I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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    brazil14 ngày trước

    haha grape

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  4. Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop

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    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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  7. Ryan Bladich

    Ryan Bladich46 phút trước

    I had to go on a liquid diet because of a oral surgery and I just chugged box’s of cichin stock for protein

  8. Sally Sonnenschein

    Sally SonnenscheinGiờ trước

    6:28 is this sound from Fairy Tail?

  9. Dr Carrot

    Dr CarrotGiờ trước

    Adam: what would you do for one million dollars? Adam:probably suck a di- Me: closes out of vid


    BROX MELGAR3 giờ trước

    I love the animations!


    LE ROACH IZ HERE3 giờ trước

    God's cylinder, more like THICCCCC CYLINDER!

  12. Abigail Betances

    Abigail Betances3 giờ trước

    STOP your making me HUNGRY

  13. _you dont need to Know my name_

    _you dont need to Know my name_4 giờ trước

    Who else searched up people eating tomato soup when he mentioned it? No one? Just me? -.-

  14. James Anderson

    James Anderson4 giờ trước

    There is a real vid of someone eating cold tomato soup

  15. AhmedZcraft Gamer

    AhmedZcraft Gamer4 giờ trước

    1:33 demonotization : "You cant beat me! Adam: " i can't but he can" : *Censoring*

  16. Kisha Burch

    Kisha Burch4 giờ trước

    "Like that Smash button" -Adam The Grape

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    like that smash button*

  18. Cassandro Nova

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    If you see closely in the videos one of them was his music video :3

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    4:01 butt lolz

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    Oh my god this is the first time seeing Adam!! 0o0 you cute.

  22. Eclipse Ohzzee

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    U look so much better with that surgery even tho u looked grape before ;)

  23. Eyeballian

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    2:13 that rick and north reference though

  24. The0nlySky3

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    Aww not the chocolate milk

  25. Hio Hir

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    12:22 DID HE SAY "anyways don't forget to LIKE THAT SMASH BUTTON"?? Hahahahaha

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    @somthingelsey.t follow me

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    After watching this I need jaw surgery from laughing to hard🤣

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    You in the hospital looks like a cat 😂

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    Gimmie potasium

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    Is he really that small?🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    best 4 minutes of my life, spent watching the second half of this

  32. Sara Merkel

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    He said like that smash button

  33. Al Jr. Ceniza

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    that sucks not being able to drink chocolate milk😢

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    7:12 I really didn’t see that coming

  35. crazy husky

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    Ur animations r getting better, keep up the good work👍

  36. Mas

    Mas8 giờ trước

    What if you had to throw up

  37. Matt A

    Matt A8 giờ trước

    And I thought not eating for 2 weeks was bad 😅. But even from those two weeks I get it. EVERY. MEAL. COUNTS. DAMMIT.

  38. the dank cupcake productions

    the dank cupcake productions8 giờ trước

    Adam I had to have 14 surgeries Ives still got more coming

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    I feel bad Adam😢😭

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    Adam looks like the Indian tony stark😂

  41. Miracle Cook

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    You sure your human? Cuz you do NOT seem like one😂 sorry no offense

  42. Savannah the Lucurina

    Savannah the Lucurina9 giờ trước

    6:03 YANI!?!?? Whelp agree to dissagree

  43. Black Olive Creations

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    I. Am not. A GRAPE. -Adam Ortiz 2019

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    grape you grape me

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    Your so cute this is my first time seeing you in person tbh😍😍🔥

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    "like that smash button" XD

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    I can’t live without food food is my 2nd life

  48. Marek Wingard

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    Lol getting in a fight with VIgos’s policy

  49. AnonymousVlogs

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    2:55 my favorite part “I yield”😂

  50. thundergaming155

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    I am going to have all of my wisdom teeth removed in a few months so I am going to have to eat oatmeal and coco wheats and anything soft for a few weeks after my surgery.

  51. kaity the cat 05

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    I can barely here a word u r saying

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    i think hes still a grape

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    12:24 Dont forget to like that smash button...

  54. kaiya riva

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    nobody : literally nobody : nobody in this god forsaken earth : me : (search on yt) *people eating cold tomato soup after watching this video

  55. The crispy Gamer

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    3:36 weenie hut general

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    make your audio louder please

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    You’re so cute 😂 you make me laugh a lot

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  60. Weirwolfx97 Weir

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    You r not a grape u are a human boy

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    I’m a bananner

  62. Danyrox 91

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    Honey where is my super soup ?

  63. G Man

    G Man14 giờ trước

    I am glad your recovery went well man, best to your future health, your horned character is the best thank you so much for what you do.

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  66. veranet99

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    Steve1989: Let's get this out onto a tray. Adam: Nice!

  67. Falak Pasha

    Falak Pasha15 giờ trước

    stop useing plastic bags and straws please. IT KILLS TURTLES

  68. Lena dePetrini

    Lena dePetrini15 giờ trước

    Yo I have the same problem but I just used braces for five years. Finally taking these shits off in two months...

  69. Ainsley Gilmore

    Ainsley Gilmore15 giờ trước

    At the end you said "Like that smash button." 😑

  70. Drew The 2nd

    Drew The 2nd15 giờ trước

    Bro this sounds like me it was a bitch of a time when I couldn't talk for a long ass time because of my jaw. The Rubber Splint was the thing that kept my mouth shut.

  71. bali beast

    bali beast15 giờ trước

    Rather have this then deal with tonsillectomy recovery

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    Awwwww SHUT UP

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    7:12 *me with my sister's XD lol*

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    Tomato soup!!!

  76. Amy Still

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    Doctor:oh and by the way you might have to keep your jaw like this hmm form 6 weeks Adam:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRR Me: LOL

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  78. Fartun Qaali

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    You said like that smash button.😂😁😀😊😅😄

  80. Aldus Dumblebumble

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    He said chocolate milk as soon as I picked up chocolate milk in the binding of isaac

  81. Gelato 000

    Gelato 00017 giờ trước

    the part where you watched other people eating food is true I lost my games for 4 months the I ended up watching videos that Ive never watched before and it does male me feel better

  82. Elliot Nebulous

    Elliot Nebulous17 giờ trước

    7:18 Oh, look vore. It's only a mukbang if you're eating a ridiculously large amount of food.

  83. Zoe Friedman

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  84. Оgурчик

    Оgурчик17 giờ trước

    кто русский?

  85. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie17 giờ trước

    "And a loving KIIEEUUS" XD

  86. Arduge

    Arduge17 giờ trước

    4:42-I died😂

  87. Noah Mace

    Noah Mace18 giờ trước

    adam: shut the F**K up demonitization: am i a joke to you?

  88. Abbie Røse

    Abbie Røse18 giờ trước

    i just got my wisdom teeth out and my sister sent me this video and i laughed so hard. this was awesome keep it up man and have fun at vidcon!

  89. Jane Dalida

    Jane Dalida18 giờ trước

    At least you didn’t have a feeding tube

  90. Quert Swink

    Quert Swink19 giờ trước

    I went through the same thing when I got cancer, except I didn’t like the food because I had nausea

  91. wow go

    wow go19 giờ trước

    I feel poor for you Adam.

  92. Uknown _beast77

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    You fuckin grape 😂😂

  93. Trevor 007

    Trevor 00719 giờ trước

    I’m in France Rn... honestly I take the food in America for granted like seriously. American canned soup: absolute shit French canned soup: what is this... this... gift God has given me?! On top of that a French grandma cooking food for u is speechlessly amazing

  94. Srta.TacoMal

    Srta.TacoMal19 giờ trước

    I can hear the difference. I'm sorry you've had to deal with the suckiness of your jaw for so long and the sucky diet, but I'm glad it seems everything was successful and you're no longer in pain. I hope you scream all those words you had to avoid before from the mountaintops. Next time I have a colonoscopy (like once every year or two, and you can't eat or drink anything but non-fibrous liquid the day before and nothing the day of,) I'll try watching people eat on YT. I haven't finished the video yet, but I wonder if he'll do any speech therapy. I mean, not like it's needed, but I imagine some people would want to.

  95. Turtle in a Fedora

    Turtle in a Fedora19 giờ trước

    End of the video; me: damn boy you're cute as fuck

  96. CrazyD 19

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    New subscriber!!!

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    12:25 like the smash button

  98. Duke of Nuggets

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    www.gofundme.com/gbcPETScan Hi guys, my dad has stage 4 gallbladder cancer, he’s in need of a PET scan, and our insurance won’t approve it :( any donation helps. :( 💕

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    I am tall he's popular you're normal

  100. Malachi Neal

    Malachi Neal21 giờ trước

    My guy you know me so well I swear I know how you feel exactly!!!

  101. Penelope Lynch

    Penelope Lynch21 giờ trước

    Gods cylinder -Adam Quote of the year

  102. Creative Urmi

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    Why he lowkey look like a combo of Tony Stark and Harry Potter??? 😂😂😂

  103. Italis Skullz

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    **3 years later** Adam: WHERE THE F*CK IS MY CHOCOLATE MILK?!

  104. the Evee twins

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    Wait ADAM LIVES IN BIKINI BOTTOM (I said that cuz of wenee hut general)

  105. rAnDoM GiRl

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