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Week 3 Power Rankings!

Week 3 Power Rankings!

3 ngày trước

Daniel Jones Named Starter!
  1. Br1aNn88 YT

    Br1aNn88 YT35 giây trước

    Rip those suits and headphones

  2. Br1aNn88 YT

    Br1aNn88 YTPhút trước

    Rip headphones


    ZAPENTPhút trước

    Rest easy you legendary artist ❤️

  4. robin baby

    robin baby2 phút trước

    Is the Titans that weak or Jaguars are that good?🤔 Both team is weak in my opinion, I guess there is still hope for the Jags. As for the Titans, they need a whole new o-line. They qb is good, he just needs a lot of protection

  5. PV Pike Mence

    PV Pike Mence3 phút trước

    Tom Brady was there

  6. Liadamig Rivera

    Liadamig Rivera4 phút trước

    phily special

  7. RoguePepper 9606

    RoguePepper 96066 phút trước

    Just letting you all know he played college qb and throws farther than 28 starting nfl qbs


    DANIEL DESIGNS6 phút trước

    I blame Nagy. No offense after no preseason play

  9. Jesse Wilson

    Jesse Wilson7 phút trước

    Principal O Shag Hennessey for the score!

  10. randomcompdude427 427

    randomcompdude427 4277 phút trước

    The man. The myth. The moustache.

  11. Thanos Etsitty

    Thanos Etsitty8 phút trước

    Reunion between bell and brown. Is the only reason I’m watching.

  12. V R

    V R8 phút trước

    These highlights don’t even hurt no more These mfs won 3 more since this But imagine if they won both

  13. Wendel Leandro

    Wendel Leandro8 phút trước

    Está em evolução, vamos melhorar, Go Denver

  14. DrawnnYT

    DrawnnYT9 phút trước

    Tyreek fastest in nfl

  15. WRECK 215

    WRECK 21510 phút trước

    I wanna see Jacksonville jaguars win cause my boy Nick is there even tho he's not playing. Get well soon Nick 👍😀.

  16. Erik Uriarte

    Erik Uriarte10 phút trước

    Thank you for video I recorded all of Barry’s games from 93’-98’ but tapes got Ruined at least I can see one now

  17. Jabari Wright

    Jabari Wright11 phút trước

    Cowboys 45 dolphins 13

  18. Matt J

    Matt J12 phút trước

    Uncle Rico accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago

  19. Sam Barnett

    Sam Barnett13 phút trước

    Ben and Eli were both so damn good in their prime. Unfortunately I think the game has passed them both by.

  20. Mike Szymanski

    Mike Szymanski13 phút trước

    The Bills have never been 2-0 on the road to start the season, then played their third game at home in their history. No team in the league wants to play in Buffalo this week. The Ralph will be rocking. Bills Mafia will be there in full force. It will be a beautiful sight to behold. 27-17 BUF

  21. jaharis smith

    jaharis smith14 phút trước


  22. ddTiel

    ddTiel14 phút trước

    Can't wait. Hope Ravens can do it.

  23. MJ GetRight

    MJ GetRight15 phút trước

    Let’s get it DUVAL

  24. Jake Schneider

    Jake Schneider18 phút trước

    Jamal Adams talkin like he been to the playoffs 😂

  25. J S

    J S19 phút trước

    I wish Mike Vick would come back to the Steelers..

  26. Superdog 1038

    Superdog 103819 phút trước

    Go Cougs!

  27. Andrew Onabanjo

    Andrew Onabanjo21 phút trước

    The block at 1:54 was insane


    ACAEDEN LEE21 phút trước


  29. Philip Tucker

    Philip Tucker24 phút trước

    This guy tanked on the Vikings so the Seahawks decide to draft him??? I'll never understand stand that lmao

  30. KervinLordHD

    KervinLordHD25 phút trước

    Hello- from 9/19/2019 FALCONS are the BEST

  31. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller25 phút trước

    O' Shaunhessy has been a beast since his KC days. Never woulda thought he would have a career last this long

  32. Vitoria Batista

    Vitoria Batista25 phút trước

    Simplesmente incrível Bruno Mars e Beyoncé

  33. D.A.Y

    D.A.Y27 phút trước

    *Browns: 17* *Rams: 20*

  34. EPetit84

    EPetit8427 phút trước

    Vick's arm was unreal!!! That first pass to DeSean Jackson was a laser!!

  35. Daniel Berri

    Daniel Berri27 phút trước

    Boring game

  36. Drew4Two Gaming

    Drew4Two Gaming27 phút trước

    John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. (Even so come Jesus)

  37. johnmart127

    johnmart12728 phút trước


  38. Aguilera FB6

    Aguilera FB628 phút trước

    Out the league already

  39. Ryan Neal

    Ryan Neal29 phút trước

    I think jags found their QB

  40. Ross Gardner

    Ross Gardner29 phút trước

    Go Sacksonville

  41. Howard Penney

    Howard Penney29 phút trước

    Wait. I thought all you so-called "experts" said Russ was too small to see over his line and could never be a top tier QB in the NFL? Suckers! #LOB #GoHawks

  42. Kristy Wilder

    Kristy Wilder30 phút trước

    I love coming back watching these. Falcons fan btw

  43. Teal Town

    Teal Town30 phút trước

    Gardner TD !!!!

  44. Dnaveon Vinson

    Dnaveon Vinson32 phút trước

    3:38 when he figured out that he would later be traded to the Browns

  45. The Super Tuber7

    The Super Tuber732 phút trước

    This is the best mic’d up ever!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  46. DarkPa1adin

    DarkPa1adin34 phút trước

    He should be an actor next! Maybe a villain in James Bond

  47. _Mean GreenJersey

    _Mean GreenJersey34 phút trước

    I just have to wonder how is Odell always open , through out his career go back and look at his big plays , he’s always open I would think he’s the one guy to key on

  48. atc3rd

    atc3rd34 phút trước

    Love that laugh at the end. He's unreal.

  49. number1fansince

    number1fansince34 phút trước

    Tf tht little girl had so much eye liner

  50. Bryan Mullen

    Bryan Mullen34 phút trước

    The next great quarterback from my home state and birthplace.

  51. Big Troll

    Big Troll35 phút trước


  52. DarkPa1adin

    DarkPa1adin35 phút trước

    What! LESNAR was from another sport before he joined WWE?

  53. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

    Euclid’s Chemical Equation35 phút trước

    Neither Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota are franchise quarterbacks

  54. NYners718 !

    NYners718 !36 phút trước

    34-20 niners!

  55. TSM Mont Miliner jr

    TSM Mont Miliner jr36 phút trước

    Ravens will win

  56. Timmy Burner

    Timmy Burner37 phút trước

    Go pats

  57. Carlos Valverde

    Carlos Valverde37 phút trước

    49ers D on Madden is way better than Dolphins D on real life

  58. Arc

    Arc38 phút trước

    Man, I cant stand petty-eddie Greg. His Smarmy, Slimy, and Avaricious demeanor and opinions just bring down what could be a good program. My first order of business would be to fire that [email protected], I mean [email protected] (well both) And leave it to the "professionals" who cant even figure out a simple snake order. Likely don't even understand why its call that. Maybe if they educated themselves, instead of dismissing 90% of viewers that likely play FF. But hey they're professionals, from the east coast, that are smarter than the rest of us. What a joke. I can hear it already; "...dont worry about it, he just a troll, and we got their click..."

  59. Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer

    Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer38 phút trước

    They showing more highlights than actual mic ups...I seen the game already!

  60. BaccaFlokka

    BaccaFlokka40 phút trước

    who's here after he requested a trade?

  61. CairoRipper

    CairoRipper40 phút trước

    I'll be at the game #RaiderNation

  62. Juan M. Leon

    Juan M. Leon41 phút trước

    Easy win. 3-0

  63. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson42 phút trước

    49ers were getting hosed by referees in this era. I blame cry baby khaki wearing Harbaugh and his cry baby antics on the sidelines.

  64. Text Story's plus

    Text Story's plus43 phút trước

    I'm not going to gynchs it. Both teams are so talented. But Philly is so banged and I can't see them winning. But with wentzs I don't know. Lions 17- 14 . I hope. GO LIOOOONS

  65. Vee projects

    Vee projects45 phút trước

    i can barely hear the man talking

  66. Dustin Kirby

    Dustin Kirby45 phút trước

    my home team yea!

  67. Angel Tosca

    Angel Tosca45 phút trước

    When it was 28-3 I was calling a comeback because I knew the team that beat my Seahawks the year before wouldn’t lose to that falcons team

  68. Travis Hamilton

    Travis Hamilton46 phút trước

    It's way more white QBs that have not played under center.... it's a shame how the WS machine never stops.....a person that tells the naritive the best is Neely Fuller, Jr. Look him up people...

  69. Danny Ramirez

    Danny Ramirez46 phút trước

    Am I crazy or did they not show one highlight of the Cardinals running the ball 🤔🤔 Besides that one touch down run

  70. Text Story's plus

    Text Story's plus46 phút trước

    Go lions

  71. Michael Caradulis

    Michael Caradulis46 phút trước

    12:57 you can see the ref looking at a clear hold and not call it

  72. Richard Gutierrez

    Richard Gutierrez47 phút trước

    The Houston Texans will win Superbowl 54

  73. Arjun Akella

    Arjun Akella47 phút trước

    W for the pun, even bigger W for showcasing the GOAT Minshew

  74. David Hogg

    David Hogg47 phút trước

    Tuck rule didn't apply. The arm wasn't going forward; he was moving the ball towards his body like he was going to run with it.

  75. Angel Cadena

    Angel Cadena47 phút trước

    Oh n the packers chances of winning the super bowl this year is whopping 39% in my book. pats have the 2nd highest chance at 33% n the third of course are the ravens at 29%. the rest are randoms.

  76. MuscleCarOz

    MuscleCarOz48 phút trước

    I’m here for the pinky comments lol

  77. Paul Hawkins

    Paul Hawkins48 phút trước

    LOL - The Dolphins SUCK! Hahaha. He went on to success while the DOLPHINS have consistently SUCKED year in and year out.

  78. maurice friday

    maurice friday53 phút trước

    As long as we don't let Leon Lett play we've got this one LOL

  79. Bucket List

    Bucket List54 phút trước

    NFL haiting on Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones catch and touchdown anybody can do that and it's been done already not #1 at all

  80. Stewart Howlens

    Stewart Howlens54 phút trước


  81. NWA744

    NWA74455 phút trước

    Wait, didn't Adam Rank have the Vikings losing this game in his NFL "predictions"? That guy is a joke anyways. This should be an easy Vikings win, should.

  82. Aaron Asiago

    Aaron Asiago57 phút trước

    What about emanuel sander’s TD catch

  83. The Sport Heat

    The Sport Heat57 phút trước

    Bills 65 Bengals 2 I'm not confident in this team ;(

  84. d mouf

    d mouf58 phút trước

    This man isn't human. Look at this dude standing next to his lineman making them look like running backs. That's just not fair

  85. ManUP JC

    ManUP JCGiờ trước

    Insult to injury. Patriots intercept Dolphins' last second attempt to score

  86. Tobi Jones

    Tobi JonesGiờ trước

    Pay close attention Brothers and sisters. These people's are unfortunately channelling demons. Watching this will affect you greatly

  87. WolfToonsYT

    WolfToonsYTGiờ trước

    I wanna say the Bengals get the dub because they my squad but Bills 27 Bengals 16

  88. MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6

    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6Giờ trước

    Jacksonville win win

  89. Tw1

    Tw1Giờ trước

    Minshew finna be the best 6th round QB of all time...

  90. Brett

    BrettGiờ trước


  91. ForeverRuthless

    ForeverRuthlessGiờ trước

    Adoree Jackson..forgot about him. He needs to have a break out year.

  92. Brenda Clement Lelea

    Brenda Clement LeleaGiờ trước


  93. Brenda Clement Lelea

    Brenda Clement LeleaGiờ trước

    Because of pat I think he’s tryin to top

  94. Brenda Clement Lelea

    Brenda Clement LeleaGiờ trước

    Aaron’s back I think

  95. Kyle Durkach

    Kyle DurkachGiờ trước

    Only in the NFL watching games have become so boring. If its not my team i'm not watching. 3 hrs of penalties. Its pathetic!

  96. Lucas Petersen

    Lucas PetersenGiờ trước

    I’m a hawks fan but I think bengals defense is pretty good

  97. Undeadsoulja

    UndeadsouljaGiờ trước

    Fire who ever allowed this cringe title

  98. Jamie Freeman

    Jamie FreemanGiờ trước

    Avon barksdale

  99. 222333aaaaaa

    222333aaaaaaGiờ trước

    26:20 😂😂😂

  100. Steven O'Brien

    Steven O'BrienGiờ trước

    Like skip Bayless said..Eli dropped that down a chimney