1. McKenna Lessard

    McKenna Lessard3 giờ trước

    Omg I thought it was Tati at first just three times but then was like wtf why does she look slightly different

  2. That Rad Guy

    That Rad Guy4 giờ trước

    "I use Tarte Primer. What do YOU use?" "....nothing" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. x PiinkBulletz

    x PiinkBulletz4 giờ trước

    It’s true. I’m a twin and we just know these things lol. Twin telepathy is real.

  4. Mrs_ Hindson

    Mrs_ Hindson5 giờ trước


  5. Nora G

    Nora G6 giờ trước

    I’m shook that for someone like me who was only following you for the last 4 months KNEW you had twin sisters and some peeps from, literally years, of following you, only find this out now? You talk about them quite a bit since I’ve been following you! 😧🤔🤔

  6. The crazy kids

    The crazy kids6 giờ trước

    i wanna know who gave birth to these beautiful humans.

  7. Margaret Vargas

    Margaret Vargas7 giờ trước

    My husband is all about the 11's

  8. Kate M

    Kate M7 giờ trước


  9. Tia Rae

    Tia Rae8 giờ trước

    Tbh, at first I thought you edited this so it looked like there were three of you😯😯

  10. Emma P

    Emma P8 giờ trước

    All of u guys are blessed with good cheek bones hoes mad

  11. Nana Loves BTS

    Nana Loves BTS8 giờ trước

    Omg look at those cheekbones I’m obsessed

  12. Olive Calzaroni

    Olive Calzaroni9 giờ trước

    you are a beyond gorgeous family :)

  13. Claudia Vielma Peneku

    Claudia Vielma Peneku9 giờ trước

    lol you guys are funny!

  14. Maya B

    Maya B9 giờ trước

    They look almost the same but not reallyyyyy right??

  15. Danielle Elizabeth

    Danielle Elizabeth12 giờ trước

    Tati looks so beautiful in this

  16. y l v a

    y l v a13 giờ trước

    tato tati and tata

  17. N H

    N H13 giờ trước

    TRIPLETS?! Lol

  18. Kris Marbs

    Kris Marbs14 giờ trước


  19. Jim Smallwood

    Jim Smallwood14 giờ trước

    Omg I thought for a second she edited it to make it look like there where 3 of her 😂🤔😮

  20. Kristy Russell

    Kristy Russell15 giờ trước

    I was so sure I could tell them apart, but apparently I can't! Lol

  21. Royalty

    Royalty15 giờ trước

    this what happens w ONE baby daddy 😬

  22. Alicia Endl

    Alicia Endl15 giờ trước

    Heck you could be triplets

  23. Charlotte Patton

    Charlotte Patton16 giờ trước

    I love this !

  24. Marie

    Marie17 giờ trước

    Triplets holy crap

  25. Whitney Huskins

    Whitney Huskins17 giờ trước

    Is it bad that I knew which twin was which before you labeled them? That's how much I watch your videos. ❤ I think both of them are absolutely stunning and I love the videos you do with ALL of your sisters. 😘❤

  26. Vân Lê

    Vân Lê19 giờ trước

    4:51 LOL 🤣🤣

  27. Sophia Rollick

    Sophia Rollick23 giờ trước


  28. amy lynx

    amy lynx23 giờ trước

    You girls are TRIPLETS!! So pretty

  29. Kimberly Colleen

    Kimberly ColleenNgày trước

    You should do a video trying to make them look as different as possible. Like they aren't twins.

  30. jasmine diaz

    jasmine diazNgày trước

    The beginning 😂

  31. lexi jones

    lexi jonesNgày trước

    Why did I find the twins so creppy

  32. Ashley Frango

    Ashley FrangoNgày trước

    Logan is the sweetest! So cute!!

  33. Alicia Elpers

    Alicia ElpersNgày trước

    Awesome idea for a video

  34. Emily Baldonado

    Emily BaldonadoNgày trước

    11 follows me everywhere tooooo!!!!! 😱😱

  35. Evelyn Gonzalez

    Evelyn GonzalezNgày trước

    More like triplets 😅😊

  36. Ari De neros

    Ari De nerosNgày trước

    whaaaa, twins 😱I was like wow nice photo edit...

  37. dk kongor

    dk kongorNgày trước

    They look like triplets

  38. Susana Morel

    Susana MorelNgày trước

    They look like triplets 😂

  39. Chelsea Nicole

    Chelsea NicoleNgày trước

    Umm twins.. I seriously was struck with triplets vibes! Strong genes at work

  40. OriginalGamerOnline

    OriginalGamerOnlineNgày trước

    Just make me look pretty?? I could ask her to hold a bag of dirt and she would still stop traffic!

  41. nazwa r

    nazwa rNgày trước

    Tati pls try korean makeup with korean brands for the first time!

  42. Kimmy

    KimmyNgày trước

    omg they all look the same!!!!!

  43. Emma Smith

    Emma SmithNgày trước

    I thought this was one of those "twin" with one person TWICE!! Profound. Why did we mis this 🤣😃🤣

  44. skybee001

    skybee001Ngày trước

    You are all too beautiful 💕

  45. Maria Paula

    Maria PaulaNgày trước

    I LOVED this video! Call them for your channel more times please! And you looked so happy around them!

  46. Amanda Garcia

    Amanda GarciaNgày trước

    i was looking for a mirror in the beginning oh my God

  47. Roxann Solis

    Roxann SolisNgày trước

    Omg you all have the best jaw lines

  48. Kels

    KelsNgày trước

    I really thought this was edited and they were really all Tati....

  49. Krizianne Ramos

    Krizianne RamosNgày trước

    i love your fam tati!!!!!!

  50. bella reyes

    bella reyesNgày trước

    Deadass thought the intro was just mad editing skills LMAO

  51. flower grl

    flower grlNgày trước

    The thumbnail rlly messed me up

  52. Carla Majeno

    Carla MajenoNgày trước

    Omg!! Everyone looks the same!!

  53. ChocoMint Wafer

    ChocoMint WaferNgày trước

    oh my god your sisters are so pretty they look like caitlyn jenner!

  54. Fiona Haines

    Fiona HainesNgày trước

    Seriously ~ the most beautiful family EVER.....???!

  55. kiana stevens

    kiana stevensNgày trước

    Woah I was born at 27 weeks on July 11th at 11:11am

  56. Samantha Delroscio

    Samantha DelroscioNgày trước

    This is so tripppy lmaoooo

  57. Alena Funk

    Alena FunkNgày trước

    Love this!!!! If you weren’t born a twin next best thing would be having twin sisters! That’s so cool! I love how Logan always says “yes” and not “yeah”. Good job!

  58. Susan S.

    Susan S.Ngày trước

    Twins? More like triplets!

  59. Unicorn

    UnicornNgày trước

    14:55 a wild Tati appears

  60. April Moctezuma

    April MoctezumaNgày trước


  61. Anna Pkhaladze

    Anna PkhaladzeNgày trước

    Tati, you look gorgeous! What dress are you wearing?

  62. Karishma Kundu

    Karishma KunduNgày trước

    Wow triplets 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  63. Ana Ramli

    Ana RamliNgày trước

    I can't stop looking at your eye makeup. Please make a tutorial on how you do your eyeshadow here 🥰😍😍

  64. Dolsie Mercado

    Dolsie MercadoNgày trước


  65. Jessy Blevins

    Jessy BlevinsNgày trước

    Great video! I wish you had a list of the products you used on this one just because it makes it a lot easier to go shopping for them, thanks! :)

  66. Christina Jacobsen

    Christina JacobsenNgày trước

    I cant tell them apart..

  67. Staša Bojanović

    Staša BojanovićNgày trước

    I love thisssssssss❤️❤️❤️

  68. Kelly Mat

    Kelly MatNgày trước

    Ur face pisses me off

  69. NA-KD

    NA-KDNgày trước

    So beautiful! 😍😍😍

  70. Makenna Hansen

    Makenna HansenNgày trước

    she is the prettiest woman ever

  71. Sky Maduras

    Sky Maduras2 ngày trước


  72. Sky Maduras

    Sky Maduras2 ngày trước

    All of your voices sound exactly the same it’s so funny to hear you talking all at once

  73. Anisa Velez

    Anisa Velez2 ngày trước

    I was believing yall were triplets. LIKE OMG. & I would assume Tati is younger! OMG ❤️❤️

  74. lydiaann2010

    lydiaann20102 ngày trước

    I love this video already!!!! Just started it

  75. Rebecca Torres

    Rebecca Torres2 ngày trước

    Nnnooooo y’all triplets

  76. Benicio Feliciano

    Benicio Feliciano2 ngày trước

    Belíssimo vídeo e lindíssima edição 🌾⚘🌷💜🌷⚘🌾 🇧🇷💖⚘visit my channel ⚘💖🇧🇷

  77. Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee2 ngày trước

    I love it when you do videos with your family 💚

  78. Nae P

    Nae P2 ngày trước

    Are y’all sure y’all ain’t Triplets???! 🧐🧐🤔🤔

  79. MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez

    MARIA ISABEL Gonzalez2 ngày trước

    I want your jawlines

  80. Анастасия Чигорина

    Анастасия Чигорина2 ngày trước