Music Is Awesome


  1. Traxstaromega

    Traxstaromega17 giờ trước

    0:32 i was literally in another tab, listening while I checked out your merch store, and those sounds freaked me out

  2. Aria Phoenix

    Aria Phoenix23 giờ trước

    Um... I have the same name and I was bullied for having it being a unisex name.

  3. Ella Shaffer

    Ella ShafferNgày trước


  4. Raven Black

    Raven BlackNgày trước

    Adam you should've gone to my school, I would've become your sister from a different mister

  5. review time/ Lazaro Lopez

    review time/ Lazaro LopezNgày trước

    The beatles!!!

  6. Small Bagels

    Small Bagels2 ngày trước

    OH JEEZ That cover was so good :DDDDDDDD

  7. Ellen Fowler

    Ellen Fowler2 ngày trước

    I can actually play the guitar besides its sitting in the corner rotting away but sometimes I play it 😶😙😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😂😂😂🙃🙃😐😂

  8. Moose Kid

    Moose Kid3 ngày trước


  9. Annie Kitty

    Annie Kitty4 ngày trước


  10. Michelle Gleason

    Michelle Gleason4 ngày trước

    You are so talented don’t stop

  11. Treebar of-Algnigosnyuektchrrhee

    Treebar of-Algnigosnyuektchrrhee4 ngày trước

    0:31 John Cage wants to know your location.

  12. Roman Rod

    Roman Rod5 ngày trước

    My favorite song is hello goodbye

  13. Bridney Tilghman

    Bridney Tilghman5 ngày trước

    Wooo. Music.

  14. Alexander Parreira

    Alexander Parreira5 ngày trước

    Who else came for bagel man? 🤔

  15. Epic Chance

    Epic Chance5 ngày trước

    Not only your something Your something else

  16. Teele Finne

    Teele Finne5 ngày trước

    Omg i love your singing 😍

  17. Valentin Grimaldo

    Valentin Grimaldo5 ngày trước

    I bought the jacket to go to sleep with ITS SOOO COMFY

  18. ShadowBlade

    ShadowBlade6 ngày trước

    "video on him coming soon" its been like 69 years and its still not out?

  19. katrumi plays

    katrumi plays6 ngày trước

    Hey dude you actually sing very good and play very good the guitar cool I love it

  20. Kai Tjader

    Kai Tjader6 ngày trước

    You are really good at the gatar

  21. phoenex_armor 87

    phoenex_armor 876 ngày trước


  22. Aninna Espinosa

    Aninna Espinosa6 ngày trước

    aw ur so precious i love u so much ur so amazing and just so talented keep doing what ur doing ur so inspiring i can relate to u so much its so cool

  23. Ketchup

    Ketchup6 ngày trước

    i got a guitar for free

  24. Oliver McCade

    Oliver McCade7 ngày trước

    I mean my family isn’t musical people, but my friends.....I am a theater brat/musical brat. I have been a musical person since the second grade. Well it was singing or playing sports and did both at one point. I played soccer for a two years after I had to quit karate because it coast too much after I had been doing it since I was 6 till I was around 9 or 10. I had a great time and was speeding past everyone, but the belt coast a lot to move up. So I was lower belt than I was, so my teacher tried to make sure I did more advanced things but more kids at the belt I was at were jealous and bullied me. So he yelled at them and then their parents almost sued him. After a few months I had to leave and hugged my teacher for the last time and smiled saying “thank you for everything”. So soccer sucked a lot because I am not good at all. I know this and not saying it, as I can’t kick in a straight line, can’t take the ball, not fast, I quit (also the coach was dick) and told everyone off for once as I was quite before. So I did choir for years, and soon 11 years officially by June 2020 in my school district. So music for me has been a huge fan of old music (like the Beatles) and some modern (Post Malone, Ed Sheren so far.) and I think I was 15 and I wanted to play guitar. So I learned many songs and made my own. I made my own songs with no music and then music with no lyrics. It’s funny because I can’t do both, as I know how to make music with real instruments and through an app and how to record my music to sing and play, but I can’t. I have to make is separate otherwise it sucks in my mind. Also I owned a piano in my house because looking rich is better than looking poor. And I would play it sometimes when I felt like it, and like my typing I pecked at the keys but was I fast enough for no one to notice and it was very hard trying to learn how to use two hands instead in one hand. I once played a Christmas song during a party a week before Christmas as everyone sang and danced.

  25. Daylynd Reece

    Daylynd Reece7 ngày trước

    I have the same guitar and Adam you have an amazing voice keep playing the guitar

  26. Houdini Life

    Houdini Life7 ngày trước

    Some thing else YT/ Adam:on guitar Jaiden: piano Let me explain Studios/ Rebecca: singing James/ODD1SOUT: kazoo

  27. Ayden Sellars

    Ayden Sellars7 ngày trước

    That song is one of my favorites and you did it great!

  28. Na Landry

    Na Landry7 ngày trước

    Ever heard of queen

  29. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog life7 ngày trước

    Same I was four when I started to love the Beatles and I asked my dad to get me a guitar 🎸 then one day my dad came home with two electric guitars and an amp I was mad at first but then I saw my dad use his once and I was like CAN I TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog life7 ngày trước

    You got into music ?

  31. RaNDom_BoI-420 LoL u ThoUT

    RaNDom_BoI-420 LoL u ThoUT7 ngày trước


  32. Geeky Gaming

    Geeky Gaming7 ngày trước

    3:24 oof its a burn to others but all i have to say about it is WELL FRICK U I LOVE BEING A NERD/GEEK (hence my name)

  33. SlippPlays

    SlippPlays8 ngày trước

    John Lenon: "close your eyes let me miss you, tomorrow, I'll miss you. Remember I'll always love youuuu." The Beetles: All My Lovin

  34. Takya Bishop

    Takya Bishop8 ngày trước

    You da bomb

  35. Sofia Williams

    Sofia Williams8 ngày trước

    dude you’re awesome

  36. im still working on it

    im still working on it9 ngày trước

    My dad used to pull the get me something from the fridge like an egg and leave something cool like a catwoman funko pop (it was really cold) and i would be like 0_0

  37. Yarina Becker

    Yarina Becker10 ngày trước

    Aaah ur singing voice is so gud!!! 🙈🙈 more covers plz

  38. yesi Piña

    yesi Piña10 ngày trước

    Daaaaaaaaam yur gud

  39. Havoc Films

    Havoc Films10 ngày trước

    Round of a plaws for Adam

  40. Jason beal

    Jason beal11 ngày trước

    Dats grest

  41. *gacha Potato*

    *gacha Potato*12 ngày trước


  42. adriana rozentale

    adriana rozentale12 ngày trước


  43. Empath Photographs

    Empath Photographs12 ngày trước

    You have a great voice!

  44. Kittygamer 3366

    Kittygamer 336612 ngày trước

    Woah I lik him singing who else? Also I’m yours is one of my FAV songs

  45. Devyn Films

    Devyn Films12 ngày trước

    7:30-7:32 ha look me I will do and will succeed If I don’t I don’t care I’ll pull down your underwear Like if u know what I mean

  46. Joshua Lewis

    Joshua Lewis12 ngày trước

    Make a common sense hode [ like if watching in 2019

  47. I_Don’t_Matter So yeah

    I_Don’t_Matter So yeah12 ngày trước


  48. Sej Kaur

    Sej Kaur13 ngày trước

    1:38 ngl they might be music geniuses but they definitely aint haircut geniuses

  49. Annie S

    Annie S13 ngày trước

    You're better at singing then Jed from the bachelorette. Just putting that out there

  50. Liliana Cupis

    Liliana Cupis13 ngày trước

    I LOVE the Beatles even tho I was born in a generation where most people don't know who they mom raised me right