[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. BBQ chicken

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  2. Moderp

    ModerpPhút trước

    Well I don’t agree with a lot of these comments but I will say, the performance from the voice actor is pretty amazing.

  3. Tony Lee

    Tony LeePhút trước

    I'm pickle Ricccccck!

  4. Geloxx

    GeloxxPhút trước

    I just love the line "hold it together, hold it together!" it really shows a sustainment of insanity and the fact that he is most likely insane has literally made Sigma my favourite hero already by far. (other than Zenyatta and maybe Genji haha

  5. Ralph Chua

    Ralph Chua2 phút trước

    This game still alive?

  6. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing79Phút trước

    People still ask this question?

  7. Snakey Sayz

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  8. xavisking

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  9. Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions

    Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions3 phút trước

    Getting SCP vibes from this....

  10. Nightro Frost

    Nightro Frost3 phút trước

    I hope this is a Talon tank. He kindof looks like a Zarya or Symmetra counter for some reason.

  11. George Pearson

    George Pearson4 phút trước

    Didn’t expect to see this on trending today..... I don’t play overwatch but this is better than a music video

  12. THE D

    THE D4 phút trước

    Well this just might make me come back to this game cool stuff

  13. CluelessGamer123

    CluelessGamer1234 phút trước

    This trailer is kinda creepy

  14. s3od

    s3od5 phút trước

    You can hear in 1:34 someone saying the next door i think they are talon trying to take him

  15. RingTeam

    RingTeam5 phút trước

    Overwatch, directed by Darren Aronofsky

  16. Liam Gannon

    Liam Gannon5 phút trước

    Lex luthor, is that you?

  17. Len UwU

    Len UwU6 phút trước

    I just found out who my new main is owo

  18. Fizzy

    Fizzy6 phút trước

    When are they gonna realise that this dead game is worst with these new characters, back in 2017-2018 it was a great game that I've played so much with my friend but we all left it cause it's so bad with these new updates and heroes, it is so toxic.

  19. Jimmy Jd 1528478

    Jimmy Jd 15284786 phút trước

    "New Hero"...ok

  20. Cryo1147

    Cryo11477 phút trước

    i hope he is a tank

  21. Gyra

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  22. BigWeen Jean

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  23. James Bartrum

    James Bartrum8 phút trước

    Ninja has sigma

  24. kardrasa

    kardrasa9 phút trước

    MAD LAD!

  25. Sydney Carter

    Sydney Carter9 phút trước

    If you reverse the part at 1:49 he says “release me” Ik this is irrelevant but still 😂

  26. Wolvei RESETED

    Wolvei RESETED10 phút trước

    the real question is: will this save overwatch?

  27. watashi ga kita

    watashi ga kita10 phút trước


  28. thunder2.0

    thunder2.010 phút trước

    by the twin tailed comet

  29. Overlord Of Derp

    Overlord Of Derp10 phút trước

    Sigma? Sigma nuts!

  30. Colby Finlay

    Colby Finlay10 phút trước

    What would his abilities be? Omg haha

  31. William

    William11 phút trước

    Sigma di**

  32. pimpinnevaslipin

    pimpinnevaslipin11 phút trước

    *So tank... yes?*

  33. Teddy Sharkey

    Teddy Sharkey12 phút trước

    I'm glad they finally released an overwatch hero that actually represents everyone's mental state at this point.

  34. Cheeki Breeki

    Cheeki Breeki12 phút trước

    I see that you named him after the famous drum & bass duo of the same name

  35. Justine Andrei Sagun

    Justine Andrei Sagun12 phút trước

    I love that creepy feel that this trailer gives

  36. DragonFartMaysa

    DragonFartMaysa12 phút trước

    This voice acting is amazing

  37. Jarod Thompson

    Jarod Thompson12 phút trước

    He gives me moira vibes 😐

  38. Kittcat

    Kittcat12 phút trước

    Zaryas ult on drugs

  39. Adam Compton

    Adam Compton12 phút trước

    Sigma balls

  40. Michael Couper

    Michael Couper13 phút trước

    It could be that Sigma is completely sane. The video contains a lot of references to physics grand unified theory and quantum theory (the squiggly line diagrams are Feynman diagrams of elementary particles). If Sigma is experiencing the world from a quantum perspective after an accident with blackholes then all realities from his perspective would be equally true and time would hold little meaning. Similarly, the laws of physics and time itself break down near and within a black hole. I think that would be quite a deep concept.

  41. Xavier Maxey

    Xavier Maxey13 phút trước

    I’m lowkey scared

  42. Zach Chambers

    Zach Chambers13 phút trước

    This is the most trippy and cool character back story

  43. Xavier Maxey

    Xavier Maxey14 phút trước

    Oh no

  44. yung Meat

    yung Meat15 phút trước

    A movie could be made out of this

  45. paj wubx

    paj wubx15 phút trước

    Great another deep talking character, what's next? Another dps character?

  46. Captain Asome

    Captain Asome15 phút trước

    do you believe in gravity

  47. S f s 2

    S f s 215 phút trước

    This dude is a madman

  48. Itsya Boiy

    Itsya Boiy15 phút trước

    He should’ve been called Sugma

  49. DarkerMS

    DarkerMS16 phút trước

    People still play Overwatch?

  50. MrAmazing79

    MrAmazing7913 phút trước

    Yes, people still play it.

  51. The Fangirl.

    The Fangirl.16 phút trước

    Also, am I the only one who heard Reaper's shotguns before he said: "what is that melody?"

  52. Chicken McCluck

    Chicken McCluck16 phút trước

    Never had a hero this hyped up before. Gonna bet everyone's gonna use this hero. By the time i finish updating the game someone's gonna be a top 500 Sigma