Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?

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  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee5 tháng trước

    Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the VIgos Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on VIgos & on instagram at Let us know what you think of the Middle Ground look & if you enjoyed this episode below!

  2. DW

    DWTháng trước

    Pretty much sums up to conclusion Pro vs PC card holders

  3. Abel O

    Abel OTháng trước

    Pretty obvious to me that all of these models are transgender besides the fatty and the dude. Nice to know Jubilee is trying to score some ritualistic points with the higher ups in VIgos.

  4. ART

    ARTTháng trước

    this was a friendly middle ground kudos!

  5. Stashi Little

    Stashi Little2 tháng trước

    The runway models only liked themselves bc of their job they admitted it same thing as Instagram

  6. Ev

    Ev2 tháng trước

    Instagram "models" are the type of girls we'll eventually see on PornHub

  7. Porrrnesian Parrapio

    Porrrnesian ParrapioNgày trước

    Deadass The runway models made me feel so good about myself even tho in not tall and slim.... while the IG models made me feel like I need to get work done to be wtf I thought it was gonna be the opposite but no

  8. not gabrielle

    not gabrielleNgày trước

    Uber drivers vs taxi drivers

  9. Kamsidi Ekechuku

    Kamsidi EkechukuNgày trước

    But why hate on Instagram models though? Lmao? Get with the program

  10. Alya Maharani Irliana

    Alya Maharani IrlianaNgày trước

    I like how the runway models are just laughing when the ig models come in front for having pkastix surgery

  11. Sarahi Chairez

    Sarahi ChairezNgày trước

    no hate or anything but the instagram models look so boring but the runway models look so unique and different, it’s funny how the instagram models say it’s important to be unique but yet they all look the same 😐😗

  12. Salvatrice Ann

    Salvatrice AnnNgày trước

    “Eat your broccoli”? I’m sorry but for me she is still promoting obesity because she doesn’t loose the weight & I’m pretty sure she has a lot of undiagnosed symptoms like high blood pressure.

  13. emerald bell

    emerald bellNgày trước

    Pause actual models also wear makeup and get photoshopped.

  14. 니빈

    니빈Ngày trước

    Most of the population if not everyone has social media which gives them the potential to become an instagram model but not everyone is born to be flawless and grow at a certain height so not everyone could become a runway model

  15. Zoe Louise

    Zoe LouiseNgày trước

    a model is literally a person that wears something to display an example for a company for money. that’s exactly what ig models do. non traditional does not always mean wrong

  16. Mishal Malik

    Mishal MalikNgày trước


  17. Jacob Komnath

    Jacob Komnath2 ngày trước

    the second i heard influencer i clicked off. i hate that so much

  18. Migu

    Migu2 ngày trước

    Do I see things or is there like a scare on her cleavage at 7:55?

  19. Nkatha Karauri

    Nkatha Karauri2 ngày trước

    Runway models need to reinvent. Start Instagram accounts/tik tok whatever and go hard. Man , disruption is real

  20. Lily Foster

    Lily Foster2 ngày trước

    i really liked the runway models but i also really liked chantelle, i think she’s beginning her brand through instagram and still trying to be a plus size model on the runway.

  21. linda tan

    linda tan2 ngày trước

    Gary has such elegant speech and way of putting things. I like the runway models more since they seem more real in their thoughts. But Chantelle is awesome too, she saying some down-to-earth things.

  22. lilscarface300

    lilscarface3002 ngày trước

    If someone takes the picture, does the makeup, and edits the photos.That means these people are getting paid for literally nothing. Damn there life is hard.



    Gary has absolutely gorgeous skin

  24. elena pg

    elena pg2 ngày trước

    Instagram model: I am against plastic surgery Also her: i didn’t like my nose and changed it with plastic surgery

  25. Im nameless

    Im nameless2 ngày trước

    the first insta model thinks the essence of modelling is VS.... smh

  26. Commander Shepard

    Commander Shepard2 ngày trước

    Alternate title... Slim People vs Thicc People.

  27. Tatsujiro Kurogane

    Tatsujiro Kurogane2 ngày trước

    Do they need extra wide cameras for the instagram fatties? Those women should get some exercise.

  28. billybrooks1

    billybrooks12 ngày trước

    Instagram: The bigger the butt the better. Runway: smaller the butt the better

  29. Jose Lara

    Jose Lara2 ngày trước

    The real models sound so professional and look so professional. Specially when she talk about everyone can be an IG models.

  30. squidward's squid

    squidward's squid2 ngày trước

    You can say anything you want but you can't deny instagram models walk horribly on shows😧

  31. Kashish Zaidi

    Kashish Zaidi2 ngày trước

    Runaway models sre so humble, ig models got that full on atittude vibe

  32. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki Bakugou2 ngày trước

    6:29 "we dont retouch photos that much anymore" suuuure......check out this womans instagram btw. I found sooooo many pics where the walls are bent around her hips.

  33. Dayah DM

    Dayah DM2 ngày trước

    I like this video because they don’t bicker but they try to listen and understand the other side✊🏼💕

  34. vivek patil

    vivek patil2 ngày trước

    All I see in Instagram nowadays is giant asses.

  35. V.A. D-R

    V.A. D-R3 ngày trước

    Genetic lottery? Living in make-believe...uh huh. If that was the case, then the instagram models aren't models... ANYONE can be a model. It's about your confidence.

  36. awesome cl

    awesome cl3 ngày trước

    shes not no 14-16 sorry but theres no way

  37. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin3 ngày trước

    Delusional idiots vs models

  38. Andrea Pina

    Andrea Pina3 ngày trước

    I feel like most Instagram “models” model more of their body or their lifestyle and runway models model more of clothes and fashion

  39. Lisa Gosling

    Lisa Gosling3 ngày trước

    Did those girls sitting next to Gary ask if he was perfect....girls, who are okay with photoshop...umm... no offence...he is 9.9 out of least.

  40. Yahweh's Adviser

    Yahweh's Adviser3 ngày trước

    "curve model" hahaha that's new.

  41. aishee basu

    aishee basu3 ngày trước

    Reads WebMD, thinks they're doctor. 🙄

  42. kevin johnson

    kevin johnson3 ngày trước

    Not important at all

  43. Lindsey Robertson

    Lindsey Robertson3 ngày trước

    White dress lady is a big time hypocrite first she’s like I’m so again plastic surgery then she’s like actually I have plastic surgery and no one called her out but she wants to call out alizee about photoshop dayum lady sit ur ass down

  44. Lethabo Tbone

    Lethabo Tbone3 ngày trước

    Mariam looks so different from her Insta pictures

  45. Liam vanDoorn

    Liam vanDoorn3 ngày trước

    Instagram models being such hypoc

  46. Asala Alsayed

    Asala Alsayed3 ngày trước

    why does alizee lowkey look like michael jackson lol

  47. Rin girl

    Rin girl3 ngày trước

    runway models have their own vibe

  48. MangoMac is back

    MangoMac is back4 ngày trước

    were trying to be ourselves "puts on a fuck load of makeup and uses filters lol "

  49. Jade Moreno

    Jade Moreno4 ngày trước

    I'm not a huge fan of how the insta models were like "oh no" "uh-oh" whenever they were talking and the runway models came to explain their side of the statement

  50. Jade Moreno

    Jade Moreno4 ngày trước

    I love how this lady In white gives a huge speech about being against plastic surgery and then she says she chose to remove her bump on her nose aka plastic surgery smfh

  51. Keving Bergiste

    Keving Bergiste4 ngày trước

    I need this in long form and no editing 😭 this was so good

  52. dogster Dela roca

    dogster Dela roca4 ngày trước

    Anybody can be an instagram

  53. SaltyShaolin

    SaltyShaolin4 ngày trước

    You just can’t compare runway models...🥱

  54. Kampen fortsätter Hatet ska brinna

    Kampen fortsätter Hatet ska brinna4 ngày trước

    We have a climate crisis to solve

  55. Will

    Will4 ngày trước

    This is pretty much Employed vs Unemployed

  56. Talitha Masocha

    Talitha Masocha4 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice how Alizee carry herself with such grace and elegance

  57. DiV e

    DiV e4 ngày trước

    Trying to breakdown filter both the IG body positive models have a filter of makeup on face.

  58. Muhammad Qais

    Muhammad Qais4 ngày trước

    I hate when a plus size model try to show that's it's ok to be overweighted and to "love ur self the way u r" the thing is u can control how ur body look plus it's not healthy

  59. Naiia Stacey

    Naiia Stacey4 ngày trước

    I grew up very skinny body and I was constantly made fun of, it would have been nice to have seen more light being shed on being thin because I later developed an eating disorder in efforts to gain weight. I want to see people being more positive towards NATURALLY skinny girls instead of assuming they have eating disorders and shaming them for it. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. You can’t help how you’re built, that goes the same way for being thin.

  60. Chandler Deardorff

    Chandler Deardorff4 ngày trước

    Those ig models are completely lying when they say they think about whether they're encouraging obesity. Chantelle is obese. Just because you think the word 'obese' is offensive doesn't mean it isn't true. Obese and morbidly obese are also two different things; one is more unhealthy than the other, but both are unhealthy nonetheless. You can't claim you are not promoting obesity when you are an obese person "promoting" your body image. Obesity is a larger problem in America than the potential eating disorders that could theoretically develop for some people because they don't like their weight. Eating disorders are a more serious problem, but obesity is a more widespread problem, and becomes even more of a problem when you're told again and again that it isn't a problem. All people with eating disorders know it is a problem, but less and less obese people view their weight as a health issue and think they're just a "body type" and don't get any help until it is too late and the damage is done.

  61. Maxim Nikolic

    Maxim Nikolic4 ngày trước

    15:05 ”i still eat my broccoli” bruh stfu u eatin bigmacs for breakfast

  62. xXgetbodiedXx XD

    xXgetbodiedXx XD4 ngày trước

    Instagram models are really a joke

  63. Młody lumpiarz

    Młody lumpiarz4 ngày trước

    This asian girl is just posting erotic stuff, wtf

  64. Adelita Studer

    Adelita Studer5 ngày trước

    I think the two jobs are two COMPLETELY different things tbh

  65. h0000ful

    h0000ful5 ngày trước

    Everyone wants to feel fabulous but not everyone has the typical model body. So "Instagram model" is invented. It''s just a way ordinary people giving themselves a chance to feel better and call themselves models.

  66. Raise SZN

    Raise SZN5 ngày trước

    Idc what they say it easy being a Instagram model.