Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be a Model?


  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee29 ngày trước

    Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new vibe to Middle Ground. Thank you to those who submitted prompts for this episode via the VIgos Community tab! We love to include you in on the conversation. To be included in our next batch of prompts, make sure to follow us on VIgos & on instagram at Let us know what you think of the Middle Ground look & if you enjoyed this episode below!

  2. Katie Walker

    Katie Walker7 ngày trước

    Jubilee do a kids of police officers vs kids of convicted felons

  3. Tom Black

    Tom Black16 ngày trước

    How long did these people talk for?

  4. Kira Hunter

    Kira Hunter18 ngày trước

    @Senzve ツ id prefer more group promos and letting them discuss as a group longer then the individual cut scenes

  5. Nicholas Koenig

    Nicholas Koenig19 ngày trước

    Do body modifications vs. none

  6. Denise C

    Denise C19 ngày trước

    I'd love to see a Middle Ground on the two sides of the Hong Kong protests (HK supporters vs mainland China supporters)

  7. Berserk___ _

    Berserk___ _2 giờ trước

    generally speaking, all models are overhyped over idolized useless people...

  8. Jin Oh

    Jin Oh3 giờ trước

    Yup I hate “influencers” even more

  9. motheo ntilane

    motheo ntilane3 giờ trước

    Allize, Gary and Chanetell. That’s it. That’s the comment.

  10. Jasmine Tígre

    Jasmine Tígre3 giờ trước

    I wish I could see a video of them reacting to these comments.

  11. jimin's hoe

    jimin's hoe5 giờ trước

    bruh homeboi didnt say a WORD until 12 whole minutes in,, and when he did i went a whole :000

  12. David Justin

    David Justin6 giờ trước

    Please do Instagram athletes vs real athletes!!!

  13. David Justin

    David Justin6 giờ trước

    It's getting worse now. We now have people who think just because they have muscles and stand in front of a mirror, that they are "athletes".

  14. lrose

    lrose6 giờ trước

    I feel like some of these comments are somewhat unfair towards the ig models. People always associate attractiveness with positive traits while the less attractive with negative traits. I read the comments, and never really felt the ig models were ever really mean, petty, or jealous. Maybe there were times where they felt they must defend their jobs or positions, or wanted clarification on the runway model stereotypes we've all heard. The purpose of this show is to have a discussion, sometimes that may get heated or get awkward, but I never felt the ig models weren't being respectful to the runway models and vice versa.

  15. Mark 327

    Mark 3276 giờ trước

    8:30 She should speak for herself, she is putting a label on an entire race just because she hasn't got the genetics. I'm an Asian dude now living in Europe, both Asian and European girls have curves and flat body types, you just have to get the Genetics, curves are not inclusive to any race.

  16. Zobaida Roza

    Zobaida Roza7 giờ trước

    Victoria really should’ve sat down when they asked the question if they think what they do will effect younger people. Like she literally just sat after And started talking about sponsorship



    I hate how professional models explain their industries limitations like they were facts. You have to be lean to do that job, because you have to fit in sample clothes.. it's no one's fault. But why are samples so small in the first place!?!!?! and we get to do that job because we are slim, and like professional athletes, you have to have a certain body type to perform.. but again, this is what is expected from them, not physically required like a sport. Instagram models are using filters, so they have it easy… !%@& that! professional models have a whole crew of photoshoppers behind them. All types of models are the same; useless... %@!& this industry.. and Tyra Banks too!

  18. Yazmine Parker

    Yazmine Parker7 giờ trước

    I hate this comment section. So much negativity damn

  19. Cash Rules

    Cash Rules10 giờ trước

    Dont Runway Models, use Instagram?

  20. Davis Zhu

    Davis Zhu10 giờ trước

    The moment Alizée mentioned Roger Federer, I knew she was all class.

  21. MakeItUp WitTiff

    MakeItUp WitTiff11 giờ trước

    Chick in white : “I’m against plastic surgery” Guys voice: who has had plastic surgery Chick in white : *steps forward *

  22. Charlotte

    Charlotte11 giờ trước

    The runway models are much more natural, and even seem more mature in some ways. Definitely less hypocritical that's for sure.

  23. rockstarundercover

    rockstarundercover11 giờ trước

    chantelle is so down to earth and has such a positive outlook. ig models are very influential on young people whether you deem them to be “real models” or not. to be a runway model takes dedication and immense dedication. it’s a whole ass professional career. i wish they made an impact on the society just as easy as ig models do. hard work and humility mixed with a sophisticated attitude and elegance thats literally what the young audience needs to learn rn. and the question about plastic surgery, it’s a personal choice and doesn’t make anyone more or less of a person. if it makes you confident then more power to you. photoshopping and picture editing, the same way.

  24. Londyn Daigle

    Londyn Daigle19 giờ trước

    i know this is headass but ... insta: londyn.daigle ❤️ show some love please😭

  25. M A

    M A20 giờ trước

    6:34 ??? 10:39

  26. 323gunslinger

    323gunslinger20 giờ trước

    I'm 29.... lmao!

  27. Alice Nikitinskaya

    Alice Nikitinskaya22 giờ trước

    Alizee is absolutely breathtaking in an effortless way!!! The influencer gals were trying way too hard. Chantelle was the only one coming off as natural and confident.

  28. Abod Ghazi

    Abod Ghazi23 giờ trước

    the runway models look like aliens, so so pretty

  29. arienne

    arienneNgày trước

    alizee makes me so inspired like oml she’s perfect

  30. Goeun

    GoeunNgày trước

    Ok my like only goes toward the runway models You want to spread positivity but photoshop your face and body because it looks good?? Hmmm and people would think that image is natural and they would have to be like that as well...Also so many of the insta models have pictures of literally just boobs and big butt... It's not even natural or give positive body image

  31. Jazmin Escamilla

    Jazmin EscamillaNgày trước

    It's sad that Instagram models promote fast fashion. It pollutes out environment and wastes resources because the clothes will be thrown away. They should address this. But without the promotions instagram models wouldnt exist.

  32. milky way

    milky wayNgày trước

    Alizée looks a bit like Angelina Jolie . Who agrees

  33. milky way

    milky wayNgày trước

    Instagram models in one word are: sluts.

  34. Nela Gonzalez

    Nela GonzalezNgày trước


  35. kylie quah

    kylie quahNgày trước

    Victoria (asian ig model) come off as insecure & obnoxious ... I like Chantelle’s vibe tho & the runway models seem more humble imo.

  36. WenIsHERE

    WenIsHERENgày trước

    everything ig models says is so contradictory

  37. Leah

    LeahNgày trước

    I love Alizée😭 she’s so composed and mature it’s like she carries a calming aura

  38. jewls

    jewlsNgày trước

    Home girl really said Asians don’t raisin 😂

  39. Noeli Aguirre - Olivas

    Noeli Aguirre - OlivasNgày trước

    I love Alizee’s face expression when they ask the cosmetic surgery question

  40. Shanika Anderson

    Shanika AndersonNgày trước

    omg. u see the way the runway models walk 😍😍😍

  41. jamiya michelle

    jamiya michelleNgày trước

    “you have to be able to fit in the clothes” that was disrespectful on so many levels.

  42. Kookoo sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ

    Kookoo sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇNgày trước

    God stop hating the ig models! My hands is tried liking them

  43. HenryDoesEverything

    HenryDoesEverythingNgày trước

    Lmao the woman that said she was 29

  44. Hannah Stoll

    Hannah StollNgày trước

    Well this was hard to watch.

  45. Ryan Yancy

    Ryan YancyNgày trước

    I loved chantel but those other hoes yuck!

  46. random human

    random humanNgày trước

    Ahh the genetic lottery. The taller the better (unless you want to be a comedian, you can't be as self deprecating then).

  47. lucky gordon

    lucky gordonNgày trước

    Am I the only one who think Alizée looks like Angelina Jolie?!

  48. Jasmine Tígre

    Jasmine Tígre3 giờ trước

    lucky gordon no you’re not.

  49. Laura

    LauraNgày trước

    I'm sorry, I'm only 53 seconds into this video and I already had to stop, the first thing that comes into her mind about runway models is Victoria's Secret? Girl you're way off track

  50. Jennie's lawyer

    Jennie's lawyerNgày trước

    You can tell why the black guy is a runway model, he looks like a sculpture

  51. Jennie's lawyer

    Jennie's lawyerNgày trước

    The instagrammers look so trashy meanwhile the runway models look graceful

  52. meilingcheung

    meilingcheungNgày trước

    I reckon the Victoria girl buys her instagram followers because most of her followers are bots/photo less accounts....... makes sense because he engagement on her photos are so low

  53. Dera Hamala

    Dera HamalaNgày trước

    That guy not just sexy outside, but sexy in mind

  54. Luke Morrison

    Luke MorrisonNgày trước

    To be fair Instagram followers follow most models based on there booty or chest popping. The Runway Models usually are there to display costumes for what most people can't afford

  55. theYogicMutant

    theYogicMutantNgày trước

    That male model...!!!! Wow... graceful

  56. SoRealBestFriends

    SoRealBestFriendsNgày trước

    Why was Jessica wearing that oversized jacket 💀💀

  57. Uso_685 Kefe

    Uso_685 KefeNgày trước

    2023+ vs everyone else

  58. Kelly Friebe

    Kelly FriebeNgày trước

    The runway models know what they are actually talking about

  59. Kelly Friebe

    Kelly FriebeNgày trước

    Runway models are better

  60. Linda Alegria

    Linda AlegriaNgày trước

    She was saying that she was against plastic surgeries like body enhancement not face stuff

  61. Kelvin Sein

    Kelvin SeinNgày trước

    Lmaoo what’s up with Victoria?? She gives the Asian community a bad rep, what a shame 😩 her Instagram is generic ABG stuff that encourages yellow fever and micro aggressions towards Asian women BUT Jessica on the other hand though, totally wholesome!!! She made my day 🙏🏽❤️

  62. hunger stormie

    hunger stormieNgày trước

    Why does it feel like the ig girls sound like those loud valley popular and the runway models are those who are just the quiet ones who get the work done? With the exception of chantelle i think she's a darling.

  63. Martin valles

    Martin vallesNgày trước

    Ig models are hypocritical af lol

  64. Rachel Silver

    Rachel SilverNgày trước

    I noticed that the runway models are wayyy more refined than the instagram models.. their opinions were well thought out

  65. Liam Power

    Liam PowerNgày trước

    “I’m against plastic surgery but I’ve had it”

  66. Cat's Eyes

    Cat's EyesNgày trước

    That lady is not 29. Sorry. Did she say 29?! Edit: I am 30. That lady is at least 40! Re-edit: She probably meant 39...49