I suck at chess


  1. iz a person :l

    iz a person :l10 giờ trước

    [insert Han solo voice Here] "hey don't get cocky"

  2. Ryan L

    Ryan L14 giờ trước

    I’m. Good at cheese

  3. Camocrusher55

    Camocrusher5516 giờ trước

    Tells you not to judge when he is judging himself

  4. Artistic tomato

    Artistic tomato18 giờ trước

    Adam should do asmr roleplays

  5. x yoitzkat x

    x yoitzkat x19 giờ trước

    Same Adam, same.

  6. Cammie Dragon Girl

    Cammie Dragon GirlNgày trước

    Teenage Adam: **remembers this** I am so cool Little older:**remembers this and realizes** I'm so blind he WAS beating me Adam now* I'm gonna make an animation out of this :3

  7. John Fox

    John FoxNgày trước

    It wasn't five years because I saw four fingers so five or four? 😅

  8. Kitty Lover

    Kitty Lover2 ngày trước

    Play with James plzz

  9. Kiwoodle Toy Surprise

    Kiwoodle Toy Surprise2 ngày trước

    I also SUCK at chess

  10. Mateen Sheikh

    Mateen Sheikh3 ngày trước

    1:32 *WrOnG fOuR yEaRs*

  11. Reid Linney

    Reid Linney4 ngày trước

    Try to beat me Adam and I will destroy you I am the third best in my school at chess

  12. Aidy LD

    Aidy LD4 ngày trước

    I'm a god at chess

  13. itsAhnyuri

    itsAhnyuri4 ngày trước

    Thumbnail: “I suck” Me: Welp, at least you don't swallow :v


    THEGREATR85 ngày trước


  15. michelle rice

    michelle rice5 ngày trước

    I suck at chess..... Me:hey do you know how to play chess?my class:YYYEEESSSS! me: :( F**K

  16. The dark lord Sauron

    The dark lord Sauron5 ngày trước

    I was the best chess player in my primary school My opponents resorted to cheating to beat me back then

  17. Purple Unicorn

    Purple Unicorn5 ngày trước

    I’m in fifth grade and I know how to play chess and checkers.

  18. Rey Rey

    Rey Rey6 ngày trước

    I learned how to play chest when i was in like the 2 grade and i was good at it

  19. Nik Tessier19

    Nik Tessier196 ngày trước

    I read the title as “I suck at cheese” 😂

  20. Sabrina McNeil

    Sabrina McNeil7 ngày trước

    Adam are you saying you were trying to jump his pieces??? 😂😂😂

  21. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark7 ngày trước

    Just lost 10 games on chess.com consecutively and typed I suck at chess and this pops up. My mood is relieved now. Thanks

  22. leilani's time

    leilani's time8 ngày trước

    "I haven't lost in 5 years"*holds up 4 fingers* 🤣

  23. LDR dEPpresIoN

    LDR dEPpresIoN8 ngày trước

    Do you at least know how to do a danish gambit I’m a noob btw hehe jk no I’m not flexing it’s a legitimate question

  24. Artie Quick

    Artie Quick8 ngày trước

    Why does he have cat ears in the thumbnail *realizes those are horns* oh sh*t those are horns

  25. Payton Wisley

    Payton Wisley9 ngày trước

    He played with t like checkers

  26. Payton Wisley

    Payton Wisley9 ngày trước

    I’m 10 and I beat my dad every time we play chess

  27. Keegan Sallee

    Keegan Sallee10 ngày trước

    Don’t worry Adam, I never learned chess until I got out of elementary

  28. Jovan Petroski

    Jovan Petroski10 ngày trước

    I was professional at 7 years old

  29. لينا القديري

    لينا القديري10 ngày trước

    You look like a cat

  30. Xenon Heathy

    Xenon Heathy11 ngày trước

    Man, you ain't the only one.

  31. -Wolfy The Beast-

    -Wolfy The Beast-11 ngày trước

    Adam vs James vs Alex Chess boxing

  32. hade Animations

    hade Animations13 ngày trước

    *i succ to*

  33. Cinnamon Jackson

    Cinnamon Jackson13 ngày trước

    Im ok at chess. But like never have played chekers ever.

  34. Richard Kelso

    Richard Kelso13 ngày trước

    Me to I suck to

  35. Lucas Valdes-Lora

    Lucas Valdes-Lora14 ngày trước

    haa haaa hhhaa

  36. Universalcosmic

    Universalcosmic14 ngày trước

    Wanna chess match I’m bad ;)

  37. Lillie Ann

    Lillie Ann14 ngày trước

    Why does the wierd chess guy sound like Doctor Evil

  38. Lime Animates

    Lime Animates14 ngày trước

    *judges anyway* 😏😏😏😏😏😏

  39. Violet The Wolf official

    Violet The Wolf official16 ngày trước

    Well I suck at Smash Ultimate :'D

  40. Carmella Plaz

    Carmella Plaz17 ngày trước

    Wow i love it

  41. Smiling Demon

    Smiling Demon17 ngày trước

    I actually am South Africas best chess player and I have autism

  42. X.Y star

    X.Y star18 ngày trước

    Dude, professional chess players are like 'BATTLE ME' Then I have to be like.... Uh...... Uh...... Uh...... Uhhhh I can't play to save my life (I don't know how)

  43. Happy Pineapple

    Happy Pineapple18 ngày trước

    I still don’t know how to play chess and I used to just make up ways how to play. I named all the pieces too. Now, I don’t want to learn how to actually play chess because I like my way better. Did anyone else do this? Just me? Ok.

  44. Tylergamer and Blake the Snake

    Tylergamer and Blake the Snake18 ngày trước

    My brother got mad at me on a cruise i was beating him at this huge chess board on the ship and he flipped the rules to checkers rules and I just left like what the fu

  45. Brian Chapman

    Brian Chapman19 ngày trước

    3:24 Omg lol 🤣🤣🤣

  46. Devil Animations

    Devil Animations19 ngày trước

    2:38 lul

  47. Apple Slice That Supports Pewdiepie

    Apple Slice That Supports Pewdiepie20 ngày trước

    It Doesn't Really Matter Cause I Suck In School But I Still Passed

  48. Liam gaming Science

    Liam gaming Science20 ngày trước

    I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. MiraculouslyCrazy XD

    MiraculouslyCrazy XD20 ngày trước

    I was just AMAZING at chess in 4th grade and knew how to play in 3rd

  50. Adrian Brown

    Adrian Brown20 ngày trước

    I'm good at chess