Apple Magic Mouse...what type of mouse do you use?

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    Lupe EdruzoNgày trước

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    What was the ram on the model you used?

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    brayNgày trước

    this video costs more than my virginity

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    Something that airpod has and galaxy buds doesn't The ability to flex 👁👄👁

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    Omg the little boy bro I have an iPhone 8 and he just got that wthhhhh

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    BEACHBUNNY975Ngày trước

    He was about to say "I'll catch you guys in the next one" at the end before he corrected to "I'll catch you guys later". Marques Brownlee hittin us hard!

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    My fav is blue also

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    That ending outro tho that is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

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    N0ZP1K3RNgày trước

    I like this guy better than that dbag Marques. Jonathan's comments are on point and with zero fluff. Good job sucka.

  30. Jussimir Pasold

    Jussimir PasoldNgày trước

    Loved that you included a 3D render scene in the comparison.. most tech reviews don’t take that into account

  31. Wot The best

    Wot The bestNgày trước

    видео топчик!

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    1:52 'all the megapickles' I LOVE IT!!!!!

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    CuebixNgày trước

    The only thing that can beat this phone is the software that Apple desire to use to slow it down overtime.

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    Camacoyote8Ngày trước

    Just to say this was a good video but you didn’t say enough about the good items you needed to take more time

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    Is it possible on the normal ipad

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    Nice video and Thanks≧◠‿◠≦✌

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    Love your channel. I‘ve bought a Mac Pro 2019 16 core with a Radeon Pro Vega II Duo rendered a few projects in After Effects and was surprised by its underwhelming GPU acceleration. Have you made similar experiences? Do you know any fixes?

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  63. Hates Money

    Hates Money2 ngày trước

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  64. Hates Money

    Hates Money2 ngày trước

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

  65. Hates Money

    Hates Money2 ngày trước

    How’d you record it this is so bad ass

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