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YungLiV - Reality

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Polo G Big Jam Vlog

Polo G Big Jam Vlog

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Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch
Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch  2
Polo G aka Mr DoTooMuch
  1. 1kopke

    1kopke23 giờ trước

    They killed Martin for dreamin' and now I can't sleep

  2. Long Kameh

    Long Kameh23 giờ trước

    If polo g likes his fans he will like this comment

  3. Gavin Rassavong

    Gavin Rassavong23 giờ trước

    The true goat

  4. ernase normil

    ernase normil23 giờ trước

    Somethings will never change that's from changes from Tupac

  5. ernase normil

    ernase normil23 giờ trước

    Polo g hearted someone omg finally

  6. Tyshawn Blow

    Tyshawn Blow23 giờ trước

    wish this was out when u came to bowie so u could’ve performed this shit is real music

  7. Ez Clapz

    Ez Clapz23 giờ trước

    Polo G chill ur my favorite rapper and it would mean a lot If u liked this comment so he could see it and if u can reply it’s fine if not but do u have any rap tips and rip George and a collaboration idea lil tecca polo G and lil Tjay u are my top 3


    JAYVEON RUTLEDGE23 giờ trước


  9. Mateo Mejia

    Mateo Mejia23 giờ trước

    They raping kids, wonder why the summer so cold.

  10. N A C H O

    N A C H O23 giờ trước


  11. Youtube Police

    Youtube Police23 giờ trước

    0:03-0:05 I bet thats how he masturbates

  12. Shiree Wilson

    Shiree Wilson23 giờ trước

    This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Youtube Police

    Youtube PoliceNgày trước

    We pop out at yo party im with the gang and its gon be a robbery so tuk yo chain 1 year ago Damn *Dats tuff*

  14. StepBroDIXIEヅ

    StepBroDIXIEヅNgày trước

    2 pac music Beats And Polo G rapping Is The best combo ❌🧢

  15. Jayden Bruno

    Jayden BrunoNgày trước

    I Wish I could hear this song again for the first time 😔

  16. Dorian Mcnab

    Dorian McnabNgày trước

    Man polo g I look up to you

  17. Zach Hagemann

    Zach HagemannNgày trước

    i would do anything just to have a 1 on 1 conversation with you man 😭

  18. New BJ9ERS

    New BJ9ERSNgày trước



    KADIN HAMPTONNgày trước

    he has nothing to prove ur the goat

  20. Jaden Finch

    Jaden FinchNgày trước

    Rip Malcom x I promise to conquer and fill those gaps✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  21. tb rr

    tb rrNgày trước

    His mom hella peng

  22. Malik Staccs

    Malik StaccsNgày trước

    Like if polo tha goat 🐐💙

  23. Kaleb Lyons

    Kaleb LyonsNgày trước

    took 33 tries to make a shot that’s why his song 33😂


    LIL ZALIAHNgày trước

    I'm happy that polo g is here for his kid and i hope polo can watch his kid grow up

  25. 4KT Oliverr

    4KT OliverrNgày trước

    Rip George Floyd Was a big man #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd

  26. MrPrince

    MrPrinceNgày trước

    I hope he gets some jordan shoes like Travis Scott

  27. kahmia gang

    kahmia gangNgày trước


  28. Adam Gustafsson

    Adam GustafssonNgày trước

    When the no nut November comes up : 2:05

  29. Franklin Franklin

    Franklin FranklinNgày trước

    The G.O.A.T

  30. Quentin Sosa

    Quentin SosaNgày trước

    Great documentary 💯💯💯🙏🏽😷

  31. Quentin Sosa

    Quentin SosaNgày trước


  32. John Borja

    John BorjaNgày trước

    this dude is not the goat waist of time

  33. Crusty Cathulu

    Crusty CathuluNgày trước

    Most underrated rapper, he will always be my favorite rapper. And that’s on RAP.

  34. Ratna Dewi

    Ratna DewiNgày trước

    That demonstran represent what is happen in US rn

  35. qercp q

    qercp qNgày trước

    this is the man we need polo is a GOAT

  36. sanji Dahir

    sanji DahirNgày trước

    Praying for this to stop it makes me just mad praying for you and your friends you talk facts be listening to your music since last summer hope this stops and all races can go back to being normal we dont want to fight but we have to and that sucks POLO G forever that's all 👆👆🏻👆🏼👆🏽👆🏾👆🏿 CHAO

  37. Trey Beezley

    Trey BeezleyNgày trước

    Straight bars

  38. Glamour, Gadgets & Gaming review

    Glamour, Gadgets & Gaming reviewNgày trước

    Beautiful and Powerful......Thank you for this song my sista..? Well guys now haters are using _Authentic views c o m_

  39. Ramla Farah

    Ramla FarahNgày trước

    🐐 🐐🐐🐐

  40. SipzSZN

    SipzSZNNgày trước

    Sad how 2020 is going disappointing

  41. David Blackwell

    David BlackwellNgày trước

    Song of the year!!

  42. Donovan

    DonovanNgày trước

    It’s hard asf to not talk abt how good polo g is and how he even tho he gets millions of views is still underrated asf on everything

  43. Jacob Bennett

    Jacob BennettNgày trước

    You can tell he still has his roots in him... He’s scarred but he made it out. Polo really is one of a kind. A legend

  44. RNG_NiGhTmArE

    RNG_NiGhTmArENgày trước

    Rip George Floyd

  45. JMS ENT_

    JMS ENT_Ngày trước

    Most fav off the album🔥🔥💔

  46. Kashwayne S

    Kashwayne SNgày trước

    I see why mom's is your manager. She manages you well and stands strong with you. She a real black queen. We need more women like this to bring the best out in us men.

  47. Amber Staats

    Amber StaatsNgày trước


  48. Drew

    DrewNgày trước

    He’s taking all the right steps polo will be a great!

  49. piggy nation

    piggy nationNgày trước

    okay, so polo starts the song of by saying: "Well respected in this hip-hop, lil' Polo be spittin' facts" than a few lines later says this: "Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?" Polo G was warning us

  50. Omnisharpshooter

    OmnisharpshooterNgày trước

    Bro how can u hate on this guy

  51. yongotbandz !

    yongotbandz !Ngày trước

    how the fuck this jawn aint hit a milly?

  52. Seth Lattier

    Seth LattierNgày trước

    God is

  53. Janel Derreck & Delilah

    Janel Derreck & DelilahNgày trước

    Greater than most!

  54. jessie shepard

    jessie shepardNgày trước

    What im trying to say this song remids me of how my dad was treated im tell you no one should be treated like this

  55. jay4show _

    jay4show _Ngày trước

    Bro this dude got his own style and I love that

  56. ZeroPhenoix

    ZeroPhenoixNgày trước

    I wish I could be friends with polo he seems like a chiil dude

  57. r00wlet

    r00wletNgày trước

    0:38 king von

  58. YouTube's shit hole

    YouTube's shit holeNgày trước


  59. Devil NF

    Devil NFNgày trước

    This guy never diss anyone the respect is real for this guy tupac looking over you and he proud @polo g

  60. Jay Giovanni

    Jay GiovanniNgày trước

    Love this street shit. Polo the truth

  61. jessie shepard

    jessie shepardNgày trước

    Yo i might not be black but i feel you homey100

  62. fba jackisgoat

    fba jackisgoatNgày trước

    Respecting the goat if rap good shit rip tupac

  63. xxchrisxx xx

    xxchrisxx xxNgày trước

    Seems like Polo G predicted all the protest in this video👊

  64. Shiloh43

    Shiloh43Ngày trước

    We pop out at your party, I'm with the gang And it's gon' be a robbery, so tuck ya chain I'm a killer, girl, I'm sorry, but I can't change We ain't aimin' for your body, shots hits your brain We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing It's a lot of animosity, but they won't say my name Them killers rock with me, lil' nigga, don't get banged 'Cause they'll do the job for me while I hop on a plane She don't like her body, left the doctor with a new shape Blowing up my phone 'cause she just see me with my new bae Heartbreaker, ladies love me like I'm Cool J She was tryna cling onto a nigga, but it's too late Booked a flight to Cali, racks and condoms in my suitcase And every single dollar in these bands gotta blue face Diamonds in the Rollie, they in HD like it's Blu-Ray The way that I been ballin' should make the cover of 2K Show out for the summer I might pull up in a new Wraith Dissin' on the gang that's gon' only get your crew chased And we hawk shit down, better tighten up yo shoe lace Lil' bro get up close let the Glock 22 spray We pop out at your party, I'm with the gang And it's gon' be a robbery, so tuck ya chain I'm a killer, girl, I'm sorry, but I can't change We ain't aimin' for your body, shots hits your brain We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing It's a lot of animosity, but they won't say my name Them killers rock with me, lil' nigga, don't get banged 'Cause they'll do the job for me while I hop on a plane Oh-ohh-ohh, yeah I call lil' bro He said he ready for the stain (said he ready for the stain) What you claim? You a lame You ain't never put in pain (put in pain) So I be around some killers That go crazy for the gang (they go crazy for the game) If I showed you all my charges You won't look at me the same (you won't look at me the same) Made some choices in my life I wish I never had to make (wish I never had to make) Lost my brother, seen him die And I just seen him graduate (I just seen him graduate) Got that .40 on my side And I'm just rollin' past the Jakes (I'm just rollin' past jakes) Bro, my hands can do the job And I ain't talkin' masturbate I was in and outta state (state) 'Cause I had a bag to make (bag to make) I risked my life but it's aight 'Cause God ain't let me pass away (pass away) Fuck tomorrow, spin the block Just know we comin' back today (back today) I call Polo, he come dolo, we get 'em the fast way We pop out at your party, I'm with the gang And it's gon' be a robbery, so tuck ya chain I'm a killer, girl, I'm sorry, but I can't change We ain't aimin' for your body, shots hits your brain We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing It's a lot of animosity, but they won't say my name Them killers rock with me, lil' nigga, don't get banged 'Cause they'll do the job for me while I hop on a plane

  65. astroworldashton

    astroworldashtonNgày trước

    Damn bro everything he says just be straight up facts✊🏽🖤

  66. ybn_ youngboy

    ybn_ youngboyNgày trước

    "WE Wnt all the smoke fuck the peace sign" Rip floyd💔💔💔

  67. ybn_ youngboy

    ybn_ youngboyNgày trước

    This song reminds me of floyd 💔 RIP floyd 💔💔💔 Fuk 12 "I cant breath"✊

  68. Oli Polynice

    Oli PolyniceNgày trước

    This man is so pure and genuine 🤧 I love him

  69. Maciek

    MaciekNgày trước

    2pac be proud of you

  70. Maciek

    MaciekNgày trước

    Changes beat 😍🔥

  71. Kashton Parker

    Kashton ParkerNgày trước

    This hit different rn

  72. North Texas Fishing

    North Texas FishingNgày trước

    Best 2020 song out there

  73. king poop

    king poopNgày trước

    Stop killing our people ❤ i feel bad

  74. Bloodygear 1380

    Bloodygear 1380Ngày trước

    The fucking goat 🐐 🔥🔥

  75. Cody Williams

    Cody WilliamsNgày trước

    They should play this song in Minneapolis rn rip young legend George floyd

  76. Jay Cinco

    Jay CincoNgày trước

    Coldest Young Rapper Out Watts, Ca Check My New Music Video Out Please ❤️🙏🏽vigos.info/video/eax4ZMh9psqtxGQ.html

  77. Latrell Alston

    Latrell AlstonNgày trước

    Polo g is like the next Martin Luther King in this song and the next goats of the world

  78. Troy Edwards

    Troy EdwardsNgày trước

    Polo predicted the future this song could describe everything happening in the America for years

  79. Noah Bryars fishing

    Noah Bryars fishingNgày trước

    Love polo one of the best out their,need to hop on a song with youngboy two of the hardest plp out their that would be too hard for the plp

  80. Goongy Brudhas

    Goongy BrudhasNgày trước

    Tupac is back

  81. youngboi jay

    youngboi jayNgày trước

    polo g is the real goat

  82. J Money

    J MoneyNgày trước

    His vocals and flows are just so fire dawg

  83. samir qazizada

    samir qazizadaNgày trước

    nice editing

  84. Lil Shoota

    Lil ShootaNgày trước

    dis 💧

  85. Abbe Jr

    Abbe JrNgày trước

    Push it to 100 000

  86. Andra Stewart

    Andra StewartNgày trước

    He’s an inspiration

  87. Aurell Canny

    Aurell CannyNgày trước


  88. Ynr. Gdre

    Ynr. GdreNgày trước


  89. Guilherme Costa

    Guilherme CostaNgày trước

    My compassion and support to all my Black brothers

  90. William Koogler

    William KooglerNgày trước

    Polo g on a whole new wave🔥🦈🤯👐😯🤔😂😂😂😂🤣😁🤯🙌🙏💨💯

  91. Code Bird

    Code BirdNgày trước

    Polo G is Going Down as a Legendary G.O.A.T 🔥🔥

  92. litzonnamon semaphorism

    litzonnamon semaphorismNgày trước

    Idk but this is too relatable..

  93. Brody Duran

    Brody DuranNgày trước

    am i the only one who saw the belt blured?

  94. Ya'wal Ban Yasharahla

    Ya'wal Ban YasharahlaNgày trước

    Yahawashi Hamasiach is gonna be our hero...turn back to the MOST HIGH

  95. Xx_grims _xX

    Xx_grims _xXNgày trước

    This track go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  96. Voxify

    VoxifyNgày trước

    Polo, be careful out there. Sometimes it’s good to be a legend, especially with all that the legends do, but this earth needs you right now. We can’t be losing you this soon so stay safe brother. ❤️

  97. francisco sebastian Jr.

    francisco sebastian Jr.Ngày trước

    Damn Polo! Bro not only goated this track 🐐 but he HOFd this with them bars .

  98. Fom

    FomNgày trước

    Everything he does is just so inspiring the way he took control of his life for the better

  99. Clenepepe _

    Clenepepe _Ngày trước

    Ain’t this change by Tupac but diff lyrics

  100. jeraldo Vasquez

    jeraldo VasquezNgày trước

    He got bounty hunter d and patty mayo love the song 🔥🔥 Blm