really amazing music by;
thanks for the help Dan, great to be making videos again --


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  8. Gavriel de Cervantes

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    Congratulations for everything you have accomplished, it is an inspiration for me, I am over 50 years old, and I am starting my channel on VIgos, I hope to nail it like you, but I know it is hard and disciplined work. thanks for great content. If the translation is not correct, it is the fault of the google translator. I'm mexican. Thank you.


    CHARLIE EXCLUSIVE5 ngày trước

    Drone shots of LA are great, but nothing beats NYC’s skyscrapers and hustlers on the street.

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    I’m glad that your family is happier and it’s probably nicer there, not hating but i have stopped watching along with a lot of other people because probably because living in New York was super unique and different than all of the other vloggers living in LA.

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  15. mad or nawh

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    I feel like I'm loosing Casey damn man I'm soon happy for the real life Casey but sad for my NYC youtuber Casey.. Anyone agree..?? Like I'm from philly so I relate a lot to NYC but now he is like retired an he isnt even 40 so I know I'm watching a young creator but now it feels like he is old or something

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    Music at The End ??

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    LA? Getting into nature... Ahhhh NO. Healthier choices and raising children; all in.

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> “what a great way to see Los Angeles” Shows smog covered city

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  38. Brother Máx

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    Amazing..... I have lived here all my life and he has captured LA's Beauty. The greatest Blogger of all time (: Welcome KN. Visit Redondo Beach one of the hidden gems of all the big 4 beaches. Explore the pier and have fun

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    I miss Casey :/

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    What I genuinely find with imposter syndrome is those that have it are fairly good at their jobs, those that don’t have it are full of ego and 💩 and generally rubbish at their job, particularly if they’re in a position of authority - in which case they’re even worse 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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  45. Gowen Gowan

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    Santa Monica, LA and Venice beach close to my heart - grew up visiting my dad there. He worked on the Santa Monica Pier for a couple years....fond memories (lifeguard station 10 was our spot)

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    @CaseyNeistat Please don't ever get over your addiction to work. There is always a balance to life. You know this. The phase you're going through is finding your new balance between the two. The ratio might not be 90/10 split. It might now be 20/80. But eventually, you'll find a new balance that suits your new self. Keep doing your thing. You're very intuitive, so there's no worries for you!

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    I took the move from NY to LA (well, Orange County - I'm down in Newport), and I couldn't be happier. Busy career & life in NYC, but to come out here and be where the weather is warm year around, most of my friends and family are on the west coast - it feels great to slow down. Glad to see you're doing well.

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