Peer Pressure


  1. Kaja3

    Kaja34 giờ trước

    so... you're peer pressuring us to resist peer pressure? jk lol

  2. Yi Lin

    Yi Lin6 giờ trước

    What about making my friend dump her boyfriend the reason why cause he “pranked “by saying that he cheated on her

  3. Imfucking Scared

    Imfucking Scared6 giờ trước

    Drink this weed

  4. BENDY and Boris

    BENDY and Boris9 giờ trước

    My mom old boy friend who did drug's and made me and my older drink beer 🍺

  5. Ola Khvatskaya

    Ola Khvatskaya13 giờ trước

    GOOd mythical mornING

  6. asiandragon634

    asiandragon63414 giờ trước

    I tried to peer pressure my friend to eat meat.

  7. SurFsideChimp

    SurFsideChimp15 giờ trước

    Cat: * wants me to pet her * Me: *To cat* Why are you peer pressuring me?

  8. SurFsideChimp

    SurFsideChimp15 giờ trước

    Help! My cat is pure pressuring me to pet her

  9. Cade Nii

    Cade Nii17 giờ trước


  10. SlippPlays

    SlippPlays19 giờ trước

    yeah the drugs/alcohol brainwashed them

  11. Juile heart

    Juile heartNgày trước

    TOTALLY me and my friends XD 4:54

  12. Briar Maudal

    Briar MaudalNgày trước

    9th grade health class, if someone is pressuring u to do something u stand in the power stance and shout, NO EVIL DOER! and leave😂😂

  13. TheNotoriousVIC ._.

    TheNotoriousVIC ._.Ngày trước

    Someone offers me weed I’m accepting

  14. Jess Playz

    Jess PlayzNgày trước

    I'm going to a school trip tomorrow to a theme park and i will pass out if i go on a certain ride and my friend is picking on me for it

  15. Scar Void

    Scar VoidNgày trước

    I might drink a thing of beer every 6 weeks but I don't ask someone to do drink, cause I'm 14, I am introvert and I asked my dad to let me drink so it's all my fault but I stopped last year ..... Thank god I stopped with that

  16. Noob Lolol

    Noob LololNgày trước

    Look at 19:00:00

  17. Trevor Layne

    Trevor LayneNgày trước

    Weed is still illegal

  18. Ryder Eisenstein

    Ryder EisensteinNgày trước

    Man 1: Drink this weed. Man 2: Naw, I’m uh. I’m good. Man 1: I will make you feel worthless because you don’t want to partake in illegal activities with me and that angers me because I have an IQ similar to that of a dead rock. Also hit the dislike button 3 times! 👇

  19. Leanne Ingersoll

    Leanne IngersollNgày trước

    This makes no sense you can summon the devil when your eight but you can't smoke what the f

  20. Jose Olarte

    Jose Olarte2 ngày trước

    Yeah like my brother to play with me and stupid and yeah your right his is a pice of shit

  21. Sasha Nathan

    Sasha Nathan2 ngày trước

    “Moral of the story: don’t hang out with I D I O T S!!!!!!!!!!” - Adam, idk what year it is

  22. pixiexsmiley

    pixiexsmiley2 ngày trước

    in grade 2 my classmates want me to get my uniform dirty because I am the only one who has the clean uniform and I refuse and then they bullied me :I

  23. The amazing Number 2

    The amazing Number 22 ngày trước

    Dud dud dud dud drink this weed dud dud dud drink it

  24. Unknown Temptation

    Unknown Temptation2 ngày trước

    Bruh you’re such a lil bitch just try it No Do it or you’re just GAYYYYYY I don’t wanna Do it now I’ll never do such a thing Just try it it’s fun I don’t want to it’ll ruin my lungs Bruh it’s easy I’ll do it with you and I’ll help I said no Are you that scared of barbecue?!?!

  25. Jack from NY

    Jack from NY3 ngày trước

    Why would you want to force your friends to drink? More weed for you.

  26. yongxiang huang

    yongxiang huang3 ngày trước

    #relatuble And I’m mad at my friend!

  27. Bunny’s K-Life

    Bunny’s K-Life3 ngày trước

    Why have weed when you can have Sour Patch kids?

  28. Prune Child

    Prune Child3 ngày trước


  29. Brielle Murphy

    Brielle Murphy3 ngày trước

    Ok ok REEEEEEE

  30. Brielle Murphy

    Brielle Murphy3 ngày trước


  31. Brianna G.

    Brianna G.3 ngày trước

    I have ADHD to!😱

  32. this is my life My crazy life

    this is my life My crazy life3 ngày trước

    People already said 2019 that's all

  33. Ash Kitt

    Ash Kitt3 ngày trước

    Yeah peer pressure sucks. I'm just glad I haven't faced it. Once someone at a convention asked me if I wanted some ecstacy and I just said no thanks and he was fine with that. That being said, I generally won't reject something specifically BECAUSE it's illegal. Remember that it's illegal to give water to migrants crossing the border without a permit.

  34. Loquent Dicky

    Loquent Dicky3 ngày trước

    My peer pressured my sis to having TACO BELL SAUSE not spicy at freaking all ):< well it was the mild sause it was like onions my sis luvs onions ):< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Thomas Quinn

    Thomas Quinn3 ngày trước

    my friend...(lets call him Bob) so bob was really into football so he played FIFA instead. Mean while me and every one else is playing Fortnite. so one day I asked him to play Fortnite with me and 2 of my friends so we kept on asking him to play but he didn't want to so and I an ass hole??😱😩😩

  36. Maurice Chung

    Maurice Chung3 ngày trước

    Ok cause I peer pressure my brother to do his homework

  37. Bradley Stryker

    Bradley Stryker4 ngày trước

    I don’t like candy corn

  38. Grayson Alexandee

    Grayson Alexandee4 ngày trước

    Your right

  39. Carolina Lopez

    Carolina Lopez4 ngày trước


  40. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast4 ngày trước

    Im a kid who sits in the corner being all lonely..... Never getting into the drama....still want to be in the drama

  41. Darrien Stewart

    Darrien Stewart4 ngày trước

    My big sister forest me to drink alcoholic and I'm 10 not 21

  42. Alexis Dupont

    Alexis Dupont3 ngày trước

    Tell. Your. sister. To. Fuck off!

  43. Wolf Gamer

    Wolf Gamer4 ngày trước

    Don't die Adam

  44. TTV Gamer_nerd

    TTV Gamer_nerd4 ngày trước


  45. lollypopwalker// Lol

    lollypopwalker// Lol4 ngày trước

    I peer pressure my friends into watching YOU cuz you’re so FREAKING awesome!!!

  46. Destiny Edits

    Destiny Edits4 ngày trước

    Someone was presuring me and made me break my foot..

  47. CrispyGacha Roblox

    CrispyGacha Roblox4 ngày trước

    2019 anyone?....

  48. Mrs.Sunset the painter Baka

    Mrs.Sunset the painter Baka4 ngày trước

    Idiot: Hey kid, want some weed? Me: no, weeds are for dweebs. *Whispers in ears* ya dingus. Me: *drives away in hover-board* IF YOU USE IT RESPONSIBLY!

  49. Itz_Rayme_Playz 139

    Itz_Rayme_Playz 1395 ngày trước

    Mom: Don't eat all of the cookie dough. Kid:WhY aRE YOu peEr PreSHurInG

  50. Flying Cats

    Flying Cats5 ngày trước

    I would run and tell my dad or mam

  51. Aurora Mathews

    Aurora Mathews5 ngày trước

    hope ufeel better dude and dont die :c