Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)


  1. Shahd Ezzat

    Shahd Ezzat59 phút trước

    Your 20 years old?... don’t worry I’m afraid of heights too,your not alone, I went on the same corse until there was a MONKEY BARES..and well..I forgot to put the safety belt on and guess what my friends kept screaming “HABIBA HABIBA THE ROPE THE ROOOOOOPE” I slipped but I hanged on the edge of that circle with the pillar in the middle for dear god saicken life until one of my friends risked his life to go back and help me up, you should have seen these I was like “ is the day..” after everything I yelled I’m done with hights

  2. Wrecking Lucario

    Wrecking LucarioGiờ trước

    My fear is the dark!

  3. Sunset gabi

    Sunset gabi2 giờ trước

    Megamind XD

  4. Five nights at Freddy Gamer

    Five nights at Freddy Gamer3 giờ trước

    Aw god the memes

  5. Emma Coyle

    Emma Coyle5 giờ trước

    Frik monkey bars they evil I fell off them and broke my wrist

  6. Delilah the wolf

    Delilah the wolf8 giờ trước

    iM aFRaiD oF hEIgHtS tOo I remember once I was on a school trip, went ten metres in the air, and when I came down my friends had to help me stand TwT

  7. Hello life

    Hello life10 giờ trước

    The start was a megamind reference.

  8. nick stien

    nick stien17 giờ trước

    Adam how "high and hungry" where you?

  9. Addison Adams

    Addison Adams19 giờ trước

    Because of how *high* and hungry i was

  10. skeetscott 3

    skeetscott 322 giờ trước

    That's my fear to

  11. Ducky Plays

    Ducky PlaysNgày trước

    who else got the Megamind refrence

  12. Adrenaline Rush

    Adrenaline RushNgày trước


  13. Jus Delastone

    Jus DelastoneNgày trước

    He blow my mine

  14. Drawnonstop _

    Drawnonstop _Ngày trước

    The other day at summer camp I did a climbing tower with three levels and could NOT stop thinking about this video. Thanks Adam

  15. Gena Ferral

    Gena FerralNgày trước

    dam your a really good friend

  16. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog lifeNgày trước

    Ps: I finished that course and I’m ten

  17. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog lifeNgày trước

    Same I’m sorta afraid 😱 of heights

  18. P T

    P TNgày trước

    Im scared of spiders ;-;

  19. Miguel Vera

    Miguel VeraNgày trước

    @( -.-)@

  20. A Live

    A LiveNgày trước

    I've been 100 feet in the air zip lining

  21. Radhika Bhardwaj - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    Radhika Bhardwaj - Castle Oaks PS (1496)Ngày trước

    Click Did Button If Ur Scared Of Heights Like mEh

  22. Yolandi Punshon

    Yolandi PunshonNgày trước

    The beginnings from megamind

  23. historic panda /GalacticSpaceChild

    historic panda /GalacticSpaceChildNgày trước

    OMG im afraid of heights too! I recently went to new orleans for a choir trip ... alone.... and im 13... and i had to take a pplane... WITH A LAYOVER... I got over my fear of planes and somewhat heights, until i heard the pilot say "TURBULENCE" Me: *screaming* Girl next to me: dude, relax...

  24. Emanuela Yales

    Emanuela YalesNgày trước

    That's the odd 1s out for you 😁

  25. insanity forever

    insanity foreverNgày trước

    Im not afraid of hight I'm afraid of falling from them

  26. ღ Demon's Hideout ღ

    ღ Demon's Hideout ღNgày trước

    The high obsticle zipline thingy is called Go-Ape.

  27. Dan Meredith

    Dan MeredithNgày trước

    Where is it(I want to know cuz I wanna do the corse)

  28. Luminous Phoenix

    Luminous PhoenixNgày trước

    My fear is death

  29. H&M playz

    H&M playzNgày trước

    My fear is Jeff the killer

  30. Vainest Pidgin9

    Vainest Pidgin9Ngày trước

    I'm afraid of heights Adam and it is staying for a long time

  31. Aman Niranjan

    Aman NiranjanNgày trước

    How long have u known James for

  32. Jennifer Mallars

    Jennifer MallarsNgày trước

    I am to


    THAT ONE PERSONNgày trước

    This means so much. ADAM HAS NEVER HAD PIZZA BAGELS!!!!!

  34. Anna Novak-Harper

    Anna Novak-HarperNgày trước

    I knew that you had a safety belt the whole time.

  35. Chloe Nicole

    Chloe NicoleNgày trước

    i have an irrational fear of geese...

  36. bro 165471

    bro 1654712 ngày trước

    Me too

  37. Blasz Minecraft and flogs

    Blasz Minecraft and flogs2 ngày trước

    You took that seen from mega mind

  38. Rifty

    Rifty2 ngày trước

    I am afraid of heights as well

  39. Kim Sloan

    Kim Sloan2 ngày trước

    ADAM YOU FU.. (sorry ths conent is restriceted🤐)

  40. Izzy Galaviz

    Izzy Galaviz2 ngày trước

    I'm also scared of heights, but when I got on airplane and it took off I i felt calm. Love airplane flights.

  41. Letsdraw Gunes

    Letsdraw Gunes2 ngày trước

    I never went on an airplane before.

  42. Dawn Sunset

    Dawn Sunset2 ngày trước

    James: and when they take off, THEY GO FAST AS F*CK BOIII" XD oml I loved the way he said it

  43. Wafflecop123455

    Wafflecop1234552 ngày trước

    I’m not scared of heights it just unsettles me

  44. Anthony Tampubolon

    Anthony Tampubolon2 ngày trước

    why is there lmo


    CEEDAY JOHNSON2 ngày trước

    Adam: I was getting tired from how hungry and high I was FBI:FBI OPEN UP


    CEEDAY JOHNSON2 ngày trước

    I'm afraid of heights and I've been on a airplane 100 times

  47. TheGamer123 BE THE 0NE

    TheGamer123 BE THE 0NE2 ngày trước


  48. Ginny 365

    Ginny 3652 ngày trước

    Who knows what emetophobia is? Please let me friend says she has the phobia...and idk what it means and I couldn't find anything online. Is it even a real phobia?

  49. Bryce Tan

    Bryce Tan2 ngày trước

    Im fraid of hieghe to

  50. Kiki Cat

    Kiki Cat3 ngày trước

    I shall never stop being afraid of les *SPIDERS*

  51. Chelsae Soto

    Chelsae Soto3 ngày trước

    At the beginning, I bet it was a MegaMind reference lol