Experiment: Giant Mentos Balloon Put In Coca Cola

What will happen if you drop giant mentos balloon in coca-cola pool and burst him?
In this video i'll show you more experiments.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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    It's soooooooooo cool

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    4:55 Wow. Worth the effort.

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    Wouldn’t been a million times better to hear the sound effects of everything without music playing...

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    I liked the Barbie commercials better...

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    I like the Gummy Bear Torture more than the rest of them.

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    4:55 This was extremely underwelming

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    @Zain ul Abdin Rajput no it doesn't work with Coke in general. You need diet Coke for the reaction to happen

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    @Wra1th _cs yeah and i really doubt that it was even pure coke. I think they added coloured water in it as well that is why they didn't show filling it up completely.

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    i mean these guys dont understand that there is no pressure added to the liquid of co2, mentos only increase the rate of speed in which co2 leaves from the lquid.

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    Cola and Menthos say. "no matter what you do with our poison, the main thing is you buy it"

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    Ok first of all where do you people get professional training for such experiments??

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    The best part of this video is the commercial interruptions...

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    Have people really forgotten that you have to use DIET coke for this

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    4:20 💚👋🏻

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    If you use Diet Coke instead of Classic Coke you get a more violent reaction. Not only that but you need to close the opening. A giant opening is letting all of the gas escape to fast and you fizzle quickly.

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    I don't know why but the Colgate one was very satisfying..

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