I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon


  1. what the animations

    what the animations19 giờ trước

    He'll ye

  2. Julia Lim

    Julia Lim22 giờ trước

    I was not alowed to play it for the same reason to

  3. Happyajammer

    HappyajammerNgày trước

    Boi that was my life but bot the demons part... I cried when they threw my 3 mewtwo/yveltal ex cards....they were damn op😭😭😭😭😭😭 still cry to this day.... But frik i spent 3 yrs of grinding from an energy card

  4. Demon Cat Lunar

    Demon Cat LunarNgày trước

    Pokemon is Japanese for Pocket Monster.

  5. Andrew Hignett

    Andrew HignettNgày trước

    You need 60 cards to play

  6. Jayden Birden

    Jayden BirdenNgày trước

    My Friend couldn’t play Pokémon ether

  7. alan villegas

    alan villegasNgày trước

    Me too

  8. krokkgeiming

    krokkgeimingNgày trước

    I hate yuor parents

  9. Tutu doggy

    Tutu doggyNgày trước

    Anyone watching in 2019

  10. swagger rapper

    swagger rapperNgày trước

    Umm dude I was 10 and I can watch family guy

  11. Joe Knight

    Joe Knight2 ngày trước

    I'll play pokemon with you 🤣 honestly though I love the game and have no one to play with bc I dont know anyone at my new school and my siblings are too young and get mad every time sooooo I'll play 🤣😇

  12. sans the comic

    sans the comic2 ngày trước

    Pokemon are just animals only difference lol Squirtle is a turtle go on Google and just search up Pika Mouse

  13. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz3 ngày trước

    I got a lot and they are strong and I have a whole stack of ones that are not gxs EXs

  14. Gacha Wolfie

    Gacha Wolfie3 ngày trước

    (Me looking at the title while my friends are try to calm me down) GIVE ME MAI POKEBALL IM SET THEM ON FIRE WITH MY CHARIZARD

  15. whatupmydudes :D

    whatupmydudes :D3 ngày trước

    “Pokémon is the deVIL ADAM” *years later* “So here’s my self persona, a little demon boi”

  16. nkjjja

    nkjjja4 ngày trước

    They can't be demons in japinese because the tv show is from Japan

  17. Matthew Lucero

    Matthew Lucero5 ngày trước

    I could probably fit you Pokemon

  18. Dave Murray

    Dave Murray6 ngày trước

    I got some pokemon

  19. TheRedhead1997

    TheRedhead19976 ngày trước

    My parents are religious But the reason I wasn’t allowed to watch Pokémon was..... My mom thought it was stupid, that was her legit reason I was obsessed with Harry Potter tho and I had other friends who were religious and they weren’t allowed to watch Harry Potter, avatar (BOTH VERSIONS), pirates of the Caribbean, and a lot of other movies

  20. carlangas world

    carlangas world6 ngày trước

    So you still need your parents permission even do you are an adult?

  21. Kaden Morales

    Kaden Morales7 ngày trước

    I’ll play pokemon with you

  22. White Rabbit Rambo

    White Rabbit Rambo8 ngày trước

    same here and i was also wasnt allowed to watch Ben 10 too and anything with characters because............. SATAN

  23. Puppy lover-04 29

    Puppy lover-04 2910 ngày trước

    I’m living his childhood so I feel his pain

  24. Liana Seda

    Liana Seda10 ngày trước

    frick ur cards I have mew if u gimme ur email I can send u a pic

  25. Patrick Mitchell

    Patrick Mitchell11 ngày trước

    I'll challenge you

  26. Isaac Stokes

    Isaac Stokes11 ngày trước

    Yu-Gi-Oh rules! PS Yugioh - Detailed Meaning. Your name Yugioh creates high ideals with a desire to serve humanity

  27. Rk Gamer

    Rk Gamer11 ngày trước

    Me I’ll play 😂

  28. DiegTheEgg MSM

    DiegTheEgg MSM12 ngày trước

    My parents think pokemon are demons too

  29. D estrada

    D estrada12 ngày trước

    I Love Demon ❤️ and plus my hole family hated Pokemon put me

  30. Cuphead

    Cuphead13 ngày trước

    I have about 700 to 800 Pokemon cards

  31. Turtle C

    Turtle C14 ngày trước

    It’s funny because your character is kinda like a demon

  32. Mary Raggio

    Mary Raggio14 ngày trước

    Did you ever play beyblade

  33. Garkair

    Garkair15 ngày trước

    Same as me man. My mom always i asked them (my mom is christian) Mom: pokemon is pocket monsters! Me:and what with it? Mom: THEYRE DEMONS Mom: *shows man saying yu gi oh its bad and demon* Me: mom thats a yu gi oh Mom: I DONT CAREE

  34. Dragon Slayer x

    Dragon Slayer x15 ngày trước

    I have PIKACHU CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Savannah Beal

    Savannah Beal17 ngày trước

    We had the same childhood wow

  36. black Berry

    black Berry18 ngày trước

    Me: watching jake Paul on VIgos Mom: it's the devil Me: agreed

  37. Zane Harris

    Zane Harris18 ngày trước

    What is demons in Japanese?

  38. *Just* *a* *random* *commenter*

    *Just* *a* *random* *commenter*17 ngày trước


  39. Godzilla lover 911

    Godzilla lover 91118 ngày trước

    Ur not the only one who had to sneak his childhood...

  40. AnquilAnimates

    AnquilAnimates18 ngày trước

    They Are

  41. Lonely As Fuck

    Lonely As Fuck19 ngày trước

    Tbh I can’t play Pokémon either

  42. Spicy

    Spicy19 ngày trước

    Did you draw this in paint

  43. Noah Watches Youtube

    Noah Watches Youtube19 ngày trước

    I have 3,462 pokemon cards

  44. Rey and Leia

    Rey and Leia19 ngày trước

    Hey a got somthing 👌 Gotem

  45. Le Monchoi

    Le Monchoi19 ngày trước

    I watch FG when i was 13 Is that illegal?

  46. Savannah the Lucurina

    Savannah the Lucurina19 ngày trước

    That's just sad yo. POKEMON SAVED MY DANG LIFE

  47. Savannah the Lucurina

    Savannah the Lucurina19 ngày trước

    As you can see

  48. Jesús Hernández

    Jesús Hernández20 ngày trước


  49. Iara Moreira

    Iara Moreira20 ngày trước


  50. Natalie Perez

    Natalie Perez20 ngày trước

    My mom banned Pokémon after my tia told her they were going to possess us. Then she made us rip the cards up.

  51. Charizard UwU

    Charizard UwU21 ngày trước

    This is a scary video. POKÉMON IS A RIGHT. you shoulda played it ;w;

  52. batbatbat 10

    batbatbat 1022 ngày trước

    "I don't know why my mom is extremely... *clears throat*... T E X A S." ~Adam Ortiz, 2016