Falling In Reverse - "Alone"

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Oh, this is the end of everything that I’ve known
Oh, this is the end of everything that I’ve known

White boy on the beat rockin’ Gucci sneaks
All I do is win, Charlie Sheen
Started out in 06' and revived the scene
So many motherfuckers wanna be like me
Came from the lowest of lows rose to the top with a vision
My haters talkin’ shit while washin’ dishes for a livin’
Fuck you bitches I’m a business I be kissin’ on your missus
What you spend in 15 months is what I spend in 15 minutes

Oh don’t give a fuck about you
You feelin’ froggy motherfucker?
Ain’t a damn thing you can do
Your a bitch your a punk don’t make me pull the pump
Cock it back and leave you slumped now that’s what I call bad luck

Oh, this is the end of everything that I’ve known
No way of knowing if I’ll ever be home
I don’t ever want to be alone, ALONE
Oh, and if I try to make it out of this town
No way of knowing if I’ll ever be found
I don’t ever want to be alone, ALONE

I gotta lot of people talkin nothin’ but chatter
Why’d you switch your style up and that I don’t matter?
Man I’ve been in rap since I was shittin’ in pampers
Climbed the ladder to the top and now I’m shittin’ on rappers
All I do is work straight up hustle and grind
So many people mad at me for crossing the line
I find it kinda funny the shit you say in your tweets
But when were face-to-face you ain’t got nothin’ to say to me

Oh, so fuck you too
You better take a step back before I call up the crew
You talk a lot of shit but you spread nothing but lies
You keep on running your mouth you better open your eyes

I’m on that wreck, fly like a jet, switchin’ my lanes like I’m racin’ a vet
I’m on that next, girl loves sex no doubt I’m on top of the world break ya neck

So break your motherfucking neck


  1. DoeDoeDoesIt

    DoeDoeDoesIt20 giờ trước

    This is how our generation will 'Come Together' as The Beatles put it. This is how to bridge the gap. In awe of the many different genres of music in one album, let alone one song! Bravo! Inspired.

  2. Jason Podobinski

    Jason PodobinskiNgày trước

    I remember reading an article about how Ronnie was the most hated guy in music back in 2013, I googled him, came across this video and then immediately got hooked.

  3. qwertyman459

    qwertyman459Ngày trước

    just these guys and im happy i have. good image. voice is great. sounds great. boy can rap good. metal sounds good. and hes got a great voice the accustic sound on that other video is breath taking.

  4. Marc Wan

    Marc WanNgày trước

    All you haters who hate on this song now be sucking on your ****.

  5. Nikkie Hobden

    Nikkie Hobden2 ngày trước

    He looks sexy as fuck bouncing around with all that energy & anger 😍😍😭😭

  6. Mr. Davydos

    Mr. Davydos2 ngày trước

    2020 ?

  7. YOYlo Marley

    YOYlo Marley2 ngày trước

    Me: Jus rockin with the song Song nearing it's close: Falling in Reverse *2013* Me: What???? It's been 7 years already?????

  8. RazZ

    RazZ3 ngày trước

    Damn, how good is this song..love u Ronnie ♥️

  9. shanes

    shanes3 ngày trước

    So is this guy from Hollywood undead?

  10. Deen11

    Deen113 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> crabcore resurrection.

  11. Mahmoud Kassab

    Mahmoud Kassab3 ngày trước

    25% girls 75% talent

  12. jiiP Music

    jiiP Music4 ngày trước

    I made a violin cover of Popular Monster, trying to get it to Ronnie! Would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out on my channel and give feedback, I'm just starting out- thank you in advance to those who take the time to watch!

  13. OP Streamer

    OP Streamer5 ngày trước

    Huge Hollywood Undead Vibes, plus he mentioned Charlie Sheen

  14. Lemmy

    Lemmy6 ngày trước

    Awful person, truly disgusting vomit inducing song

  15. DBZ X-Men

    DBZ X-Men7 ngày trước

    Try emo country southern rock next. Rock and rap are like chocolate and peanut butter. They go great together. Making something that goes against the grain sound good would be more impressive.

  16. DBZ X-Men

    DBZ X-Men7 ngày trước

    He had an annoying voice streak in my opinion. Never followed up on this singer til I heard Popular Monster. He has some really good stuff that doesn't hurt my brain.

  17. DBZ X-Men

    DBZ X-Men7 ngày trước

    When I say hurt my brain I mean headache inducing. Don't even understand how that's possible. I don't get headaches but his voice actually makes my head hurt a little. He is talented so I can only guess he found the most annoying frequency and plays off that a lot of his songs.

  18. DBZ X-Men

    DBZ X-Men7 ngày trước

    Mixing genres has been going on since the 90's when it took root in pop mainstream.

  19. Hannah White

    Hannah White8 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> when your mom wont make you pizzarolls for dinner

  20. Laurie Whittaker

    Laurie Whittaker8 ngày trước

    You are fucking amazing! I love and share all of your music. You have changed my views on a lot of things. Thank you for your talent and sharing it with us💜🤘

  21. Katathl1ptikos

    Katathl1ptikos9 ngày trước


  22. Aubrey French

    Aubrey French10 ngày trước

    This sucks

  23. erwann bideau

    erwann bideau10 ngày trước

    Quelqu'un sait si un album est sorti ?

  24. alice rumeysa kabasogan

    alice rumeysa kabasogan10 ngày trước

    i hate my ex bf go to heel 🖕🖕👍🖕

  25. alice rumeysa kabasogan

    alice rumeysa kabasogan10 ngày trước

    myyyy loveeeeeee

  26. Jacob Reis

    Jacob Reis11 ngày trước

    Is there any auto tune is this song? Cause I think that's what it is but like I am dumb so ye


    UNKNOWN G11 ngày trước

    They're pioneers of a new genre Gays wannabe metal he-bitches genre...

  28. Anarchy

    Anarchy11 ngày trước

    Bruh, I was the only one in my middle school that actually liked this album when it first came out. Still one of my favorites by FIR! 🔥

  29. Luis P

    Luis P13 ngày trước

    Rap Metal \m/☠️

  30. Psycho Genesis

    Psycho Genesis14 ngày trước

    Favorite falling in reverse song

  31. D.C. Hernandez

    D.C. Hernandez15 ngày trước

    Is it just me or is this a different song after his last recent drops?

  32. Aaron Parker

    Aaron Parker16 ngày trước

    Gatekeepers 2013: Ronnie sucks ass Gatekeepers 2020: They are sucking Ronnies ass

  33. Emma Kivipaasi

    Emma Kivipaasi16 ngày trước

    So. Fucking. Perfect ❤

  34. Koala G

    Koala G16 ngày trước

    This man has always been insanely talented it's just a bonus that he's also insanely hot😍

  35. marcel rumut

    marcel rumut18 ngày trước

    So many motherfucker want to be like me

  36. Joey Palladino

    Joey Palladino19 ngày trước

    Nice attempt at re-embracing their old style I guess.

  37. RamenDoodles

    RamenDoodles20 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> my 4 brain cells working together doing a test

  38. Sailor Kitty

    Sailor Kitty20 ngày trước

    When I first watched this video, comments were disabled because of the hateful content. Now people are finally reconising that Ronnie is a visionary artist and a real person. He is unique and I will always protect and love him and his music

  39. Anya Vi

    Anya Vi20 ngày trước

    I love how Ronnie looks in this video. I'd love to meet a guy who will looks like him. Are these guys real?

  40. christian chavez

    christian chavez21 ngày trước

    Say what you want about ronnie but the mans got talent

  41. flavia lopes da silva

    flavia lopes da silva24 ngày trước


  42. Jay Red

    Jay Red25 ngày trước


  43. Nick Martinez

    Nick Martinez25 ngày trước

    Was that airport San Diego? I think that's mcrd in the background

  44. Chelsea Norris

    Chelsea Norris27 ngày trước

    Me in 2013: This dude is ahead of his time. People in 2020: *finally appreciating Ronnies talent* Me: there we go. 😂🤘

  45. Ashton Mitch

    Ashton Mitch29 ngày trước

    This song slaps but Ronnie will slap you even harder

  46. KRB 6

    KRB 6Tháng trước

    Terrible. Lol, dude shoulda stayed in prison.

  47. Tauhid Davis

    Tauhid DavisTháng trước

    I must be the only original FIR fan that feels like the verses in this are still cringy af until he goes into the growls. I ALWAYS loved the “WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU” parts, but come on yall: “White boy on the beat rockin Gucci Sneaks”? “All I do is win - Charlie Sheen”? Let’s not let nostalgia color those mediocre lines. Let’s celebrate that he’s come a long way in developing his style and hope for more to come.

  48. Nazyair sengikar

    Nazyair sengikarTháng trước

    My first FIR song popular monster; after going back to many songs I had no choice and had to buy the physical copies. For me only the best get that honor.

  49. Leanna Beale

    Leanna BealeTháng trước

    I showed this to my Ford and it became a Lamborghini.

  50. Дима Волков

    Дима ВолковTháng trước


  51. Heather Sites

    Heather SitesTháng trước

    This song is badass! Don't know why its gets shit.

  52. Nyasha

    NyashaTháng trước

    I think the issue here is that... people don't understand that whenever there is a change or break in the normative. What people are used to seeing, hearing, etc.. there is always going to be a BIG rejection of it because it isn't something the masses are used to.. that's why stuff as social conditioning exists where they show imagery or plans they are going to implement in the future in cartoons, tv shows etc.. aka desensitizing the masses to it and tricking their minds into seeing it as a normalcy before actually implementing it in society. The same thing happened with this song, it went pass the normative "rock, screamo" whatever box like borders people surrounded the status quo representation of the genre with and it received as expected a great rejection. Now look they stuck to their guns, stuck to the identity they wanted for themselves and it has paid off. What I will say about this song however is it wasn't ... executed? Yeah it wasn't well executed there are some parts that still are messy sounding to me *sloppy* but that's the beautiful thing about music- well the creative component of the world in general. There are bumps, breaks, and jagged edges you have to go through when trying to bring about/across something. You play with it and tweak it until you figure out the right recipe for what you're going for and they have. I'm just impressed with how ronnie has reinvented himself and literally rose from the ashes like a phoenix and hope it's nothing but up from here. Continue sticking to you guys' guns and doing music that feels right TO YOU. Cause in the end this is YOUR story you're telling. Some people will love it some will hate it, you cannot please everyone. So do music that embodies who YOU ARE.

  53. Brian Mccamey

    Brian MccameyTháng trước

    I really like this band but dude should leave the growl out he ain't got that part

  54. Chrisjb1983

    Chrisjb1983Tháng trước

    Probably my favorite song by them. .........And it's the most hated song by everyone else judging by the dislikes. Guess I'm the outcast.

  55. unbekannt namenlos

    unbekannt namenlosTháng trước

    I really have never heard a crossover like this before, thats really unique! Rap, Metal, Emo, Melodic Rock, Pop and a bit of Punk in one song. And i hate and love it at the same time. Oh wow xD

  56. slider6996

    slider6996Tháng trước

    1.25 speed and song still sounds good.

  57. Vaibhav Prince

    Vaibhav PrinceTháng trước

    I'm remembering about 2013 the only thing hit is this song in my mind😊 🤩

  58. Kozorvia

    KozorviaTháng trước

    I remember when this had so many dislikes. They had to disable ratings. I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves.

  59. Kz Arnold

    Kz ArnoldTháng trước

    Double bass with single tom drum just looks retarded throw in the double even if your not going to play it c'mon

  60. Ron Riggs

    Ron RiggsTháng trước

    Hello.... THE BROWNING!!!

  61. Young Nah-ra Ferreira

    Young Nah-ra FerreiraTháng trước


  62. Mane Kostanyan

    Mane KostanyanTháng trước

    His haircut reminds me of Marcelline the vampire queen

  63. Tanairi Martinez

    Tanairi MartinezTháng trước

    Now what then a white tunnel

  64. Tanairi Martinez

    Tanairi MartinezTháng trước

    I'm not a piece of crap Ronnie I remember how you Meg and Davey treated me

  65. xKING_CITYx

    xKING_CITYxTháng trước

    when the emo kid hangs out with the rap kid. Love this song!

  66. edyta sleiman

    edyta sleimanTháng trước

    I love the way they headbang. And Ronnie does it in super style

  67. Skater Tita

    Skater TitaTháng trước

    Ronnie: *rapping* Me: this is amazing but.....how is his car driving by itself....?

  68. HashtagPuli

    HashtagPuliTháng trước

    holy sht this fella is skilled

  69. Fabian De Alva

    Fabian De AlvaTháng trước

    No body: White girls who think they have ass:

  70. Georgia Attaway

    Georgia AttawayTháng trước

    🤘🔥🔥🔥 that suit is almost as smooth as his flow

  71. cdr861532

    cdr861532Tháng trước

    This was, is and will continue to be, a bad ass song.

  72. Joshua Finkelstein

    Joshua FinkelsteinTháng trước

    Holy shit!! I’m digging the reinvention of this band. And those breakdowns are so fucking hard.

  73. Meara Small

    Meara SmallTháng trước

    *watching the girl roll on the ground* "Hunny do you have any idea how dirty that floor probably is? Dang they did you dirty by giving you that ugly shirt. Life is unfair sometimes."

  74. Chronically Beautiful

    Chronically BeautifulTháng trước

    I remember how much hate they got for this song... Now people are getting a fucking clue at how legendary they are.

  75. Dante Darkies

    Dante DarkiesTháng trước

    I'm late to the party, but damn.....better late than never

  76. Gabby Lewis

    Gabby LewisTháng trước

    this song is the emo equivalent of 7 rings

  77. Ryan Dub

    Ryan DubTháng trước

    The way he sings "I don't ever wanna be alone" doing just like another song I've heard but I can't place it. Can anyone help me out?

  78. miller antiola

    miller antiolaTháng trước


  79. Adam Tebbutt

    Adam TebbuttTháng trước

    Criminally underrated and highly misunderstood this, those 60k haters should listen to this song again, not assume this song to be all about "fame and wealth". There's quite a lot of people who can definitely relate to this song (yeah I know all this, cus I've listened to great music "since you all were shitting in pampers", lol)

  80. Cristian Coptil

    Cristian CoptilTháng trước

    They were trying to do this for so long, but we were not ready

  81. Maïann

    MaïannTháng trước

    When I realize I hit the dislike button like 7 years ago

  82. K W

    K WTháng trước

    So? Did you guys change your mind? 🤣

  83. Cristian Coptil

    Cristian CoptilTháng trước