It is the first day of university


  1. Maddie Ziegler _

    Maddie Ziegler _10 giờ trước

    Tʜᴏsᴇ ᴀʙs ᴛʜᴏ ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴄɪɴᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴊᴏʙʙ♥︎

  2. Koothodil Abhijith Augustine

    Koothodil Abhijith Augustine11 giờ trước

    Which uni did you go to?

  3. Katya Gonzalez

    Katya Gonzalez12 giờ trước

    You talk like you have cotton balls stuck in your mouth

  4. Nathalie Vivar

    Nathalie Vivar12 giờ trước

    Omg we go to the same uni if I see u.... I die

  5. jeanne cicotti

    jeanne cicotti12 giờ trước

    Okay but is she going to make 3 million cookies for 3 million subscribers?

  6. Dubb G.

    Dubb G.13 giờ trước

    From the thumbnail I thought this was a throwback video from the 2000s.

  7. T-Jin

    T-Jin13 giờ trước

    uni is a scam in the USA so yea

  8. Motto Motto

    Motto Motto13 giờ trước

    Holy pancakes *JOANA CEDDIA READS PERCY JACKSON* ah yes we Stan some mythology

  9. Kiran Truter

    Kiran Truter14 giờ trước


  10. Kevin Sison

    Kevin Sison14 giờ trước

    She's killing the youtube game!!!!

  11. Sydney Jones

    Sydney Jones14 giờ trước

    I'm going to give you a life tip that homeschooling taught me. Am I in any position to tell you what to do/how to do it? Do you have better study habits than I do? Are you three times as fit as I'll ever be? That's besides the point, sister: Don't let life become so routine. Trust me when I say that if you do, you're actually going to want to die. Doing the same things over and over again with no break in your schedule may lead up to you feeling like all of the hard work you do has no fruitage. Don't become a slave to your work. Keep painting, keep swimming, keep having fun. That's all I h as ve to say... I'm just a tad bit older than you, so I don't know much either. Also, don't let the power of suggestion let me get you into a rut. That may not make sense, but I don't want it to. Okay sorry this was long. Feel better soon! (Remember, I didn't ask you).


    OOOHH DJA DJA14 giờ trước

    Omg I just got to come here to see how u look. And I am so- I came from the **my mom is gonna kill me, I cut my hair with craft scissors**

  13. adam done

    adam done14 giờ trước

    She needs a big thick sturdy cock to study on. I can not wait until we get a Joana Ceddia coed film.

  14. Lillacemy Cat

    Lillacemy Cat14 giờ trước

    Did you get your license...?

  15. ღMeome._. Samaღ

    ღMeome._. Samaღ15 giờ trước

    انتي عربيه؟

  16. Ophelia Thorn

    Ophelia Thorn15 giờ trước

    a few months ago i graduated from university so this video made me feel nostalgic af

  17. Hannah Bleekers

    Hannah Bleekers15 giờ trước

    honestly i appreciate her sitting by herself and reading percy jackson cos that's gonna be me in 3 years time

  18. morning bloom.

    morning bloom.15 giờ trước

    p-percy j-j-jackson-

  19. purrfect noir

    purrfect noir16 giờ trước

    be careful with peter pan, he *sCrEaMs*

  20. funny memes for ur chirstin Minecraft server

    funny memes for ur chirstin Minecraft server17 giờ trước

    Omg when she has kids they need to be named Samantha,bill,Jimmy, and kim

  21. Liza Solomonova

    Liza Solomonova17 giờ trước

    Hello my chicken. I just wanted to say that u are my favourite youtuber by far and your sense of humour makes my day. I hope you can come to Australia one day and I can meet u in person. sincerely, big chungus

  22. Damion Gordon

    Damion Gordon18 giờ trước

    Why are you so hilarious 😂

  23. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni18 giờ trước

    My brother saw you and your dad on campus and he said he almost ran into a wall because he didn’t know if it was really you

  24. Rebecca Mackay

    Rebecca Mackay19 giờ trước

    i like that you said in chemistry you'd be blowing shit up like all i did first semester of uni in chemistry was god damn titrations

  25. RangaRoo

    RangaRoo19 giờ trước

    Just curious as to what the demographics are in her classes. Bet she's the rose amongst the thorns and perhaps few months down the road we hear of her love life

  26. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni18 giờ trước

    uni and lives at home? wha?

  27. Luka J.S

    Luka J.S20 giờ trước

    I didn't even know we started university the same year!!

  28. Denise Calixtro

    Denise Calixtro20 giờ trước

    She goes to school she eats healthy she is a successful VIgosr She does good in school I could never

  29. Charlie Nonya

    Charlie Nonya21 giờ trước

    This annoying bitch and her dumb ass microphone and her bald ass head.

  30. NidYa Lia

    NidYa Lia21 giờ trước

    I know and i know i love you

  31. james muir

    james muir21 giờ trước

    Physics im impressed please find out wtf dark matter is or dark energy. Do you believe in einstein and relativity????

  32. PisaCake9

    PisaCake922 giờ trước

    I wish her ad products were real, cause I would buy them.

  33. Jeovana  Hoshana

    Jeovana Hoshana22 giờ trước

    Socialism is good, what the heck calculus professor?

  34. ColourLife

    ColourLife22 giờ trước

    Her hair actually looks really nice😌👌

  35. Morgan Ashley

    Morgan Ashley22 giờ trước

    I am so happy to see a successful VIgosr attending Uni and feature it. This is why Joana is the best 🤙

  36. reziel egoc

    reziel egoc22 giờ trước

    Joana do you have your drivers we never see you drive?

  37. Free-Verse

    Free-Verse22 giờ trước

    0:14 Me aka Samantha: ...wHaT dO u wAnNt wOMaN!?

  38. spoony ham

    spoony ham23 giờ trước

    oh m gee, joana it is rude to talk with your mouth full :(

  39. Ohh Ame

    Ohh Ame23 giờ trước

    What university is she going to?

  40. Jonathan Yuan 93

    Jonathan Yuan 9323 giờ trước

    Omg is that York University in Toronto?!? I went there!!!

  41. C_lola 895

    C_lola 89523 giờ trước

    The other day at school we went to the library, and my friend was like sksksksksksksk and someone on the other side of the library sksksksksked her back

  42. Talia Chatterjee

    Talia Chatterjee23 giờ trước

    ok i love joana but isnt it weird that shes in college and her parents still drive her everywhere? like i get if she doesnt have enough money to buy herself a ca r(well she prolly does now but whatever) but at LEAST be self-sufficient enough to take the bus or bike or something? Idk kinda irks me when parents enable their kids like that. and like shes in uni and lives at home? wha?

  43. Sahar Mahmmodi

    Sahar Mahmmodi23 giờ trước

    OMG make a vid where u paint but you only use materials from the dollar store/dollarama

  44. lexi hernandez

    lexi hernandez23 giờ trước

    john cena: *talking into her water bottle .

  45. 140qr

    140qrNgày trước

    i saw the nipples lol

  46. Agape Love2019&

    Agape Love2019&Ngày trước

    This girl is so ugly if she smashed her face into a pole it will be an improvement. Someone slap this bitch.

  47. Eric Matei

    Eric MateiNgày trước

    Whoaaaa I can’t believe we go to the same university crazy

  48. lailaslayin !

    lailaslayin !Ngày trước

    Very good choice in reading joana

  49. Chaotic- Neutral

    Chaotic- NeutralNgày trước

    Ive been wanting to drop out ever since kindergarten

  50. UniquelyPenny A.K.A Penny Loker

    UniquelyPenny A.K.A Penny LokerNgày trước

    Pro tip: get a better back pack....your back will thank you later. Something with thicker more padded straps. More lower back support.

  51. adifferentsunset 118

    adifferentsunset 118Ngày trước

    gosh darn it Samantha!!!

  52. • Midnight •

    • Midnight •Ngày trước

    You live in Toronto, I live in Mississauga *i will send you some more cheese*

  53. Phoebe Massey

    Phoebe MasseyNgày trước

    okay we get it ur a genius

  54. Madelynn Booth

    Madelynn BoothNgày trước

    *_the Crunch isn’t the same_*

  55. Carly Churchill

    Carly ChurchillNgày trước

    My oatfit

  56. lucky luck

    lucky luckNgày trước

    Joana- it's September 4th Me- ohh my birthday! Joana- aka the worst day of the year..... Me-accurate

  57. Jas Queen

    Jas QueenNgày trước

    You’re almost at three million


    HEIDI HICIANONgày trước


  59. Valerie K.

    Valerie K.Ngày trước

    Can we talk about in a span of like a month she all of a sudden wips out this fashion sense from her mini little cookies.

  60. marissa gordon

    marissa gordonNgày trước

    the fact that u watch dance moms just made me like you as a person even more than i already do

  61. Josie Joyner

    Josie JoynerNgày trước

    i just started college too hhhhh hi college buddy🥺🥺