Ryan Newman NASCAR Crash

Pray for him! He’s in bad shape! #WesleyAPEX #NASCAR #Racing
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  1. Vexoph

    Vexoph51 phút trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> You can hear Mike Joy struggling to talk. Both announcers have seen the worst and know the risks of this sport. They have to remain professional in this situation to keep the viewers calm and not worried on Newman's self being.

  2. Kyle Ejem

    Kyle Ejem16 giờ trước

    I'm happy that Ryan Newman is out of the hospital.

  3. Jonah Liplikni

    Jonah Liplikni2 ngày trước

    Rip for Rayen Newmen (I was there).

  4. Your Killing Me Smalls

    Your Killing Me Smalls2 ngày trước

    He's alive though

  5. __________elias_______ __

    __________elias_______ __3 ngày trước

    Is newman dead? Sorry for this question but i cant speak englisch so good

  6. Steve & Laura

    Steve & Laura12 giờ trước

    NCAL your sick why lie

  7. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước

    He isn’t though

  8. Steve & Laura

    Steve & Laura2 ngày trước

    Sadly yes

  9. leoardo Gaming

    leoardo Gaming4 ngày trước


  10. Azure XIV

    Azure XIV5 ngày trước

    Thank goodness that leaking coolant didn’t ignite and cook Newman to a burnt crisp....



    🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> 💘💝💞 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

  12. Crazzy Gamer

    Crazzy Gamer6 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a>= Cruz on Jackson Storm's ass LOL😂

  13. Tyreisha _

    Tyreisha _6 ngày trước

    blaney a dick for that

  14. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước

    He didn’t even mean to do it

  15. d ER

    d ER7 ngày trước

    Last corner Last lap Going for the win Daytona 500 Going in the air/ upside down across the finish line.. I hope he gets well soon if he isn't already.

  16. Randolph

    Randolph7 ngày trước

    Guy is a douch bag, karma gets ya!

  17. Barbara Annen

    Barbara Annen7 ngày trước

    I watched this a dozen times. He wasnt 4th. They just felt sorry for him.

  18. Countryboy151

    Countryboy1518 ngày trước

    seeing that happen on tv.. i new he was hurt...

  19. SubToMePLZ? Can We Get this channel to1k subs?

    SubToMePLZ? Can We Get this channel to1k subs?8 ngày trước

    Whats siprisng thats in f1 nascar indycar etc... they have major chrahses but dont die. But you see normal drivers on the streets they get into accident some die

  20. hmongster84

    hmongster848 ngày trước

    Must be arco gas because that watered down fuel surely did not ignite.. jk

  21. Gavin Chopra

    Gavin Chopra8 ngày trước

    **driver literally dies** Narrators: ( ◠‿◠ )

  22. Gavin Chopra

    Gavin Chopra6 ngày trước

    Fortnite God obliviously u can’t keep ur temper down

  23. Gavin Chopra

    Gavin Chopra6 ngày trước

    Fortnite God why should I need to

  24. Fortnite God

    Fortnite God6 ngày trước

    Gavin Chopra shut up

  25. James Swanson

    James Swanson11 ngày trước

    We go from Dale Earnhardt dying from a simple collision into the wall, to Newman being able to flip in the air in 20 years. Is that comparable?

  26. michael marzan

    michael marzan12 ngày trước

    Hamlin. Should had celebrated. At end that too bad off. A crash dale Jr was more diligent when it came too his daytona win when Aston Dillon crash into the fans if we can remember back...unless they play his radio play back neither then less it was a y'all of a race

  27. Grace Lewis

    Grace Lewis13 ngày trước

    I was there and it was insane

  28. Nanette Wheeler

    Nanette Wheeler14 ngày trước

    that was blaney that pushed newman

  29. Mustang Man

    Mustang Man15 ngày trước

    One of the reasons he survived is because his driver seat was moved to middle of the car if I wouldn't of been there he would be dead☠️

  30. Mustang Man

    Mustang Man15 ngày trước

    Nascar released a statement saying he's in critical condition but his injury's are non life threatening

  31. Justin C

    Justin C16 ngày trước

    Thats insane. I would of thought he was dead for sure if I saw that Live

  32. Wi ko

    Wi ko17 ngày trước

    I see In google

  33. Josh Keene

    Josh Keene17 ngày trước

    I thought I witnessed death....

  34. Elite JSM

    Elite JSM17 ngày trước

    I was there an I soon as it happened I checked VIgos to see how many videos there were

  35. Hendra Susiyanti

    Hendra Susiyanti18 ngày trước

    He die?? (oscar mayer)

  36. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước


  37. YouHaveBeenNoted

    YouHaveBeenNoted18 ngày trước

    After reviewing that Clip like 10 times I’m 90% sure that Hamlin made blaney run into Newman making Newman crash intentionally, if so, Hamlin deserves to be kicked out of the season for nearly killing someone

  38. hi random person

    hi random person3 ngày trước

    That didn't happen, Blaney wanted to go low and get past while Hamlin wanted high, Blaney for loose from Hamlin continuing pushing going made Blaney loose and He got into Newman, it's a racing incedent

  39. Wolfpack79

    Wolfpack794 ngày trước

    ​@YouHaveBeenNoted Right, so there's no reason for him to be kicked out. This stuff isn't uncommon in Nascar, I'd think anybody who at least knows a bit about the sport would know that...

  40. YouHaveBeenNoted

    YouHaveBeenNoted4 ngày trước

    Wolfpack79 that 10% is my hope that he didn’t do that intentionally

  41. Wolfpack79

    Wolfpack794 ngày trước

    YouHaveBeenNoted You, a viewer just said you’re 90% sure, and then proceed to say he deserves to be kicked out like you know for sure. Excuse me if I’m confused

  42. R3TЯ0-93

    R3TЯ0-9319 ngày trước

    Poor Newman, he would have won if that jerl didn't push him off..Newman worked so hard to get to 1st place, he didn't deserve that loss. NASCAR today is full of cheaters.

  43. Kristen Kitchen

    Kristen Kitchen19 ngày trước


  44. Racer Girl

    Racer Girl19 ngày trước

    How come no one else is talking about how NASCAR could have prevented this? If the nascar officials had thrown the caution when chase Elliot (#9) spun on the back stretch the drivers wouldn’t have been as aggressive and they wouldn’t have crashed that way. I understand we all want to see a good race and see them under green for the last lap, but at the cost of the safety of the drivers? This is Daytona. No one knew exactly what would happen, but it is Daytona and things like that will more often than not happen on the last lap. Ryan blaney didn’t wreck newman. Blaney was trying to push newman to the win so that a ford could get the win. What happened was horrible, but all i can think about is how it could have been stopped from ever happening.

  45. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước

    It’s so easy to use hindsight after something massively horrific that happens. Since we know this crash happened, it’s easy to say that if the caution was thrown for Elliott’s crash, this wouldn’t have happened. But I guarantee if NASCAR three the caution, fans would cause a storm. Why? Because no one in the stands would’ve had any knowledge a crash this horrifying would happen. They’re only worrying about the present outcome

  46. Buckeye Fangirl19

    Buckeye Fangirl1919 ngày trước

    So glad he wasn't hurt much worse. Was terrified for him and his family.

  47. Mack James90

    Mack James9020 ngày trước

    He did NOT come across the line.............4th

  48. Justin Heape

    Justin Heape20 ngày trước

    I'm on fire!!!!!!!!

  49. Mike Beasley

    Mike Beasley21 ngày trước

    Bitch move by Hamlin. Didn't even check on him. Sad.

  50. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước

    He didn’t even know of the severity of the crash until he was in victory lane

  51. Tom Peterson

    Tom Peterson21 ngày trước

    Hamlin is dirty

  52. jeff chapman

    jeff chapman21 ngày trước

    This wreck happened 12 years to the day when he won the 50th 500

  53. GreatDayEveryone

    GreatDayEveryone21 ngày trước

    Those announcers were so callous. What the hell?

  54. caspertoo

    caspertoo22 ngày trước

    Blaney is a supreme asshole for causing Newman to crash.

  55. Toxic_Sloth

    Toxic_Sloth22 ngày trước

    GOD DAMN! ITS NEWMANS FAULT! NEWMAN WAS TRYING TO BLOCK BLANEY OF AND THE HE TRIED AGAIN AND HE RAN HIMSELF INTO THE WALL! If someone would slow this bullshit down they would know what really happend god no one needs to help Ryan Newman! Smh BS!

  56. Christopher Roberts

    Christopher Roberts22 ngày trước

    Hamlin pushed his ass

  57. masterthegamer4ever Gaming and Vlogs

    masterthegamer4ever Gaming and Vlogs22 ngày trước


  58. masterthegamer4ever Gaming and Vlogs

    masterthegamer4ever Gaming and Vlogs22 ngày trước


  59. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz24 ngày trước

    Ouch.. A pasado mucho tiempo desde que vi un accidente como esté.. Y que este hospitalizado el conductor nos hace ver que los autos nascar nunca estarán 100% seguros

  60. Zirob

    Zirob24 ngày trước

    NASCAR should be made illegal.

  61. NCAL

    NCAL15 giờ trước

    Why’s that?

  62. Anthony Nelson

    Anthony Nelson24 ngày trước

    F-O-R-D found on roof destroyed.

  63. Spam Spammy

    Spam Spammy25 ngày trước

    This is like an average Tuesday on the LIE.


    BRENDAN GILLAM25 ngày trước

    Literally cars 1

  65. Sara Mick

    Sara Mick26 ngày trước

    Big wreck Mean of Danny hamlin

  66. Beena Plumber

    Beena Plumber26 ngày trước

    He was a lot luckier than drivers who went before him. Luckier than most of us. Every day of his life he got to get up and live his dream of driving race cars. That's not bad. BTW, If I pray for him, will God make him better sooner? Wouldn't he do that anyway for someone, even if no one prayed for them? Or would he just sit on his ass? "Worship me and pray to me or your loved ones will suffer needlessly!" A sick and lonely person in a hospital bed, barely alive, suffering, unidentified... Is that who God is gonna ignore because no one knows they need our prayers? Isn't it a bit callous and selfish to ask God to heal someone you like and ignore others who are suffering? Sometimes there's just nothing we can do, and we Americans suck at accepting that reality. We can't invoke magic to heal him faster unless we look for a help from a twisted, narcissistic god. I think it's a lot healthier if we just learn to say ouch and, like St. Francis taught, accept the things we cannot change. "How shall we pray?" Do you remember the answer? Hint: It's not "please give me what I want."

  67. Edmund Ng

    Edmund Ng26 ngày trước

    Hes out of the hospital guys.

  68. BooMz N BladeZ

    BooMz N BladeZ27 ngày trước

    announcers more worried about who got first than newman, wtf

  69. MrBerg4ever

    MrBerg4ever27 ngày trước

    Dude still finished Fourth...

  70. Hockey is life

    Hockey is life27 ngày trước

    Never seen such an ignorant driver as hamlin. This guys career is forever tarnished. He would rather kill someone then admit defeat. Newman won the race and hamlins own family has abandoned him since, enjoy your failed life buddy

  71. Buster Hymen

    Buster Hymen28 ngày trước

    Thats what happens when your car is slower and you resort to blocking like an idiot. Same reason Earnhardt Sr died.

  72. Justin Kent

    Justin Kent28 ngày trước

    So sad he was my favorite car now he got out Hopital few weeks ago so sad 😭

  73. Nanette Wheeler

    Nanette Wheeler29 ngày trước

    hes okay his doctor said he will race again a couple of weeks my favorite racer is chase elliott

  74. Bruno Bustos

    Bruno BustosTháng trước


  75. que wea queri sapo kliao Shawol

    que wea queri sapo kliao Shawol29 ngày trước


  76. Carlotta Casali

    Carlotta CasaliTháng trước

    He IS dead??

  77. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen NoodlesTháng trước

    Dick move that could’ve ended Newman’s life. God

  78. bepowerification

    bepowerificationTháng trước

    oh man. didnt know so many people in this world dont realize there are other fluids in a car besides the fuel.

  79. Press Start

    Press StartTháng trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> Looks like Blaise Alexander crash

  80. Tony Z

    Tony ZTháng trước

    Rubbing is racing. It’s the risk they all take.

  81. sin6city

    sin6cityTháng trước

    When the car behind newman first turned he tried pit him the first then he did hit him the second time


    IMIV CNTRYTháng trước


  83. Swavvle

    SwavvleTháng trước

    Newman blocked Blaney 3 TIMES and got spun you cant play the blame game when these things happen. Denny did nothing wrong he won deal with it grow up be happy he is ok.

  84. Sparc Nation

    Sparc NationTháng trước

    This was a really bad wreak but Austin dillan crash from 2015 looked a lot worse!!!!

  85. AJ O'Briant

    AJ O'BriantTháng trước

    Lost a lot of respect for Hamlin. fuck celebrating man

  86. Aj Caldwell

    Aj CaldwellTháng trước

    Wtf Denny Hamlin wrecked him on purpose

  87. Swavvle

    SwavvleTháng trước

    Newman blocked Blaney 3 TIMES and got spun you cant play the blame game when these things happen. Denny did nothing wrong he won deal with it grow up be happy he is ok.

  88. mshine67

    mshine67Tháng trước

    First off, the dick in the blue and neon yellow car won it for the asshole FedEx driver who thinks he one the race. He needs to thank the other asshole, and Newman for handing it to him the dirty way. If you ain't got the skill, cheat.

  89. Swavvle

    SwavvleTháng trước

    Newman blocked Blaney 3 TIMES and got spun you cant play the blame game when these things happen. Denny did nothing wrong he won deal with it grow up be happy he is ok.

  90. Channel Z

    Channel ZTháng trước

    Blaney is a piece of shit for what he did. He almost killed him.

  91. Swavvle

    SwavvleTháng trước

    Newman blocked Blaney 3 TIMES and got spun you cant play the blame game when these things happen. Denny did nothing wrong he won deal with it grow up be happy he is ok.

  92. Henry Moser

    Henry MoserTháng trước

    hamlin is cocky

  93. Fisher

    FisherTháng trước

    he good!

  94. jack clark

    jack clarkTháng trước

    Bullshit that hamlin is so worried about winning that he's willing to put another driver in the hospital.

  95. Jake's reviews

    Jake's reviewsTháng trước

    The announcer dosen't care

  96. Eccentric Gamer

    Eccentric GamerTháng trước

    I'm still in shock that he was released from the hospital less than 48 hours after the crash. I'm not sure if that's a bigger testament to how far safety has come over the years or just how tough he is.

  97. Alexander Kramer

    Alexander KramerTháng trước

    Hamlin didn’t deserve to win

  98. Alexander Kramer

    Alexander KramerTháng trước

    I feel like Hamlin knew what he was doing and that he did it on purpose to win, are you allowed to purposely hit other cars?

  99. Danny Lambe

    Danny LambeTháng trước

    It's called bump drafting. You don't watch much NASCAR, do you?

  100. P Val

    P ValTháng trước

    Adami is

  101. Greyson Gladney

    Greyson GladneyTháng trước

    How does he not get first?? Bitch shoved him out of the way...

  102. Mark Bravo

    Mark BravoTháng trước

    " Lead , Follow or Get Out Of The Way . "