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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!

My 100 Mil Award BROKE!

5 ngày trước

The greatest loot in Minecraft.
Minecraft just became 10x better!
Rating Memes from 0-10

Rating Memes from 0-10

9 ngày trước

It's time to STOP!

It's time to STOP!

11 ngày trước

I vlogged the Honeymoon..

I vlogged the Honeymoon..

12 ngày trước

Twitch Girls be like...

Twitch Girls be like...

17 ngày trước

Best Week Ever.

Best Week Ever.

22 ngày trước

We finally play Minecraft!
Adressing the Rumours..
Dr Phil hosts Meme Review
100 000 000 Subs

100 000 000 Subs

Tháng trước

FaceApp Review

FaceApp Review

Tháng trước

Minecraft Skyblock #1

Minecraft Skyblock #1

2 tháng trước

Goodbye Joergen - LWIAY #0082
Minecraft is scary!!! - Part 3
Papers, Please!

Papers, Please!

2 tháng trước

Minecraft Part 1

Minecraft Part 1

2 tháng trước

You Lose You Laugh  - YLYL #0061
Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

3 tháng trước

Looking at my Analytics

Looking at my Analytics

3 tháng trước

E3 2019 Summarized

E3 2019 Summarized

3 tháng trước



3 tháng trước

Shoutout to Jacksepticeye

Shoutout to Jacksepticeye

3 tháng trước

KSI responds 📰 PEW NEWS📰

    DERICKGABRIEL DiezGiây trước

    Want to hear a joke? Here it it Do you smell that 🇸🇪

  2. medo medo11

    medo medo119 giây trước

    فلوس بخت

  3. Electrical Axel

    Electrical Axel21 giây trước

    Pewds: uploads Fans: *likes video*

  4. SalsaHatake

    SalsaHatake26 giây trước

    Imagine if mr beast was there

  5. Dogo the gamer

    Dogo the gamer42 giây trước

    Pewdiepie I’m sorry to say this but Sven died in part 9 😥 if that was Sven he would of teleported and if that was a bug then why was he sitting when you found him you didn’t make him sit

  6. lolwut

    lolwut49 giây trước

    y feigi seem so happy

  7. WolfyMeh

    WolfyMeh53 giây trước


  8. Sam the Onion

    Sam the Onion58 giây trước

    Whoever disliked this video doesn't get to go to mars

  9. Doggo_FN

    Doggo_FN58 giây trước

    I wonder how pewds first sub feels (Family doesnt count and himself doesnt either because back then you could actually sub to yourself)

  10. Simon S.

    Simon S.Phút trước

    So that's why my vision is dark when I stand up. Memes are better teachers than actual teachers.

  11. i draw stuff

    i draw stuffPhút trước

    Waaaaaaa I feel bad for his husband and his kid I feel bad..... One like gives his hubby and kid a smile

  12. Jacob _

    Jacob _Phút trước

    Did your 100mil award broke because its Monday?

  13. Admins Camp

    Admins CampPhút trước

    The channel that makes you cry! Its Pewdiepie, its Pewdiepie!

  14. Leader Kingdom

    Leader KingdomPhút trước

    pewdiepie my chnnle subscrib

  15. Jessica Rose

    Jessica RosePhút trước

    Felix... are you... are you okay?

  16. XxWizardzzxX 35

    XxWizardzzxX 35Phút trước

    Is anyone one gonna talk about how James Charles joined the game at 11:48

  17. Roman Henry

    Roman HenryPhút trước

    "I'm finally part of the kids club" 9:21 but what type of kids club?

  18. Diego Sanabria

    Diego SanabriaPhút trước

    Is nobody going to talk about how Felix tricked us all by not doing the minecraft 12 hours livestream? No? Ok.

  19. Darien Tyne

    Darien TynePhút trước

    When is Walking Dead season 4 episode 4

  20. Vai1d

    Vai1dPhút trước

    A bunch of kids stare at you everyday that's your job that's how you get paid

  21. GreenTurtle Gaming

    GreenTurtle GamingPhút trước

    Hahah meme review

  22. Jaxon Ferguson

    Jaxon FergusonPhút trước

    this is like the armistice during the Christmas of 1915 during ww1.

  23. Saul Torres

    Saul Torres2 phút trước

    Bring back the black screen meme review

  24. Sweat

    Sweat2 phút trước

    This my life 1 wake up 2 meet pewdiepie 3meet sven jourgen 4meet pp poo poo and water sheep this is how it really goes 2. 3. 4. 1. Im depperesed:(

  25. Joyson Wildhart

    Joyson Wildhart2 phút trước

    where are the cringe tuesdays hmmmmmm?

  26. Kxala.brxck

    Kxala.brxck2 phút trước

    But the Billie eilish memes 😤👌🏻👌🏻

  27. Matthew Sheppard

    Matthew Sheppard2 phút trước

    Bros let's get pewdiepie to play rlcraft as a mod so he rages at minecraft

  28. Boomclash gamer

    Boomclash gamer2 phút trước

    Ksi vs logan time

  29. Bendoris Channel

    Bendoris Channel2 phút trước

    F for the homework

  30. Telugu movies hits and flops

    Telugu movies hits and flops2 phút trước

    Please promote my channel

  31. Vieri Firdausy

    Vieri Firdausy2 phút trước

    Jees no limit pewedipie ver



    Minecraft was like a father

  33. Stelios Chatzop

    Stelios Chatzop2 phút trước

    I want MAN OF MEDAN

  34. Julian Moss

    Julian Moss2 phút trước


  35. HolyChickencows

    HolyChickencows2 phút trước

    "Wait is plasma another element?" so many things are wrong with this sentence

  36. Pixelz Beats

    Pixelz Beats2 phút trước

    Memes: Good Knowledge: Still good Hotel?: TRIVAGO

  37. Ewi ck

    Ewi ck2 phút trước

    (HE) took a s(HIT) on t(H)e count(ER) 14 year old girls:😭 Redditers: *TOOK A SON TE COUNT*

  38. undeadbobop

    undeadbobop3 phút trước

    Went to a IKEA and almost half the male workers all looked like pewdiepie.

  39. Brandon

    Brandon3 phút trước

    “That’s it for Mike Jerry Seinfeld guy”

  40. Swarley

    Swarley3 phút trước

    There’s no Arnett

  41. Hari Singh

    Hari Singh3 phút trước

    T series is best

  42. Kxala.brxck

    Kxala.brxck3 phút trước

    “Billie ellish” me “e i l i s h” lmao 😂

  43. Coll 44

    Coll 443 phút trước

    That picture is amazing lol

  44. Michael. p Moran

    Michael. p Moran3 phút trước

    18:52 that monkey wanted some pewdie PIE

  45. didi zamora

    didi zamora3 phút trước

    Me relating to pewDiePie at 3:14

  46. Swarley

    Swarley3 phút trước

    My user name is Manny are the best 2013

  47. Simon S.

    Simon S.3 phút trước

    So the first meme is just the r/iam14andthisisdeep subreddit.

  48. Sleepy Waffle

    Sleepy Waffle3 phút trước

    *H A R D E R*

  49. Nathan Saavedra

    Nathan Saavedra3 phút trước


  50. charlotte noir

    charlotte noir3 phút trước

    infinity is cool use 1arrow shot it arrow will not gone

  51. The Gaming Squad

    The Gaming Squad3 phút trước

    Me after pewdz reviewed 2 memes: *_CAN YOU JUST START USING NUMBERS TO JUDGE A MEME?!_* Me after pewdz reviewed 5 memes: *WHAT A GREAT EPIC SODE*

  52. ilikecheeserrr

    ilikecheeserrr4 phút trước

    fs for the homework

  53. Clapx

    Clapx4 phút trước


  54. Yili Feng

    Yili Feng4 phút trước

    i'm really weirdly invested in bengt and his pork chop

  55. Krabby McKrabster

    Krabby McKrabster4 phút trước

    I love the little music that plays while the camera is on Feigi

  56. suckmy uglyborito

    suckmy uglyborito4 phút trước

    Me too dont judge the both of us

  57. Gillian Marie

    Gillian Marie4 phút trước

    Omg the betrayal at the end. I was so shocked

  58. DingulBerry20

    DingulBerry204 phút trước

    it's ok l pewds we forgive you... P.S. U my favorite youtuber

  59. tha blin

    tha blin4 phút trước

    Pewds is officially crazy and start to talk to a chicken after kill almost all his friends

  60. Senpai lite

    Senpai lite4 phút trước


  61. Lucas_ GamerBR

    Lucas_ GamerBR4 phút trước

    Intendi nada kkk

  62. i draw stuff

    i draw stuff4 phút trước

    Awww Svens gay all along! Have a good life with your family!

  63. _ LowcusTheYellowGuy_

    _ LowcusTheYellowGuy_4 phút trước

    The first one didn’t age well

  64. Darcy Cornish 2.0

    Darcy Cornish 2.04 phút trước

    Hungover!!? Hhaa. Also I dunno I might not completely understand and absolutely love it but is the intro n epilepsy

  65. Master of Casets

    Master of Casets5 phút trước

    The intro was so trippy, that the video wouldn't load on my phone.

  66. Riichu Rai

    Riichu Rai5 phút trước

    I was 3 years old when he made the video... I'm 12 now... *Wowzy...*

  67. Seth Patsakos

    Seth Patsakos5 phút trước

    I remember back in the day when we got consistent bro fists... them 9 year old days hit differently🥺

  68. Jero Olivera

    Jero Olivera5 phút trước

    Congratulationss!! For argentinian

  69. Jewelian Perez

    Jewelian Perez5 phút trước

    GUYS 10:04 Luigi made it into Pewdiepie very epicly 👌

  70. Jack Cook

    Jack Cook5 phút trước

    blue dots when vision bad

  71. Amogh Khanna

    Amogh Khanna5 phút trước

    This new meme review cover is shit

  72. I N F I N I T I C O U R S E

    I N F I N I T I C O U R S E5 phút trước

    Me: did you fix your video quality Filex: yes Me: what did it cost Filex: sound quality

  73. Caleb Nelson

    Caleb Nelson5 phút trước

    love how pewdiepie predicted the mike comments lol

  74. Alexis Barrientos

    Alexis Barrientos5 phút trước

    11:02 Let's just listen to that honest laugh from our Pews.

  75. Alex Drollinger

    Alex Drollinger5 phút trước

    Who buys that

  76. Christina L

    Christina L5 phút trước

    Are people ignoring the fact that felix and jack have very slightly shaded tobuscus?

  77. Egg with 50000 subscribers

    Egg with 50000 subscribers6 phút trước

    Is anyone else waiting for the 12 hour long livestream

  78. AverageMaddox

    AverageMaddox6 phút trước

    Why do I hear dogs barking in the background?

  79. Kyur

    Kyur6 phút trước

    I don’t start seeing things when I stand up fast

  80. AllenTheDude

    AllenTheDude6 phút trước

    Jeez... I was 6 when i watched this, Time goes by so quickly, now he’s married and has 100M subs

  81. Yoongles

    Yoongles6 phút trước

    Conspiracy theory: Felix is mad at himself for what happened but he not gonna upload a video of him performing self abuse. So he meets a chicken and starts torturing it. The way he's treating feigi and the things he's telling him are actually things he feels about himself. Guys. #SavePewds2k19

  82. David Prim

    David Prim6 phút trước


  83. butterbox64

    butterbox646 phút trước

  84. Egg with 50000 subscribers

    Egg with 50000 subscribers6 phút trước

    You forgot something, Pew News it’s been a while since you’ve done one of those

  85. JCB JCB

    JCB JCB6 phút trước

    Fact: this used to be pewds’ most popular video until b**ch lasagna and congratulations were born.

  86. Rain Editsヅ

    Rain Editsヅ6 phút trước

    Tomas the train memes pls

  87. Luis Rodríguez

    Luis Rodríguez6 phút trước

    I hate homework

  88. Junaid Zafar

    Junaid Zafar6 phút trước

    Like Pewdipie fans

  89. Mr. Tomato

    Mr. Tomato6 phút trước

    1 Billion let’s do it 9year olds

  90. Your Doggo Juan

    Your Doggo Juan6 phút trước

    Nobody: Still Nobody: Actually Nobody: Pewdiepie: *Hello*

  91. WSA74 GAMING

    WSA74 GAMING6 phút trước

    I miss that times

  92. Kim Jinou

    Kim Jinou6 phút trước

    I love your wonderful channel

  93. RedxSilver 001

    RedxSilver 0016 phút trước

    Anyone know the background music at 07:53 ?? lezp lol

  94. Noah Schwartz

    Noah Schwartz6 phút trước

    I don't know why this shit so funny "Michael" 4:49

  95. Alejandro Mejia

    Alejandro Mejia6 phút trước

    I ♡ JORGEN (♡~♡)

  96. the dark ducky

    the dark ducky7 phút trước

    3:55 it’s the white bloods cell in front of you pupil

  97. Davis Graham

    Davis Graham7 phút trước

    I want more man of medan

  98. Alex Drollinger

    Alex Drollinger7 phút trước

    Mo fat shaming

  99. Milgrau

    Milgrau7 phút trước

    piuripai viadoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  100. Egg with 50000 subscribers

    Egg with 50000 subscribers7 phút trước

    Memes in 2012: Trolll face Memes in 2019: Ok