The Day I Got Arrested


  1. Olga Romero

    Olga Romero2 giờ trước


  2. Olga Romero

    Olga Romero2 giờ trước

    The funny part. Shoe:I LIKE HER. Baby Adám:NO I LIKE HER. Shoe:NO I LIKE HER. Baby adam:NO I LIKE HER. Shoe:NO I LIKE HER. Baby adam:F##K YOU...................... Gosh

  3. Anthony Lira

    Anthony Lira5 giờ trước

    8:26 "Help me there's fire in my eye balls"

  4. ZX SpitfirePlayZ

    ZX SpitfirePlayZ13 giờ trước

    Woah dude, bros before hoes!

  5. Laika D.

    Laika D.20 giờ trước

    Made me laugh so damn hard🤣🤣🤣😂😂💖

  6. kettel corn3607

    kettel corn3607Ngày trước

    this goes to show how racist cops are

  7. Noober Reee!

    Noober Reee!Ngày trước

    3:41 .............WHAT! That’s messed up

  8. Yahya Alzubairi

    Yahya AlzubairiNgày trước

    That ball shit just because you're Mexican that does not mean you did it you should've said it was you're friend also fu** that cop he can go to hell and I hope gets fired

  9. Edwingamer playz [gd]

    Edwingamer playz [gd]Ngày trước

    I like her i like her i like her i like her i like her f**k you 😂😄😂

  10. TheWeirdo :3

    TheWeirdo :3Ngày trước

    " _FUCK YOU_ " "......"

  11. Noah playz

    Noah playzNgày trước


  12. KLance Cosplay

    KLance Cosplay2 ngày trước

    Me: Oh- I have a solution- Poly relationship- no? Just me? Kay I'll go back to my life-

  13. Liza Greene

    Liza Greene2 ngày trước

    I Russian, so somehow I always get accused of spying on people by the people at my school! But they’re wrong! The only person I stalk is my crush!

  14. The amazing Number 2

    The amazing Number 22 ngày trước

    I like her I like her I like her I like her fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you I like her I like her I like her I like her

  15. Green Eater

    Green Eater2 ngày trước

    2:03 That face LOL

  16. Kean Blanch

    Kean Blanch2 ngày trước

    Cop meets donald trump becomes 2nd richest person in america

  17. Itz Wolf

    Itz Wolf2 ngày trước

    WTF I have the same problem

  18. SuchStratsYT

    SuchStratsYT2 ngày trước

    No one: Literally no one: Seriously literally no one: Shoe: lets spray paint a note on the wall of the tunnel to see if bob would go out with one of us and lets leave a marker so she can write her reply

  19. Amanda Wilson

    Amanda Wilson2 ngày trước


  20. Christopher Josiah W

    Christopher Josiah W3 ngày trước

    You make me so happy

  21. jeremiah edgar

    jeremiah edgar3 ngày trước

    Wait, he hasn't uploaded in a long time.......... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  22. avanti mantena

    avanti mantena3 ngày trước

    You should have used nailpolish remover or hand sanitizer it works and it takes off permanent marker use it

  23. Ryan Varghese

    Ryan Varghese3 ngày trước

    One thing u need to know bout vandalizing, you never leave your tools behind 🤣

  24. Mason8

    Mason83 ngày trước

    Cop:adam ur name under arest for... Adam: nooooóooooo Cop:being such a gooooood utuber

  25. Freddy Creeper

    Freddy Creeper4 ngày trước

    shoot that sucks the police sucks

  26. Isaiah Ambos

    Isaiah Ambos4 ngày trước

    That cops a bitch

  27. Ashley Wildasin

    Ashley Wildasin4 ngày trước


  28. Gunner Games

    Gunner Games4 ngày trước

    1:16 when I found out my best friend liked my crush to

  29. Gunner Games

    Gunner Games4 ngày trước

    Me When I read the title of this video 0:10

  30. Mary Slaton

    Mary Slaton4 ngày trước

    I go to that school

  31. DiscoDingo81

    DiscoDingo814 ngày trước

    Is this why your single

  32. zerozekro

    zerozekro4 ngày trước

    hey i would burp in class and get expelled

  33. Ismael Gonzalez

    Ismael Gonzalez5 ngày trước

    Mexican party with pinatas, burros and actual tacos, not those crunchy ones from Taco Bell. (Friggin' calling themselves a "taco place.")

  34. Lisa  Peterson

    Lisa Peterson5 ngày trước

    You yop that's the sound of law enforcement

  35. Jacob Persico

    Jacob Persico5 ngày trước

    4:29 You should have used rubbing alcohol. That gets permanent marker off nonporous surfaces.

  36. Jack Copeland

    Jack Copeland5 ngày trước


  37. Jack Copeland

    Jack Copeland5 ngày trước

    Brrrmmm you

  38. Dark Love

    Dark Love5 ngày trước

    The cop is so rascis

  39. the kindi brothers

    the kindi brothers5 ngày trước

    So the cop was r.a.c.i.s.t

  40. Daniel Cadena

    Daniel Cadena5 ngày trước

    Wait is up my compa

  41. Ugandan Soup

    Ugandan Soup5 ngày trước

    1:43 the face wow ;w;

  42. Jean M Tejeda

    Jean M Tejeda5 ngày trước

    my friend almost got arested

  43. Goat - GMD

    Goat - GMD5 ngày trước

    this one was not on me cuz i did not know cursing yet but here we where moveing in to my moms friends home? and while we where putting our stuff inside my brother "GABE" decided to frickin just drop it! then my brother devin yeld "FUCK!" and afew hours later a cop came up to the house and somehow he heard my brother devin yell fuck and there where no cops i saw on my way to the house so mybe the cops where called? but then MY BROTHER LIDE TO THE COP! THAT HE DID NOT SAY "FUCK!" OUTLOUD! so uhh... ya thats my story of my brother geting almost aressted and to this day they are propley still looking for the "GUY" that yelled "FUCK!"

  44. Goat - GMD

    Goat - GMD5 ngày trước

    there are two types of this phrase " 0:59 " there is "shoe" or "shu" so ad- uhhh crap i forgot his name ); (pls dont kill meh)

  45. Goat - GMD

    Goat - GMD5 ngày trước

    3:08 bullys:HAHA HE PISSED HIS DIAPER LOL HE IS A BABY bullys friend: but i thought you pee in your pants to... bully:never tell anyone that... >:( bullys friend:but... uhhh this is a text online .-. bully: :D .... you made me pee and im pissed Me:wait did he just say that for fun or what?

  46. Ice cream kitty

    Ice cream kitty5 ngày trước

    The Day I Got missed Taken As A Friend Of Mine Who Ran Away. Me and my friend we were skating in a driveway . And then a cop showed up out of noware and asked me "Hello faith I need you to come with me and go down to the police station . " I slowly thought this dude was crazy . And the maria looked at me and I said "Hello , did I do something wrong" . He then responds with "You ran away from home" I then pointed to my house .Then he had the most dumb look on his face and said "Oh sorry You girls look very similar so I thought you were her . Have a nice day" . And the left. Me and maria looked at each other and the started to laugh and then go back stating . Truns out my friend had ran away and was found at night . I know this because the next day she was on the bus and told me . (And if your wonder how a cop thought I was her this is how . 1. She has blonde hair at the time I had bleached my hair causing it to be blonde . 2. We were the exacte same height 3.We sounded the execate same . 4. We wore a matching outfits that day .)

  47. Amazing Mark XD

    Amazing Mark XD5 ngày trước


  48. Layla Huber

    Layla Huber5 ngày trước

    So uh my cousins wants me to try and spray paint the rims (the place you go for a walk a flipping cliff) so uh I might try and...and I know that I'm going to get arrested..with meh luck

  49. zombiekid666 coolzombie

    zombiekid666 coolzombie6 ngày trước


  50. zombiekid666 coolzombie

    zombiekid666 coolzombie6 ngày trước

    8.00 not worth it?!?!?0o0 yes it for meee

  51. Alex Liskai

    Alex Liskai6 ngày trước

    I just got done with my 15 jrs

  52. Zack Peshlakai

    Zack Peshlakai6 ngày trước

    I got arrested by the police for stealing mail