This is the greatest video essay of All Time


  1. penguinz0

    penguinz05 tháng trước

    Animation by

  2. Jimmy dostuf

    Jimmy dostuf14 ngày trước

    I actually have one store by my house called star video, which is the exact same thing as blockbuster but with more modern DVDs and videogames, now that I look at it I think it used to be a blockbuster Anyway great video, and great animation

  3. Sid Fried Rice

    Sid Fried Rice20 ngày trước

    Oh yeah blockbuster and cockthruster

  4. - RAIZETU -

    - RAIZETU -Tháng trước

    There's a blockbuster in farmington I think

  5. Zombie TGD

    Zombie TGD2 tháng trước

    loveee the animation man!!!, really wouldn't mind if you become a, animation channel


    IMASUMAQ JIMENEZ2 tháng trước

    @White Alliance// yooo you watch cr1tiKaL?? neattt. i checked out that other channel you are linked to. "seek the truth" i think is the channel? well cool.

  7. Panzerofwisdom

    PanzerofwisdomGiờ trước


  8. CHloE748

    CHloE7482 giờ trước

    I would legit still go to blockbuster today though tbh

  9. facelessninetytwo aka Man of the Rain

    facelessninetytwo aka Man of the Rain2 giờ trước

    I prefer buying my console games as physical copies. Digital copies... They don't age well. Remember Wii? Well, you could buy digital copies of games on it and download it online, and someday it became POOF. So if you get yourself a Wii, get it out of a dusty pantry and realize that you uninstalled that one digital only game that you bought 10 years ago. You know what? fuck you, mii channel is offline and you cannot download a game that you bought with your hard-earned money.

  10. TheMerpKing

    TheMerpKing14 giờ trước

    You have twice the amount of subscribers than blockbusters

  11. Bryce Phil

    Bryce Phil14 giờ trước

    Who did the animation it's pretty good

  12. Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    Drakkenmensch Silverflare17 giờ trước

    4:52 Wait... isn't that the same guy from the PS3 era Sony commercials? Didn't know he used to be "VP of Netflix ads" back then too!

  13. Dušan Vukobratović

    Dušan Vukobratović19 giờ trước


  14. Rebel Friend

    Rebel FriendNgày trước

    GameStop is 100% dead. It doesn’t even feel like a GameStop anymore

  15. Lassour Dev

    Lassour DevNgày trước

    i remember block buster,

  16. Cameron Phillips

    Cameron PhillipsNgày trước

    Never had a Blockbuster. We had a pretty neat local music/video place called Sergeant Pepper's (Beatle's reference if I remember right) and a Movie Gallery, both of which have since gone out of business.

  17. BiGdAwG420

    BiGdAwG4202 ngày trước

    Then why is family video a thing, it’s the exact same

  18. Cookie 4811

    Cookie 48112 ngày trước

    R.I.P. Blockbuster.

  19. OverDevil

    OverDevil2 ngày trước

    blockbuster recently closed in Nuuk

  20. Zer0Rebel 4

    Zer0Rebel 42 ngày trước

    Id go to blockbuster all the time

  21. Chingun Mendbayar

    Chingun Mendbayar2 ngày trước

    Easy. It just failed to innovate.

  22. Dominque S. C.

    Dominque S. C.2 ngày trước

    I kept The Mask tee hee😈

  23. Marcel Lara

    Marcel Lara2 ngày trước

    I still remember in 2010 when I slowly saw my blockbuster leave. RIP my old friend

  24. Hunter Aitken

    Hunter Aitken2 ngày trước

    I still have an old copy of Super Paper Mario from blockbuster.

  25. RoundestRowlet

    RoundestRowlet3 ngày trước

    "yeah i'm not drawing that"

  26. Momo

    Momo3 ngày trước

    I recently had a dream where I was walking through a Blockbuster store that looked like something out of the Walking Dead or I Am Legend or something shit

  27. Dominic Figueroa

    Dominic Figueroa3 ngày trước

    still got dvds I never gave back LMAO

  28. EbolaPowerVEVO

    EbolaPowerVEVO3 ngày trước

    My blockbuster muted into a domino's pizza

  29. Samuel Fulkerson

    Samuel Fulkerson3 ngày trước

    I remember as a youngin we always used to have these blockbuster cards, like tons lying around the house, and we used to go every once in a while to get a movie, and then they closed

  30. Figo 3

    Figo 33 ngày trước

    I remember blockbuster. The first lines that we never thought about it in years are extremely true.

  31. Nicothebro

    Nicothebro3 ngày trước

    I still have the bee movie or something from blockbuster i dont remember

  32. Suspected

    Suspected3 ngày trước

    I dont know about the US, but i live in Norway and sometimes rent movies on a blockbuster app if there's a specific movie i want to watch that isn't on prime, netflix etc...

  33. Alexander Powell

    Alexander Powell3 ngày trước

    anyone else watch his mouth move and fell like his mouth doesn't move correctly when hes speaking?

  34. Alexander Powell

    Alexander Powell3 ngày trước

    aren't there still a few block busters left?

  35. Jacob Carbajal

    Jacob Carbajal3 ngày trước

    Yeah Me too i had that dream to. Like no Sh💩t i was on gamecube.


    ALEX THOMPSON4 ngày trước

    I just looked at the last blockbuster on google maps and it is right across from a dispensary, No wonder it's still open XD


    ALEX THOMPSON4 ngày trước

    Make that 2 dispensaries, 1 liquor store and a burger joint

  38. TheMuffinChild

    TheMuffinChild4 ngày trước

    I miss Blockbuster

  39. Michael Rivera

    Michael Rivera4 ngày trước

    Can we get this animation thing in your videos more often? Definitely loved it, gave your video an added dimension.

  40. Stravenson Gorglyforgly

    Stravenson Gorglyforgly4 ngày trước

    6:51 😎👌

  41. Jack Hames

    Jack Hames4 ngày trước

    The last blockbuster is in my home state. No one is allowed to visit. It’s a sacred site

  42. Sad Black Man

    Sad Black Man5 ngày trước

    There once was a blockbuster near my house. Its now a bar/restaurant and has been for many years

  43. Jai Morris

    Jai Morris5 ngày trước

    I remember I was like only 5-6-7 years old and it was across the road from the Coles then it turned into a gym and I still have some of the disks from blockbuster

  44. arcspook

    arcspook5 ngày trước

    Netflix rolls off the tounge much better than blockbuster.

  45. Shokcar26 Bradbury

    Shokcar26 Bradbury6 ngày trước

    There is still one open in oregon.

  46. Just Bread Inside

    Just Bread Inside6 ngày trước

    Is there still a blockbuster in Oregon damn

  47. HumanOddity69

    HumanOddity696 ngày trước

    I found a Blockbuster in 2016 when I was on vacation in Oregon. It was either in Sandy or Gresham, I can't remember but it was a legit Blockbuster store. People were still renting movies and games from it. It was weird to see, out of place but kinda cool. I've never heard of Bend but maybe it's just a really small place close to there or it's wrong or there are two of them.

  48. Oh no

    Oh no6 ngày trước

    There is a blockbuster that isn’t destroyed in owensound Ontario Canada. I remember seeing one when I went up there

  49. Tyler Ryan

    Tyler Ryan6 ngày trước

    Still see used Blockbuster DVDs and games in 2020.

  50. meatball dude

    meatball dude6 ngày trước

    Blockbuster was probably older than most fortnite players.

  51. Octavio Guerrero

    Octavio Guerrero7 ngày trước

    They also tried doing the Redbox thing everyone seems to forget about that or maybe it just wasn’t around everywhere. I remember it was in Walmart’s and then m everywhere else had Redbox, but then eventually Walmart switched over to Redbox too and that was it for blockbuster.

  52. Orange Raccoon

    Orange Raccoon7 ngày trước

    you're super cute

  53. Meyoumu_Kanpaku

    Meyoumu_Kanpaku7 ngày trước

    i wanna know how family video is still around. ivs heard other people mention blockbuster countless times but i have never once heard anyone even mention family video.

  54. Danny DeVito

    Danny DeVito8 ngày trước

    I still remember the smell of blockbuster

  55. be4st m4ster 25 wxl

    be4st m4ster 25 wxl10 ngày trước

    We need a petition to restart blockbuster.

  56. Lurker300

    Lurker30010 ngày trước

    Anyone going to mention fitch from American pie in those commercials... haha

  57. lol

    lol10 ngày trước

    "They speed-ran into bankruptcy"-Charlie

  58. notamemo

    notamemo11 ngày trước

    Thanks for helping me on my business class I just got an A on how quick a business can die

  59. Follower Of Duck

    Follower Of Duck11 ngày trước

    I wonder how many people got out of paying their late fees after they went out of business

  60. spook touqe

    spook touqe11 ngày trước


  61. WarriorKeens

    WarriorKeens12 ngày trước

    That single Blockbuster location in Oregon is probably a tourist attraction at this point

  62. GemBros Inc.

    GemBros Inc.12 ngày trước

    You should do a travel vlog where you go to Oregon and visit the last blockbuster in the world.

  63. Andrew Mandrona

    Andrew Mandrona13 ngày trước

    I mean, chances are Enron would have scammed them out the ass so I don't think the deal was _that_ good For those who don't know, Enron was found to have manipulated accounting documents to make it seem like their growth was massive when in reality they provided no services at all.

  64. Fresh Prince Of Africa

    Fresh Prince Of Africa13 ngày trước

    My blockbuster in Braintree in the UK was replaced by a Papa John's... a fucking papa John's

  65. Chase Miller

    Chase Miller14 ngày trước

    14:18 Oh no! Poor Netflix-san...

  66. Streaks

    Streaks14 ngày trước

    People wonder why I hate Fortnite

  67. Salty Oreo

    Salty Oreo12 ngày trước

    Nobody wonders why you hate Fortnite. *Everyone already knows.*