Talking To Crazy People


  1. Kaja3

    Kaja348 phút trước

    When you cut holes in a net, you lower the amount of holes in it

  2. Blue Skies

    Blue Skies6 giờ trước

    Dogs were sent in by the government to spy on us

  3. Sakura Gutting

    Sakura Gutting12 giờ trước

    The weirdest thing I've thought of was the one time I had a dream that my whole fifth grade class was on the same airplane I was on

  4. Jake Agurer power

    Jake Agurer power15 giờ trước


  5. Faith Luna

    Faith Luna20 giờ trước


  6. Shelley Jackson

    Shelley JacksonNgày trước

    Trees are broccoli parents and we murder the parents and flatten them then we eat their children....

  7. Master gocha Lily

    Master gocha LilyNgày trước

    She was so brave to flip off HaRrY PoTeR #potterheadfoveralone

  8. Zetastorm !

    Zetastorm !Ngày trước

    crazy people can detect each other that's probably why you have met so many

  9. Shannon Brocklesby

    Shannon BrocklesbyNgày trước

    i think im one of the weird people because sometimes if im bored at school i stand up start doing weird dances in the middle of class and the teacher just dosent do anything because i do it alot when i bored and thay just tell me to sit down XD i also just start making strange noises like a goat or something

  10. A talking Flower

    A talking FlowerNgày trước

    I'm like a evil weird guy

  11. TeamTDMgirlDiamondFaceCrepperRicky

    TeamTDMgirlDiamondFaceCrepperRicky2 ngày trước


  12. Lokat Master Chief 117

    Lokat Master Chief 1172 ngày trước

    You should have made a SANDwich

  13. Salad Scribble

    Salad Scribble2 ngày trước

    Let me explain (studios .w.) Okay so we got many many alternative universes. So you know how when you go to sleep you wake up (in your eyes) instantly. But, let's say there's your family in the living room and your sleeping on the couch, as I said you wake up instantly. But how is this possible when everyone in the living room is seeing you as sleeping for (for example) 2 hours? And you are just going to sleep and waking up in a second and it's 2 hours later? What is going on when you wake up and you see your family and let's say you go out to eat and come back home in 2 hours. But then in your family's eyes you are still asleep!?!? It makes no sense. And so that means it's either alternative universe's and your quickly transitioning to your normal universe, or its speeding up time but no one notices it!?!!!?!! I have no idea how this is possible -inhale- rReEEeeEeEedjhdjdmshnsmwurhndJDJEYWMushsnamaJJSHSNn Mmwjjajejem *just joinin the crowd .w.*

  14. An Opinion

    An Opinion2 ngày trước

    You were playing the game of life

  15. Aaron Prager

    Aaron Prager2 ngày trước

    I was eating sand when I was watching this video (no I didn't please don't do it :/)

  16. Strange Codes

    Strange Codes2 ngày trước

    I wanna swim in an ocean of cat furr *Multiply it by 6* People drowning in an ocean of dead hairless cats

  17. Random person over the internet

    Random person over the internet3 ngày trước

    Are you part of the animation squad or kindergarten

  18. Mahala Latta

    Mahala Latta3 ngày trước

    I want to talk to sand man now.

  19. Tot Tot

    Tot Tot3 ngày trước

    What if coffee is drugged with stuff to make us stoopid.

  20. Pancake Void

    Pancake Void3 ngày trước


  21. krickle krickld

    krickle krickld3 ngày trước

    Adam:think about the craziest thing ever now multiply it by 6 Me:adam the craziest thing i ever seen is u and the factor can't go up

  22. FeatheredMask

    FeatheredMask3 ngày trước

    Ik this off topic but i got ad that said "OH NO THE VEGANS ARE COMING." Im weird.

  23. Void Beers

    Void Beers3 ngày trước

    I'm one of those crazy people

  24. stupid guy who breaks stuff

    stupid guy who breaks stuff3 ngày trước

    Pervert face alert 3:44

  25. Chinchilla Mango

    Chinchilla Mango4 ngày trước

    I laughed so hard at the lady who said that the government stole her middle finger because she flipped off daniel raddcliff (I have no idea who that is or how to spell his name) in japanese lols. Love your vids, Adam! Have a great day. (I would never talk to strangers if they were on drugs, or sometimes just normal strangers, because I am an introvert. lol.)

  26. Dianne Owen

    Dianne Owen4 ngày trước

    1dinos are real,2 you are funny

  27. Brody WestWood

    Brody WestWood4 ngày trước

    I love messing with Jehovah witness 😂 I was able to get one to rake my yard once. 💁

  28. the fnaf plusher

    the fnaf plusher4 ngày trước

    I so want to see that guy cause hes funny and he met u XD also cause its gonna be game over

  29. Ophelia Steele

    Ophelia Steele4 ngày trước

    The weirdest thing I could think of was Adam and that x6 is: ADAMADAMADAMADAMADAMADAM

  30. Tess Da gamer

    Tess Da gamer4 ngày trước

    Who else thought of the sentence the kittens are dinosaurs that do back flips then grab a pencil then do a front flip the grab another pencil then turn into an egg? No? Just me? Oh well

  31. Frankie Perez

    Frankie Perez4 ngày trước

    Would if pigeons are just cameras and cell phone lines are there charging station would if all of them are

  32. Frankie Perez

    Frankie Perez4 ngày trước

    Would if pigeons are just cameras and cell phone lines are there charging station would if all of them are

  33. Isaiah Cartledge

    Isaiah Cartledge4 ngày trước

    She was telling the truth she only had 4 fingers!!!



    “Hey mom....” is a SCARY start of a sentence for moms in 2019. Like: Hey mom I’m gonna be a introverted blogger (VIgosr.) Hey mom.....I eat peanut butter and jelly with croutons, mayonnaise, gummy worms ,and top ramen! Hey mom I used up your credit card on amazon... to buy video games... Hey mom I’m I smell like beef... ( from vine) Hey mom I just scored (however many points gamers consider good) on Fortnite! Hey mom I’m Lv 143 in mafia city. Hey mom I’m a new meme! And finally: Hey mom I stayed up till 1: 45 am to make this loooong comment. That will to only get like 3 likes!!!



    Well.... We all just drive our clothes around everywhere. All mouths are just unsuspected teeth monsters. When someone texts “see ya later” they really mean “read ya later”. Blank black t-shirts are such a big waste of space. If a phones “dies” it will ALWAYS be a zombie phone after it’s charged.

  36. Caitlin Gillard

    Caitlin Gillard4 ngày trước

    I just realized how stupid I am because I’m easily amused by something like key chains and one time in the hospital my mom hurt herself and my sister gave me her keys and she looked away at her phone and looked back at me playing with her keys she said to me “what are you doing?” I said “nothing” and gave her keys back

  37. knspeter

    knspeter5 ngày trước

    1:10 I see 6 of Adams faces now

  38. Mark Godfrey

    Mark Godfrey5 ngày trước

    1:45 me in a nutshell

  39. KLance Cosplay

    KLance Cosplay5 ngày trước

    ~Me if I saw that sand dude~ IMA EAT IT ALLLL

  40. Ana Guillermina Villegas Martínez

    Ana Guillermina Villegas Martínez5 ngày trước

    6 Chickens with colorful socks.

  41. MeganThe_ Cat

    MeganThe_ Cat5 ngày trước

    I’ve come across a guy on crack yelling at a pigeon

  42. No Words

    No Words5 ngày trước

    Adam:No fingers lost. *shes missing her pinky*

  43. AmarisAnimates

    AmarisAnimates5 ngày trước

    DON'T EAT THE SAND!!!!!! Lol



    Mom:HUN CAN I HAVE FOOD Mind me:....I dont know hat to cook but ima make something burnt. Me talk:OKAY


    JACKAL SNIPER5 ngày trước

    Wait if farmers give the pigs food scraps and they had Pork is the pig a cannibal

  46. Fiona Foster

    Fiona Foster6 ngày trước

    Adam: Think of the weirdest thing. Me: You Adam: multiple that by six Me: :o

  47. Ender Cat

    Ender Cat6 ngày trước

    Some kid at a camp I went to told me that the Earth is a donut. It was the most enteristing thing I had heard. He said the reason why we never see the center of the Earth because there is no center because It'S a DoNuT!! My friend kept trying to drag me away, but I heard half of his theory before I went back to my campsite and I never heard the rest of this theory.

  48. Shylah Stevens

    Shylah Stevens6 ngày trước

    I love talkin to crazy people! It’s so entertaining!

  49. DaLitLlama Gamer

    DaLitLlama Gamer6 ngày trước

    Don’t eat the sand or its game over

  50. Chloe Johnson

    Chloe Johnson6 ngày trước

    You are to much like me it scares me xD so so scary but awesome..xD i would do the same thing