Basically Everything You Need To Know Before End Game


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    We made it to 2 million subscribers, thats honestly insane to me. Glad you all still enjoy the vids I make. Ill probably do something for 2 mil soon.

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    @Axident Prone I will

  3. pikachu123x

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    @Axident Prone I WILL

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    Hey can we talk plz

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    SomeThingElseYT congrats man

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    Last reply possible

  7. Devil Animations

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    10:59 giant dwarf *yep it’s big brain time*

  8. patricia velascosegura

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    Did anyone notice the the mask for the red s and other characters

  9. Lorena Herrera

    Lorena Herrera19 giờ trước

    6:42 same

  10. 22 giờ trước

    0:27-0:33 I laughed SO hard my side was aching to the point where I was crying in pain. But it was worth it. ;3

  11. Alex Dinane

    Alex DinaneNgày trước

    10:39 No one: Absolutely no one: Black Panther: ... WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!

  12. Franny Davis

    Franny DavisNgày trước

    trust me there’s a cooler captain america moment in endgame

  13. Franny Davis

    Franny DavisNgày trước

    no no no. Peter was on a field trip to moMAAAA *gets attacked*

  14. Nadiro Shakibo

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    Why did you put YT in your username we clearly know that you're VIgos that's stupid bro..

  15. Chermandar

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    Chermandar says: Stephen should have listened to Tony when he said “Can’t we just go back to when Thanos was a baby and...”

  16. Puggy 0407

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    7:56 mY GiRlfReiNd! 9:18

  17. Amr Amran

    Amr AmranNgày trước

    Adam, why did you never mention the original spider-man movies?

  18. Hecc

    HeccNgày trước

    I re watched infinity war on Netflix twice just to see that one clip where peter gets gets sent to the void

  19. supremeanimesquad

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    3 our movie

  20. Lola Arroyo

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    Squidward should be voldemor he has no nose

  21. Kaya_Katz

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    You NEEEEEED to make another one of these soon-ish and involve spider man far from home, cuz that movie ✨ is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

  22. Dusksky Your Worst Nightmare

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    *You really are the worst brother.*

  23. Dusksky Your Worst Nightmare

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    Everyone: it’s very stormy today Noobmaster:

  24. Dusksky Your Worst Nightmare

    Dusksky Your Worst NightmareNgày trước

    Basic summary of Infinity War: Thor didn’t go for the head, half of the population got dusted

  25. 2 ngày trước

    LOL im watching when endgames done and spiderman far from home is out

  26. Wobbly Trash

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    Not satisfied

  27. Video Copying XD

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    Who else already know’s all the stuff he said and the recap.

  28. Jack Wolfarth

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    Good luck suming up all of phase 4

  29. Quitelostgirlshail4

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    7:56 *Ma girlfwend ;-;*

  30. Bruce Kwan

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    Ummm it wasn’t a cat it was an alien called a flerken which looks like a cat but can swallow anything with tentacles coming out of his mouth and they can poison people if they scratch. Everyone who has watched the movie knows

  31. Night Furious

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    Okee so if it wasn’t for starlord and the one girl dude we wouldn’t have had endgame lol

  32. Little Tomatoe

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    1:51 find Tom Holland (:

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    It's sure going to be easy for you to reach 10 million subscribers and even more!

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    When you sound as thor... it's really good

  36. _noxserenus_

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    10:28 *dust and b l o o d*

  37. Shadow._. art._.grill

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    The end game was amazing

  38. Chaz Bill YT

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    He's watching MUUMmumumumumMUMUMUM

  39. Mark Roberson

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    R.i.p Stan lee

  40. minecrafter diamond

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    You are in Wakanda now all thanos will have is dust and blood dust and blood DUST AND BLOOD

  41. minecrafter diamond

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    Do marvel recap of spider man far from home

  42. Ennard Landa

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    Boy I'm only 12 and can make any car motor noice and Godzilla king of the monsters wins the top of all movies in the world even fucking endgame is the most boring movie in the world

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    Hey SomeThingElseYT I'm about to buy one of your common sense jackets and I subscribed hope your having a good summer!!!

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    My little sister, aged four, asked why there were no superheroes in England. I said "they a live in America." "In real life?" "No, our planet is boring."

  45. Katheryn Monserrat Cerna Valades

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    Deberían poner subtítulos en español

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    Don't hate me people, but I didn't like Captain Marvel.....

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    ,This reminds e of epic Asian lol

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    rip Stan Lee 😔

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    so adam what do you thimk of avengers endgame

  50. XxDÏÑØGØDxX 7676

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    Thanos: kills Spider-Man * Marvel: makes new spider man movie Thanos: aM I joKe To yuO!?

  51. Its CHRIS

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    That cat could literally be OTP

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  53. Llamafartz Vs The World

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    R.I.P Stanlee😢😢😢😢

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