Dreamville - Costa Rica ft. Bas, JID, and more (Official Audio)

Dreamville - Costa Rica ft. Bas, JID, Guapdad 4000, Reese LAFLARE, Jace, Mez, Smokepurpp, Buddy, and Ski Mask The Slump God (Official Audio)
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(Reese La Flare)
I got big dreams so my watch got a big face
Girls getting Mixy like a muhfucking mixtape
Smelling like money and I’m smelling like sex
I’m outside foreal with the slimes and the Slatt’s
Niggas ride wave then a nigga get taxed
Fendi snowpants and I filled em up wit Racks
They all ball cap and this all facts
No I don’t relax and I don’t Lack

Demons they follow me deep in dark
Niggas got problems with being a boss
We ain’t been home but we hear all the talking
Hit em with hollows then clean it with salt
Salt in the wound and my heart in the cooler
Frozen like I gave my heart to my jeweler
Told em to make a new piece out of this
Ever since I just can give no fuck bout no bitch
(Chorus - GuapDad 4000)
Baby had to buss down on a AP
Baby ain’t no rich styles on you lately
I got fans in Costa Rica
I got bands in Costa Rica
I got fans in Costa Rica
I got bands in Costa Rica
(Retro Jace)
I got the Mike Jack nose just before the vitiligo
Norman bates with the eights imma go psycho
Laundromat with a temper, this a viscous cycle
Feel like Rihanna, bitches go wherever i go
Go against the grain like I’m battlin a silo
I’m goin out west like I’m mother fucking Feivel
Lebron in the finals
Muhfuck the 5-0
Nigga better, under 5’4
Hell if I know
Niggas got me tight like Arthurs fist and shit
Like I’m not an arsonist and shit
Not a nigga that you want to argue with
Cuz then you fucking with ya Future like Larissa Pippen shit
Boy I’m like a barber with the shit
You get out the chair you get in the chair everything in the mirror
The way they appear you look the rear my niggas is near
My niggas revere
You fucking Mez you fucking with heirs
I got balled up hundreds in my pocket
Diamonds on me water like a faucet
Got a lot of bands in Costa Rica, lotta hoes in costa rica
Got a password in my pocket
And I flew with a stick it’s a rocket
45 on me shit hot like a pocket
You aint talking money its nonsense
Got your baby momma doing drugs in a mosh pit
Top of the morning to anybody who thought it was beddy bye,
jiddy I’m like a Jedi, mind tricks live inside yo head eye,
devilish red eyes, never been on red eye or jet i be hii, I forget,
shawdy said I be wilding and tripping wen I’m on the liq,
score a penny a 20 I’m Dominic Wilkins and shit,
really I flew to coast rica wit a A.P
at the airport this girl ask me hey, “Are u Swae Lee?!”
Sufferin Succotash, you think it’s all Puddy cat
But hey I ain’t even mad
I started sucking on the titty, put my thumb in her ass
She had a little one
It really wasn’t nothing to grab, I did it anyway
Nigga I’m a bag, coming down the 91 flying
Doing the dash, we goin in today
And I been writing my ass off, Ernest Hemingway
Ain’t got shit else to say
I got too much skills I flow like the water
So surprised I did not grow gills
And I am your father like you was luke skywalker
And I conquer and let it burn like ushers perm
And kill confirm
You look concern respect is earned
You really be in it you gotta be kidding me
You really be sickening and I got the remedy
I feeling like Goku bitch I need your energy
Okay going on a date with an AK
Okay going on a date with an AK
Baby had to buss down on a AP
Baby ain’t no rich dogs on you lately
I got fans in Costa Rica
I got bands in Costa Rica
I got fans in Costa Rica
I got bands in Costa Rica
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  1. Mad Dogg

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    Jawanni爆発2 ngày trước

    I feel like DaBaby shoulda been on this.

  3. Ricardo Saldana

    Ricardo Saldana2 ngày trước

    When i heard ski I smiled :)

  4. satangod

    satangod2 ngày trước

    why does Guapdad 4000 sound like Tory Lanez 😂 but this song straight fire 🚫🧢

  5. hyphein

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    9 artists 1 song = less than 4 minutes cuz they rappin fast its common sense

  6. poorsuit

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    that hook is heaven

  7. IAteYourCandy

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    Dreamville really is underrated

  8. Gunky

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    We crashed a 100,000$ car jamming to this song The videos on my tiktok: Gunkyy

  9. Gunky

    Gunky3 ngày trước

    We crashed a car listening to this song 😂 Videos on my tiktok: Gunkyy

  10. 910 inferno

    910 inferno4 ngày trước

    "Cole how many features u want?" J Cole:"yes!"

  11. Andrew

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    Jid lowkey sounded like a girl to me the first time I heard thid

  12. reghost

    reghost4 ngày trước

    I love this song. Hate Buddy's verse tho. Lame as shit

  13. Tiago Almeida

    Tiago Almeida4 ngày trước

    Are those first words from 21 ?

  14. Brownie Boy

    Brownie Boy5 ngày trước

    Ay the song was fire but no offense but Guapdad 4000 doesnt even have fans in america....

  15. ali

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    dreamville is my team

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    Only nigga that could fit 10 people with good ass versus on a 3 min beat.

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    I’m late, but I guess we just gon ignore Bas’ verse?

  21. Hugo Herrera

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    This song deserved a music video

  22. c6elho

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    cr gang

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    Drop a music video

  24. Down Right Fierce RARE

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    I was listening to this in school and the sprinklers turned on...

  26. alan Santiago

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    Ski mask is fuckin trash I just felt like saying that

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    alan Santiago 😯

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    Mez sounds like a more energetic lil wayne

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    Hold up am I the only guy who realized this Where tf cole at?

  32. Percs Productions

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    Guapdad: I got fans in Costa Rica Also me: has never heard of this guy till this song 🤔

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    I'm not gonna lie I only listened to this cause ski was featured

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    Holy shit this shit is good

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    The better Costa Rica song 😎😎😎😤

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    To be honest I thought lil Wayne was in this song 😂🤣

  38. HeyDoc!

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    JID: dude i just finished writing this 50 second verse Cole: three. take it or leave it JID: wOow

  39. Cory A2000

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    If only J Cole was in this track....

  40. Mang Squad Community

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    Solo buscaba información de mí país y terminé aquí

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    “Going on a date wit a ak” Is he talking about x when he had a ak in his arms?

  44. OK LOL

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  46. - j4cube -

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    Music like this should be more respected

  49. Geo

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    Am I the only one who thinks the end of skis verse was wholesome

  50. Trilegy •B

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    This song is fire, disagree get the fuck out of here and listen to Ed Sheeran!!!!

  51. Vizual Stuntz

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    Like si sos de costa rica

  55. Ale Barquero

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    Guapdad 4000: I got fans in Costa Rica Costa Ricans: Who the fuck are you?

  56. BigFase CNote

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    I like the song but I can't bare the hook its so trash.

  57. Jose Mv

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    Mae que pichudo, que estarán una pieza llamada Costa Rica, pero le faltó más palabras ticas o que mínimo mencionaran el gallo pingo legal

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  61. BlackAK7

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    ¿Y quien es este playo?