Had to be there moments suck


  1. Lord of the Pineapples

    Lord of the PineapplesNgày trước

    I'm questioning our friendship

  2. Koala Crazy

    Koala CrazyNgày trước

    One time me and my dad were on a deck and then my sister comes and the de........ nah nvm you'd have to be there.

  3. Confetti_ Cats

    Confetti_ Cats3 ngày trước

    Friend: You haven't eaten until you've lived on a rock. Me: wut? Friend: you had to be there. * actually happened

  4. Fam Ping

    Fam Ping4 ngày trước

    I don't rly care.... Maybe this is y i hv no friends

  5. King of all Slime

    King of all Slime5 ngày trước

    Adam: oh fu*k 💸💸💸💸💸 James: oh frick 🤗🤗🤗

  6. the Beckie show

    the Beckie show5 ngày trước

    I went to vid con and and we all crowded you and the this boy you know what you had to be like right next to me or him so like you just kinda had to be there

  7. GalaxyAquaRoblox

    GalaxyAquaRoblox6 ngày trước

    That part is just....you know what whatever you had to be watching it

  8. GHD 123

    GHD 1236 ngày trước


  9. The Iron Dragon

    The Iron Dragon6 ngày trước

    What is the music at the end?

  10. Jonaidul Nur

    Jonaidul Nur7 ngày trước

    The coryxkenshin of animations Funny without cursing

  11. Kitty draws

    Kitty draws9 ngày trước

    I only disliked because if I did I would be the 700th liked

  12. Sofia Lara

    Sofia Lara10 ngày trước

    Hi ( * 3 * )

  13. superbloxian 502 gaming

    superbloxian 502 gaming10 ngày trước

    random dude:you had to be there adam:YOU SUCK MY BUTT Me: XD LOL

  14. Lydia Willis

    Lydia Willis12 ngày trước

    oops wrong vid

  15. Lydia Willis

    Lydia Willis12 ngày trước

    James story:odd Jayden story: normal Adam story...: something else 🤣

  16. The Explorer

    The Explorer12 ngày trước

    4:32 wow great job

  17. Jay Metchooyeah

    Jay Metchooyeah12 ngày trước

    Haha lol at the last part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆

  18. Taryn Richards

    Taryn Richards12 ngày trước

    I hate being there when someones dieing or something

  19. Huskie Bros

    Huskie Bros13 ngày trước

    I’m the person who leaves you hanging

  20. Yeeter Boi

    Yeeter Boi13 ngày trước

    The end is interesting

  21. Indecisive 101Y

    Indecisive 101Y13 ngày trước

    Had to be there moments suck on their own, but when everyone else was “ there” except you, then it’s at the peak of suckyness.

  22. maribel robles

    maribel robles13 ngày trước

    My worst feeling in the world is making my bed in the morning which I do after breakfast , I need help from the hack my life people !!! ( I don't )

  23. Tim Evans

    Tim Evans14 ngày trước

    I love your vids so much your hilarious

  24. Lucas Thomas

    Lucas Thomas16 ngày trước

    I clicked on this by accident but then I watched 4 seconds into the video and laughter my ass off and subed

  25. Natalie Roberson

    Natalie Roberson17 ngày trước

    Adam, if ur gonna hug someone, plz hug meh

  26. Caleb Hale

    Caleb Hale19 ngày trước

    2:15 i thought he was going to say "the feeling's like...like when...you're going to...you had to be there."

  27. Joseph Catto

    Joseph Catto19 ngày trước

    Adam, you should make a book about all of your stories since there are amazing. I’ve almost watched all of his videos

  28. XxAnna WolfxX

    XxAnna WolfxX19 ngày trước


  29. Necromotic Anime

    Necromotic Anime19 ngày trước

    Let me explain?? MORE LIKE let me explain studios

  30. Marshall Shanklin

    Marshall Shanklin19 ngày trước

    I wanted to be there

  31. The Blue Hound

    The Blue Hound20 ngày trước

    what is the banana man clip at 3:56 i need it

  32. LifesACupOfTae

    LifesACupOfTae20 ngày trước

    Sister same😂 sister same 😔

  33. FireBird20613

    FireBird2061321 ngày trước

    this is what my mom does all the time lmao.

  34. Nashawn Steen

    Nashawn Steen21 ngày trước

    Ha! unintended pun cliff hanger and leave you hanging who else caught that

  35. # CrazyHashtagGirl

    # CrazyHashtagGirl21 ngày trước

    When your friends start laughing about something that happened on a trip you all went on. You walk in and ask them what they're laughing about. They say: remember when we went on that trip and.... Then you just smile even though you're sure you were there on that exact moment... BUT You still don't get it...

  36. Claudia Stone

    Claudia Stone21 ngày trước

    0:44 HAHA sorry guy, it's okay

  37. Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction

    Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction22 ngày trước

    am i the only one whos never said nor heard anyone say "ya had to be there"???? yeah? okay...

  38. Jack the wolf bell

    Jack the wolf bell23 ngày trước

    I hate that err!!!

  39. Bobby Ross

    Bobby Ross23 ngày trước

    BEST SONG EVER its has a chill to it, and a calming, also it takes me back to my child hood of playing early gta's. Just keep up the good work man and I love you (no homo)

  40. chey Skaggs

    chey Skaggs23 ngày trước

    I hate when your trying to tell a funny story like," hey dude so this cat was just laying there and then i scared it and it like well yea.." and they HAD to finish with"and yea" like we know what they were gonna say. I also hate when your telling a funny story, but the other person doesnt think its funny like, "hey dude so the other day i was bored and was playing with my dog and sprayed it in the face with water and it freaked out and it was so funny!" Other dude: "poor dog." UGH!

  41. josh sheler

    josh sheler23 ngày trước

    What the heck is that at 3:47


    ALYSSA ALMARAZ25 ngày trước

    Katie h don’t bully Adam!!>:^

  43. me and cooper johnson

    me and cooper johnson25 ngày trước

    I love when theiy say that because the I can run away like a shy ####

  44. Ardrianna EATON

    Ardrianna EATON25 ngày trước

    Me and my friend who I will call soccer girly do that all the time but we’re still friends cause we walk it off. Like if you know what that’s from(hint it’s from the odd ones out)

  45. Gabe Khoury

    Gabe Khoury26 ngày trước

    Survivor of a massive earthquake, tsunami, tornado, etc. Try’s to tell how massive the disaster was then stops as they are explaining and are just like sorry You had to be there

  46. Sam Boykin

    Sam Boykin26 ngày trước

    I hate when you tell a story and stop half way through becau...

  47. Girl G7A7M2E5R7

    Girl G7A7M2E5R726 ngày trước

    I've never had this kinda moment

  48. littl_red_gabby 15 gacha

    littl_red_gabby 15 gacha27 ngày trước

    You know what I hate. When I was talking with my friends then they start talking about something they did without you ;-;

  49. batbatbat 10

    batbatbat 1027 ngày trước

    I hate it when you tell a joke to a group of friends, and no one replies so you repeat the joke and someone says "You already said that." That sucks :P

  50. Crypted File

    Crypted File27 ngày trước

    promple domp womple thope