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Try by Colbie Caillat
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  1. tintin liu

    tintin liu5 giờ trước

    I just want to say this I’m a 12 years old girl I have a friend who is not even confident in herself because she thought that she is ugly she said everywhere I go I can see people look at me with a disgust face she been having nightmares from that all night she cried even cut herself and said way I’m I not pretty like a model but I always support her and say you are pretty in your own ways don’t compare yourself to other and love ourself from that she overcome her fear. And said to herself in the mirror everyday I’m pretty and don’t think want other think bad about you you are pretty don’t compare yourself to other And please if your friend or yourself is not confident in yourself because you look ugly just love yourself for want you are don’t compare other to you You are beautiful in your own ways Thank you if you are reading my advice and always love yourself 🙏🏻

  2. 蒋学品

    蒋学品2 ngày trước

    You don’t have to try. Your already beautiful (^◇^)don’t give up. If others don’t like you then I do :)

  3. Gacha_life Logic

    Gacha_life Logic2 ngày trước

    This song needs to be sang to me... but I still try I don’t think anyone likes me

  4. Kiera Edwards

    Kiera Edwards2 ngày trước

    If I ever have a kid and they see the cuts on my arm and ask “Whats that?” I would say “Something I NEVER want to seeon you’re skin, you’re perfect..”

  5. masz Lieza

    masz Lieza3 ngày trước

    I alway TRY to make my life happy but i cant i dont know why some people told me `your are weakling your not good enought ' but i TRY make people around me happy but i cant i hope one my life is change and i hope everybody not gonna hate me anymore i tried of my life everyone hate me everything i do everyone say i wrong why they hate me so much but i dont care they all are demon in my mind ......

  6. Kitty Squad

    Kitty Squad3 ngày trước

    Me: trying to do math test... Me:20 minutes later hand test :me thinking I hoped i tryed my best...

  7. Unknown Gay Boy

    Unknown Gay Boy3 ngày trước

    I see in the comments of people saying that “the people at their school is pretty, and I’m not” comments. And I get it. I do, looks either bring up or down our self esteem. But have any of us wondered about the girls or guys that we always tell “your so pretty!” To? Some people just love them for how they look and some get depression and be bullied FOR looking their best. I had a friend a few years back who was literally a angel. People always complement her for being beautiful and stuff. But then a girl who got jealous fought with her in the school bathroom and used scissors and chopped up her hair. Then after that people completely changed themselves talking to her to plain out ignoring her for no goddamn reason but her hair getting cut off! Like yes people who have looks that everyone likes have it better in life in the start, but think about all the comments they had to go though. Like their peers expectations and families too. Being called a slut for doing nothing at all. People being fake friends with this person just because they look like how people describe as pretty. Confessing to their crush and their crush saying yes not because he/she likes her, but just because she has looks???? I’m sorry if people get triggered by this comment. I just had to get this out there.

  8. Lucy Maria linda Jessica Mejlby schmidt

    Lucy Maria linda Jessica Mejlby schmidt4 ngày trước

    Your all Beautiful 🤩❤💎

  9. James Scott

    James Scott5 ngày trước

    These are my feelings as an 10 year old

  10. Carlina Luchenbill

    Carlina Luchenbill5 ngày trước

    when i was ten i wrote a quote Amare means love, love means when your hurt or broken, you still love the person who did it to you

  11. ri kreator

    ri kreator6 ngày trước

    i love this song

  12. ilovejimin sikeilovenoone

    ilovejimin sikeilovenoone6 ngày trước

    Let me just.say wat I. Hate about myself I dont like my nose I don't like my faceshape I don't like my body (sometimes) I hat my acne I hate my height My hair length My personality I just hate ME

  13. ilovejimin sikeilovenoone

    ilovejimin sikeilovenoone6 ngày trước

    I literally cried for like 2mins in the bathroom looking in da mirror at myself i-

  14. Maddie Weir

    Maddie Weir6 ngày trước

    3:26 what we are all here for

  15. Helder Pires

    Helder Pires7 ngày trước

    No I don’t like me, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I have pimples and I carry the biggest smile but I carry the biggest burden. I won’t commit suicide because I know, It won’t end the pain, it just passes it on to others.

  16. Hope Montgomery

    Hope Montgomery7 ngày trước

    A smile cant fix all the pain and hurt.A fake face might work for a.little but but not forever. You dont have to be scared. There are peopld to help dont try to fix it by hurting your self. It just makes things worse you are loved by many people and i am one of thoes people i and i understand i have been there

  17. Therese Middleton

    Therese Middleton7 ngày trước

    I Just Don't feel it. But I know I do Have to try.

  18. Nancy Hernandez

    Nancy Hernandez7 ngày trước

    this song makes me sad because i fell like a misfit and i always try hard to fit in

  19. pretty Deloso

    pretty Deloso8 ngày trước

    I love this song so much❤

  20. Kybear 103

    Kybear 1038 ngày trước

    Bailey Clark that is good for you but people are different

  21. Gacha_ Phoenix

    Gacha_ Phoenix9 ngày trước

    This song is Soo hearttouching 😭💓💓

  22. deeplyunheard

    deeplyunheard9 ngày trước

    I’ll never be good enough.

  23. creepypastalover 10

    creepypastalover 109 ngày trước

    My crush hates me because of how i look but should i try i feel like he will bully me does anyone have advise i really need it about now thx alot for your help if chu comment

  24. creepypastalover 10

    creepypastalover 108 ngày trước

    Thx that ment alot

  25. missfairygold

    missfairygold8 ngày trước

    @creepypastalover 10 if he is as to only judge you on your looks and not giving a crap about your personality then he isnt worth your time!!!!

  26. creepypastalover 10

    creepypastalover 109 ngày trước

    So any advise

  27. Tammy Omilusik

    Tammy Omilusik9 ngày trước

    Me and my sisters have been through some stuff, especially with our real mom gone...I've been practicing this song for a while, a couple years ago she left,and she used to sing to us, so when I found this song, I knew it was perfect...if this works out... She will know how grateful I am for her...cause even without her makeup and clothes that supposedly makes her more "Perfect" that she will be my role model for me...even if she does not agree that I need her, I truly do...Be grateful for the peop,e around you...I promise that I will, I just need your promise...⏳😔😓👋

  28. cringe queen

    cringe queen9 ngày trước

    if people dont accept u there clearly blind you dont have to change they tell u to shut up shout they tell u your weak and small tell them i see those ten inch heels tell them this is me i will never change because this is the real me u cant deal with it then fuck off

  29. Jamie Pamperin

    Jamie Pamperin10 ngày trước

    I love this song to

  30. Ami Perez

    Ami Perez11 ngày trước

    This song expresses how I feel lonely inside an out caster I just want to belong....😿

  31. Jimination Blue

    Jimination Blue12 ngày trước

    I’m fat and I want to lose weight. When I say that to others, they think I’m trying to lose weight just to get more attention. But I told them that I’m not doing that for attention. I’m doing that so that I can feel better for myself and have more confidence. I don’t know why but I just felt like I needed to say this. The song was so good ☺️

  32. Ariaty Hada

    Ariaty Hada13 ngày trước

    october 2019? HAHA

  33. melissa Dizmang

    melissa Dizmang13 ngày trước

    I don't have to TRY TRY TRY TRY TRY TRY TRY

  34. Pâmela Ribeiro

    Pâmela Ribeiro14 ngày trước


  35. Ruby Tennis

    Ruby Tennis14 ngày trước

    "Keep your head up, because your face is too beautiful for only the ground to see."

  36. LostToThe Food4ever

    LostToThe Food4ever16 ngày trước

    2019 anyone, u don't have to try.

  37. Kaira Dost

    Kaira Dost16 ngày trước

    I don't hv many friends

  38. Kaira Dost

    Kaira Dost16 ngày trước

    This explains me

  39. Kadejah Humphrey

    Kadejah Humphrey16 ngày trước

    ive been battling myself for a pretty long time and I have scars to prove it

  40. Kevin Le Roux

    Kevin Le Roux17 ngày trước

    i love this song

  41. Dustin Landstrom

    Dustin Landstrom17 ngày trước

    You all have a reason to get upset if you break up but do you want to show girls are strong

  42. Hope Coates

    Hope Coates18 ngày trước

    You are perfect the way you are don't change a thing about yourself you're smile😇is worth more than gold🏆you are an amazing💕😍 so don't change anything about yourself 😊👍

  43. Jeon Nabila

    Jeon Nabila19 ngày trước

    I love my self (i don't love my self)

  44. Jaysudha N

    Jaysudha N20 ngày trước

    Each and every girl in this world is pretty.. So you don't have to try to look pretty in front of anyone.. Cause you are born beautiful.. Love yourself cause you are amazing girls... Love you first then you share your love...

  45. Ash quero

    Ash quero21 ngày trước


  46. Francis Fernandez

    Francis Fernandez21 ngày trước

    2019, our tracher show this and wow... this is one of my favorite songs👌👌👌❤🇵🇭

  47. Arabella Farry

    Arabella Farry22 ngày trước

    😂 2019 Any one

  48. Hera Khandokar Tubaei

    Hera Khandokar Tubaei22 ngày trước

    Those dislikes from the all innocent girl's bullies...

  49. Shirley Chandler

    Shirley Chandler22 ngày trước

    this song cures depression

  50. Radicool Rat

    Radicool Rat24 ngày trước

    b r u h t h i s i s s o d e e p .

  51. kayla swanson

    kayla swanson25 ngày trước

    Hah, this reminds me how I do try too hard. Because if I didn’t I’d lose everyone and everything I care about.

  52. frickasilverlining

    frickasilverlining25 ngày trước

    Everyone being sad in the comments I'm just here cuz I like the song...

  53. Jordyn Hill

    Jordyn Hill25 ngày trước

    Listen to this song, think about your life, you realize, your life was so horrible, you want to end it, but, you think about all your friends and family, you tell yourself excuses like, “I don’t want to make them sad”, when really, you’re too scared of the pain and guilt you’ll feel if you survive, and you’re too scared think about the after death, you don’t know if heaven is real, if you’ll go straight to a new life where you have to go through that again, you call yourself a coward, you think, “how can my life get better”, the next day you feel completely useless, but just know, someone will be there to love you, at least 1 person likes you, and maybe, you do or learn to like them, maybe your crush likes you, my crush asked me out, I feel like life might be getting better for me, but then I realize, they’ll be gone, and I get depressed again, but, I don’t want others to feel my pain and sorrow, so I make them feel better than I do cause they deserve every second of love, I know I do too, but I don’t feel like I have ever been good enough for their love, I call myself ugly everyday and now I believe it, if you don’t call yourself something everyday, then you won’t believe it, if you call yourself positive words, you’ll stay positive, please stay positive

  54. Nicks Gacha

    Nicks Gacha26 ngày trước


  55. Elisabeth Karnes

    Elisabeth Karnes26 ngày trước

    I love this song. It's so important to remember that people should love us for who we are. We should need to try and become someone we're not. Yes, reach for the stars but don't lose yourself in the process. If you don't love yourself, how can you expect other people to love you? Love yourself, you're amazing just the way you are! Maybe you have a crooked nose or extreme acne, but that shouldn't define you. I love you all!

  56. Nai- Chan

    Nai- Chan27 ngày trước

    To all the girls who think everyone hates them, remember this for everyone person that hates you someone loves you. Near or far, you are never alone so don't loose hope.

  57. Deetya Jain

    Deetya Jain28 ngày trước

    I'm just like, let's go insecurities!!! really sucks:(

  58. AeriLoveSweet Builds

    AeriLoveSweet Builds4 ngày trước

    @Deetya Jain thank you. 😁😁😁

  59. Deetya Jain

    Deetya Jain4 ngày trước

    @AeriLoveSweet Builds ...jeez thanks for making me cry. Jk... Sort of. Thanks tho, really. I've been trying to keep up my self esteem and tell myself that I'm beautiful, but man is it hard when it feels like I'm lying to myself. Honestly tho, thank u a lot. Ur comment literally made my day. And I hope u get thru ur insecurities too😥🙂

  60. AeriLoveSweet Builds

    AeriLoveSweet Builds4 ngày trước

    No it doesn't matter you can get though it I have insecurities as well but realize that God made us the people who have insecurities you can get through it I believe in you. Xoxoxo 💋 ❤️ I really hope you see this.

  61. •Itz Skylar and Demon•

    •Itz Skylar and Demon•28 ngày trước

    I'm trying to be pretty like all of the other girls at my school i wish that i was popular but i can't I'm ugly, i don't have good looks, i don't have pretty hair and I'm fat I'm so ugly i Will never be popular or pretty or cool 😔

  62. the_alpha 10q

    the_alpha 10qTháng trước

    Girls stop sayin youre ugly youre beautiful if you need deep content follow @my_deep_touths on ig

  63. Gacha_ Psychopath

    Gacha_ PsychopathTháng trước

    I have nothing to say,I'm so speechless to say this: Its PERFECT!! edit: i have nothing to say cuz' i'm speechless :blah blah blah blah blah blah blah its PERFECT

  64. Alexandra Tran

    Alexandra TranTháng trước

    Don’t change yourself to look like others you are perfect just the way you are Hope this makes you feel better😁☺️😊

  65. Zereta S.

    Zereta S.Tháng trước

    This went up on my birthday 🥺🥺❤💕

  66. Lenor Jean Tahud

    Lenor Jean TahudTháng trước

    Wow this is do like im crying cause is a sad try song nice do it more drama