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Try by Colbie Caillat
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  1. Carrigan Johnston

    Carrigan Johnston11 giờ trước

    Anyone here in 2020 crying cause this is how are girls are forced to be🥺

  2. Lexie Miller

    Lexie Miller15 giờ trước

    I relate to this song...

  3. Emilia Labuda

    Emilia LabudaNgày trước

    Love this song

  4. laxus dreyar

    laxus dreyar2 ngày trước

    Me literally 0.0000000001 seconds after this: HABATAITARA!!!

  5. Catherine Kong

    Catherine Kong3 ngày trước

    I like to sing im a girl

  6. Christy Guzman

    Christy Guzman3 ngày trước

    “You don’t have to bend until you break” that hit me

  7. Chanu Seltun

    Chanu Seltun4 ngày trước

    Anyone here 2020

  8. Linda Vargas

    Linda Vargas4 ngày trước

    I love it !

  9. Osoro Shidesu

    Osoro Shidesu6 ngày trước

    Who is watching this in 2020 ?

  10. •Gacha Ocean•

    •Gacha Ocean•6 ngày trước

    Beauty is not something you own it is something you are❤️❤️❤️

  11. Melody Sandoval

    Melody Sandoval6 ngày trước

    Is everyone else confousdis cause I am this sounds like my life right now so “do they like you “Do you like you~” this is my life and my friends comforting me I love me friends💗

  12. vxieelyy

    vxieelyy7 ngày trước

    To the one reading this, don't listen to other people, If they judge you just ignore them, Be who you are. You are worth it, please take care of yourself, friend.😊❤

  13. hailey gross

    hailey gross7 ngày trước

    Me liove song

  14. Sarah Blossom

    Sarah Blossom7 ngày trước

    my situation bring me here .

  15. Rufina Zou

    Rufina Zou8 ngày trước

    Who else is watching this during quarantine😣

  16. grayson kelly

    grayson kelly9 ngày trước

    we live in such a sad world

  17. Olivia Bulczak

    Olivia Bulczak11 ngày trước

    Who else is watching this 2020 !

  18. Michael Barrett

    Michael Barrett11 ngày trước

    Speed this up to 1.25 and swap her singing for Dexter Holland and this is the exact same as The Kids Aren't Alright. This song used the same chords, same key, but is slower at just 70 bmp instead of 99. Mix and match the beat and lyrics karaoke-style and you'll see for yourselves!

  19. Eva Kivits

    Eva Kivits11 ngày trước

    2020 anyone?

  20. Lorena Yat-Mendez

    Lorena Yat-Mendez12 ngày trước

    Omg July 9 is my birthday and I really like your voice is so good and I hope you keep doing and you make my feelings happy because all those day of my life I feel sad and I hope you make more song ✌️

  21. Yt_ Jessica

    Yt_ Jessica12 ngày trước

    do you like u (u just have to getup get up) i love this song!!!

  22. Joe Balaich

    Joe Balaich13 ngày trước

    In 2020 we went through Covid 19. people lost side of themselves because they became hopeless and having to be forced to let others heal. Did we stop and take a moment to appreciate what we can do and what we do have? Did we stop a moment to breathe and accept things beyond our control? Don't let the virus define you, let the virus be another challenge of a way of finding yourself and accepting yourself. Take a deep breath Everything will work out if we continue to look for the good more than the bad. No matter the outcome.

  23. Ana Rebeka López

    Ana Rebeka López13 ngày trước


  24. lazy girl

    lazy girl14 ngày trước

    I've always thought i was not good enough, but this song changed everything for me. I hope it will do the same to you! :)

  25. Erin Shank

    Erin Shank15 ngày trước

    Hi i'm 11 and i'm using my mom's laptop here me out- so i have had one of my friends since Kindergarten and we liked hanging out doing sleepovers until this pandemic... its 2020 we thought it would be a good year going to middle school and all... we were wrong.. ever since fourth grade she had a new friend.. Now don't get me wrong i was happy for her.. a few weeks later we all attend a sleepover.. i notice i didn't really like her.. after a few months she started to change.. not the person i knew... this year was difficult that girl is in my class.. and now there is a new issue isn't that great.. she ALWAYS talks about them i'm getting annoyed one of my bfs told me they were fake i ignored it i couldn't believe her my friend my friend no no no!!! She keeps warning me and i know she is right deep deep down i know.. so please do me a good done darn thing and do not whatsoever change your self... it's not worth the risk trust me.. i know..

  26. Erin Shank

    Erin Shank15 ngày trước

    you might not like it it's okay..

  27. nariyah scott

    nariyah scott16 ngày trước

    i think i sing better when i’m upside down

  28. Saltishima_Rex _

    Saltishima_Rex _16 ngày trước

    I wish there were more empowering songs like this to tell girls that what you look like doesn’t matter.

  29. Zoe Carlson

    Zoe Carlson16 ngày trước

    The scary part is I actually relate to this

  30. The Meza's

    The Meza's16 ngày trước

    This made me cry 😭 a lot because the message

  31. Aless Garcia

    Aless Garcia18 ngày trước


  32. Pop Photography

    Pop Photography20 ngày trước

    Why did I find this looking for the saying of a scrubbing bubbles commercial

  33. ღ Alee · uwu ღ

    ღ Alee · uwu ღ20 ngày trước

    2020? 👉👈

  34. Danilo Millet

    Danilo Millet23 ngày trước

    2020 lister

  35. •Purplx Rose•

    •Purplx Rose•23 ngày trước

    Who else is watching this during quarentinne

  36. Music-youtubersneverreplybacktome

    Music-youtubersneverreplybacktome23 ngày trước

    This good for the lonely

  37. Direwolf 172

    Direwolf 17223 ngày trước

    I try to tell my family to try their hardest especially my little sister

  38. Bay Bennett

    Bay Bennett24 ngày trước

    Thank god I love this song BC my mom use to play this wen I'm sad

  39. Xara Gentry

    Xara Gentry24 ngày trước

    I heard this song once now i can not stop listening to it it helps me think i am beautiful cause i am insecure about myself... But with the help from family, friends and this song i know i am beautiful and i hope all of you guys know you are beautiful and there is always atleast one person in the world that loves you.

  40. Hiba Yahyaoui

    Hiba Yahyaoui26 ngày trước


  41. * * Project_Moonlark* *

    * * Project_Moonlark* *27 ngày trước

    Hey!! You!! Yes You person who’s reading my comment!!!! You’re beautiful and don’t let anyone change that. Your face is too beautiful for only the ground to see! Keep your head up and don’t be afraid to be who you are. So what if someone doesn’t like you? The only opinion that matters is yours! Look into the mirror at yourself do you like you? CAUSE I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!❤️❤️

  42. AlbinoBlackCat

    AlbinoBlackCat28 ngày trước


  43. Kara Rich

    Kara Rich28 ngày trước

    ): My heart breaks for girls and boys who struggle with accepting themselves as they are. You are perfectly and uniquely made. You have a purpose. And you are loved.

  44. dolun _ay

    dolun _ayTháng trước

    Riverdale ?

  45. 1-800-ugotnojams

    1-800-ugotnojamsTháng trước

    I just dont understand why people get judged. God never create us to look the same.. we all cant be the same... we're kinda like countries right? all different. I really wonder, what does bullies get when they make their victim end their life? nothing. Even if they didnt bully the victim, both wont see each other everyday in the future, right? i just hate how judgy our society is... its sad seeing people end their lives, give up their dreams and lose hope just to fit in. Really, it makes me so sad. As a bully victim myself, i cant imagine how hard it must be going through depression. But hey, just remember, i'll always be cheering on for you even if i dont know you ^-^ 💜

  46. Valen Sofi :P!

    Valen Sofi :P!Tháng trước


  47. Crystal Mooney

    Crystal MooneyTháng trước

    2020 anyone

  48. Crystal Mooney

    Crystal MooneyTháng trước

    Stay safe pwease😁

  49. A M

    A MTháng trước

    Crystal Mooney yesssss

  50. A M

    A MTháng trước

    2020? Just me? ok...

  51. Alyssa Avalos

    Alyssa AvalosTháng trước

    be u just u

  52. A M

    A MTháng trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a>

  53. Masita Abas

    Masita AbasTháng trước

    I am here after recommend by (G)I-dle Yuqi. Nice song.

  54. sad_pastiche

    sad_pasticheTháng trước

    We all know this wasnt in ur recommend. You searched it up. Dont worry i did to😔

  55. faith provost

    faith provostTháng trước

    Who is watching this is 2020???

  56. Darkmemes19

    Darkmemes19Tháng trước

    I can relate to this song and pretty in the inside

  57. Giulia Ferrero

    Giulia FerreroTháng trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a>

  58. Ceana Foster

    Ceana FosterTháng trước

    I love this song, I've never heard it but it's amazing♥

  59. Clara Bernhardt

    Clara BernhardtTháng trước

    I'm ten. I'm very short for my age and have a high-pitched voice, so people assume I'm younger then i am. I don't exactly like how I am and get frustrated easily, and I'm sensitive about my height. But that doesn't stop me from being who i am. I have two best friends who have supported me to the end, and my parents are fair and loving. Don't love yourself for who you want to be; love yourself for who you are.

  60. Vicki Vlogs

    Vicki VlogsTháng trước

    I sang this song for my sisters funeral. She struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. After time she recovered and she was her happy 14 year old self again. Then one day.. she was gone. What we didn’t notice is she didn’t recover. She wasn’t happy. It was fake. She had battled for to long. The battle had to end. And I still love you alannah. You were brave 😭

  61. Park HaNeul

    Park HaNeulTháng trước

    This song sometimes make me so happy☺💜

  62. *Midnight Sky*

    *Midnight Sky*Tháng trước

    You are beautiful don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, I love myself, and you wanna know how that happened? My first breakup lol but after that I realized that I was special and beautiful and I didn't need him anyways, and if you ARE with someone always put yourself first don't be self-centered though!

  63. Daniele 13x

    Daniele 13xTháng trước

  64. roti blue gacha

    roti blue gachaTháng trước


  65. roti blue gacha

    roti blue gachaTháng trước


  66. Ai By

    Ai ByTháng trước

    Love yourself ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Danich Whanau

    Danich WhanauTháng trước

    Beautiful lyrics and message in this song.

  68. Todobaku Loser

    Todobaku LoserTháng trước

    I honestly hope I'll bbe able to make atleast one friend when i switch schools at the start of next year..

  69. my chang`

    my chang`Tháng trước

    This is fine not ‘Good’ CAUSE THIS IS SOO TRASH

  70. Avril Flynn

    Avril FlynnTháng trước

    I love this song

  71. Anne Gichuki , NJAU

    Anne Gichuki , NJAUTháng trước

    Dream it possible

  72. Irene selenator

    Irene selenatorTháng trước


  73. Teddy_Bear

    Teddy_BearTháng trước

    Your skin isn’t paper, don’t cut it. Your face isn’t a mask, don’t hide it. Your body isn’t a book. Don’t judge it. Your neck isn’t a rope, don’t hang it. Your heart isn’t a door, don’t lock it. Your life isn’t a movie, don’t end it. ♡

  74. Joanna Arvizu

    Joanna ArvizuTháng trước

    Still listen to this song until this day because sadness just comes once in a while to bother



    Never do anything to impress other for no reason if they like you they will love you with all ur flaws

  76. Xxlil playzXx

    Xxlil playzXxTháng trước

    I sent this to my gf cuz she thought she had to try and impress me

  77. Gaming 4lifeMan

    Gaming 4lifeManTháng trước

    *do they like you?* No *Do you like you?* No

  78. Amanda Armanova

    Amanda ArmanovaTháng trước

    After reading a lot of comments i litterly started crying

  79. Cheese Cat

    Cheese CatTháng trước

    All these comments are so touching, like this song. They make me feel pathetic because this song just reminds me that im perfect the way i am, just like you and this song means so much to you guys oof I am just a random piece of cheese with a cat head. don't mind me

  80. Cathy Cheng

    Cathy ChengTháng trước

    For everyone out there that doesn’t think they’re good enough, your are better than good enough. And if people can’t see that, then that’s their fault. Don’t end your life just because someone told you that. Plus, God wouldn’t have made you if you weren’t good enough.

  81. N i N a

    N i N aTháng trước

    Hey you, yeah you....!!! i wanted to tell you that you are amazing und such a pretty girl! Don’t keep listening what they say, do YOUR thing! I love you

  82. Romita Chettri

    Romita Chettri2 tháng trước

    Beauty doesn't matter on face and body size it matter on heart and your purity ♥️♥️ Love the song ❤️

  83. Moha Adan

    Moha Adan2 tháng trước

    The may favourie song when i was in school