iKON - '뛰어들게(Dive)' M/V

너 없는 낮과 밤
침묵이 찾아와
기꺼이 네 세상에 갇힐게
애틋한 한마디면 나는 괜찮아
그 고운 미소 내가 지킬 테니
너는 그대로만 있어
눈이 멀었다 그깟 사랑 따위에
뛰어들었다 네가 사는 세상에
넌 나를 뜨겁게 해 정신 못 차리게 해
넌 나를 날개도 없이 하늘을 날게 해
뛰어들게 네가 불길이라면
나는 따뜻하다며 타오를게
뛰어들게 가시밭길이라면
나는 부드럽다며 몸 던질게
네가 나를 벼랑 끝에 세운다면 날고 싶다며 떨어질게 에이
네가 나를 어둠 속에 가둔다면 피곤했다며 눈 감을게 에이
어떤 자극적인 자극보다 자극적인 자극
널 위해서라면 사는 것도 그만두고 싶게 해 나를
눈이 멀었다 그깟 사랑 따위에
뛰어들었다 네가 사는 세상에
넌 나를 뜨겁게 해 정신 못 차리게 해
넌 나를 날개도 없이 하늘을 날게 해
뛰어들게 네가 불길이라면
나는 따뜻하다며 타오를게
뛰어들게 가시밭길이라면
나는 부드럽다며 몸 던질게
굳이 다치면서라도 같이 있고 싶은 가치 있는 사람
숨이 막히면서라도 같은 공간에 머물고 싶은 사람
뛰어들게 네가 불길이라면
나는 따뜻하다며 타오를게
뛰어들게 가시밭길이라면
나는 부드럽다며 몸 던질게
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  1. ro se

    ro se46 phút trước

    Am i the only one who imagine hanbin voice

  2. Jacqulene George

    Jacqulene George48 phút trước

    The visuals are great but I still felt this song lacked something

  3. aj pets

    aj pets51 phút trước

    3:12 ikon's logo 😭😭 kim hanbin is that u?

  4. Celine-Diana _ Luna

    Celine-Diana _ Luna58 phút trước

    We want Hanbin back to the squad, all of us with Commander Hanbin #hanbin_ikon

  5. Celine-Diana _ Luna

    Celine-Diana _ LunaGiờ trước

    #hanbin_IKON We want Hanbin back to the band

  6. Jeon klama

    Jeon klamaGiờ trước


  7. Gece Gürsoy

    Gece GürsoyGiờ trước

    BI 😢😩❤️

  8. Jimena Hurtado Atencia

    Jimena Hurtado AtenciaGiờ trước

    I love You bobby

  9. Jimena Hurtado Atencia

    Jimena Hurtado AtenciaGiờ trước


  10. Jan Nicholas Teorima

    Jan Nicholas TeorimaGiờ trước

    Those 13k accnts dont have a good taste in music and MV tho 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Nickyhasnolife

    NickyhasnolifeGiờ trước

    Ok you’re kidding me still only 10000000 views?

  12. Maide Ahsen Aydın

    Maide Ahsen AydınGiờ trước

    Is this sampled? The music sounds like laure branigan's 'self control' a lot

  13. Bacon Baekki

    Bacon BaekkiGiờ trước

    I’m an EXO-L here for support IKON and IKONIC Love you guys ❤️

  14. Ladoush

    Ladoush50 phút trước

    Bacon Baekki Yes we are ❤️❤️❤️ i love Exo and Exo-ls too, most chill and most laidback “in a good way” fandom ever ❤️

  15. Bacon Baekki

    Bacon BaekkiGiờ trước

    fighting haeyadwae yaa, let’s love each other We’re a family, right? 😊

  16. fighting haeyadwae

    fighting haeyadwaeGiờ trước

    Thnks for the support.. Big love

  17. TINBEL

    TINBELGiờ trước

    Is I’m the only one feel that the vibes of this song a bit different maybe because the absent of Kim hanbin 😭 pls I want OT7!!!!




  19. Тохтар Нуртазин

    Тохтар НуртазинGiờ trước

    Red clothes so good👍👍

  20. Nora Salah

    Nora SalahGiờ trước

    Waahh American 👏🏼👏🏼

  21. I am ODDY

    I am ODDYGiờ trước

    เจ้าช่อมาลี 55555😂😂

  22. Story Around Us

    Story Around Us2 giờ trước

    I'm Atinny fan also here to support ikon...

  23. Sanjenbam GUNESHWORI

    Sanjenbam GUNESHWORI2 giờ trước

    😍😍always stunning

  24. Chica Ten

    Chica Ten2 giờ trước

    I love this song. Listen to it everyday. But I LOVE iKON much much more. You will always be 7 for me. Love and miss you Hanbin but great job to my boys! You have had a hard year!

  25. I'm Theo

    I'm Theo2 giờ trước

    It reminds me of $minute Volume Up

  26. cumik cum

    cumik cum2 giờ trước

    Where is hanbin?

  27. Vũ H Long

    Vũ H Long2 giờ trước

    Sound like The nights - avicii, a little bit

  28. 1personneanonyme

    1personneanonyme2 giờ trước

    Everyone miss Hanbin ! I mean he's in EVERY comment ! We know you miss him ect.. but a lot of persons are like : I'm an ikonic and I miss our king so much ! iKON isn't the same without him... Sis I'm sorry I feel the same but you have to understand smt : he WON'T BE BACK if he do it will be amazing incredible.... but it looks like he won't So stop crying and cheer the others members ! I think they need the support of their fans the most now ! One of them left them the leader ! They are not at the top of their happiness ! They need supportives fans but most of them are complaining ! I don't want to be mean sorry if this comment hurts someone but you need to wake up

  29. Xiumin Kim

    Xiumin Kim2 giờ trước

    I’m not a fan but I’m addictive to this perfect song, fighting EXO-L here 💪🏻💪🏻💕💕

  30. 《Kim Zaina》

    《Kim Zaina》2 giờ trước


  31. Azurita M.

    Azurita M.2 giờ trước

    ƪ(‾.‾“)┐ perfect song ♡

  32. The Kristiantos

    The Kristiantos3 giờ trước

    Hello friends, help me to reach 100 subscribers ... I need your support and encouragement to be able to develop my channel with family travel content. I wish you a long life and good fortune and always healthy. Thank you friends for your support and subscriptions. that means a lot to me. I appreciate your support.

  33. Back To Reality

    Back To Reality3 giờ trước

    this song bring me so sad memories... my life history.

  34. Иана Иана

    Иана Иана3 giờ trước


  35. Hà Ngân

    Hà Ngân3 giờ trước

    Eo oi cuồng quá huhuuuu

  36. IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon3 giờ trước

    YALL let’s hit 11M

  37. Flor V

    Flor V3 giờ trước

    LOVE IKON ♥️

  38. Agung oxz

    Agung oxz3 giờ trước

    For more information vigos.info/video/otGgm7SmiKilpqM.html

  39. YG Artist VIPiKON

    YG Artist VIPiKON3 giờ trước

    Haaaayyyyyy 10million na

  40. Jung chanwoo

    Jung chanwoo3 giờ trước

    Jung chanwoo saranghae ❤❤

  41. Vochelle Tiramitsu

    Vochelle Tiramitsu3 giờ trước

    i'll dive into your world!!!!

  42. Anastasia Park

    Anastasia Park3 giờ trước

    I have a fucking Deja Vu with this song🤔🤔🤔

  43. ns 20

    ns 203 giờ trước

    D.K love youuuuuuu

  44. bjvip ICikonic

    bjvip ICikonic3 giờ trước

    Day and night

  45. melinda jihwan

    melinda jihwan3 giờ trước

    Gak bakal bosen 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  46. Lila *3*

    Lila *3*3 giờ trước


  47. Tomorrow Picture

    Tomorrow Picture4 giờ trước


  48. Kim Misu

    Kim Misu4 giờ trước


  49. xx leegnt

    xx leegnt4 giờ trước

    Mangats guys

  50. Nikki Cordevilla

    Nikki Cordevilla4 giờ trước

    im new here,,,just week ago im hook to there love scenario song,,im here everyday to stream there latest song!

  51. ฮาลาวาตี สาและ

    ฮาลาวาตี สาและ4 giờ trước

    I miss BI

  52. Nam Nam

    Nam Nam4 giờ trước

    vigos.info/video/qLGhi6eejKqdkok.html iKON - ‘뛰어들게(Dive)’ LIVE CLIP - WITH LYRICS (ROMANIZED/ENGLISH)

  53. Aleyna AKÇA

    Aleyna AKÇA4 giờ trước


  54. bebyblue 97

    bebyblue 974 giờ trước

    iKON singing live 'Dive' "FOR YOU MY BRO- Bobby2020 😭

  55. Avocado_ bujos

    Avocado_ bujos4 giờ trước

    The streaming is slow

  56. Ngọc Lê

    Ngọc Lê4 giờ trước

    Keep streaming iKONICs

  57. BangtANGIE Lol

    BangtANGIE Lol4 giờ trước

    This song sounds a lot like Nick Jonas’ “Right Now” especially the chorus. I really love iKON but it’s confusing me a lot😔

  58. Hanbinie 131

    Hanbinie 1314 giờ trước

    Some people said that it's Hanbin on 3:12 The guy who's Jumping😰

  59. Hakuna Matata

    Hakuna MatataGiờ trước

    No I think it's bobby

  60. xj_ cklactt

    xj_ cklactt4 giờ trước

    เจ้าช่อมาลี ดึกแล้วทำไมไม่นอน

  61. Amjad Jen

    Amjad Jen4 giờ trước


  62. Amjad Jen

    Amjad Jen4 giờ trước


  63. Amjad Jen

    Amjad Jen4 giờ trước

    Love you

  64. ____ no metter wut____

    ____ no metter wut____4 giờ trước

    konicsss lets continue to stream dive to make it 131M!!! i believe we can definitely reach to hanbin to support him!! lets get it konicss