1. LukeSucksAtMinecraft

    LukeSucksAtMinecraft4 giờ trước


  2. Silvermistsparkle

    Silvermistsparkle4 giờ trước

    Adam should play more horror games ;)

  3. Cosmically Nuetral

    Cosmically Nuetral9 giờ trước

    you know as much as i love present day Adam his old videos(ecept for his animations) were a tad cringy NO OFFENCE TO HIM because his stuff's really good NOW i'm just talking about THEN

  4. Cosmically Nuetral

    Cosmically Nuetral9 giờ trước

    does anyone remember when Adam still did this stuff?

  5. Harry the moths Baby girl

    Harry the moths Baby girl2 ngày trước

    I hate dolls too so munch in commen

  6. Mr Voltex

    Mr Voltex2 ngày trước

    Reminds me of Markiplier 😂😂😂😅

  7. joey martinez

    joey martinez3 ngày trước

    He has skullcandy headphones

  8. Traw Gaming

    Traw Gaming3 ngày trước

    I hate dolls and almost dropped my phone at some of the jump scares 😂

  9. joey martinez

    joey martinez3 ngày trước

    Dolls are evil

  10. river grain

    river grain3 ngày trước


  11. Queen Lindsey

    Queen Lindsey4 ngày trước

    Lol he’s me as an adult man!!!

  12. Takeit eezyman

    Takeit eezyman5 ngày trước


  13. Myah Weeks

    Myah Weeks6 ngày trước

    Ngl hes handsome as crap

  14. anonymous

    anonymous6 ngày trước

    hello Markiplier I mean something else YT

  15. Carys Manning

    Carys Manning6 ngày trước

    40% of these comments are about how he acts/looks like markiplier 40% are about how handsome he is 20% references from either previous videos or quotes from this video

  16. Elisa Hutchinson

    Elisa Hutchinson7 ngày trước

    Ok than don’t listen to the story of Robert the doll

  17. xAlyax And xMarinettex

    xAlyax And xMarinettex8 ngày trước

    your marks lost brother .O.

  18. Adele Strunks

    Adele Strunks9 ngày trước

    And this is why I like dolls

  19. Viv kern

    Viv kern9 ngày trước

    i dare all of you to go full screen

  20. Lel Pureco

    Lel Pureco9 ngày trước

    My mom is so scared of dolls she abanded dolls in my house

  21. Lil Tim

    Lil Tim10 ngày trước

    He looks like mark

  22. LoafOf Bread

    LoafOf Bread10 ngày trước

    The first 28 seconds should be a meme!

  23. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez10 ngày trước

    Share Gif: media3.giphy.com/media/IvjjgsEhnLCzm/200.gif?cid=029136eb5d1f87ea4f48715445d49153&rid=200.gifShare Gif: media3.giphy.com/media/eeLD68y0yAzl12KUDH/200.gif?cid=029136eb5d1f87ea4f48715445d49153&rid=200.gif

  24. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez10 ngày trước

    Share Gif: media2.giphy.com/media/ftrPtuqQUIZ5opePYS/200.gif?cid=029136eb5d1f451f38622e6c452aef02&rid=200.gif

  25. Phoebe Axford

    Phoebe Axford10 ngày trước

    God the advert I got was frickin cringy

  26. tommy tran

    tommy tran11 ngày trước

    Well I'm not sleeping tonight: ~I'm watching this past my bedtime ~It's July 4th and 4 different houses 2 blocks away are shooting fireworks until 2 am :) I really hope i can sleep

  27. Isacc Herrera

    Isacc Herrera11 ngày trước

    Markiplers lost cousin.

  28. Dana Leung

    Dana Leung11 ngày trước


  29. Galaxy CHAOS

    Galaxy CHAOS11 ngày trước

    Takes two cereal boxes* lucky charms(mark) and cherrios(Adam) prints out lucky charms label and glues it on cherrios* ALL FIXED!

  30. Michele Webber

    Michele Webber12 ngày trước

    Right as the doll came out of the room I screamed I fricking hate dolls. I also hate jump scares so this is not the game for me.

  31. Diego Tapia

    Diego Tapia12 ngày trước

    Is he Markipliers BROTHER?🤔

  32. Joanna 6 or Murillo

    Joanna 6 or Murillo12 ngày trước

    My friend JC has five nights at Freddy’s songs and literally just leave them on her dresser purely to creep me out

  33. PheonixMichael

    PheonixMichael13 ngày trước

    Bruh I hate dolls too... and mannequins .. I’m scared of a lot of things

  34. Aylin Meraz

    Aylin Meraz13 ngày trước

    Especially baby dolls

  35. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido14 ngày trước

    In my house I have a collected exactly 56 old creepy dolls I have put them all over my home

  36. XxMikexX

    XxMikexX14 ngày trước

    Umm I’m scared and I hate dolls too because what if ur lights turned off and the dolls is just waiting for u to open the lights again and it just jumped off ur shoulders....they’re creepy trust me Please get rid of them

  37. Marsh Fortnite

    Marsh Fortnite14 ngày trước

    SomeThingElseYt: I’m to sc... Dolls: *catch you* SomeThingElseYT: *just woke up* wha... where am I Dolls: let’s f**k

  38. Angelita Saez

    Angelita Saez15 ngày trước

    I just see Adam's character walking around in the house instead of an actual game. Anyone else?

  39. Myah Weeks

    Myah Weeks6 ngày trước


  40. kiab strat

    kiab strat15 ngày trước

    Nearly had a heart attack

  41. abdia hibeeboi

    abdia hibeeboi15 ngày trước

    I pooped my pants

  42. xbax trollz

    xbax trollz15 ngày trước

    Adam has a lizard cool

  43. Omar Felix

    Omar Felix16 ngày trước

    2019 anyone he lookes WAY weirder than his NEW look |:3

  44. drift yt

    drift yt16 ngày trước


  45. Billie Fever

    Billie Fever16 ngày trước

    Come and hide in the comments with me children.

  46. Monda Woodson

    Monda Woodson16 ngày trước


  47. Creepy Pastar

    Creepy Pastar16 ngày trước

    I buy doll so I...Cut all the hair off and pull the heads off so I can have dolls

  48. MxSRavenger

    MxSRavenger17 ngày trước

    But that's scary to man

  49. Panadda Leon

    Panadda Leon18 ngày trước


  50. IgneousJam

    IgneousJam18 ngày trước

    I got scared, and I’m not playing the game

  51. MeleeDude 300

    MeleeDude 30018 ngày trước

    This is awesome watching Adams old vids and it is funny he should make more but animations are great too Also he acts like markiplier

  52. Tanisha loves cartoon s

    Tanisha loves cartoon s18 ngày trước

    Idk how I'm a girl I hate dolls so my sister Bot 4 dolls.2where babys.2where kids she bot a bed closed every thing a kid will need and we share a room and the kids don't have beds yet and they like to see me sleep give this a like if this is you

  53. Aubs Love

    Aubs Love18 ngày trước

    Every time you get scared, just pause and play the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. It helps trust me.