Falling In Reverse - "The Drug In Me Is Reimagined"

"The Drug In Me Is Reimagined" by Falling In Reverse
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I heard a knock upon my door the other day
I opened it to find death staring in my face
The feel of mortal stalking still reverberates
Everywhere I go, I drag this coffin just in case
My body's trembling sends shivers down my spine
Adrenaline kicks in, shifts into overdrive
Your secrets keep you sick, your lies keep you alive
Snake eyes every single time you roll with crooked dice
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I’ve got these questions always running through my head
So many things that I would like to understand
If we are born to die and we all die to live
Then what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?
I felt the darkness as it tried to pull me down
The kind of dark that haunts a hundred-year-old house
I wrestle with my thoughts, I shook the hand of doubt
Running from my past, I'm praying "Feet, don't fail me now"
I've lost my goddamn mind, it happens all the time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
I've lost myself
You tried to reach me, but you just can't help me
So long, goodbye
You tried to save me, it won't work this time 'cause now
I've lost my fucking mind, and there's no fucking time
I can't believe I'm actually meant to be here
Trying to consume, the drug in me is you
And I'm so high on misery, can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
Can’t you, can’t you
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?

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  1. All Metal Metal Detector Italia

    All Metal Metal Detector Italia3 giờ trước

    probabilmente non capirete cosa ho scritto.. ma questa canzone porca di quella troia e una pelle d'oca unica.. dio santo che cazzo di bomba porca puttana.. sei il mio idolo...

  2. Kodi Borja

    Kodi Borja4 giờ trước

    Missin the old ronnie radke from escape the fate

  3. Garth D'Andraia

    Garth D'Andraia5 giờ trước

    His voice has gotten so damn good and chilling. Damn it I have listened to this song over and over now. 6 times now. The music video, the lyrics, the chorus and chords it’s just pure bliss.

  4. Mark Edward Remolador

    Mark Edward Remolador7 giờ trước

    I was shocked there is a twist goosebumbs hahaha

  5. Ger' Noa

    Ger' Noa7 giờ trước

    ¿She's Avril Lavigne? Jaja I like it, two versions.

  6. Wade Humphrey

    Wade Humphrey9 giờ trước

    he could put a baby in me anyday

  7. corinne laubie

    corinne laubie13 giờ trước

    I'm French. Someone can explain these words to me? Their deep meanings? Thanks!!!

  8. cattledrage

    cattledrage16 giờ trước

    Anyone else remember the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall? No? Ok, just me then.

  9. mono toned

    mono toned20 giờ trước

    I listen to this while I brush my teeth

  10. Chris Lewandowski

    Chris Lewandowski20 giờ trước

    The ending has a kind of "My Chemical Romance" feel to it, I dig it.

  11. MayLuckyThirteen

    MayLuckyThirteen21 giờ trước


  12. Pedro Lucas

    Pedro Lucas21 giờ trước

    Ronnie is so talented

  13. Ian Devo

    Ian Devo21 giờ trước

    Idk why but I honestly didn't like the original at all, especially after listening to it after this. This version is just so much more fitting to the lyrics

  14. Merlin Grayson

    Merlin Grayson22 giờ trước

    I have been a fan of FIR since his first Album. I stole the CD from my cousin because I liked the cover, but when I listened to it I fell in love! I've been with them since the beginning and it's amazing to see how much hes changed and progressed! This was such a treat for old fans like me!

  15. amanda Jacobsen

    amanda Jacobsen23 giờ trước

    The original perfectly explains how it first felt when I got in drugs, it was fun, and electric, This reimagined Version, is exactly how it felt struggling with the addiction I put myself in, I was in a dark place, constantly high, on drugs and my own misery... This is the version I never knew I needed, thank you so much guy's, you've saved me from more things than I can count. Love you all endlessly 💕

  16. dark_elf

    dark_elfNgày trước

    That sounds like something in corpse bride

  17. niceboy666

    niceboy666Ngày trước

    half the notes he's singing are flat

  18. çiçi yabgu

    çiçi yabguNgày trước

    Reis be

  19. Gordon Walker

    Gordon WalkerNgày trước

    This was the first song I heard from Ronnie other than his older rap song with Andy but when I first heard this.... Man this caught me off guard and it touched the soul I didn't know I had. Really GREAT song

  20. corinne laubie

    corinne laubieNgày trước

    Hello from France. a pure wonder, this song. Thank you for making it, it will stay in my heart for a long time

  21. InSaNe ɐuıᴎ Mafin

    InSaNe ɐuıᴎ MafinNgày trước

    Omg i love this version ❤️❤️

  22. Kellie Allendorf

    Kellie AllendorfNgày trước

    This has MAJOR phantom of the opera vibes

  23. si putih

    si putihNgày trước

    Do you guys know any similar emotion songs like this?

  24. Wayne Bauer

    Wayne BauerNgày trước

    When music is a big part of your life, you realize just how beautiful this dudes vocals are.

  25. baby girl

    baby girlNgày trước

    Can this be in a tim burton movie

  26. Alexandru Gruia

    Alexandru GruiaNgày trước

    I honestly feel bad for those who won't hear this or don't like it.

  27. KinjaBang

    KinjaBangNgày trước

    Felt emo again.

  28. Demianne

    DemianneNgày trước


  29. Frank Baker

    Frank BakerNgày trước

    Все: Никто не сможет вернуть 2007 Ронни: Холд ма факин бир

  30. NAYLYX

    NAYLYXNgày trước

    Oh my god, it's the (probably prom queen) girl from the first Falling in Reverse album cover!

  31. Show Clips

    Show ClipsNgày trước

    Ronnie looks like Johnnie Weir in parts of this

  32. Adam Way

    Adam WayNgày trước

    Masterpiece. Radke has always been next level.

  33. Wuilmer Steven

    Wuilmer StevenNgày trước

    Estoy adicto a esta canción 🇻🇪🇻🇪💯💯💯

  34. justina ream

    justina reamNgày trước

    Love this!

  35. Martin Antala

    Martin AntalaNgày trước

    kto je tu od démona ? Pog

  36. Mrsdarkness

    MrsdarknessNgày trước

    Why can’t all you’re songs be like this. 🖤

  37. Chantelle Hughes

    Chantelle HughesNgày trước

    first welcome to the black parade, then northern downpour, now this. a crying party

  38. sarah fleury

    sarah fleuryNgày trước

    DAMN ! I really appreciate the hot Severus snape look ! And those vocals had me in tears. Just so f***ing GOOD !!!

  39. Lilaac Sky

    Lilaac SkyNgày trước

    This sounds match the lyrics more than the original, it's amazing

  40. Demona Flame

    Demona FlameNgày trước

    I want to learn how to play this on the violin, it would sound really pretty

  41. Demona Flame

    Demona FlameNgày trước

    And on that note, the snow cannot be good for those cellos.

  42. Olivia Signore

    Olivia Signore2 ngày trước

    I think the most amazing difference between this and the original song is that in the original he sounds like "Oh whatever, I do drugs, I'm going to prison, I could die at any moment, I don't care" But in this version he sounds like he regrets all of that and he actually feels really sorry for everything he did and he wishes he could take it back. I think that's the best part of this.

  43. ALPHA X4

    ALPHA X42 ngày trước

    Where is my emo?

  44. Richard Gray

    Richard Gray2 ngày trước

    I like this and it's my first time hearing this band

  45. Sviatoslav Marynial

    Sviatoslav Marynial2 ngày trước

    Oh fuuuuck, this is better than the original, holy shit!!!

  46. antony0167

    antony01672 ngày trước

    Ilove x 100 years this song

  47. Dark Soul

    Dark Soul2 ngày trước


  48. Zoe Hunt

    Zoe Hunt2 ngày trước

    I literally got goosebumps from this song, the original is amazing but this is genius.

  49. NuoXiaCF

    NuoXiaCF2 ngày trước


  50. Cameron Janson

    Cameron Janson2 ngày trước

    This is the shit that will get me through quarantine. Thanks ronnie!

  51. Puco ASMR

    Puco ASMR2 ngày trước

    The original song: Ronnie Radke This version of the song: Ronnie Sadke

  52. Puco ASMR

    Puco ASMR2 ngày trước

    The original song: Ronnie Radke This version of the song: Ronnie Sadke

  53. DexDacozed

    DexDacozed2 ngày trước

    This made me realize that the lyrics in the original one are actually pretty dark.

  54. Wuilmer Steven

    Wuilmer Steven2 ngày trước


  55. Ryan Mabee

    Ryan Mabee2 ngày trước

    I hated everything about the original song but this is truly a masterpiece.

  56. Ryan Mabee

    Ryan Mabee17 giờ trước

    Caitlin Chavez the original just felt cheesy and watered down to me. Like it could have been so much more, and now we are seeing that.

  57. Caitlin Chavez

    Caitlin Chavez20 giờ trước

    Ryan Mabee how can you hate the original?

  58. Tristan Pierce

    Tristan Pierce2 ngày trước

    I feel bad for my beginner emo kids who have not listened to the original

  59. JeffThe Killer

    JeffThe Killer2 ngày trước

    No please ;-;

  60. Leah May

    Leah May2 ngày trước

    Social repose?

  61. Marc McCourt

    Marc McCourt2 ngày trước

    As a fan of bands like Savatage and Apocalyptica I find this as the better version!!! Both are good but this is more superior in my mind!!

  62. redead reach

    redead reach2 ngày trước

    you cant tell good girls,bad guys wouldn't be good like this

  63. Nahuel Pucheta

    Nahuel Pucheta2 ngày trước


  64. Chris C

    Chris C3 ngày trước

    Y'all should collab with mgk or yungblood for a song I think it would be a major hit

  65. U P

    U P3 ngày trước

    I’m speechless. Falling in reverse is still GOD DAMN SLAYING 😍

  66. Sadam Sánchez

    Sadam Sánchez3 ngày trước

    Well At least I know why I didn't know them :V :v

  67. GMO Savage

    GMO Savage3 ngày trước

    Imo implementing rapping into his music was not the move I understand "getting with the times" but it just doesn't make sense to me I'd much rather him do something like this this is actually enjoyable this spin off is solid 👌

  68. móchie

    móchie20 giờ trước

    He isn't doing it for you baby

  69. Ann Leamsi

    Ann Leamsi3 ngày trước

    I wish I could like this for a million times

  70. Aurel

    Aurel3 ngày trước

    We need an autobiographic movie on his history ^^, this guy is strong.

  71. Kitty Nefarious

    Kitty Nefarious3 ngày trước

    God's, He makes me weak 💕🤤👌

  72. Nemesis_121 121

    Nemesis_121 1213 ngày trước


  73. Zulemar Heredia

    Zulemar Heredia3 ngày trước

    Omg I love this!!!

  74. miracle phillips

    miracle phillips3 ngày trước

    I think they should've made a Drug In Me Is You part2 instead of this.... the verses didn't sit well with me here.

  75. Melissa Hunt

    Melissa Hunt3 ngày trước

    The goosebumps speak for themselves! 😧

  76. Jamie Withey

    Jamie Withey3 ngày trước

    I love this!! Now I’m not sure which version I like more

  77. UniQuE TV

    UniQuE TV3 ngày trước

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> reminds me of skrillex piano lmao

  78. Drew Runecaster

    Drew Runecaster3 ngày trước

    I want them to remake Nightmare Before Christmas and I want him to voice Jack.... He's got such a lovely and deeply emotional voice that would be perfect for the role. He's also got a decent range, shown throughout different songs as well. I think he would be perfect for it.

  79. Jessica Bortoluzzi

    Jessica Bortoluzzi3 ngày trước

    Here since the original one 🙆🏼‍♀️

  80. Rhonda Mancilla

    Rhonda Mancilla3 ngày trước

    Wow...I just listened to the orginal...ain't it beautiful watching a boy become a man..

  81. Tyler Big Brain

    Tyler Big Brain3 ngày trước

    No joke the end of this filled my whole body with emotion.

  82. E R

    E R3 ngày trước

    Muito linda essa versão

  83. Dilan Kurt

    Dilan Kurt3 ngày trước

    originals a classic but this dope vro

  84. FacetimeMotherFucker

    FacetimeMotherFucker3 ngày trước

    Wow he really can sing so fantastic! ❤❤