METALHEAD SHAQ Reacts to Falling In Reverse - "Popular Monster"

#FallingInReverse #Popularmonster #Depression
Metalhead Shaq's first time discovering Falling in Reverse!
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  1. No Life Shaq

    No Life Shaq2 tháng trước

    METALHEAD Shaq is back babyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Don Megatron

    Don MegatronNgày trước

    Yeah, he should probably wait till he's awake to watch something like this. Yaaaawwwwn.

  3. Mark Tripp

    Mark Tripp7 ngày trước

    You should react to falling in reverse- drugs

  4. Cameron McDonald

    Cameron McDonald13 ngày trước

    Emo rock

  5. Kalin Yorgov

    Kalin Yorgov15 ngày trước

    Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer you kinda forgot bout this

  6. Saul Gil

    Saul Gil22 ngày trước

    I really want to see MetalHead Shaq react to the Doom Eternal Soundtrack or at least the song "Doom Hunter (Kar En Tuk)"

  7. Zachary W

    Zachary WNgày trước

    😂 love this man

  8. Jonathan Brooks

    Jonathan BrooksNgày trước

    Ya pauses is fucking st8 funny. Awesome video

  9. David Feri

    David Feri2 ngày trước

    Ronnie is best

  10. Daniel Roman

    Daniel Roman4 ngày trước

    Hard rock

  11. Alexander Ashton

    Alexander Ashton5 ngày trước

    “Who is dat!” 😂🤣

  12. Kieran O'Shea

    Kieran O'Shea5 ngày trước

    Bro you need to do a react to falling in reverse - the drug is reimagined its intense. And will catch you out bruh. In the feels man!!

  13. Evan Klausmair

    Evan Klausmair5 ngày trước

    Yo man dig the channel. I have some GREAT songs for you to react to and band that you haven’t done yet. Take your pick! The Amity Affliction: All Fucked Up Pittsburgh (Most popular) Soak Me In Bleach All My Friends Are Dead

  14. Angela Armageddon

    Angela Armageddon5 ngày trước

    These guys remind of Linken Park a little. I mean no one can ever beat LP but I like these guys.

  15. Angela Armageddon

    Angela Armageddon5 ngày trước

    My man. Thank you for introducing me to this band. You gotta do a reaction to Nine Inch Nails, “Closer” you gotta have the video it’s insane. 🤣

  16. Tommy Echoes

    Tommy Echoes5 ngày trước

    Yo mr Shaq Rambo love your reactions.!

  17. Jimmy Gray

    Jimmy Gray6 ngày trước

    Punk rock. Imo

  18. Darkjames Aldritch

    Darkjames Aldritch10 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="477">7:57</a>. Not even the pause button could contain the drop

  19. Hunter Ball

    Hunter Ball12 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">7:18</a> is one of the most iconic metal screams ever.🤘🤘🤘

  20. nick fulk

    nick fulk12 ngày trước

    metalhead shaq reacts to Momento Mori By Lamb of God make it happen shaq

  21. bv202

    bv20212 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> The delivery of the line “He say he a popular monster” instantly made me a fan of this guy

  22. Zac Ward

    Zac Ward13 ngày trước

    help me you all tell# metalheadshaq he needs to do wash it all away!

  23. Cameron McDonald

    Cameron McDonald13 ngày trước

    Its emo rock

  24. Jay Garagan

    Jay Garagan13 ngày trước

    yawn a little more

  25. Bryce Spurlock

    Bryce Spurlock14 ngày trước

    Gives off mad tom MacDonald vibes

  26. Mathew Dutchak

    Mathew Dutchak14 ngày trước

    Falling in reverse is a genre I like to call Bohemian, after the song Bohemian Rhapsody due to the fact of how they mix genres and tend to have a psycodelic (ik it's spelt wrong) vibe

  27. Rob Wilsn

    Rob Wilsn14 ngày trước

    I laugh more watching these videos then I do when I watch comedians. This cat is funny as fuck. I mean I got to where my eyes start leaking some kinda clear substance and roll down me cheeks. Too funny..

  28. geneticepistomology

    geneticepistomology14 ngày trước

    You got it on the first try. He changed and is still changing for his daughter.

  29. Clawsy

    Clawsy16 ngày trước

    I think he sings about his Daughter findin about his past. When Ronnie was in jail for getting involved in somekind of killing/murder and got kicked out of his previous band (wasnt the killer, but was involved) and thats why hes "Popular monster"

  30. Skates

    Skates16 ngày trước

    Love this song!! The reason why I love it is because it pretty much describes me and how I was when I was younger. I always thought I was a nobody and didn’t believe in god, but then one day all that changed and I feel 100% better, mentally and physically.

  31. Kieran Mileham

    Kieran Mileham17 ngày trước

    That is his daughter and it's about his battle with depression, plus it is a wave of new age metal/ rap metal

  32. Zaluska the Slav

    Zaluska the Slav18 ngày trước

    No life shaq should do Gwar

  33. TDFO

    TDFO19 ngày trước

    Can we get a m’fuckin reaction to Overkill by Motorhead? 👀

  34. TG 18

    TG 1819 ngày trước

    Bow its called punk rock

  35. Juan Rutiaga

    Juan Rutiaga19 ngày trước

    Job for a cowboy - entombment of the machine

  36. Larry Tidwell

    Larry Tidwell20 ngày trước

    The song is about his recent years in prison and the hate he received as well as the depression he is fighting. The girl was his daughter who is keeping him to strive to be a better man

  37. MWGF Ghost

    MWGF Ghost20 ngày trước

    Check out Bad Girls Club by them. It's more upbeat and a lot different, but still a great song by them.

  38. Ellis Rose

    Ellis Rose20 ngày trước

    I don't know if you read the comments....I hope you do....I love all your reactions no matter the type of music....that being said.....I would love to see you react to a band called Dream Theater....they are truly should check out the song On the backs of Angels......have a great day (my brother) you did say finish that lol

  39. Nicx Ajx

    Nicx Ajx20 ngày trước

    Use spacebar to pause. Left arrow to backward 10 secs. Right arrow to forward 10 secs.

  40. Lengendary Anonymous

    Lengendary Anonymous20 ngày trước

    Check a song called fuck everything by a band called suicide silence I dare you

  41. Mark Seville

    Mark Seville21 ngày trước

    has anyone recommended chevelle or tool, poc, stone temple pilots, red hot chlli peppers, how about 3 little pigs from green jelly? Bring me the horizon, my chemical romance....has he done any of these bands?

  42. Michael M

    Michael M22 ngày trước

    Man someone better do summin he killin everybody... hahaha

  43. slackywoz ere

    slackywoz ere23 ngày trước

    the diversity & lyrical ability of ronnie radke is remarkable . check out his gangters paradise

  44. Joshua Shifflett

    Joshua Shifflett23 ngày trước


  45. Jackie Booth

    Jackie Booth23 ngày trước

    What an awesome reaction!!!! Love loveove this band!!! Ronnie's voice is chilling!!!!

  46. Eric W.

    Eric W.23 ngày trước

    Yo shaq you gotta do some papa roach

  47. Z.Gmail

    Z.Gmail24 ngày trước


  48. iero iero iero

    iero iero iero25 ngày trước

    You're funny. And were you sleepy coz you kept yawning.. 😂 😂

  49. Matt Ross

    Matt Ross25 ngày trước

    Great reaction brother! I'm really starting to dig this song! Keep on keeping on!

  50. Elez Adzemovic

    Elez Adzemovic26 ngày trước

    Dude needs to react to situations by escape the fate

  51. Steven Baldwin

    Steven Baldwin27 ngày trước

    He wasn't ready.

  52. Steven Baldwin

    Steven Baldwin27 ngày trước

    He do be vibing tho

  53. Drexler Abadia

    Drexler Abadia27 ngày trước

    Hey Shaq you should check out their version of gangsters paradise!!!

  54. Neo night J

    Neo night J27 ngày trước

    This is a 4th of what’s goes on in my head

  55. Lane Coker

    Lane Coker27 ngày trước

    Please do a reaction to Killem All by King 810!!! You wont regret it one bit!

  56. Miguel Vasquez

    Miguel Vasquez28 ngày trước

    You should watch the trilogy. He’s telling a story that I think we all can relate too. Losing my mind, losing my life, and Drugs by them. Gotta watch it in that order 👌🏻

  57. Senpai eut

    Senpai eut28 ngày trước

    falling in reverse ft. corey taylor - drugs..... plssssss!! :>

  58. Suicidal Emotionless1

    Suicidal Emotionless128 ngày trước

    Asking Alexandria-The Final Episode Listen to it plez

  59. Stefania Valdez

    Stefania Valdez29 ngày trước

    You need to react to holy war by thy art is murder, you gonna be scared 🤣 but it’s pretty light compared to the rest of the genre but it’s probably the heaviest you have listened to

  60. Dark Queen

    Dark Queen29 ngày trước

    Sound like tom a lil Tom inspired people listen to it very careful and then listen tom that cool

  61. marlene howard

    marlene howard29 ngày trước

    check out Eminem and kid rock soNg FUCK OFF and also check out busta rhymes and Eminem song CALM and also check out the you tube rapper FUTURISTIC.. and ice Ts band BODY COUNT new album! and the band CRAZY TOWN first album the song THINK FAST. n

  62. Ryan Arbogast

    Ryan ArbogastTháng trước

    EVEN METALHEAD KNOWS falling in reverse ain't metal

  63. Susan Santin

    Susan SantinTháng trước

    don't be a pussy Ronnie lol

  64. Joseph Robinson

    Joseph RobinsonTháng trước

    I might be late but a head's up a vast majority of us in the metal community (myself included) dislike these guys, and a even bigger portion don't consider them metal. They're more in the sphere of emo, and most metalheads don't like being mixed in with that crowd.

  65. Ruben Knol

    Ruben KnolTháng trước

    Your task bar at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> looks like you've won the fucking lottery m8.

  66. Eric Conrad

    Eric ConradTháng trước

    Shaqs face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> 😂

  67. Paul Athienides

    Paul AthienidesTháng trước

    Ayo, sorry for the spam but shaq, this is why there is emo rap... ronnie played around with the genre early falling in reverse days... him and ollie sykes are always ahead of the curb....whatever they do today, will be the fashion tomorrow

  68. Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot28 ngày trước


  69. Paul Athienides

    Paul AthienidesTháng trước

    We need the Coach to get around LOATHE..... it’s yours..... he’ll feel it

  70. Paul Athienides

    Paul AthienidesTháng trước

    Bro take it back to early ronnie. Escape the fate - situations #welikethose

  71. Travis

    TravisTháng trước

    This is gonna be great.

  72. Paed Wall

    Paed WallTháng trước

    The girl is his daughter

  73. Paed Wall

    Paed WallTháng trước

    never the same by ronnie radke 🔥🔥

  74. Jake Appleton

    Jake AppletonTháng trước

    Almost sounds like Linkin Park to me

  75. Adam Smitherman

    Adam SmithermanTháng trước

    You should check out Alone by FIR. First song of theirs I heard.

  76. Adam Smitherman

    Adam SmithermanTháng trước

    I ducking love this reaction xD

  77. Robert Eichler

    Robert EichlerTháng trước

    you got a steeler banner so i subscribe

  78. Yuh Boi

    Yuh BoiTháng trước

    You need to react to the Tucker Zone. It’s not a song but it’s crazy audio

  79. Quizey

    QuizeyTháng trước


  80. Kale Morrow

    Kale MorrowTháng trước

    That was garbage. Do Guns n' Roses welcome to the Jungle

  81. Brad K

    Brad KTháng trước

    Radke crew! Popular monster=most common mental disorder... depression. Depression is a monster in is all.

  82. Rodney Legerstee

    Rodney LegersteeTháng trước

    I really lost it as he said: Stop yelling at me! what did I do wrong? 😂😂😂😂😂

  83. steve mathis

    steve mathisTháng trước

    Shaq reaction during the scream lol 🤣🤣

  84. Matthew Jones

    Matthew JonesTháng trước

    The double bass pedal is so fucking awesome

  85. Steven Whittington

    Steven WhittingtonTháng trước

    IMO ronnies best rap song is champion please please please react to it. I wanna me MHS and rap Shaq come together and admire both sides of ronnie’s talents

  86. One Sleventeen

    One SleventeenTháng trước

    Bro I am going to need you to stop yawning in your videos. I yawned every time you did. 😂