Sausage Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Sausage | Price Points | Epicurious

In this episode of 'Price Points,' Epicurious challenges sausage expert Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions to guess which one of two sausages is more expensive. Elias breaks down bratwurst, blood, veggie, chicken and kielbasa sausages before making his guesses!
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Sausage Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Sausage | Price Points | Epicurious


  1. Posiden72 _

    Posiden72 _3 ngày trước

    You forgot chorizo!!!

  2. Ángel García de la Reina

    Ángel García de la Reina3 ngày trước

    What about CHORIZO???

  3. Brandon Bartz

    Brandon Bartz3 ngày trước

    What in the world is "pappa-reekuh"? Lol. He said that word so weird

  4. mothbazooka

    mothbazooka5 ngày trước

    It's so cool to hear from someone who is so passionate about something that most people never even think about

  5. John Kettle

    John Kettle5 ngày trước

    "smoked pap-uh-rikuh" is killing me

  6. disarchitected

    disarchitected8 ngày trước

    He almost chokes up when talking about blood sausage A. This man loves his processed meats.

  7. Adrian Almonte

    Adrian Almonte8 ngày trước

    He looks like a sausage

  8. themikevlad

    themikevlad9 ngày trước

    "sausage expert"

  9. CherryJuli

    CherryJuli10 ngày trước

    As a German I find this pink Bratwurst offensive. It’s a sausage, not a Bratwurst. And rice, barley and potato in blood sausage???

  10. silentbuttcrackplz

    silentbuttcrackplz11 ngày trước

    Sean Evans' brother

  11. Sherry King

    Sherry King12 ngày trước

    Can you tell us what the products are in these videos

  12. Alexander Cooper

    Alexander Cooper12 ngày trước

    Why am I up at 2.42 am watching a man compare and contrast sausages?

  13. Wonchan Cho

    Wonchan Cho12 ngày trước

    man i love this guy not at all annoying compared to every other experts. he is humble about his profession, and definitely has respect for those who make different choices. like veggie sausages- which they actually aren’t that bad, opposed to what most people think.

  14. anticipayo

    anticipayo13 ngày trước

    20$/lb for a bratwurst.... those are sci fi prices for sausages

  15. mryoheylol

    mryoheylol13 ngày trước

    The way he pronounces ‘bratwurst’ makes me want to scream

  16. Anya Saunders

    Anya Saunders13 ngày trước

    Should’ve had him try the Impossible sausages. They literally taste like meat

  17. Asian Girl

    Asian Girl13 ngày trước

    “that’s a darn fine sausage right there”

  18. G E

    G E14 ngày trước

    One of the lazier chalkboard paintings... 🤔

  19. kursna

    kursna15 ngày trước

    Don't enjoy that blood sausage too much

  20. MonsterousNighty

    MonsterousNighty16 ngày trước

    Love the subtle Zelda music reference while cooking the sausage.

  21. Kasia z Wroclawia

    Kasia z Wroclawia18 ngày trước

    kielbasa A doesnt really look like kielbasa. Kielbasa B looks like the one my grandfather makes. actual Pole here ;)

  22. Harry Jaggers

    Harry Jaggers19 ngày trước

    I want to love something as much as this guy loves sausage

  23. Dumb and Dunmer

    Dumb and Dunmer19 ngày trước

    kielbasa is pronounced kibasee not expert

  24. cloudloop

    cloudloop20 ngày trước

    My only problem and the biggest problem with all of these “expert” series is the fact that they can see everything they’re tasting. I ain’t no food expert by any means, but if you take their ability to see and touch the product, I think they would be left with nothing but their actual expertise. Please put these “experts” through an actual test.

  25. Suzi Elnaggar

    Suzi Elnaggar19 ngày trước

    The point is educating about food, not being a game show. Food is visual.

  26. They call Me JEFF

    They call Me JEFF20 ngày trước

    Eli: "Any type of meat ranging from pork.." Me: Ok thats normal Eli: "to horse" Me: Ok tha... Wait a min

  27. Frisco Batts

    Frisco Batts20 ngày trước

    Just noticed all the vids have Jason voorhees in the background.

  28. Brexit Refugee

    Brexit Refugee21 ngày trước

    Been to a lot of sausage parties, so I think that makes me an expert.

  29. Alex el peón

    Alex el peón22 ngày trước

    where's the doctor's sausage?

  30. Keith Villarreal

    Keith Villarreal22 ngày trước

    Fun fact Eli Cairo is basically the human Kirby, he doesn't just wear hats; he finds an expert in a certain field, does the big succ and bada bing bada boom you get a new expert

  31. Zdzisiek Woźnicki

    Zdzisiek Woźnicki22 ngày trước

    "kiełbasa" emmm, there are houndreds of types of kiełbasa soooo, and he got 2 different ones so how to compare? xD

  32. MRH BKJK

    MRH BKJK22 ngày trước

    Just Put a Hat. You will be more Expert.

  33. Raventime

    Raventime22 ngày trước

    Am i the only one here who thinks a blood sausage sounds and looks and propably tastes disgusting?

  34. Sebastian Berrio

    Sebastian Berrio21 ngày trước

    You should give it a try, in Colombia, Argentina and Spain, the "morcilla" is pretty popular and it actually tastes very good !

  35. Nadia DEFOE

    Nadia DEFOE22 ngày trước

    Hey did they chage the artist that draws the backgrownd? It seems to have less umpf lately.

  36. bryan Gao

    bryan Gao23 ngày trước

    Bring back eli

  37. Peter Twiss

    Peter Twiss23 ngày trước

    This guy is cool, it's very clear he loves eating these things, his face lights up with the good stuff.

  38. imnevermakingavideo

    imnevermakingavideo24 ngày trước


  39. Markus Wallin

    Markus Wallin24 ngày trước

    If you want to learn more about Sausage making, like see the process, then Brad from Bon Appetite joined Eli in making sausage. Then he also joined Eli for a pheasant hunt.

  40. Ivar B

    Ivar B24 ngày trước

    Sean Evans really aged fast. Must’ve been all those damn hot wings...

  41. TheR3aper5

    TheR3aper525 ngày trước

    Hot Dog expert when?

  42. TheR3aper5

    TheR3aper525 ngày trước

    This guy is great, but the music is just a little to loud for his soft spoken voice

  43. Charoñ West

    Charoñ West25 ngày trước

    I need a fish sausage

  44. Maria J

    Maria J26 ngày trước

    "pap-per-eek-uh" 6:04 so cute how he adds an extra syllable

  45. agirlwithnoname

    agirlwithnoname26 ngày trước

    I think he malfunctioned when he ate the vegetarian sausages lol

  46. Nottan Ajin

    Nottan Ajin28 ngày trước

    I love how Epicurious keeps trolling Eli with veggie substitutes.

  47. Han Hubelmann

    Han HubelmannTháng trước

    Who grills Blutwurst?

  48. KingJimmy69

    KingJimmy69Tháng trước

    straight jizzes himself at 8:00

  49. Tomek Styn

    Tomek StynTháng trước


  50. Sister Goldenhair

    Sister GoldenhairTháng trước

    Best bratwurst Usingers Cajun style! Milwaukee’s finest!

  51. Jake Pinder

    Jake PinderTháng trước

    "Awesome sausage"

  52. Kassie Flores

    Kassie FloresTháng trước

    What’s up with the Friday the 13th's sound effect aspect in the background?

  53. The_Frostiest_ Lemon

    The_Frostiest_ LemonTháng trước

    No one: Literally no one: Elias Cairo: Pah-Puh-Rika 6:01

  54. chris hamblett

    chris hamblettTháng trước

    The sausage king of Chicago

  55. Flufferz626

    Flufferz626Tháng trước

    No Conecuh. I am offended

  56. heroinhero69

    heroinhero69Tháng trước

    Should’ve gotten Anderson Cooper, he’s the real sausage expert

  57. John Martin

    John MartinTháng trước

    Blood Sausage: Breakfast of Orcs and Klingons for thousands of years.

  58. Van Cleef The God

    Van Cleef The GodTháng trước

    Eli with scuba mask: Fish Expert

  59. CommanderDEV

    CommanderDEVTháng trước

    Eli is finally teaching us "that"

  60. Achmad Fauzan

    Achmad FauzanTháng trước

    Man like Eli

  61. DeletedGemz

    DeletedGemzTháng trước

    Just watched a man talk about sausages for 22 minutes

  62. PinkieSwirl

    PinkieSwirlTháng trước

    Definitely going vegetarian I can’t cause my dad yells at me if I don’t eat meat and he said I couldn’t be vegetarian till I was 18 which is sad I’m sorry if I offend any vegetarians or vegans or anybody I know vegetarians and vegans are very different I don’t think that if I don’t eat meat that others have to follow me. I winced when he talked about the blood sausages and I hate bratwurst or really any meat it has grown over years, hate is a strong word but I believe that it seems to fit it idk. I am experimenting with different types of vegetarian food and in my opinion it’s wonderful. If you are still reading this it’s your choice and if you feel the need to comment negatively. I’m so sorry that you had to read my comment and that I wasted your time I really am sorry. I’m only 13 I’m not trying to ruin the world or destroy your life I want to help the environment and I know one of the ways I could help is becoming vegetarian because meat produces a lot of carbon. There are many other ways to help the environment but this is one of the ways that made me happy because I have wanted to become vegetarian for a long time, but you know I can’t. I don’t understand why people just hate vegans and vegetarians because they are just trying to live life they want, and people are like your bones will fall apart. Well they might if you aren’t educated in veganism or vegetarianism and know that there are some supplements you have to take that you can’t get from plants. Like vitamin b12 which is a vital vitamin that you need. Ok this comment is already really long so I’m going to stop now.

  63. PinkieSwirl

    PinkieSwirlTháng trước

    No it’s not an essay for English class, uh lol?