History of Every K-Pop Scandal with JYP Entertainment

Well, this finally closes this series on KPop Scandals with the Big 3. VIgos doesn't seem to like me doing these videos because they violate their monetization policies (they manually reviewed both SM and YG ones already) and so I intended this to be the last one on this video topic. Hope you all understand. I must admit that it was a challenge this time reading all the statements from each one on this video. Made me question how they intended each to be said lol. Oh well. I tried!
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KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos (MV), Scandals (Alphabetically) Discussed:
2PM Jay Park MYSPACE Posts & Nichkhun Drunk Driving Accident
GOT7 Jackson Black Face & Pepsi Ad, Yugyeon Underage Drink & BamBam N-Word Usage
DAY6 Junhyeok Departure after Dating Fan
JYP J.Y. Park Salvation Sect
TWICE Sana Instagram & Tzuyu Taiwanese Flag
Produce X 101 Trainee Yoon Seo Bin
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  1. DareDB KPop

    DareDB KPop10 tháng trước

    EDIT: My choice of words for Yoon Seobin lumped all his allegations together, but my mistake was that he did NOT admit to bullying. My apologies for providing that false detail. He only admitted to his partying lifestyle. One of my more recent requested videos is finally here lol. Closing out this Big 3 series of K-Pop Scandals with each company. As mentioned, VIgos doesn't exactly approve of these videos for monetization purposes, so this is planned to be the last one. Hope you all understand. Do please enjoy and stay tuned for other great content coming from me! So, please hit those subscribe, like and bell buttons for me! Much appreciated! :D

  2. god slayer

    god slayer6 tháng trước

    Korean culture is so weak ...they fear of vanishing? against Afro American culture

  3. Rovvy Danica

    Rovvy Danica7 tháng trước


  4. Scott Adams

    Scott Adams8 tháng trước

    Honestly what happened to Tzuyu and Sana makes me so mad. One girl is holding a pair of flags, one from Korea and one from her home country, and she is accused of being a political hack, loses business opportunities and is forced to apologize in a scary concrete room? The second girl makes a positive happy post about the new era and she gets attacked? Good god people need to grow up.

  5. Eliwood Pherae

    Eliwood Pherae9 tháng trước

    @lu I'm hearing chan's hihi now lol STAAAAHP

  6. ljgella

    ljgella9 tháng trước

    Can you did cube scandal since 2009

  7. GachaSoobinaaa

    GachaSoobinaaaNgày trước

    bitches can't accept tzuyu🙄

  8. Kayla Marie

    Kayla Marie2 ngày trước

    um so like personal opinion. i hope this doesn't offend anyone. but dread locks is a hair style everyone could rock. i state "everyone"

  9. Ms. Chin BK

    Ms. Chin BK3 ngày trước

    Dreads aren't even Afro-American, tf?

  10. fleshlight9997

    fleshlight99973 ngày trước

    honestly fuck the ccp and fuck jyp for taking the ccp dick in the ass

  11. Shaimae eight

    Shaimae eight4 ngày trước

    I feel pity for tzuyu....💔 she was forced to just apologized .

  12. Zi The great 1

    Zi The great 15 ngày trước

    Dreads are for everyone it is not a cultural appropriation

  13. kiersten emily

    kiersten emily5 ngày trước

    honestly most jyp scandals aren’t even scandals

  14. kiersten emily

    kiersten emily5 ngày trước

    i choked on my strawberry when i heard the “jyp~”

  15. Lee Licayan

    Lee Licayan6 ngày trước

    I'm also from a formerly Japanese occupied country (the Philippines) who's crimes are still seen in the living memory of the elderly who lived through those times. What many of the former occupied countries really feel is a lack of a meaningful Japanese apology even after all these years. It's visible in the Japanese education system in the miniscule few instances of reference to the war in that Japan is seen as only defending it's autonomy. Expressing sentiments on the official Twice Instagram which alluded to pro Japanese monarchy/politics was a miss step for Sana in Korean culture with 30 years of Japanese exploitation. I experienced the same negative sentiments from family and older generations when I learned Japanese in academia. Expressing them through a non Twice and non JYPE medium would have been more acceptable as it was a Sana statement not a company/Twice statement. Now that's done, be sure to Stan Sana😤

  16. 3DLavaLamp

    3DLavaLamp11 ngày trước

    Idgaf, I love GOT7 no matter what they did because I know they didn’t do it with bad intentions and I know how Korean no-lives, aka netizens, hate on everything and everyone.

  17. 3DLavaLamp

    3DLavaLamp11 ngày trước

    So Tzuyu can’t represent her origins? What is wrong with people.


    KPOP MULTIFANDOM15 ngày trước

    Wait.... but tzuyu's is not a scandal thou, is it? Cuz she is from taiwan

  19. Luna

    Luna15 ngày trước

    be real guys we all drunk before 18 or 21, and if you havent, most of the people did and it's okay stop making famous people guilty for ordinary things, they are humans

  20. Rocío la planta

    Rocío la planta15 ngày trước

    I hate the political scandals more than anything =_= I'm not a once, but the issue with Tzuyu was WAY out of proportion. She was 16. Not a political independentist trying to stir a revolution, but just a young girl debuting in a foreign country. The Sana incident was also awful for the same thing. I live in Japan, and lived the change of era, and even though the eras does match the 'reign' of a certain emperor, it just is a way for them to measure time, just like we say millenials, gen z and boomers to different 'generations' ... but yeah, go on and try to explain that to nationalist fanatics =____=

  21. Kaiser Jean

    Kaiser Jean16 ngày trước

    She's too young, hindi naman niya alam yung ginawa niya. Syempre bata siya! 🙄😭 But she's changed much better. #TWICE #QUEENOFVISUAL

  22. Moonface00z

    Moonface00z17 ngày trước

    jay park is the worst not just in jyp. But the whole industry He is so rude that he scold the country on social media

  23. free.couches

    free.couches18 ngày trước

    DareDB Kpop: says “zooey” for tzuyu me: *aggressively hyperventilates in chewy”

  24. DareDB KPop

    DareDB KPop17 ngày trước

    I pronounced more like you would in Taiwanese...

  25. Real Stay

    Real Stay20 ngày trước

    Jackson's black face scandal was kinda funny😂😂😂

  26. Emmaneel Joy Rama

    Emmaneel Joy Rama20 ngày trước

    Lol this just proves that internet ppl r shit

  27. Rafael John

    Rafael John21 ngày trước

    Man, they sure had the toughest work. One mistake and all these talentless shits point fingers...

  28. Edward Lee

    Edward Lee21 ngày trước

    No offense to the chinese, or anything... But I feel like they are being to overdramatic. Yes, in their country, it might be problematic... But removing her from China? Her HOME country? At that young of age? Now THAT's a scandal!

  29. Rudi Agee

    Rudi Agee22 ngày trước

    A certain hairstyle shouldn't belong to a certain race... that's just fucking stupid.

  30. god jihyo

    god jihyo22 ngày trước

    if we’re just talking about the big 3, JYP is def the least problematic

  31. Seema Saleem

    Seema Saleem23 ngày trước

    Bharwi video

  32. alexus

    alexus23 ngày trước

    People defending Jackson’s Black face scandal are so sad. Don’t speak on issues you know nothing about. Say he’s wrong and move, there is no excuse for what he did, period. If you defend his actions, you are uncultured and that’s just that. I’m not saying stop supporting him by any means, but you shouldn’t make excuses for issues that are plain wrong. You guys are the problem.

  33. zely rul

    zely rul23 ngày trước

    Poor tzuyu, she's too young to faced that issue 😭😭

  34. くまかわいい

    くまかわいい24 ngày trước

    No one is talking about Sana’s “scandal”. She’s literally Japanese. Not everything is about Korea and not everything revolves around Korea. That’s honestly stupid to call her out on something like that. Someone important in Japan *died* and you’re not going to act serious about it? Everything is about fan wars and attention to you haters. If you’re reading this: I hope you’re satisfied with yourself.

  35. jaebum-hyung ent

    jaebum-hyung ent26 ngày trước

    Almost all jyp scandals are just made up by fans, these koreans are so close minded

  36. 파이VIOLET

    파이VIOLET26 ngày trước

    It's pronounced Chewie not Tzuyu

  37. DareDB KPop

    DareDB KPop26 ngày trước

    I was pronouncing it like you would in Taiwanese

  38. Nane Danielyan

    Nane Danielyan27 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Gay Park 😂

  39. Salwa A

    Salwa A27 ngày trước

    omds some people are fishing for trouble, Jackson can wear what ever hairstyle he wants and it not be cultural appropriation. It's a hairstyle for goodness sake !

  40. joanna elua

    joanna elua28 ngày trước

    hey about day6 what happend with him?is he really dating that girl??

  41. joanna elua

    joanna elua28 ngày trước

    jyp is so nice wow he know the best for his idols

  42. Lindsay Nicole

    Lindsay Nicole28 ngày trước

    Tzuyu's and Sana's scandals were ridiculous. It really shows the double standards that are still prevalent in Kpop today.

  43. Amos Teo

    Amos Teo28 ngày trước

    Lame, just loser typical kpop fans tryna stir up shit

  44. Phillip Leite

    Phillip Leite29 ngày trước

    What i think its funny is that aparently only a certaint culture can use certaint hair styles lol. Im white so god forbide me from using dreads or a bowl cut right? Ridiculous

  45. cy ecstacy___

    cy ecstacy___29 ngày trước

    You reading the apology notes in different tones is just too funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Leah Fisher

    Leah Fisher29 ngày trước

    So I have two opinions on two of the matters spoken in this video. Firstly, poor tzuyu. She just had two flags in her hands and people claimed tbat she was pro taiwan independence. Like seriously, anyone could be waving around those two flags to show their origins or their nationalities. Second, I’m on Jackson side for the dreadlock incident. Their dreadlocks for gods sake. ITS HAIR. Taeyang had dreadlocks at some point but I dont remember him getting shit for it.Chan had a similar scandal even tho chenle had the same hair cut and didn’t get cultural appropriation accusations. People just hate on anything they can grasp on to make an Idol look bad then its they (the idol) has to apologize for no reason except for the sake of their reputation and company

  47. Sebastian Rojas

    Sebastian RojasTháng trước

    Tzuyu really messed up, I remember people calling her a bitch just because of that. Also a lot of people were talking about sabotaging twice haha.

  48. Swdbs h Lmiyd

    Swdbs h LmiydTháng trước

    I'm sorry but you have the most obnoxious voice when you're reading thier tweets or replies. U sound like a drunk pervert in front of a club.... Im really sorry.

  49. Brian Williams

    Brian WilliamsTháng trước

    Tzuyu was probably holding both flags because she was expressing her positive feelings for those countries. For people to interpret her holding those flags as some kind of political statement is stupid. And for her to receive hate over this and the Huawei contract being cancelled and China wanting Twice to be banned is people being pathetic and ridiculous.

  50. raffy pretty

    raffy prettyTháng trước

    SANA and TZUYU's case is NOT even a SCANDAL. lolol

  51. Japhet Anciado

    Japhet AnciadoTháng trước

    damn poor tzuyu.. over a damn flag.

  52. jennie bear

    jennie bearTháng trước

    most of jyp artists “scandal” are just false

  53. gabriella joyce

    gabriella joyceTháng trước

    lol cant understand the underage drinking with yugyeom 🤷‍♀ i mean some parents are ok with it. idk if the fans are virgins or what thats just funny. i first drink when i was 15 but there are my parents lol

  54. Jay Kalinka

    Jay KalinkaTháng trước

    Damn the first one is already so disrespectful. What is that asian dude thinking when he returns to usa? He will also be the little gay asian guy in american eyes.

  55. Eve S.

    Eve S.Tháng trước

    Many of the people who accuse idols of cultural appropriation aren't even part of that culture themselves. Let the ones who come from that culture decide if its hurtful or not

  56. DorkDubu

    DorkDubuTháng trước

    Taiwan #1 haters gonna communist communist

  57. Moα_Stαy ʕ•ε•ʔ

    Moα_Stαy ʕ•ε•ʔTháng trước

    I'm late forgive but it feels like all of these scandals are quite uhm stupid like here me out most of these are people overreacting

  58. Toyosi A

    Toyosi ATháng trước

    The Tzuyu one doesn’t even make sense. How is holding a Taiwan flag bad?🤦🏾‍♀️

  59. Sony Ray

    Sony RayTháng trước

    Well most k pop fans are fans of one group/company and whenever smth pops up about ather groups they criticize them like crazy.And the idols are required to hold an impossible standard and are vilified even if they speak up for themselves, like everyones wants an apology. like they have some higher ground.Give me a break , as advanced Korea is the people are very narrow minded and egoistic, like what if the Idols date? Does it create a pandemic?Most scandals are created by the FANS and their crazy expectations of society which leads to sucide.The fans and culture a whole is the problem >They are NUTS.

  60. Ece Erlae

    Ece ErlaeTháng trước

    Ottan boktan kıl kapıyor bu koreliler mk

  61. jakooolin

    jakooolinTháng trước

    why waste ur time making these kind of videos ?? ur digging someones past mistake, rumors or scandal so can get views ??

  62. Harry Sam

    Harry SamTháng trước

    The Tzuyu one was so sad. She was literally forced to deny and reject her people and her ACTUAL country

  63. Albert Aujero

    Albert AujeroTháng trước

    People are just too sensitive and assuming! Try bashing any of the GOT7 members again and you'll see those 4 fingers pointing back at you for accusing innocent and imperfect people. Haters going to hate, so why entertain them? Grrr! No wonder why Korea and Japan has a high rate on suicide. People just forget humanity within them

  64. Stan GayCatcher

    Stan GayCatcherTháng trước

    the scandal with junhyeok isn't even real from what i've heard. the girl was doing it for attention. was denying that he was dating her, but fans didn't believe him.I'm pretty sure he left because he didn't want to harm the groups reputation idk if it's true tho and the one with bambam- he just didn't know what the word meant. the tzuyu one is honestly stupid, she was very young and i highly doubt she was referencing something political

  65. WangGae ParkGae

    WangGae ParkGaeTháng trước

    Still. Is that really Jackson's account on IG? I want to trust you but, if it's you who is making them look bad making a fake story then I can't really forgive you. I don't think it's Jackson who posted that Pic? Maybe a fan copied his account or so. If it really is him, then ok. But I just don't want people to misunderstood Jackson or Got7. I need to investigate this alone. I don't want to believe you.

  66. remnim

    remnimTháng trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="398">6:38</a> LA Gangsters indeed

  67. Walter Highwood

    Walter HighwoodTháng trước

    The accusation against two Twice members ( Tzuyu for waiving Taiwanese flag 🇹🇼 and Sana for talking about the new Reiwa era because the emperor abdicted) are just ridiculous, which makes me even laugh 🤭. First of all, Taiwan is an independent country ( just not recognised by U.N., an organisation highly corrupted on China-money.) Tzuyu should be proud as a Taiwanese, and she has the right to wave her own flag. Secondly, the emperor Sana has mentioned is "Heisei", he was emperor from 1989 to 2019. He was just a kid during WW2. It was his father Hirohito (the emperor of " Showa era") who was the emperor during WW2. Those Korean nationalists who blamed Sana, should learn the history themselves.

  68. PepSir

    PepSirTháng trước

    I like the way you pronounced Tzuyu :D

  69. shin yeeun

    shin yeeunTháng trước

    Jackson was kinda right. When someone does their hair differently people think they are mocking their culture. Why are they assuming something like that? I love all races why are people acting like one person can't do a hairstyle or that they are making fun of it. Like no

  70. shin yeeun

    shin yeeunTháng trước

    The tzuyu one was sad. All she did was hold two flags in her hand. Those people find anyway to down idols

  71. Kioku Lawleit

    Kioku LawleitTháng trước

    I love how Jackson it's worried at all. It's crazy that haters can make a scandal out of nothing. I'm African and I love Jackson's dreads. They looked good and he should do them again. Haters'll hate no matter what he does anyway.

  72. Qayyum Oppa

    Qayyum OppaTháng trước

    Too much toxic in korean community 🤣

  73. Russ Paradero

    Russ ParaderoTháng trước


  74. Jya

    JyaTháng trước

    Jackson also he wanted to call Got7 "black kids" (omg) when an interviewer asked what their group would be called if they werent called Got7

  75. Ailia

    AiliaTháng trước

    didn't know got7 was this problematic...

  76. Jya

    JyaTháng trước

    They've done hella racially insensitive things when it comes to black people/African Americans ut they've learned alot too. Jackson makes sure to educate Got6 whenever they say or do something that can come across as racially insensitive

  77. Luke Scottex

    Luke ScottexTháng trước

    i dont understand what sana did wrong lmao. Did she say anything bad?

  78. Shimotsuki Zoro

    Shimotsuki ZoroTháng trước

    jay park isnt korean? daebak i just knew it lol

  79. Feyer Nightblade

    Feyer NightbladeTháng trước

    People accusing others of that bullshit they call cultural appropriation smh Funny how the people who point fingers in those situations are either white Americans who have nothing to do with that culture or clout thirsty people who like acting like they're offended by literally anything

  80. Jya

    JyaTháng trước

    You couldn't be more wrong. Most people calling them out are actually black and they have every right to be offended by things like CA

  81. Maria Radic

    Maria RadicTháng trước

    Im really confused ,so is Tzuyu Taiwanese or chinese?

  82. Joel Smith

    Joel SmithTháng trước

    Whoever does the voiceover for this needs to understand that when he does the voicing for the statements written by the idols, themselves, that he does a voice that sounds very mocking. Please just read it just like the other facts. It's quite annoying and sounds like you're mimicking them, but in a way that makes them sound annoying. Also, you're putting inflection on their voices that we don't know is there, because their statements were usually typed and not spoken. Quit putting your personal spin on it.

  83. Nadir Young

    Nadir YoungTháng trước

    In summary, knetz take everything overboard

  84. Margarida Ventura Santos

    Margarida Ventura SantosTháng trước

    Can I just say his voice reading some comments makes them hilarious?

  85. Lina

    LinaTháng trước

    twice is literally hated on for breathing wtf were those scandals

  86. Charles Drunk

    Charles DrunkTháng trước


  87. Sharada G

    Sharada GTháng trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> the shiny blue shorts worn by that girl are exactly the same as what Momo wore during the "I'm gonna be a star"

  88. lamx12345

    lamx12345Tháng trước

    this is scandals? wtf is korea doing

  89. Sincerly, A kpop fan

    Sincerly, A kpop fanTháng trước

    yall yall *one of the most unproblematic bands had a scandal* *DAY6 had a godd*mn scandal*